UK government imposing restrictions on access to p

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UK government imposing restrictions on access to pThe changes are being introduced under the Digital Economy Act 2017, which states that commercial providers of porn should have age checks on their websites to stop c***dren from seeing explicit images and videos. This means that every user to a pornographic website will have to prove they are over 18.The law was due to come into force in April 2019 but the challenges of deploying technology to check people’s ages across thousands of websites have proven too much. What’s going to be blocked?The new law means that porn will only be viewable in the UK if you have proven you are over 18. What counts as pornography and the websites that will have to put up blocks has proven tricky. Big porn is definitely going to have age verification systems in place (think: RedTube, Pornhub and xHamster). The websites have already said they will comply with the changes.The government has said websites operating on a commercial basis will have to comply with the law. This is where things get sticky. The Online Pornography (Commercial Basis) Regulations 2018 sets out a few stipulations around what counts as commercial pornographic content and there are a few different stipulations that will catch a lot of websites.Something can be classed as commercial porn under the law if it has to be paid for or if the person making it will be paid or receive bahis firmaları some kind of benefit. Websites that have more than one-third of their content falling into previous categories will need to have an age verification system in place.What about social media?Social media is full of pornography. You don’t have to dig far under the surface of Reddit or Twitter to find adult content. A Google image search, without filters turned on, will also provide plenty of explicit images.However, they don’t fall under the direct requirements to install age verification systems. “The focus of the legislation should be pornographic websites,” government documents have said. Instead, search engines and social networks will be classed as ancillary service providers (ASPs). This means they can be asked to remove material served up on their platforms by porn providers who don’t comply with the age-verification requirements.Who is in charge of the UK porn block?The tricky job of regulating porn online has fallen to the UK’s British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). That’s the group of people that set age ratings (12A, 15+ etc) on films that are shown in British cinemas. The government appointed the BBFC as its porn regulator.The BBFC has set up a website for its age verification roles. If websites don’t have age verification systems in place the BBFC can take enforcement perabet action against them. The body says it will start checking websites for age checking processes when the law begins and will check the biggest websites first – based on the number of visitors they receive – and then work towards smaller websites.If commercial pornographic websites don’t have age verification in place the BBFC has a number of options about what it can do. It says: “These requesting ancillary service providers to withdraw services such as advertising, asking payment service providers to withdraw services, and requiring internet service providers and mobile network operators to block access to the non-compliant service.” How will the UK porn block work?When you visit porn that’s using age checks, the website will show a landing page that doesn’t have any 18+ content on it. At present some websites that host porn already have landing pages that ask users to click a button to say they’re over 18. However, anyone can click these buttons and there aren’t any checks to confirm their age.This is set to change under the Digital Economy Act – websites are required by law to use a system to check how old someone is if they’re visiting from the UK. “Age-verification solutions range from low-tech options such as buying a card over the counter in a shop where the verification is face to perabet giriş face, to the use of traditional ID documents online,” the regulator says on its website. “There are digital ID apps and people can use their mobile phone if the adult filters have been removed.”The age verification system a website uses can be picked by the sites’ owners. In response to a consultation on age verification systems, five companies who are believed to be developing products responded. These were: Yoti, Verime, GBG, AV Secure and AgeID. Each system has a slightly different way of working. Previously, AgeID has been criticised as it is created by MindGeek, the owners of Pornhub and other popular porn websites.Will the systems be safe?The BBFC says it is creating a certification scheme for age verification systems but it is only voluntary.Privacy campaigners at the Open Rights Group have criticised the Digital Economy Act for not putting enough emphasis on security requirements of age verification systems. It says that systems could be hacked and that personal preferences of users could eventually be linked back to individuals.Why is the change happening?The powers under the Digital Economy Act are being brought in to stop c***dren from viewing pornography online when they’re under 18.Won’t it be really easy to get around?In short, yes. It won’t be impossible for under 18s to access porn. There’s still going to be plenty of pornography that can be easily viewed through social media. Additionally virtual private networks (VPNs), which connect to servers in other countries, can be used to get around age verification checks

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