While the band plays…

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While the band plays…My loving husband was again flying away in one of his boring business trips…On Friday night, a nice local band would play in a near bar.That evening I chose a nice outfit to go out: a pink bra and matching pair of panties adorned with black lace and my sleek low cut black dress; I stood in front of the mirror. I lightly ran my fingers across my nipples feeling them harden. I imagined I would be acting very shy and blushing a lot tonight in this sexy looking outfit. But then I thought I would go there just to see and hear my favorite band…The bar had not changed as I could remember; it was still an old ruined brick building, even dirtier than I remembered, with graffiti all over. The smell of old beer was almost unbearable.The dimly lit bar was really overcrowded. I was lucky to find an empty table between two columns, located at one dark corner of the place. I could barely see the stage; but the sound was going fine for me. The music was again exquisite and penetrating. Sipping my drink, overlooking the cramped conditions, I immersed myself in the music. There was virtually no space behind my table; but yet I heard several muffled voices. I turned my head casually canlı kaçak bahis to look back, seeing a group of four older men sitting close to me in a filthy table.They all smiled as I glanced at them and tilted their drinks up toasting me. I quickly faced the band again. With each song, my body danced in time to the music, rocking back and forth in the chair. Many men had come forward, asking for a dance, but I had declined all offers, choosing to just watch the crowd and sit. The barmaid came to my table and placed a fresh margarita down. Nodding to the men behind me, she said “with their compliments.” As I turned my head to thank them, my face almost touched the man’s crotch. I felt his hand on my shoulder and I shivered slightly. Seconds later, I felt another hand slide down along my side, tracing my ribs. A third hand on my other shoulder slipped down inside my blouse and captured my boobs. I moaned and closed my eyes.Watching my reaction, the men dared to more action…One of them turned my chair around to face them; kneeled pushing my legs spread apart and pressed his body between my thighs. Many hands then moved all over my body as they pulled my dress from bahis siteleri canlı my shoulders exposing the pink bra, while the kneeling man pushed my skirt up and started fingering my slit thru the panties. Hands suddenly seemed to be everywhere on my body, my bra roughly unlatched and two tongues began chewing on my nipples.Unwillingly, I moaned loudly, again trying to keep my eyes down. This seemed to excite them even more having the same effect on me as well. I felt my hands being guided to their hardened cocks and I rubbed them through their trousers. The man at my crotch pulled the panties aside; plunging his tongue into my pussy, licking and lapping, with his finger still inside me. I felt myself raising my hips to meet his lips and tongue.The men opened their trousers and pulled their cocks out.They made me wrap my fingers around them and I started stroking. The kneeling man stood up and another quickly knelt down taking his place. I felt a cock against my cheek, slapping at it, and turning my face towards it, he pressed the tip against my mouth. I tasted his pre cum dribbling from the tip; opening my mouth to accept it. He grabbed my hair and stuffed his cock canlı bahis in my mouth, burying it deep into my throat. Gagging slightly, pulling back, continuing to lick with my tongue, he pushed in repeatedly until my first orgasm hit me like a tsunami wave and I felt my pussy gush onto the kneeling man’s face.The man in my mouth suddenly stiffened and he filled my throat with his salty load. I swallowed that semen eagerly and easily. The next man pushed his mate aside, shoving his cock in my sperm laden mouth.Down below, I felt another man switch out and a new set of lips sucked my pussy. The men continued, one after another to lick my pussy and taste my sweet squirting.All four men had their way with my mouth, each shooting their loads in my throat and I tried to swallow every drop of it as best I could. Their hands never stopped exploring my body, touching and squeezing on my boobs and hard nipples or licking my pussy. I felt well used, my mouth and cheeks slightly sore from all the poking. As the last man pulled from me, with sperm dripping down, I smiled, grabbing a napkin from the table behind me. I wiped my face, straightened my dress, putting my pink bra inside my purse.As I was walking out of the bar, a pair of hands grabbed my waist. A deep voice whispered in my ear that I had enjoyed the best music around town; but now I was going to enjoy the best dicks there…Then a handkerchief covered my eyes and I was pushed forward…

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