Wrestling With Mom

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Wrestling With MomWrestling With MomAt this time I am a 14 year old boy, long and skinny with black hear. I am a only c***d. My parents still live together but they heaving problems, dad is only three or four days home a week and then they don’t sleep together anymore. it’s like this for over 2 years they think I don’t know. Mom is 33 dad is 37 they have been married for 14 years just before I was born. Mom has brawn hear she is skinny to and very sportive I never looked at my mother in a dirty way and never had any thoughts about her. But my friends sometimes talk to each other about mom. One time I heard someone say she is a hot fuck. Most of the time I heard them talk about her breasts, they where “the most beautiful and biggest breasts they have seen”, someone said. But they are not that big C’s or D’s. They are firm and pointy with normal nipples. I think if I have to rate them I will give them a 8. I saw them many times when she’s changing or showering. We only have one bathroom so we often wash at the same time, when I shower she goes in bath and otherwise. A couple of days ago she overslept and we where washing ourselves at the same time on the lavatory she wanted to wash me but I resist and did it myself. I think it’s odd if she washes me. Standing next to each other, naked like it’s the most natural case in the world it didn’t mean anything I didn’t got exited. Sometimes she walks around in the morning only wearing her bra and panties, at night she wears her thin nightdress and not always wearing panties underneath. But never wearing something to much revealing when we go out. No miniskirt no open blouse, just like a lady. And now I’m thinking about it, she looks pretty good for a mom. Now I’ts just when I’m getting curious and started to masturbate on playboy magazines, I also got a porn movie from a friend but didn’t have time to watch it alone. She wasn’t scared but she didn’t want to leave me alone, so we went together everywhere.I’m a wrestling fan from early age and start following just before the Goldberg era. It started in the morning and I never missed a episode. Mom sometimes watched with me, I remember she thought it was fake and that make me mad. On a rainy morning we watched together and just when the heavyweight title is on the line she said it again, “this is so fake” canlı bahis I replied “ssssst, before I break you” “that’s no way to talk to you mother” she replied, and I continue “that’s how they talk” “so you are a wrestler now” she replied I jumped up and yelled out a big “GRRRR”. She laughed again, maybe it was a funny sight standing in my boxer-short skinny as hell. Now my mom stands up “so you want to wrestle my” she asked laughing and I take my thump and hold it under my chin them make a move from the left to the right like I am gone kill her. She stops laughing and stands in front of my, she’s wearing a white nightdress, I didn’t noticed it at once but you could see her nipples and bush through.Slowly I walk towards her and try to grab her, she pushes me away a couple of times, then I move quick and grab her waist, she looks at me “what you going do” she asks and I throw her on the couch still arms around her waist. She try to escape my grabble and I need to let go but rewrap her from behind. She’s sitting on her hands and knees and I am tight on her back, arms wrapped around her waist. Slowly she crawls to the end of the couch but I don’t let go. She can’t get me of in first, then she start wiggling her ass and my arms go lower now holding her ass. She turns around and goes sitting on top of my, it toke me a while before I could move a bit. But slowly I pushed her higher and higher till she is sitting on my throat, and I push her off. I pull her arm and she pushes my away. I grab her arm and she rolls over me now she grabs me from behind and we fall of the couch, “auch” we both yell. I am free and I grab her head immediately she turns away and grabs me to the front and we start rolling through the living room, after going for a couple of minutes we stopped against the cough again. And I yelled “nooo now it’s don” the show on tv is finished. “now I gone be very mad” Again she grabs me by my waist and crawls on top of me I think not again. Now I try to go the other way pulling myself underneath her and I stopped for a moment, and looked at her with a strange look “what you getting tired” she yelled “no I… my boxers is coming off she started to laugh so hard that maybe the neighbors heard her. “that’s not funny” I replied “you want to quit softy” she replied so I pushed myself from underneath her by now my boxers is of, standing totally naked behind bahis siteleri mom. I grabbed her from behind and pushed her against the ground she wiggled her ass and it felt a bit strange it’s like… I’m touching her ass with my dick, her dress has gone up revealing her ass. that’s when I loosen up a bit and she gets away and grabs me from behind and pushes me into the ground I still am thinking about touching her ass with me dick and it started to get bigger I could feel her had nipples against my back I am getting semi hard. I needed to think about something else or I will get a booner in no time. So I try and push my hip up and turn but now I am facing her and I am shocked, is that her… I am now touching her bush with my dick her ass on sits on my thigh, this is even worst then before. I didn’t know what to do and she starts to wiggle her ass, no no no I think to myself I need to get out of here. I pushed myself up and sit up straight now we are face to face then I opened my legs and push her on her back with my chest she try to get out slipping underneath me and pushes me away from her but now it got more weird. I am holding her dress she’s lying totally naked behind me and my dick started to grow again. Again she grabs my from behind her breasts planted into my back, she is not stopping so I continued and slipped under her and grab her ass. It’s all I could grab, now my chest pushed against her ass I let my grip go and place my arms on her back pushing her down. My dick is resting between her legs, then she turns around making my dick sling from the left to the right it’s getting harder and harder. I don’t want her to see my dick like this so I try to lie on top of her crossways. First I crawl over her and grabbed her breast, without knowing, I immediately place my hand behind her and crawl further and lay down. Now she is underneath me shoulders down and starts to twist her upper body to get away. I can hold her down for more than a full minute, I ask her if she gives up, “never” she replied. By now I felt relieved, my semi hard dick decreases. She’s slipping so I put my arm around her head my other arm on the floor. My head resting on her breast I could feel her nipple pushing against my lip. All I could see are her breasts pushed in my face. She pushes my hand away and I slip, she grabs my waist but now her face is on my dick I started to freak out bahis şirketleri didn’t know how she react with my dick in her face. I struggle and got stuck between her legs. My noise and then my mouth touching her clit I got stuck and could feel the warmth coming of her pussy. Then my dick slipped somewhere between, it got wet and very hot did she just got it inside her mouth. It’s getting bigger and bigger my head twisted a little bit. So I give everything to get out of this position. I pushed her up and turned away now we are laying next to each other but still she didn’t had enough we both sit up looking at each other then she said “getting tiered” “no are you” I replied. And again she jumped on me her breast rubbing on my dick, it’s getting pretty hard. I turned away so she grabbed my back, sitting on hands and knees, she’s on top of me but I could get away easy. I turned another time facing her back, now sitting on my knees I grab her leg and pulled her towards me She turns on her back trying to get away and I grab her other leg and I crawl on top of her, she kicks me of. Then she turns as she tries to crawl away on hands and knees, again I grab her leg, her thigh, her hip, and then her waist. Now my almost full erect dick planted against her ass. She lay down on her belly and we rolled over a couple of times and I could feel my dick slamming against her ass getting full erect. We stop rolling and my dick is right between her ass cheeks, head out fully erect this is too much and getting to far. She sits back up on hand and knees pushing her hips in all ways try to push me off and I get very horny my dick is sliding up and down between her ass cheeks and I could feel my balls slamming against her ass. I needed to get off quick before I came on her ass so I pulled my hip of her and placed my hands on her hip but right at that time she slams he hip right towards me. I could feel my full erect dick go inside her, she shouting, gasping and I slammed my hips against her thigh, just when I slammed her I could feels my load down to my shaft, she felt down on her belly with me inside her and I cumming inside my mom with my fully erect dick deep inside her, then my hips got up a bit and I slammed her ass one more time and I shivered and let out a big gasp while she is groaning. And we lay down for over five minutes. Then afterwards we had the weirdest conversation she’s denying anything. Nothing happened, she told me she had won and I gave up after she hurt me, I just said nothing about it just replied, think that is the best. But I couldn’t let it go, the wrestling I mean so I challenged her to a rematch…

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