Wife Touches Buddy (7)

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Wife Touches Buddy (7)The Uber driver picked us up from the bar and drove the three of us home. Once we arrived at the house, my wife went into the living room and played some music while I made cocktails. I walked into the living room to find her dancing in the middle of the room. It was about that time when Anthony returned from the bathroom. He walked over and started dancing with her. I gave them their drinks, we toasted and I took a seat to watch them. They were really getting into it and began rubbing and thrusting against each other.We were all still hot from what had just happened between all of us at the bar (read previous story). I knew things going to heat up again real soon. Each time the three of us party and drink together it leads to some sexual play. Each time we get together things go a little further and further. Anthony’s girlfriend was out of town on business, so he wouldn’t have to leave or cut the night short. More than likely he would be crashing at the house since we had been drinking and he did not have to go home to her.After a couple of songs dancing with my wife, Anthony plopped down on the couch for a rest and to finish his drink. She immediately pulled me up out of my chair and started dancing with me. I have to say she was really working it and making things stir in my pants with all her moves. Then she grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. I turned around and pulled her blouse off in one swift move. She then unclasped her bra and flung it towards Anthony. He put it on his head like a hat and we all laughed. She then turned her attention back to me and unzipped my pants, leaving me dancing in only my underwear. I didn’t have time to remove her pants because she already did. Her white panties were hot. She was really able to grind hard on my cock with no jeans in the way. No way I could hide my raging boner in my bulging underwear. She then pushed me back on the couch and grabbed Anthony. çanakkale escort She started stripping him, first his shirt, then his jeans. Since he was not wearing underwear, his big hairy dong just bounced out in front of my wives faces as she pulled them down to the floor. As he stepped out of them, his dick brushed against her face. All three of us have been naked around each other several times, so it was no big deal. We were not shy by any means. They started dancing and he shook his dick at her as if he was spanking her. She reacted by leaning over and wiggling her ass in his direction. He moved forward and spanked her panty-covered ass with his semi-hard dick. She laughed and playfully pushed her ass back in his direction again. They started dirty dancing again, getting really close to each other. Anthony was full on hard as a rock by now. His big dick was rubbing up against her stomach and panty-covered crotch. When he pulled away, I saw pre-cum trail from his dick and her skin. There was definitely a wet spot where his dick had been pressing against her. I got up and moved behind her, rubbing my dick on her ass. I reached in front of her and squeezed her hard nipples in my hand. We were all horny and ready to go. That is when she broke from our three-way dance and push me and Anthony on the couch. I ripped my underwear off to give her access to my dick. She got on her knees between us and grabbed our hard dicks. Our eyes rolled back in our heads as we were really getting our dicks worked by her skilled double hand job. I looked down into her eyes and asked her to suck my dick. She happily agreed and engulfed my throbbing manhood in her mouth. She loves sucking dick and was moaning as she bobbed up and down on my shaft. I knew Anthony was happy to get a hand job and would be a true gentleman and not push the blowjob on her. I knew he wanted it because the last time we were together she sucked his dick escort çanakkale for the first time. He later told me it was the best BJ he had ever had in his entire life. I was ready to bury my dick in her, so my plan was to get her to blow Anthony again and I would move behind her. She was really stroking his thick dick. Her fingers did not even meet when she wrapped her hand around his shaft. Stroking up and down, his hairy balls were bouncing with each stroke.I wondered if she would suck his dick again or if that was a one-time deal. She was sucking me and did not show any attempt to shift over to him. I finally decided to make a move and said to her “I bet Anthony would like a repeat of your lips and mouth around his dick.” She didn’t say a word or even react. I knew what she was doing. She was being playful, wanting us to beg. I nudged Anthony’s arm and asked him “what do you think, up for another BJ from my wife?” He shrugged and jokingly said “No, not really tonight.” That got a reaction from her. She let my dick plop out of her mouth and said “Bullshit, you would love it again and want it more than anything.” We both laughed. She then leaned over and dropped her head between his legs. She took his shaft and licked from his big balls all the way up his shaft. She squeezed tight once she got to his mushroom head and a drop of pre-cum oozed out the slit. She took her tongue, swirled around the leaking head and engulfed his dick into her mouth. I positioned myself behind her and pulled her panties down. I looked down at her ass, spread her cheeks and dove my tongue right into her asshole. I swirled it round probing deeper. She was squirming and rotating her ass around my face. I leaned down a little more and tasted her moist, hairy pussy. Her smell was intoxicating. I loved the taste of her juices. Her juices had definitely been flowing with all the sexual tension over the past couple of hours. I looked at çanakkale escort bayan Anthony. He had his head leaned back on the couch with his eyes closed. My wife was going to live up to her last blow job and even try to make this one better for him. It was amazing watching her stretch her mouth to accommodate his coke-can sized girth. She loves a challenge and was going to win against his extra large manhood. Her technique was unique. She would work on his huge nuts that hung low between his hairy legs. She would suck on them, then lick her way up his 8 plus inch cock, circle his big mushroom helmet, then drop her mouth down as far as she could on the shaft. It was about that time for me to bury my cock into her sweet snatch. I moved up behind her ass and began to rub my dick up and down her lips. In one swift motion, I slide all the way in like a hot knife through butter. The fuck fest continued for a few more minutes then I decided I wanted to blow my nut on her face. I took my position back on the couch by Anthony. She went back and forth between us sucking our dicks. Her breathing was heavy and I could tell she was truely enjoying sucks two dicks. I imagined it was her first time. Anthony and I were getting close, so I asked her if she wanted us to give her a double facial. She gave an approving moan “yes”. We stood up from the couch with her between us as she stroked and sucked our cocks. I was the first to blow. I started shooting rope after rope of thick cum on her face and in her mouth. She tried to caught my sperm but one random spurt got away and hit Anthony on the leg – friendly fire I guess. After the last blast came up out of my shaft, she switched focus on Anthony. His cum blasted out hitting her on the cheek, mouth and her hair. His last blasts were aimed directly at her hits. She quickly started rubbing his sperm all over her chest. Exhausted, but extremely satisfied, we all three fell back on the couch in complete relaxation. My wife was a mess covered with the sperm of me and my buddy. She jumped off the couch and headed to the bathroom to clean up. I knew we had the rest of the night, so I got up to make more drinks to keep the party going.To be continued…

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