wheelchair sex…..part 10 (the others)

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wheelchair sex…..part 10 (the others)
Nadine is a degenerate whore…..

she is the first to admit it. she enjoys being called a whore, a slut, an asslicker, a bitch….etc. it turns her on like no tomorrow. she is living at this facility because her mom is in and out of rehab. she admits that if it was up to her she would live with her aunt and cousin. her aunt according to Nadine is a true whore and i think Nadine is following in her footsteps. if you have not read the previous stories please read them. you’ll understand what is happening in these stories as i relate them with Nadine’s approval. she is very sad however that so little have commented on the stories. i told her thousands have read them but only a handful of comments. she agrees that if there wont be any comments there is no purpose to writing these stories. BTW they are 100% true.

here is what has happened in Nadine’s sexual life….i was once again doing bed checks at the facility but Nadine told me to leave her for last and to get ready to have my ass licked real good. being a good honest person i made sure that i cleaned myself prior to going into her apartment….after all i did not want to turn her off when everything was going so well. we were both enjoying ourselves.

as i entered her apartment she canlı bahis was siting on her wheelchair. not unusual by any means but she turned the volume of the tv up just a little more and told me to get kneel on the edge of the bed with my ass sticking up. i did what i was told and Nadine pulled up on her wheelchair and began not only to lick my ass but also lick my balls, my dick, my thighs etc. i was in heaven as she was really getting into it. she pulled on my dick gently and masturbated me as she licked my ass. she even sucked me for a good 10 minutes. Nadine does not enjoy sucking dick for fear of a man coming in her mouth…..she’s not into that. in any event she concentrated on my ass and it was all i needed. i came much faster than i expected and turned around to find Nadine masturbating herself while she pulled the back of the chair back.

i asked her what got her into licking ass in this position. she told me she saw her aunt a few weeks ago doing it. Nadine said her aunt invited 3 men over to the house. her cousin knew what was coming and told Nadine that while her mom entertained her friends Nadine and her cousin would just watch and encourage her. Nadine’s aunt was wearing nothing but a house dress after she spent what seemed like hours in the bathroom getting perabet ready. the men came in and began caressing her aunt top to bottom. Nadine said her aunt was extremely horny and was enjoying herself.

what she saw next really surprised Nadine. the men slowly undressed and since they were in the living room they got on their knees with their asses up in the air. Nadine’s aunt began licking each ass with long slow movements of her lips and tongue. she used her hands to spread each ass cheek so she can go as deep into the ass as possible. Nadine was in shock but she knew that she had to try that one day. (that’s why she was licking me in that position)

Nadine’s aunt spend a while on each ass making the men moan from pleasure. she knew that her aunt was also jerking their dicks to make them hard. after licking each man. they went into the her cousin’s bedroom. Nadine and her cousin followed. Nadine’s aunt was on her knees in the middle of the bed. her cousin and her aunt told the men to take any hole they wanted. Nadine was beginning to have multiple orgasms as one man fucked her aunt’s pussy while the other men fucked her ass. the men did not hesitate to ramming her aunt’s ass or pussy. the moans were coming from the men, her aunt, her cousin as well as from perabet giriş Nadine.

Nadine’s really got into it telling the men to “fuck the shit out of her mom because she is a whore.” the men did not hesitate and in Nadine’s eyes that’s what they did. when it was over the men slowly cleaned themselves and left. her aunt was still horny and Nadine’s cousin told her mom to fuck her own ass to show Nadine what a whore she really was. another shock for Nadine because she witnessed her aunt still on her knees put three fingers in her ass as she rotated them and stretched her asshole as wide as possible. she pulled her fingers out to show her wide open ass only to push her fingers back up into her asshole. her cousin was helping her mom by calling every dirty name on the books and providing lubrication to her ass as needed. multiple orgasms hit Nadine as her aunt continued to destroy her own ass. after about half an hour of this assault she finally collapsed while her ass continued to have contractions for about another 20 minutes. her aunt excused herself and went to her room. Nadine and her cousin changed the bedsheets and slept in each other’s arms.

what a wild sexually charged family Nadine has. i might meet them if I’m allowed. we’ll see what happens.

comments appreciated…..as i mentioned before a comment does not take long to make. i may stop writing these if i don’t get any comments. thousands of people and only a handful of comments after reading them does not seem fair. thanks…..

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