wifes first time shared

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wifes first time shared
hi my wife and have been married for some time now and te other day we were going through some of our old boxes cleanin thing out when we ran into an old picture of us in our younger days as we looked at the picture we both remembered what we had done for the first time and the memories it brought back made both of us excited
and before i write the story of today i would like to recall the days of yesteryear by telling you about the first my wife was share
i had just turned 31 and she was a few days from turning 30 and she had been feeling down because of that
when she turned 29 she realized the in 1 more year she would be middle age and it was all down hill from there and after heaeing her story i decidedif she as going out it would be with a bang and in the months that followed i got my plans set u straightened out and ready to give my loving wife the birth day or ll birth days one that years from now she would remember and think it was the greatest day of her life
a couple of month before her birthday i began talking to her about threesomes and gangbangs the threesomes she said were possible nt likely but possible but the thiught of a gang bang was out of the question
she didnt know much about por then so i told her that i know she was thinking it would be like in a porn movie with many guys fucking 1 female like she was a chunk of meat and she wasnt about to be treated in syuch a manner
i finally convinced her that wasnt the way at all that two guys and a woman ws a threesome and if there were 3 guys and a woman i was actuslly considered a gang bang and if there were more and took turns it was called a train
she had trouble swallowing my explanation but finally said that sounded like it might be true
everyday that came and went i maade sure to make it know she would be middle aged soon and then at night work on her and my plan and every chnce i got i told the guys to remind her how hot and sexy she was
which by the way she was she stood 5ft 6 inches had long sexy legs she kept waxed and tanned
he tity were like a pair of honey dew melons perfectly round firm and lovely to look at her 1/2 dollar sized nipples were light ht pink and stood out 1/8 of an inch when cold or horny and when her size 36c cup was in a bikini it was hard for me not to be jelous her as a perfect half moon that filled her shorts pants and dressesskin tight casino şirketleri but when she wore her skin tight strechable mini skirt omg her ass was every mans dream come trrue and that leaves her pussy it rti me was flawless welln waxrd and tanned to [perfection and tight as a virgins puss with a small butterfly tattoo just over her clit that i talkd her nto and when bshe would sunbath in the buff she made sure she was tanned in every part which i loved to watch
about two weeks before her birthday i watchged as she stood in frnt of the full length mirrow and examined her body
when she finally came to bed she hugged me closae asking if i still thought she was sexy
i new this would be the right time toi clkose the deal so i looked at her and ith all my heart told her exactly what i saw in her and how got sexy and beauyifull she was as she lay there head on my shoulder she said you really wouldnt think anhyless of me if i were to agree to have a threesome with you
i lookedat her and told her i would never thnkless of her than i do nowvand in my eyes yur a queen and will remain one fo aws long as you live before she could ask i continued if i die before you you’ll still be my queen and f you do theyou will be m queen tl then
she kissed my cheek ten with both hands turned my fac to hers and as she loked into jy eyesc said she would agree to it but only if she was treated wth respect and while her eyes and mine were locked on each other i promised her thart would be done as we lay there my mindwas racing should i go for the gang bang or be happy with what i had for several mnin i was lost in thought until her hand tapping my chect brought e back she said if you want to i would do what you have wanted the gang bang but only with the rules i said no treating me like a tramp i agreed quickly before she could chane her mind as she turned to go to sleep she said how bad can it be three guys instead of two shouldnt be much different
i didnt have the heart to tell her it wasnt three it was 5 of us
that night i hardly slept and during that night sh must have been dreaming about it because she was awake earlier that usual and horny as hell she was rubbing on my cock and biting my nipples with a look that said she wanted to fuck
out of the blue she kissed her way to my neck and whispered in my ear honey wouldv it be ok if we tried one right now caught casino firmalari off gaurd i loked at he not bquiet sure what she was talkingabout but she said it again and i studdered tryingto say yes and sure a the samne time i asked if she had anyone in mind she said i do but i want to be blind folded so i can enjoy it withiut judging vthe ones involed just to see what im gion to feel and how i react to itr as se got out of bed she turnedvand said ill showr and get ready you call who ever you want but i wantbtio be blinfolded efore they get here and went to shower
i couldnt belive what was happening and s i made the first cal i thought why not and told tim that he had to gwet over here now because my wife wanted to hae sex with us and to get henry while i called sam and tom theyb all said they were on the way so i told them iu would text them when it was safecto enter
she finally came out and what a sightvshe was body perfectly tanned pussy waxed and hair tied in a ponyail with a blind fold in one hand and soft wool covered ropes in the other i stood there in shock at what she was impilingi whould doi snapped out of it grabbed the blind fold put it on her and vlkead her to the bedjust before she sat i asked if she would be naked she thought for a second then said yeah i dont want to seem to easy so get my old black lace bra and g string set ive been meaning to get rid of it soi if you want to make it more exciting you all can tear them off and not woirry becaue theyre old and i never use them anymore
she slipped on the g striung and put her see thru lace bra oin and lay in bed with her hands over her head i grabbed one to tie on the bed post the othe to the leg of the bedfr her to hold a cock in if she wanted to
when i finish i text the guys to comein but to be very quiet because she was expectly two of them only they came in i lead them to the bedroom where she lay with a sheet covering her bodyi thought of pulling t off slowly but once in that mioment bi rabbed the sheet a like a magtic trick yanked it off they were stunned and srated to complement her body and beauty they said it so much she asked for a min alone with me they went unto the hall and she asked how many guys were here i had to tell her vthe truth and shecsaid i didnt thin i would be this excited and thats whybi wanted it soft and gentle but afdter hearing all that want vthe güvenilir casino to fuck me anyway they want but with brespect and if you dont mind baby i want for it to be just them you can fuck me after and if you do this ill give you a small gift as my thanks i wanted her to do it while watched anyway and agreed one more thingv yu cant interfear unless i give you my safe word but not until then dealn i agreed
i called hem in and said she had a few things tio say she said ok guys each onme of you canfuck me and do just about anything until you cum once you cum yiu can play but ur out of the game ik then said once i say ok lets fuck you all wil have me to fuck i want you to rip tear and pul my lotes off and start fuckingthen say ok guys lets fuck i couldnt belive my eyes they were on her like a pack of starved wolves and to my amazment she was in love withit egging them oin and yelling screaming even begging them to fuyck er harder and fastershe was good to because they vwere down and out in kless than 30 mins she was breathing heavily and sweating but she had also had several orgasms and you could see her cum fowing out of her pussy slowly making its ay bdown her slit towards her assholeshe called me to her and whispered to me that i should have pat and sam stay and run the others off so i did when they had gone she told me to take ff her blindfold and told us we could begin to fuck her right after she gave me the one thing she haddent given to any other man ten turned on her belly spread her legs and ass cheeks and told me i want your cock to be my bfirst ass fuck and baby i want you to fuck me roughly so come overhre and get your prize babyi almost fell wghen i heard those words and quickly jumoped in bed behind her as i put some oil on her asshole my cock almost shot its wad but it held i put the head tohervashole and started to push it in but it was to tight so i asked her if they could play with her while i worked a finger or two in her ass to be able to enter her shwe refused and said shove it in me ne way or the other or youll never get another chance that was all i needed to hear and crammed the head in making vheryellnout and once the head was thru i trust my bhipos driving y cock balls deep into her she was screaming in pain but yellking vfor me not to srtop so i gave her ass the pounding it deserved like a sledge hammer poundingh a steel steak i hammered her ass vfor severual mins she cried ad screamned then the screams turned to moans then t moans iof pure hot pleasure for over tw hours pat sam and i fucked her threwasnt a time she didnt have a cockj in all three hoes
the fially to be cont.soon

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