Used like a ragged doll by a bunch of niggers

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Used like a ragged doll by a bunch of niggers
For weeks I had been fantasizing about being gangbanged in my schoolgirl outfit by a bunch of well hung niggers.

My Black Master had promised me I would be pounded by huge black cocks while I got on all fours and raised my round ass in the air…

That night, while Jerome was stretching out my ass and fucking me hard he asked me if I would like to be used by his black friends and treated like a cum dump. I begged him to pimp me out to his mates.

Then one day he made my fantasy to come true. I was told to go to a local motel room, dress up in my schoolgurl outfit and then wait for him to arrive.

Like a good little married white slut I happily obeyed my Black Master.
Jerome arrived and I greeted him as usual on my knees and begging him to suck his black hard cock.

He said I deserved a good treat, as he pulled his hardened dark cock out from his trousers. Opening my mouth wide, I took this beautiful black piece of hard meat in my mouth and started sucking it off.

After he got really hard, Jerome ordered me to climb onto the bed and to assume the position. On all fours, canlı kaçak iddaa my little school girl skirt rode up to reveal my white cotton panties…

This time however he did something different. First he blindfolded me and then he put a ballgag in my mouth. Next, I was handcuffed and finally my cotton panties were pulled down around my knees.
I felt vulnerable, with my buttocks completely exposed…

Then he started to lube my tight asshole before stretching it with a huge dildo.
My heart was pounding very quickly now and I felt my cunt was dripping wet

Jerome laughed and he said now I was to get what I deserved…

I was waiting to be wildly fucked by my Black Master cock; but then I heard the motel room door open and footsteps as a few people entered the place. I could not see anything through the blindfold. All I could feel was my asshole now very stretched and sucking in the big dildo.

Then someone suddenly yanked the dildo out of my anus, causing me to gape wide. I was so horny that I wanted to beg to be fucked hard but all I could do was moan louder. Nobody said a word inside the room.

Then canlı poker oyna a felt more lube being squirted inside my gaping asshole. And soon someone got on the bed behind me. I was shaking with excitement.

My rear hole was winking open and shut. Then I felt it, the warm thick bulbous head of a cock rubbing against my stretched asshole. A couple hands grabbed my hips and then I pushed back against that thick head…

I moaned loudly as he thrust into my pink rosebud. I gasped at the sheer girth of his cock, bucking my hips as my hole stretched to take him fully.

Then he grabbed my waist even tighter and the bastard plunged at least about eight inches of thick cock into my poor anus…

I had no idea who he was, but I did not care. I was sure he was black…
Not even my Black Master had stretched out my asshole with his thick cock.
I felt this one was huge and I loved every inch of his invasion.

The more I moaned the harder he pounded me. His balls slapped against my buttocks with every thrust. I just knew that only a black man could fuck like that and have such an enormous hardened cock.

Just when I internet casino thought he was coming in my anus, he pulled out and I heard him inviting someone else to take his turn in my asshole.

What followed was a procession of huge hard cocks fucking me relentlessly, raw and hard.

I sensed my ass was destroyed; gaping wider than ever before.

Just when I thought I could not take anymore, I heard my Black Master announce that it was time to fill me up.

I was still on the bed with my ass in the air. One by one they mounted me, plunging their cocks in balls deep before grunting loudly and pumping thick burning loads of nigger cum deep inside my hungry asshole.

I counted at least seven loads in total and my ass was totally destroyed…

Then my Black Master plugged my well cum filled ass, pulled up my panties, untied my blindfold and nutted all over my face.

I still had the ballgag in and could only moan as his thick load blasted all over my face. I could see the other guys now all standing around. They were all black and they had flaccid but still huge cocks hanging heavy.

This became my new weekly treat. I was now the filthy cum dumpster for huge black cocks…Every Saturday night was the same,
The only difference was my slutty outfit.
But the position was always the same.
On all fours, buttocks in the air, gaping ass ready for black cock and cum…

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