Unexpected Evening Part 2

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Unexpected Evening Part 2Katie’s jaw dropped as she sat there in the hotel bed wrapped in her towel as Tim let 4more men into the room. Her mind quickly raced to think about all the things that wereprobably about to happen.The men slowly walked in, taking a good look at Katie’s body, and began to stand in a linein front of her. Katie knew exactly why they were there and wasn’t going to make themwait. She immediately got down on her knees in front of the first guy and began to pull outhis cock. It was already erect as she stroked it and licked his balls. After a minute shewrapped her mouth around the shaft and began bobbing her head on it.The other guys began to huddle around Katie and remove their clothes. As she rotatedbetween sucking each man’s hard cock, she would stoke the two surrounding guys.After a few minutes she realized Tim’s cock was missing from the circle. She quickly realizedthat he was off to the side holding a camera recording the entire thing. This turned Katie oneven more as her pussy became sopping wet. She could now be a total slut and knew itwould be on film for the world to see. She absolutely loved the thought of other guys watchingher take on all these men.After each guy had a few turns getting stroked and sucked, one guy finally pulled her up ontothe bed and put her on all fours so her could take her from behind while she continued togive the rest them warm wet blowjobs. It was at this point Tim couldn’t resist any longer andput the camera on the tripod he brought so that he could join in on the fun.The room began to fill with Katie’s muffle moans and she was getting fucked doggy stylewith a mouth full of cock. Soon the guys were taking turns fucking her soaked pussy. Timmade sure the guys knew that they could be as rough as they wanted to be. After all, shewas just a piece of fuck meat for them to enjoy. She was all theirs to do whatever theywanted.Katie soon found herself riding one of the guys while the others stood on the bed next toher. She took turns between stroking and sucking in each one. The guys couldn’t believehow well she was doing at making sure each cock was satisfied.“Come on guys, she has more the two holes. Let make sure they all get used,” Tim said. Itdidn’t take much convincing for them to oblige. One of the men came over and pulled her offof the guy she was riding and bent her over the back of a chair. He began to slide his cockup her ass just like Tim had done earlier fethiye escort this evening. Only this time Katie was completelyconscious to feel the throbbing cock slide deep inside her ass. She gasped as the cockstretched her orifice to its limit. As she stared to scream Tim took her head and slammed itdown over his cock. He loved watching her get used by four other guys along with him. Ithad always been his fantasy as much as Katie’s.As Katie was slouched over the back of the chair, the five men continued to take their turnspounding each one of Katie’s three fuck holes. Tim made sure each time a guy pulled outof her ass that her mouth was the next hole his cock went into. He wanted to see her usedand degraded to the fullest extent knowing that she felt the same way.After a few minutes of fucking her the guys began to feel their orgasms coming on. It wasalready established that the men could cum wherever they wanted. Though it didn’t matterbecause at this point they would have anyway.While the men were surrounding Katie as she took a cock in her mouth and ass the firstguy came deep in her ass. Once again Katie loved the feeling of the warm cum flowingdeep in her. As he pulled out the next guy got behind her and rammed his cock into her usedpussy. It wasn’t long before he felt his balls tighten up and sent his load shooting deep in hervagina. Katie moaned as he thrust all the way in her and felt his jizz fill her box.Katie was loving the fact that she could have all the cum she wanted tonight. Soon the guyfilling her mouth could feel his balls boiling and pulled out and shot his load, completelycovering her face as it began to drip down all over the floor. By this point another guy wasfilling her ass with his warm cum.As Tim saw each man finish, he knew it was his turn. Having been stroking himself to Katiegetting used by the rest of the men he was ready to shoot another load. He went up toKatie, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over to the bed, throwing her down on herback. Just like that he was shooting his cum across her huge tits.With each man being satisfied for the moment, they stood around this beautiful cum coveredslut laying on the bed as jizz began to drip out of her holes. She decided not to waste any ofit and began to lick all of Tim’s cum off her tits. Tim thought this was truly a sight to beholdand was glad every second of it was on film.As Katie laid there enjoying all her cum and recovering escort fethiye from her pounding Tim stood ovaryher and told her they weren’t close to being done. This made her happy as one of herbiggest fantasies still hadn’t been fulfilled. Being filled air tight, a cock in each hole. Tim knewshe wanted this and so did he.After a few minutes of recovery, the first guy took Katie on top of him and began thrustingup into her hard and fast giving her a quick orgasm. This got her good and relaxed for whatwas about to happen.Tim knew he wanted to be the guy to fill her ass the first time Katie experienced this so hegot behind her to claim his hole. As he slowly filled her ass Katie screamed in ecstasy. Shewas beginning to feel the pleasure she always dreamed of. She couldn’t get over the feelingof a cock in her cunt and ass sliding in and out.As two cocks filled her lower holes the rest of the men began to stand around her. Sheimmediately took the closest cock and pulled him in so she could begin sucking on his hardcock. The last two men soon found themselves being stroked by Katie’s busy hands.Tim already loved the feeling of Katie’s ass wrapped around his cock but that feeling wasonly magnified between her cunt being filled with another cock and the sight and sounds ofher pleasuring three other cocks with her mouth and hands. At this moment Katie was atotal slut. She was sexually satisfied five men at the same time. The true definition of a pieceof fuck meat.All the same thoughts were running through Katie’s head. The pleasure of all the cock wasbecoming unbearable as orgasm after orgasm began to roll through her body. After a fewminutes the men began to trade positions as Katie found herself on her back. She lovedthis new position as she still has her ass filled but she could watch another man fill her pussywhile she sucked cock. She made sure that all five cocks were still being pleasured.Tim knew that he could still push some of Katie’s limits and told the bottom man to pull outof her ass and slid it in Katie’s pussy. After his cock was in the man on top began to slowlyslide his back in. Earlier in the evening Katie thought that having Tim’s hand in her pussywas amazing. Little did she know that the feeling of two cocks thrusting in her fuck holewould be even better.Feeling the two cocks in her and watching the others fill her mouth and hands she started tofeel the room spin again. She slowly began to fethiye escort bayan drift out of consciousness from the intenseorgasms. Soon her limp body was laying there once again as the guys were fucking her.Tim knew he had to take advantage of this situation once again before she came to.Thinking quick he dragged her off the other guys again by her hair and laid her in top of himself.He reached around and stuck his cock in her ass once again. She always wanted to haveher ass fisted but he figured two cocks would do just as well. He told them to get in line andtake turns being the second man in her ass. They didn’t hesitate and soon Tim had companyin her now stretched and exhausted asshole.Moments later Katie began to wake up. Immediately, she began to gasp and moan. It washard to tell if it was from pain or pleasure but once again it didn’t matter. Tim pulled her facein again and gave her a deep passionate kiss. She was fulfilling so many of his fantasies andhe loved it. He couldn’t help but kiss her as their tongues flicked back and forth. To increasepleasure he reached down and began to pinch and twist her nipples.Katie couldn’t believe the feeling of two cocks in her ass. It was a mix of pleasure of pain.Even though it hurt at times she pushed herself through it because the moments of pleasurewere much more intense.As the guys took turns filling her stretched out ass, Katie begged for guys to come aroundfor her to suck her ass juice off of them. No surprise, Tim loved the site of this. As hewatched, he could feel an unprecedented fourth orgasm start to approach. He began tothrust harder and harder until Katie’s ass was once again being filled with cum.Pulling himself aside the rest of the guys began to take turns and fill which ever hole wasavailable. As two guys pounded her ass and pussy she began to feel both men start to thrustharder. Within moments she could feel both holes fill with hot cum at the same time.This pushed her once again to an intense orgasm. By this point she couldn’t move anymoreand the last two guys decided to stroke themselves until they shot their loads across herface.After hours of hot sex Katie just laid there motionless on the bed, trying to collect herthoughts about everything that just happened as cum ran down her face while also oozingout of her pussy and ass. The men began to get dressed and slowly leave as they took onelast look at the slut that they just used lay there. Tim grabbed the camera and began to takesome pictured of the cum covered whore laying there on the bed. Katie laid therewatching, unable to move. They both enjoyed the moment and knew that this would be oneof the greatest nights of their lives.

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