What she can’t get at home. 2

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What she can’t get at home. 2A few days ago I had a message on my contact number from an Indian woman named Arya.She was married to an Indian guy named Raj, they had been married for a year now, and were almost ready to start having c***dren, but there was just one thing… Arya had only ever been with Raj.They had met at university, fallen in love, married as soon as the careers had taken off, and now, before they finally settled into a life of a loving family, she really wanted to just be with one other person, this one time.So, i eagerly messaged her back, and after a few conversations, we agreed to meet up, and a couple of days later, my doorbell was ringing at the time we had arranged.I swiftly went to answer it, and on opening it found a average height Indian woman stood there, in her mid twenties, with long black hair, green eyes, and a pleasant smile, wearing a grey business suit, with pink blouse underneath it and black stockings and high heels.And next to her a slightly chubby Indian guy, with a scruffy black beard wearing a dark grey suit and white shirt.I quickly welcomed them in and they cheerily thanked me, before stepping into my hallway, and then closing my door, i led them into my living room, and as they took a seat on the sofa, i made us some drinks.We chatted for a short while and drank our drinks, and then i asked if they were ready, and eagerly Arya replied “Yes!”So, i suggested we head up to my bedroom, and they followed me out of the room and then up the stairs, before turning right into the first bedroom we came to, a pristine white room, with white furniture and crisp white bed sheets on the bed.I then suggested Arya take a seat on the bed, and Raj could sit on a nice comfy seat in the corner of the room, if he wanted, and happily he agreed.Then i asked if they wanted to record this, and eagerly they both said yes, so i picked up a small camcorder and offered it to Raj, and he quickly took it from me and began to look it over.I then looked at Arya and asked if she was ready, and she nodded with a shy nervous smile, before Raj suddenly asked “What about a condom?”I told him i had plenty, if that’s what Arya wanted, and she quietly nodded back, before i moved to side table, pulled open a draw and pulled out one wrapped and ready to go, before placing on the top of the table ready.Then i turned to Arya again, and smiling at her i moved towards her, leaned in and slowly moved my lips to her.She leant up towards me, and we gently touched our lips, pressing together for a few seconds before our mouths parted, our tongues reached out and we began to explore each others mouths.As we passionately kissed, i placed a hand onto one of her breasts through her pink blouse and she moaned softly into my mouth, before i gently began to fondle her breast.Then after a bit i began to move my head down, kissing her neck, and making her moan more, before i reached up and pushed off her jacket, and then began undoing the buttons on her blouse, and as they slowly became undone, she pulled my head up and began kissing me more.I then had her blouse undone and brushed it off of her, before my hands made it back down to her small b-cup breasts in their little black bra, and eagerly i began to fondle them, and Arya moaned softly into my mouth again.Finally i reached around undid the clasp on her bra, pushed it off her shoulders and it dropped forward onto her lap, and her little brown boobs tumbled out showing off her hard little brown nipples.I then moved my head down and quickly began teasing one of her nipples with my tongue, and she moaned again, before i clamped my lips around it and began sucking on it, and she clutched my head and moaned louder.For the next minute or two i sucked on her little tits, switching back and for from one hard brown nipple to the other, before finally lifting my head up, and eagerly she pulled me to her and we kissed again.Then i pulled away from her, stood up, and pulled my shirt off over my head, revealing my toned body, i like to keep myself in shape, before i undid my trousers, and then let them drop to the floor, and heard Arya gasp, as he eyes locked onto my big hanging manhood, semi erect and waiting for her to do the rest.I then stepped towards her, and with out hesitation her hand reached out and took hold of my cock.”God! It’s so thick!” she moaned in amazement.”It gets a little bigger!” i replied with a smile, and she looked up at me with a look of eager anticipation, before she began to stroke my cock.My dick immediately responded to her touch and started to grow, and after a good few tugs i was almost fully hard in her slim brown fingers, and i couldn’t help but notice the gold and diamond wedding ring glinting in the light, wrapped around one the fingers that held my manhood tightly.I then glanced over at Raj, and he was sat eagerly on the edge of his chair, watching through the camcorder as his loving young wife, jerked off another guys big hard cock.Then after a few more strokes, Arya looked up at me and with a smile said “I’ve got to taste this!”And then she leant forward, opened her mouth, and wrapped her ruby red lips around my cockhead.I groaned happily as i felt that hot young Indian woman begin to suck on my length, and eagerly her head began to bob and down as she tried to fit more and more of my thick hard length down her throat.For several amazing minutes Arya sucked over and over again on my cock, greasing it up and trying to fit as much of it as she could in her mouth, until she was almost choking on it.Then she pulled her head away sharply and gasped for air, and little trail of saliva hung from her bottom lip to my cock.I then glanced over at Raj, and he was almost shaking with excitement, as he filmed his beautiful young wife breathing heavily, after having her throat filled with another mans member.Then Arya leant back in, and gave my balls a quick licking, and as she did, she glanced over at her husband, before slowly she ran her tongue up my entire hard length while maintaining full eye contact with him.I then pulled my hard wet cock away from her, and got her to lay back on the bed, before i reached around and undid her skirt, and then slowly began to pull it down her legs, to reveal her little black panties and matching black stocking clad legs, and once i had pulled it off and dropped it on the floor, I knelt in front of her, and took hold of her panties either side of her hips and began to pull them down too.Arya watched me excitedly as her panties came down over her thighs, over her knees down her lower legs, and off over her heels, before i discarded them too, and then looking back at that hot now naked Indian young woman, i placed my hands on her knees and slowly eased them apart.She happily let me, until her furry black pussy came into view, she wasn’t a full black bush of hair, just a neatly trimmed one around her lips, and once her legs were wide enough, i crawled between them, and lowered my face into it.Arya moaned a little iskenderun escort louder as for the first time, someone other than her husband, had his face in her sweet little furry pussy, before i pushed out my tongue and began lapping at it.She moaned some more and then placed her hands on my head, before encouraging me to keep going.”Yes! Yes!” She moaned happily.”Lick my pussy! Lick it! I want you to taste me!” she then added.So i eagerly did, running my tongue all over her furry damp box and making her moan more, before i then reached up with both hands, eased her lips apart and pushed my tongue into her wet brown inner lips.”Oh god!” she moaned louder, as my tongue buried itself deeper inside of her.”Oh god! Yes! yes!” she then moaned.”Lick me out! Lick me out!” she begged loudly as she held my head in place.I happily lapped and probed her sweet little wet hole, for the next few minutes, and even sucked on her little lips making her moan even louder, until finally i felt it was time for the main event, the reason she was really here.So i pulled my head away from her pussy, leaving her breathing heavily lying on the bed, before i stood up gave my cock a few firm jerks to get it back to full hardness, and then turned and picked up the condom.I quickly tore it open, and then rolled the rubber onto my length, and once i was fully protected turned back to Arya, and she stared at me excitedly, knowing what was coming next.As i stepped back towards her, i glanced over at Raj, and he was now sat up on the arm of the chair, still eagerly filming us, with a significant bulge in the front of his trousers, before i looked back at Arya, stepped between her open stocking clad legs, and stood just inches from that now wet and willing furry pussy of hers.”Ready?” i asked with a smile.And she smiled back at me and nodded.Then i moved slowly forward towards her, until my hard rubberised cock made contact with her furry damp mound and she moaned softly on feeling it, before moaning louder, as her lips parted letting me further inside of her, filling her with my big hard cock.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she moaned loudly, as i slipped inch after inch into her warm tight wet hole.I glanced over at Raj as i pushed more and more of my hard cock deep into his wife, and he was now stood at the end of bed, almost trembling with excitement as he watched his young hot wife, being penetrated for the first time, by another mans cock.I continued to push in more and more of my big thick hard length, until finally i bottomed out, my crotch hit against her pussy lips, and she then let out a really loud moan, tightened up, and began to shake.”OH MY FUCKING GOD!” she cried out as her body instantly began to orgasm from just having a strangers hard cock deep inside of her.”OH! OH! OH! Ooooohhh!” she then moaned, before finally relaxing, and then laying back on the bed again to catch her breath.”Are you okay?” i asked with a smile.”I came!” she said back breathlessly.”I came on your big cock! Just from having it in side of me!” she then said smiling.”Well, you’re going to love this then!” i replied, before i gently eased back and then gently eased in again.”Oh god!” she instantly moaned feeling my cock move back and forth inside of her for the first time.I then did it again, and she moaned, and then again, and she moaned, and then again, and she moaned, before she realised i was now rocking back and forth inside of her, and now we were fucking.”Oh god you’re fucking me! Oh god you’re fucking me! Oh god you’re fucking me!” she moaned over and over.”Yeah i am!” i replied smiling.”How does it feel?” i asked.”I love it! I love it! I love it!” she moaned back.”You want me to keep going?” i asked.”Yes! Yes!” she replied eagerly.”Keep fucking me! please keep fucking me with your big hard cock!” she then almost begged me, as if i would stop and change my mind.So i did, just steadily pumping her with my hard length, letting it just slide back and forth in her little wet cunt, in a nicely timed rhythm, as she lay back letting it happen and clearly loving it.After a few minutes i glanced over at Raj, who still stood by the bed filming us, and then back at Arya and asked “So is my cock bigger than your husbands?””Yes!” she moaned with a little sheepish smile.”Much bigger?” i asked.”Yes!” she replied again.”And do you love it? This bigger hard cock, fucking your little married pussy?” i then asked.”Yes!” she said softly.”Sorry what?” i asked teasingly.”Yes!” she said a little louder.”Yes, you love my big hard cock fucking your little married pussy?” i then asked again.”Yes! I love your big hard cock, fucking my little married pussy!” she then said loudly.I glanced over at Raj with a smile, And he just stared back with a slightly surprised look on his face, before turned back to Arya leant over her and said “Then lets this fuck this little married pussy properly!”Then i began to pick up the pace, pumping harder and faster into her, pulling and then pushing my hard rubberised cock back and forth inside of her, and instantly Arya began to groan louder, before she reached up and grabbed a hold of my neck.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she exclaimed loudly.Her little stocking clad legs lifted to my sides, and held onto me, as my arse rose and fell swiftly between them, and all the while Arya groaned over and over.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she cried loudly.”I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she then exclaimed excitedly.”Cum on my big dick girl! Cum on my dick!” i replied urging her too, and she clung to me eager to do so.I continued to pounding into her, over and over, and loved hearing my hard cock smacking into that wet furry married pussy, and her loud moans as it did.And she clung to me tightly, grinding her hips against me, and urging me to keep going.”I’m going to cum! I’m going cum!” she cried again, and then i shoved my hard rubber length deep into her, pushing in as much as i could, and with a loud groan, she tightened up on me again, her head tilted backwards and she began to tremble again.”FUCK!” was all she could force out as she orgasmed for the second time, and i held her tightly, still buried in her cunt, as it squeezed around me.For several amazing hot seconds that young married Indian woman came hard in my arms, until finally she took in a sharp in take of breath, and relaxed.I felt her pussy loosen off, as she lay under me gasping for air, and then after a few seconds to let her recover i leant in and we kissed passionately again.I stayed on top of her gently rocking back and forth in her wet pussy for a minute or two, until i pulled from her grasp, pulled my big wet dick from her cunt and then moved up until i was straddling her chest and offered her my big hard rubber covered dick, and eagerly she leant forward and wrapped her lips around it again.Arya bobbed her head back and forth sucking on my length again, before i glanced over and saw Raj now stood further along the end of the bed, eagerly filming escort iskenderun his young wife sucking on the big cock that had already made her cum twice, and in his other hand he slowly stroking his cock.It was a little smaller than mine, not as long or as thick, so i could see why Arya was so impressed with mine, but he was about average size, so she wasn’t really missing out too much.Anyway, i turned my attention back to this hot naked Indian woman sucking on my length, giving it the attention it deserved after fucking her so well already, before i pulled it from her lips, got her to roll over onto all fours, now facing her husband, then i moved up behind her, and knelt between her open legs, and readied her for another fucking.Then placing my cock against her wet furry gaping entrance, yes she was still slightly open after the first time, i pushed back into her, and she immediately groaned hard and lowered head into the bed sheets.I then placed my hands on her slim hips, before i began to pump in and out of her again, and Arya moaned over and over with my every thrust.”Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she moaned softly.”Look up at Raj, and say it!” i repliedAnd she lifted her head, stared straight into the camcorder lens, and said “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I want to feel your big hard cock deep inside of me again!””Do you want to cum on it again?” i asked.”Yes! Oh god yes! I want to cum on your cock again! And again!” she said still looking into the camera.” I always want to cum on your cock!” she then added, and i could see Raj, behind the camera stare in shock again as his wife made this very erotic confession to him.Then i picked up the pace again, and began pumping eagerly into her, and she instantly moaned loudly for Raj to see up close, as her face contorted from the pleasure another man was giving her.Arya then dropped her head, and buried it into the sheets, as i carried on fucking her firm and hard, and she moaned over and over again as i did.”Oh god, i love it! I love it! I love it!” she moaned loudly.”What do you love?” i asked loudly.”Your cock! I love your cock!” she exclaimed loudly.”Why?” i asked still pumping away into her.”Because it’s doing things to me, no other cock has before!” she replied loudly.”You mean your husbands cock doesn’t make you cum like this?” i then asked teasingly, looking up at Raj.”No!” she said with a moan.”No! he’s never made me cum like this!” she replied between heavy breaths.”Then i better make you cum a few more times, before you need to leave then!” i replied, and i moved my hands around her waist, held her firmer and then began to drive my cock into harder.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she cried as i began hammering that little pussy of hers.Arya gripped the white linen bed sheets tightly, desperate to hold her self in place as i pounded into her from behind, and our sweaty naked bodies slapped together loudly as we fucked furiously.”Oh god!” She then exclaimed.”I’m going to cum again! I’m going to cum again!” she then cried.”Cum for me girl!” i replied eagerly.”Cum for me hard! I want see you explode!” i then added as i continued to drive into her.”Cum all over my hard cock! I want your little married pussy to blow all over my hard cock!” i then said eagerly.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m going to cum all over your cock! Your big hard cock! Your lovely big hard cock! I’m going to cum all over it!” she then groaned loudly back as i still pounded away in her pussy.Then as her moans got louder and consistent, and my cock was still thrusting wildly into her, she began to tremble again, before she suddenly arched her back upwards, her head tilted towards the ceiling, i felt her pussy squeeze up onto my cock, and i pushed deep and hard into her.”OH FUCK!” she cried out in one long scream, as she came for the third time.Her cries echoed out through the room, as she began to tremble and cum, and i held her tightly to me, gripping her little brown titties, as her husband continued to film us.For another few amazingly hot seconds we stayed just like that as she ran out of sounds and just shook in my arms, until finally she breathed in heavily, and then sighed, and quickly i let her fall forwards onto the bed, to catch her breath.As she lay there breathing heavily, i moved around her until i was sat beside her facing Raj, and once again i offered her my hard rubberised cock to cuck on, and after a moment, she sat up, leaned forward, took hold of it, and lowered her mouth on it.For a few seconds she happily sucked on it, tasting her own pussy cum juices, until she lifted her head up looked up at me, and said “I’m going to take this off!””Really?” i asked a little surprised.”Yes!” she said firmly.”I want to suck on your magnificent big hard cock properly!” she then said, before she then she turned to look at Raj. “And then i’m going to let him fuck me with out it! Because i want to feel that beautiful big cock deep inside of my cunt! Where it belongs!” she then said firmly, before she began to peel the condom off while still staring at the camera.Raj lowered the camcorder for a moment, with a look of total stunned disbelief on his face that not only had his wife just said that, but she said in a totally slut like way!Then she pulled off the rubber love glove completely, before tossing carelessly across at Raj, and it landed on the edge of the bed just in front of him.Before she then lowered her mouth onto my bare hard member, and began gloriously sucking on it.Her wet lips eagerly moved all around over my cockhead, before her head then began to dip and then rise, dip and then rise, and quickly she began to suck on more and more of my cock again.For the next minute she gobbled away on my cock, drooling all over it and making it all greasy and shiny, and all the time her wedding ring hand, with that shiny diamond ring on it, slid up and down as it gripped my shaft tightly, for her husband to see.Finally she lifted her head up off my cock, raised her lips to mine and we kissed again, before she climbed up onto all fours facing away from Raj, and then straddled my waist, and as she looked me in the eyes, she slowly lowered her furry wet pussy, down onto my bare, unprotected cock.She moaned loudly as her pussy made contact with it for the first time unsheathed, and then as her little brown lips splayed outwards stretching over my cockhead, she groaned louder, and her head tilted upwards, as my her wet unprotected pussy slid down onto my hard member.She now easily slid right down until she bottomed out onto my lap, and then groaned even louder, before she clung to my body, and began to tremble.”Oh god!” she exclaimed looking right at me.”I’m going to cum again!” she then said, as her her body began to shake even more.”I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!” she then cried out, before she then let out a loud almost ear piercing cry, her head tilted up again, and her little body shook in my arms, making her little tits jiggle wildly.I felt her wet cunt tighten on my hard iskenderun escort bayan cock, and she must have too, and this seem to drive her over the edge again as the realisation of a big strangers hard cock was buried deep up inside of her wet unprotected cunt, and she then groaned loudly and constant.I held her tightly to my body as she came over and over, and felt her little married pussy desperately trying to milk me, until she couldn’t cry out anymore and her noise just faded out.Then she gasped hard, and began to breath heavily on top of me, until she finally calmed down enough to look at me and grin eagerly.”Oh god! I came again just from having you inside of me1″ she said blushing and then chuckling.”Yes you did!” i replied.”Are you ready for one more?” i then asked.”Yes!” she then said eagerly, barely recovered from her last one.But i didn’t give her chance to change her mind, because i then reached down, took a hold of her cute little brown arse, and began thrusting up into her.She immediately began to lift up and down a little with my every thrust, and soon we were fucking again.For the next few minutes, she sat on top of me, her hands resting on my shoulders, as i lifted and dropped her body on top of me, and all the time Raj remained behind her, filming his glorious hot young wife rise and falling lustfully, on another mans cock.Just to tease him a little more, i gently eased her arse cheeks apart, and i knew as she leaned towards me more, he would get a perfect shot of her spread furry pussy around my hard naked cock, and her little arse ring, all in one.For a few more minutes we stayed like that enjoying the steady fucking pace we had going, and Arya smiled at me the whole time as her little unprotected married pussy, slid up and down, on my unprotected hard cock.Then eager to take it up a gear again, i rolled Arya onto her back, lifted her stocking clad legs up wards, and began driving my cock into her again.”Oh yes!” she instantly moaned.”Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!”” she then urged me.So i began thrusting back and forth faster, and my cock slid in and out of her hairy wet snatch quicker, before i gestured down and said “Look at that!”Arya glanced down, and for the first time saw my naked hard cock, sliding in and out of her naked wet pussy, and instantly gasped a little.”Oh god! Oh god! Oh god, that’s so hot! that’s so hot! that’s so hot!” she then exclaimed as she looked up at me again.”Oh god, you’re big hard bare cock is really in my unprotected pussy!” she then said, as it only suddenly hit her that that was really happening.”Yes it is!” i grinned back.”And it’s all for you! All that big hard veiny member! Pumping deep into your little married unprotected pussy! It’s all yours, and i’m going to give it to you, until you cum again on it!” i then added eagerly.Before i lifted her legs up higher, knelt up, and began thrusting harder and faster into her.”OH! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she then exclaimed loudly as pounded into her pussy, and almost folding her in two in the process.She now lay completely helpless on her back, as i rammed my big hard cock into her stretched gaping pussy, and her heels dangled over her screaming head as i did.”Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she continued repeating as i hammered her pussy again.”You going to cum? You going to cum?” i asked eagerly still pumping away inside of her.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried out between her legs.”Then i’m going to cum!” i replied firmly, beginning to feel my excitement build too.”I want it! I want it! I want it!” she cried back.”You want my cum? You want my cum/” i asked eagerly.”Yes! Yes! Yes!” she replied excitedly.”Where? Where do you want my cum?” i asked still pounding away in her gaping cunt.”In my mouth! In my mouth!” she cried back.”I want to taste you in my mouth!” she then said loudly.I glanced up Raj, he was stroking his cock more excitedly now as he continued to film us, and was only a foot or so away from his wife’s head, which was perfect for the end shot i thought.So i continued to power into her, thrusting as hard as fast as i could into her cunt, and my balls were smacking against her little arse, and she was grinding against me desperate to cum once more, and for the next minute or so we stayed just like that.Then i felt my balls begin to tighten more, and quickly said “You better cum now! Or i’ll cum before you!””I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” she gasped between loudly groans.”Are you?” i asked desperate to hold on for her.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes….” she replied, before suddenly she tightened up again, her body began to tremble once more, her back arched until she was almost doing a handstand on her head, and then i felt her tight cunt squeeze around my hard cock and then she groaned just as loud as before “SHIT!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.”SHIT!” she cried again as her body shook uncontrollably.That was it for me too, and as i felt her pussy begin to milk me, i quickly pulled my cock from it, and her body dropped onto the bed.And with her still cumming and arching her back violently, i stood over and began to jerk hard.”HERE IT CUMS!” i then cried, and instinctively she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and despite still cumming herself, she eagerly waited for my load.And i didn’t disappoint, because my balls churned tightly, and then i felt my cum surge, and with a roar, i exploded, showering this hot naked cumming Indian woman with my sticky white goo.”Yes! Yes!” she gasped breathing heavily, as she tried to catch as much of it as she could in her mouth.My white goo splattered down all over her face, and some did end up in her mouth, as i coated her in my love juices, until she looked more like a glazed cake.Then after several amazing seconds, i ran out of cum to squirt, and with a heavy sigh, i relaxed and tried to catch my breath, just as Arya was doing the same.I then dropped to my knees, straddling her naked breasts, and eagerly she lifted her head and began licking and sucking my spent cock, until she pulled it into my mouth and was practically trying to suck me back into hardness again.Then finally i pulled my cock from her lips, leant down and she kissed passionately for a moment.I then climbed off of her and down onto the carpeted floor, where Raj instantly gave me the camcorder to hold, before he climbed onto the bed, then onto his cum covered sweaty naked wife, and slipped his little hard cock into her gaping wet pussy.He eagerly began thrusting inside of her like a rabid dog trying to hump its masters leg, until after just about a minute, he quickly pulled his hard cock from Arya’s pussy, and giving it a tug, he came all over her naked body.Then when he finally stopped cumming, he laid down on top of her and began to kiss eagerly.She returned the kiss, until finally she rolled him off of her body and sat up.I then offered them the use of my shower, before i headed off to get a drink, and about half an hour or so later, they came down to the living room again, dressed and looking respectable again.Arya then walked straight up to me, pulled me in for a kiss, before she stepped back, smiled and whispered “I’ll call you!” and then turning around, she walked back to Raj, took his hand and headed to the door.

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