True Friendship Part 5 Finale

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True Friendship Part 5 FinaleBryce came quickly towards me, holding his cell phone. I had just got a text from Reef that was not supposed to happen, except on our date/sex days to confirm stuff. That was all the contact we were to have. Bryce announced that Reef had just texted him and I could see that he wasn’t pleased with this breach of rules. His text was the same as mine, “I need to talk to you!”The both of our phones went off at the same time…. another text.The text was asking both me and my husband to be present, so Reef could talk to both of us together. It must be a big deal because we had agreed to keep this as non personal as possible and just for sex as much as possible. Therefore no contact other than the day that Reef and I were scheduled to have a sex date, Friday night of every week. This was Tuesday, so something must be up.I texted Reef to say that Bryce and I were there together and that he could call. His response was almost immediate so I hit speaker and answered.“Hey Reef. What’s up,” Bryce asked.“I’m just going to come out and say this because it would be too difficult to try to get the message to you correctly if I don’t say it much like Larry said it to me,” was how Reef responded.“Okay, what’s with Larry then?” Bryce rephrased his question, keeping in mind that Larry wanted more of my pussy.“Larry is putting on a bachelor party for his neighbor’s son. The guy is about 23 or 24 years old, a medical student, nerd type. Larry told Reef that since he was going to invite him and the party is on a Friday, Larry figured that Caryl would be at my place, so he asked if Caryl would like to come to the party too. Reef said he asked him about a female being at a stag party, making sure Larry understood that in his (Reef’s) opinion, my looks, my body, my sexiness, all that makes me a unique person that would attract a lot of possible unwanted attention and that could be detrimental for me. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, ‘that could be wild! And possible unwanted, but more like probable do want!’, but I could see a look on Bryce’s face. At first I wasn’t able to read what he was thinking. I quickly began looking around to see if I could see anything I come up with, just something to give me a prop or an idea of something to say to make it happen. Some way to make this a positive possible.“When is it?” Bryce asked.“Not this Friday, but the one after that”, Reef repliedBryce and I were unsure how to react to the invitation. I looked at my husband who was shrugging his shoulders, and mouthing the words, “Sure. If you want to?” but I didn’t believe him. The way my pussy was squirming I wanted to, I just didn’t want Bryce to know how bad I wanted it. I didn’t know what to say, but that was okay as Reef had more to say to us about this bachelor party. Larry told Reef that all he wanted Caryl to do was serve drinks and snacks while the guys played poker and tidy up after them a bit. Reef said that Larry wanted me to wear a sexy outfit, but not to worry because I wasn’t expected to do anything sexual, other than some harmless flirting. Apparently, they had hired a stripper to show up around 10:00, which is about the time they figured the guys would start getting drunk and more rambunctious, but the stripper will take care of all that. I wasn’t sure of how it worked out whether, she was getting $100 to strip and $200 to screw the bachelor of honor, Reef explained to us, I think. “That is, unless you want to be the stripper, Caryl?” Then he laughed and I knew he wasn’t really offering.I was almost set to say yes, but I wasn’t sure of what Bryce was thinking. I watched as his expression changed back and forth between excited and worried.“I personally think that Larry is trying to get away with something here so he can be around Caryl, and me, so he can finish what was started the other night when he dropped by,” Reef confided.He continued, “Larry kind of gave it away when he made a comment about you, Caryl, and I, could spend the night there, if we wanted to really party, and that while the stripper was taking care of business with the other guys, us three could find a place where we could enjoy partying just the three of us, ourselves.”“So how many guys is he expecting to be there?” Bryce queried, going past the fact that Reef was probably right about Larry’s motives. Then what the fuck, Larry had fucked hubby’s wife already, so no new big deal. Just another cock his wife could enjoy. Getting back to the idea of me and a lot of drunk horny guys, Reef answered. “There will us two, Larry and I, the bachelor’s father and his uncle. So 4 guys about our age, and then around 6 to 8 guys in their 20’s like the groom, were expected to be. So there would be about 10 to 12 guys there.”The silence was powerful as I wondered if I should volunteer to be the entertainment too, I was getting turned on by the idea, but quickly remembered that I am no longer as nimble as a young dancer would be. “Give us some time to think about it” I finally stated. Reef answered, “Sure, but Larry asked if we could let him know before the weekend. Maybe we can call him when you are here Friday? It almost seemed like Reef was relieved that I didn’t just jump at the chance. “Hey, you know what?” Bruce fired out. “If Caryl is into it and you are okay sharing your night with her, with a bunch of horny guys at a stag, where you hope a stripper will show up and you don’t lose your date for the night/week, then it’s fine with me and I guess it’s up to Caryl?”“Hon,” I quietly spoke to Bryce. “At my age to have a bunch of guys, maybe 10 or more of them, all thinking I’m not too bad, even if it’s only until the stripper arrives. Then I get to have sex with Reef, or Reef and Larry after everyone else has gone, and had their fill of stripper pussy.”I obviously didn’t understand how or what the stripper was paid for and how it all worked, but then I didn’t need to. She didn’t strip TEASE, but she does dry hump and many other acts I hadn’t considered, because I never knew before. For extra sexual acts, the stripper and party arranger should have pre-decided what she might be asked to do, and the costs, based on the number of participants and expectations and costs of her serviced rendered. I really didn’t follow what the guys said, but then, I really had no need to understand all that either. The other thing that became obvious to all of us, almost like the elephant in the room, we all knew, but no one said anything about it ……I had every intention on being at that stag party.Bryce, broke the silence and being the businessman, he tried to explain to me how this works, and what is done, and for what kind of money, the stripper would receive, going back over it again. Where, who and how etc. I was so fresh, green! All I understood was that a female goes where a bunch of horny guys are. Takes off her clothes for a lot of money, teases the shit out of everyone, including the groom-to-be and then probably fucks him and jerks off a few guys while getting fingered and squirted on. “In a nutshell, I guess, yeah”, Reef said. And Bryce chimes in, “Keep that in mind for the next time you get asked.”All that kept running through my thoughts was that I had all kinds of clothes to wear, either way, hostess or stripper, but sexy and classy would be the order of that evening as the hostess. I had a very sexy nice skirt and blouse that I could make sexy and I was going to play up my part as much as possible and really try to enjoy myself. My job was to refresh drinks and refill snack bowls, tidy up and be sure to lean over and show lots of cleavage and stoop, or bend at the waist to give any men behind me something to think about on the ride home. I knew I could have a great deal of fun as an exhibitionist, especially with a captive audience of about 10 guys and maybe in two age groups. I could even play this in two different parts, unless the older and younger co-mingle too much. If they do separate, it would be a good time for my newly whored up
cunt. I could be a hot old tart for the younger ones and cum slut for the older ones. Probably the only two derogatory terms I knew to use for myself back then. Nowadays I guess I would just be called a “Hotwife”.I went to Reef’s the following Friday. I wore a red bra, panty and garter set, with red nylons and high heeled black platform pumps. I wanted to make this special for Reef because he was almost forgoing the use of me next week and I was secretly craving what was in store for me, in this change up. Later on I realized that this was the extent that I was being his fuck partner and concerned he wouldn’t get his share of my pussy that week. I also realized that it wasn’t just pussy. It was female companionship with all it entails, including the magnificent sex for us both.Bryce said that he found it was amazing watching me walk across Reef’s driveway and up on his porch. I was not wearing a coat over this lingerie and he said I looked so hot. He added he loved the way my ass wiggled with the waning evening light shining across it and he could see my boobs swaying into view with each step I took, until I finally entered the shadows on the porch. Reef met me at the door and Bryce admitted that he couldn’t help but watch Reef take me in his arms and pull me to him in a tight embrace that half dragged me inside. Our two forms then melting into one, which soon slipped away inside. I could sense that Reef’s actions were less rough tonight and more caressing and caring, which I knew was a sign of his insecurity of what this night might bring. As he led me into the living room and laid me back on the couch he whispered in a soft voice, “I’m still not sure aydın escort about this party thing with you, but I have been so horny thinking about you going there and now seeing you here, dressed like this, I’m going to have to work hard at not losing my load too soon. Well, we had sex, quite a bit of it and it got a bit rough for a while too, but once more Reef remembered about me going to Larry’s the next week he became more “loving” in his approach. Once the anxiousness and hot desires of that first set of orgasms had been fulfilled, the explosive orgasms over and we had caught our breath once more, the conversation became all about the bachelor party. We used it to fantasize and propel our imagination into some very different areas of sex. I sure had a lot to learn about being kinky, but I have been a very good student up to this point and in a matter of the last couple of months I have now become, here, a new friend’s regular weekly fuck partner. I will be going to be a hostess at party of horny men that I have never met before where I expect I will flash and use all my exhibitionists new found skills which I am enjoying immensely. Then I plan to have sex with the man who took me there, maybe his friend, too, or as well. Who knows, if anyone else at the party will get some or all of my body that night. To keep going on the changes that have happened, I am dressing sluttier, giving blowjobs and taking cock up the ass, along with being blindfolded and tied up. Yeah, this has been a wonderful stretch for me up to now. This is my new found hobby, getting fucked frequently, my new normal.I just couldn’t really tell anyone how much I was enjoying being this new woman or how much I was looking forward to the party and the potential for me to get laid, which was a lot! If I tell anyone they would be disappointed in me and say that I am going too far, or begin to think poorly of me, like I was trash. Lots of women would like to be part time sluts, if not full time sluts, but the stigma for women is much different than it is for men. So hush it is for me. Mum’s the word and zipped a lock! This whore’s mouth isn’t for talk. This whore’s mouth only for cock!Another thing I didn’t know whether I should bring up, now or ever, but I really did enjoy sex with Larry, too. His cock in my ass was the best I’ve felt in there. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t overly big and thick, but it was long and slender and it really did a number on me, so much so I wanted it again and it would become a priority to me, at some point. My fantasies when on my mind would go back to Larry walking into Reef’s kitchen, only this time, in my fantasy I am still blindfolded and tied to the kitchen table, splayed out to be eaten or fucked! Reef had gone out and left me, but I was fucked by someone, hard, anally. It was my first and I thought I may have fallen in love with the man who did it! Then I remember, the reality was different, but the sensations I remembered were not. I knew this ass infatuation would not last long, probably until my ass got fucked a few more times, anyway. So I decided to enjoy the fantasy, and allow my imagination to go where it want. I found out that I have a a very filthy kinky imagination, even for these guys. It all was a new way of thinking for me and also making me abnormally horny most of the time! I found myself thinking about sex all the time, whether it was who, where how… many. Yeah I was becoming a slut and I loved it. Then, deep down, so did Bryce, and so did Reef who had to be appreciating it or he would have had to be doing without for the past several weeks, instead of having sex with me. Now, Larry seems to be enjoying my sluttiness, too, and after the party night, who knows who else will appreciate my new found trashiness, too. Back to the moment, Bryce and Reef decided another “out of the routine” phone call should happen on Thursday night to update us after Reef talks to Larry once more. When Thursday evening came and there was apprehension in the air. I think Bryce’s was about allowing me to go through with this. My apprehension was that it might not happen. Reef didn’t seem sure how to start. One of the first issues to come up in the call was that a couple of guys had to beg off. Reef said that was only 8 guys that would be there and that’s one table of poker not two, and a big table can mean big problems, Reef tried to explain to us, but I was still thinking that 8 guys was a lot of cocks. “I asked Larry if that was still all cool with the stripper and he assured me it was”, Reef said. “It would be very out of character for Larry to screw that up, way out of character!” Everything seemed to be on track otherwise, so we agreed that I would come over to Reef’s earlier, like 6:30 to 7:00. We all understood that this would allow Reef and I time to make out first, after all, it was his fuck night too. Reef asked twice about what I was going to wear, so I began explaining the outfit with, “the sky blue chiffon button up blouse, with a skirt of……” and he stopped me immediately. He had no clue, so.I told him, “I have button up blue shirt that was extremely see-through, a very short black mini-skirt, black nylons, black high heels”. I knew he was waiting for me to say the rest, which is the part he wanted to hear all along. So I continued, “A baby blue with black lace bra and panty set, the panty had a thong G string as a second choice. The nylons were a new kind that didn’t need a garter to keep them up.Friday night of the party and I was being dropped off at my sex partner’s house by my hubby. I looked at the clock and I was almost 10 minutes early and since I was arriving earlier than I usually did, it was very much light outside, so I was glad I wore my black leather mini skirt and jacket, with my heels. It looked a bit slutty, but then who cared. Once more Reef was being tender in his sexual action towards me. I could easily have said love making, but we won’t go there. The orgasms were as expected and just like the first times, Reef stayed hard. He left his hard cock inside me and as we talked about what the night might have in store, Reef sawed his penis into my vagina starting so slowly and moving ever so slightly and then only slightly more. Within moments Reef had taken a more direct approach and then in a stroking motion going into me the full length pushing and extending my vaginal depth, as we pushed to where our pelvic bones were rubb
ing and grinding together and then suddenly released as withdrawn from the base of the shaft out to the tip and the clit. The raging hard on that I knew Reef had just developed when I described my outfit the previous night was now put to very good use. We would both cum so hard, especially me after Reef shoots his load inside me and sends me into orgasm overdrive. All I had to do was mention getting changed and Reef must have started imagining me in what I described the evening before and he was inside me, hard and pushing deep. Then, soon, another explosive orgasm. While Reef lay on top of me burst out and spewing his cream, which flooded my pussy and down my ass onto the blanket, which was there for that purpose, which of course sent me over the cum edge once more too. I was definitely not disappointed in the sex we had, even if when compared to other times we fucked, this time really was a couple of quickies, but I’m pretty certain Reef was happy with his sex life, right now, too. “You know I have a bit of a confession,” Reef let it be known. Then a long pause ensued.“Are you going to tell me, now?” I ask after several moments of dead silence.“Yeah sure I guess so. It involves you. so. It’s weird, like cuz we are not married or anything, but you doing this with a potential large number of guys, well, I’m feeling jealous…. and extra horny. That doesn’t seem right in this situation and, secondly is right and then if I’m afraid or offended by any of this, why am I doing this, and why is it turning me on so much?”Reef looked me in the eye and then told me that if he had to do it over again, he would have offered me the chance to dance for the money. I figured he only said that to get my reaction. If I played poker against Reef I have his money j[his clothes and his cock. I so wanted to say that I would have done it, but I could see that even though Reef wanted me to be as big a slut as I could possibly be, he wanted me to be his big slut. This was a test. Problem was, I just wanted to be a slut, for Bryce, because he made it all possible for me to do it. Reef on the other hand, was a really good fuck, and a friend, but not my love.“You look like you were contemplating my question. Would you consider stripping at a bachelor party”, Reef quizzed me.My immediate answer would have been, “Yes, Yes and another YES!”, but thinking beyond my situation I was in right then, but for a brief moment, “I’m not sure that it would be right for me? I am getting up there in age” I asked Reef how much she as getting for each act, dance or sex?Reef turned towards me, looking deeply into my steely blue eyes, he answered with out answering, “About half as much as you could have gotten”.Part of me wanted throw my arms around him and give him and big hug and kiss, say, ‘Awwwwhhhh!, but I was also aware that this gesture could be taken so wrong, so I did neither. Instead he asked me, “So what are you going to do?”“I guess, just what we have always said, I stated. “We’ll play it by ear, have as much fun and sex as we can, and you have to take comfort in knowing that I am your sex wife”“Yeah, what the hell? Someone might get a little play in the hay with you, but I am your Friday Husband, every Friday.”This escort aydın became an honor and right to Reef, but husband was a strong word, though this was not probably the right time to say anything. While I had gone to get ready, Larry had called Reef, and started talking about the party. Reef was not overly happy because Larry knew that I was there. Larry told Reef, I was later told, “She sure could be a welcome surprise to the guys!”I heard Reef come back to Larry with, “A woman with looks and a figure like hers,” referring to me. “She will need an armed guard and I’m ready!”I guess Larry was hinting that he wouldn’t mind if I wanted to be a more interactive hostess. I had every intention of do that very thing, all on my own. Now with permission, the night will hold many possibilities.Around 8:30 Reef pulled unto Larry property, with me seated beside him in his truck. I could already feel a moistness between my legs. He had a long winding road back into his house. It was actually very private. At least the neighbors won’t complain. The male neighbors would be there, partying too.I no sooner got through the door, when Larry took my coat and made a big fuss over me being there. The neighbor, groom’s dad and his uncle were there already, along with two other of the groom’s friends that didn’t go to the bar first, as most of the young crowd had done.Even though Larry attempted to explain my role, every guy there had me walking around naked in their mind’s eyes, from the moment Larry introduced me. It was all pretty obvious as they looked at my legs, my ass, my hips, my boobs, down my blouse, and through my blouse. With only a few people there and plenty of room to get around, I was already having guys intentionally “bump” into me to get a feel of my ass, my legs or into my big tits sticking out in that bra. The doorbell rang and Larry nodded for me to go get the door. I did and in came two more mature men. This was a couple more guys from the neighborhood that knew Robert most of his life and when some guys canceled, these guys got the call. Within a few more minutes the doorbell went again, and I glanced at Larry who nodded at me and so now I guess answering the door was now on my job description too. To my surprise, it was two more mature men who had received the same invite, as a just in case the first ones canceled, too. Both groups showed up. This had a table of poker players ready to go and a couple of subs too. I was enjoying the attention of the group and it all seemed sort of sensible, but the mature horny guys were definitely leading the charge up my hill. They were the ones grabbing my ass as I walked by and making overt comments about my looks, clothes I was wearing and of course, my body Just after 9:30 the door opened and in came Robert and with him was most of his rugby team. They had been partying hard while at the pre-party, party. They were loud noisy and more pissed drunk that the guys who were already there. With that, Matt, the best man, shouts out, “So let’s get this party started”, as he put one arm around me and reached in front of me with the other as he intended to undo another button on my blouse. What he did was take good hold of the button and as I pulled away he pulled towards himself and he ripped the button off and tore the hole around the next one. The cheers went up and I thought, it died for a good cause. A second poker game started, and then a third. The volume on the porn video was turned up so that the most prominent sound was fucking, groaning, and someone yelling they were cumming. When the door bell rang next, I did a quick inventory of what condition and temperament of the men here was like at this hour. Then, oh yeah, it 10:00…..stripper time.So she came in and acted like she knew what she was expected to do. While she expertly set up her boom-box and music, she got rid of her overcoat, had the set the honor boy on chair in the middle while everyone pulled their chairs in a circle around him. As this young nubile scantily dressed women who was about ½ my age, bopped around, getting ready, she had everyone’s attention. Hardly an eye was on the porn video or on the older hostess lady. Even Reef and Larry forgot about me, but I didn’t blame them. She was hot. A bit slutty, but now I knew how good that was. The lights went out and her music box shone a bright spot light straight out on her belly. The moment the music started a blue light on the right side flashed and moved about to the beat of the music and then a red light on the left side began moving in similar fashion. It kind of reminded me of the crappy Christmas lights that go around in circles, just these ones do it the speed of the motion from the music. The stripper was somewhat dressed similar to me. She had on a blouse and skirt etc. I would have taken my blouse off first but she dropped her skirt, which allowed the
tail if the blouse to hang down like a short dress, a very short dress. It would pop up as she moved, flashing her string thing and give her ass a special peak too. All the usual lap dancing grinding was happening, but once more I learned another trick of the trade. When the stripper had only her panty left and the groom has just his briefs, ask the guys who they want to see naked, him or the stripper. Of course they would pick seeing her pussy. So how does this benefit the stripper? Well, the guys cock is restrained in his tighty whities, so he can only insert himself up to an inch or two rubbing between your labia’s. If it had been the other way, before too much lap grinding, his exposed cock would be pushing panties inside the stripper or have slid them to the side and the groom would then be sticking his hard cock in all the way, and that is counterproductive to how the show is to end. How does she take him to a private fuck when he starts fucking here in front of everyone? This leaves the stripper open season from anyone else who wants a piece of the action. As her act was nearing the end and she returns from making the groom’s final night free a lust-filled night of depravity, the guys were getting the idea that she might be giving away to all the guys, or at least something. Whether it is being jerked off, getting a blow job, or maybe she will fuck some guys or maybe even, to fulfill many a man’s fantasy, she might do multiple fucking and make them all very happy.By this time, I had been led into a bedroom and between Reef and Larry, they had removed my skirt and only had one button left done on my blouse. Suddenly the door burst open and a couple drunks apologized and said they were looking for the bathroom. Larry told Reef for he and I to meet up in his loft. Larry’s loft was a dirty upper level of a small storage barn off the side of the main house, but at least it appeared that Larry tried to clean it, or someone did. There was evidence that it wasn’t forgotten always. I have to admit that it was one of the oddest fucks I have ever had. Larry was a raging bull stuck his hard cock in me repeatedly every chance he got, whereas Reef wanted to fuck me ladylike. With this in mind there were times that they were trying to outdo the other person in kinkiness and rough play, and as well as all types of pussy eating.Larry left to check things and every time he did Reef and I cuddled and would get things started that Larry always made it back to be part of each effort.I was wore out and starting to get rubbed raw when I finally came back to the kitchen to get another drink of wine and see if anyone was left. I thought I had heard the stripper leaving and saw that it was after 2:00 a.m. Time for everyone to settle in. I walk out into the main room and almost every guy there is drunk horny, dicks hanging out. I hear a voice behind me say, “What a great ass. We should be passing her around next.”Neither Larry, or Reef were present and that comment was never address so was I left out there as a possibility, but I was sore. As I could feel the group close in around me I was very apprehensive. Suddenly a hand come from under the hands in front of me and it grabbed a tight hold on my right tit. Another hand went up under those hands and straight onto my pubic mound.At that point I resigned myself to being party central to these guys. No matter what they wanted to do. I would be the one open for them to do what they do. I knelt down in the middle of the floor and reached to stroke the cocks that were all around me. All sizes, shapes, and different colors, some foreskins and some cut. Before I could really wrap my head around what all had happened and what was unfolding before me. The slut was open or business. I was wrapping my hands and mouth around a lot of younger cocks. I have no idea how many different cocks took advantage of the fact that a half drunk hot older broad was giving out blow jobs in the living room after the stripper did her thing and left about 2:00 am. I got all this by listening in on a phone call one of the guys was making to another buddy. I heard him say that this weird bitch like to suck/deepthroat cocks, but when they cum, anyone, and she meant everyone, strangers and all, must cum in her pussy????Oh Fuck man about an hour ago she passed out hanging off the coffee table. A couple of guys I don’t really know very well, probably from the Rugby team found this old broad and as she lay there 1/2 passed out, these two guy fucked every hole and left a deposit in each one. Hell, just before Mikey that really big guy left, he fucked her u*********s mouth and then ran around and stuck his dick in her and came in her pussy. That’s what the drunken bitch asked for….now she got it. So that was what aydın escort bayan everyone started doing. Whether fucked her or jerk off, everyone stuck their cocks up her well used cunt and loaded her full to overflowing with cum.I must have passed out again shortly after that because when I awoke Larry had a cup of coffee for me, instant, but the perked coffee was on the way. The shirt I had on was a little ripped around some buttons but Larry insisted that I could wear it for a while longer, saying, ”You can get one more wear out of it” and then he chuckled. He liked it because I couldn’t do it up amd my tits were on constant display. The fist cup of coffee went immediately. Larry replaced with the freshly brewed coffee, strong ad black, the way I like it. He moved around the corner next to me as he slid the mug of coffee in front of me. It smelled so much better and the first taste was heavenly. I closed my eyes and enjoyed coffee with the after taste of so much cum. The I felt Larry slip in behind me. He pressed his crotch against my ass. I felt his hands slide across my belly and up over the threshold of bra that had been amde into a shelf bra, up ad over my breasts where they stayed, cupped my tits and making my nipples and areola significantly increase in size.I was tired and wore out from the whole evening ad night of sex, but there was something about the way that Larry was doing this that made me believe that he would fuck me kindly. Larry leaned over my back and spoke lightly in my ear, and resting on my back as I was now splayed across the counter, “are you okay for this?” Leaned back and looked over my shoulder as Larry seemed to be attempting to get bulge to open up the crack of my ass and allow it to slide somewhere. That was not happening, so I told him to get his pecker out so he could use it properly. Less than a minute later Larry hardening cock was being pressed against my ass and genital area, attempting to bury his dick in me somewhere. There was only one hole that wasn’t sore and Larry knew if he went for that one he had better cautious so I don’t close up from pain.Obviously Larry knew what to do and soon I was rhyming off another orgasm and charging for number 3 of the middle of the road times orgasms when I was able to cum. Larry had been so gentle and caring I thought I had better not allow myself to think how I was feely and that way wasn’t healthyThen the power came on. Larry had worked himself up especially as he saw me cum three times. At this point Larry had a death grip on my right tit with his right. I was sure that my nipple was either going to spray something out of them or my nipples would burst. Larry’s left hand was very accurately rubbing my clit and the whole time Larry long thin dick was banging at my backdoor and damn if I didn’t get let him in….all the way in. This mat seem to be the pretty picture I quoted you when we started, but with his right still in that grip, Larry’s middle finger of his left hand had pinned my clit in place an was rubbing it furiously. I started at a loud volume but skyrocketed exponentially.I think my right tit was melded to Larry right hand. His left hand was wrapped around me so that Larry could get his finger unto my clit to rub and then press it against my clit. He had crooked his finger to hook into my cunt and he could now lift her feet up sot that I had to be on my toes or t
he pressure was much more that was intended. It all seemed to come together at this one junction of time when I had just had three mediocre O and the whole Larry was squeezing my right tit relentlessly. For a fleeting instant when all the orgasmic pleasures subsided, I thought my areola and nipple would burst. Subsequently Larry had reached around with his left hand and spread my legs as wide as they would go, lifting my one leg up unto the kitchen island counter. His hand was between my legs, opening my pussy lips and he had a finger pressing against my clit and pressed so hard and while he did that he lifted my toes up off the floor so that I was suspended on his cock in my ass, and his finger pushing on my clit. When he began blowing loads in my ass I screamed and I cried and became very vocal. I shook, vibrated and jerked about wildly, while still crying and yelling from one of the most intense releases I have ever even to this day. As I laid across the counter, Larry had collapsed over me, with his cock still inside me. I was in a dream land as I told Larry it was wonderful and asked him, “so what would you like to do to me next?” I never really thought he would answer.“Really”? Larry questioned me. “I sure I can think of something.”Cocky as hell and still thinking we might be just joking, “Sure tell what it is and you can do it!”“I want to fuck your mouth. Right now, right here!”I was dumbstruck that he might be serious, but still not sure how far we would actually go, I pushed Larry away enough that his cock came out of me, along with a couple of gushes of cum. I slid down onto my knees in front of him.Now this was almost 15 years ago and ass to mouth wasn’t as popular as it is now and when he first put his cock in my mouth and I could taste myself, I was uncomfortably surprised. Thing was that this was when Larry had his hands holding my hair and began banging my mouth with his cock. I admit that everything was a blur from him pounding into my face and my head being pushed back and forth. I thought I saw one of the neighbors from last night standing in the doorway watching, but then when I got to look again he wasn’t there. Larry made almost as much noise as I did when I came as he thrashed his pelvis into my face, forcing his cock down my throat. I felt it spasm just before he began shouting, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” as he blasted my throat and mouth with his 4th and final orgasmarry led me into his room and laid me on his bed. Larry said as he was leaving the room, “The guys took up a collection for you too. I think you got as much or more than the stripper did. The money is tucked into the bag you brought. As I lay there I heard him outside his window talking. Then I heard Reef voice answer. “Yeah, Old Eddie was in the can and I was sitting down at the far end of the living room when Caryl started crying and yelling in her orgasm, so I knew it was good one. We both ran in there to see her drop down in front of you and then she sucked your cock. We left you guys alone, but we heard when you were done too.” Larry tried to apologize for having fucked the woman his friend was fucking regularly, but Reef just continued, “ I guess I was getting too attached and seeing her in action tonight, I’m not sure I can keep up and give her what she will want. She just doesn’t know how to say NO!I thought to myself, it’s that nobody has suggested something I wasn’t willing to try and so far I liked most of what I tried, or was tried on me. “I was falling for a woman who is a slut. She has become a real whore. I’m going to end it with her”, Reef stated.“Wait a few minutes. I saw Eddie headed in the room as I was looking for you, Larry told his buddy.The last thing I remembered hearing before what Eddie was doing was consuming my full attention was Larry ask Reef, “Do you mind if I fuck her some more?”I didn’t hear the answer because hear I was sprawled out across the bed. There cum still seeping out of my ass. There was dried cum all around my pussy from the earlier cum dumping by several guys and on top my mouth was coated in Larry’s cum. Eddie looked at me and smiled and I asked him, “You’ve been with me already tonight, haven’t you?”He looked at me and smiled wider and said, “I was with you last evening and last night, but now it’s today.” He didn’t say and more or finish verbalizing the thought, as he laid right on top of me. His cock couldn’t enter my dry and crusty pussy, but that didn’t stop the old guy. I say old because he would have been old enough to be my father. He slipped his cock into the out edges of my ass and got some cum to use and eventually slid his dick into me. He grabbed both my tits but I had to push his left hand off my right tit. It was bruising now and would look awful for a few days, but it made horny as a reminder too. Eddie must like the taste of cum because as soon as his tongue went into my mouth he French kissed me the whole time his cock pummeled my pussyAs he came inside me he kept saying what a tight snatch I had. I milked his cock until he was emptied again.As Eddie got to leave, Reef entered the room. Eddie turned and thanked me, before Reef had said anything and Eddie left. I already knew what Ref was going to say, and I was prepared. I tried to get his cock out and suck on it, but he looked at me and for the first time I realized just how much of a whore I must have appeared. “You can’t suck my dick”, said pushing me away from him. “You lip is cut and you look like someone punched you in the mouth. A fat lip and you still want to suck more cock?”I didn’t hear all that he said, but knew this was the end of the road for Reef and I. It was obvious that he did want someone to love, but he also wanted a slut and he didn’t want to fall in love with a slut. For Reef, there is no just having sex, without love.There was no doubt in my mind, I was a slut and whore and I loved the things I got to do as one. I mentioned most of things that I have done sexually that I would never even think of, if I knew of them, but add to all those things I had tried and done, now that Larry gave me that money, I was now a prostitute too. I was a pro-whoreSo now you know why I am as free as I am, and why hose stories of me and my G/F and other guys aren’t just stories. I don’t really care if you think I am a slut and whore because some days those are my badges of honor. I am sure that I enjoy life much more and have many people enjoy me since then too.Hope you enjoyed me and my journey….stay in touch.Love Caryl XOXOXO

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