Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 04

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Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 04Totally Chesty Tales – Tale 04 – Toolbox of Fun(Featuring Casey, Dave and Jeff Valony)That Saturday wasn’t just for the ones who wanted to be outdoors and hang out around Steelport. It was a day also for the ones who wished to take a rest from the weekdays’ hard work and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Somebody like Casey Mancini.At her bedroom, she read magazines laid on her bed by 10AM, after a week of work and house chores. The weekends were her time to take a rest, go shopping and enjoy life without hassles.And that was exactly what happened, as the redhead read her mags and wondered about what she was about to do next. Maybe go to the mall? To the park? Perhaps take a sunbath…But something else was about to change her plans for that Saturday…*CLANCK**CLANCK*“My God! What the hell is this sound?”A noise coming from downstairs took her attention off the magazine. She tried to overcome it, but the noises, apparently from something hitting the door or breaking, were too much for her to ignore.“Dammit! What the hell is going on?”The woman, with a white cotton t-shirt and bra-less and a jeans miniskirt, stepped down and tracked the kitchen was the source of that noise. When Casey went there, what she saw quite shocked her.“What is going on here, what is this… Dave, what are you doing?”That Dave is her husband. He was with the company of his friend, Jeff Valony, with toolboxes and other stuff, checking the kitchen’s sink. Weekends were also the days where husbands could have their attempts to fix anything at their homes.“Oh. Hey, darling. Did we bother you with the noise?”“Quite, but now I am bothered what you two are doing here”, said the redhead.“Casey, remember you told me the sink had something wrong? And that you begged for fixing it?”, asked Dave.“I know, honey. But…”“But what?”“Well, I expected you would be calling a plumber to fix the sink for me”“Why? For you to complain about how expensive they are. Gee, you always remember me about how much we spent to fix the roof!”“That was because it was too expensive for a few holes, Dave. I would not feel it’s too much to charge for a sink that only has problems with the water flow”, Casey explained.“Better be safe than sorry, honey. I won’t spend a lot of money to fix the sink. I will do it on my own. Well, Jeff and I actually”, the husband said, with his partner watching the talk but without wishing to partake into couples discussions.“And Jeff knows something about fixing kitchen sinks? He lives alone in a small apartment!”, his wife pointed.“In my defense”, Jeff intervene in the the argument. “I fixed my apartment’s sink all by myself. It’s actually easy; you can look up the Internet and see it”“If it’s like Dave did with the neighbor’s dog house… Dave, you know pretty well that you are hit or miss when you became ‘Mr.Fixit’”“Relax, Casey. I know what I am doing. We picked the right tools; we looked up the Internet to see how it is done. It’s not hard after all. Trust me, it will be fixed as if it was new”“Okay, if you say so…”, Casey rolled her eyes over her husband’s promise. “But if it something happens, I won’t spend a dime from my pocket to fix it, you know very well”“I know, I know…”, Dave tried to act deadpan with his wife’s ‘threat’. “It won’t happen anything. Be sure of that”“Casey, if something happens, I will pay it. I don’t have any worry to pay if something happens”, Jeff said.“You don’t need, Jeff”“I do. I don’t want you to get messy vibes with your wife. I will cover anything who breaks or malfunction. Anyway, I am here to help you guys”, the guest pointed.“Don’t worry, Jeff. You are very kind but you shall not worry about it. We can do okay”“Well, you won’t need to pay up anything Jeff, because we are doing it without any sort of trouble. Now I do want to prove a point”“Make yourself ready for it, sweetie”, Casey hinted with air of irony her statement. “I’ll do some stuff and I hope the k**s won’t mess my kitchen because you are playing with your ‘big man’ toys”.The redhead left the kitchen to her husband and friend to get a hold of the sink, who had problems with water flow and pressure. She, who always wanted somebody to fix it, found it. But she knew Dave wasn’t the most reliable plumber or anything into the repair business, and then she only could fear the worst…***At least three hours went, where Casey took the time to go to the mall, put the clothes on the washing machine, watch TV and do other stuff. Meanwhile, Jeff and Dave took care of the business they were meant to at the kitchen. Will they fix the sink without trouble?“Dave, are you still in the kitchen? It’s been… OH MY GOD!”“TA-DA! There it is, your kitchen sink completely working”Dave and Jeff, with the kitchen not as messy as his wife feared, managed to show that they did. They even let the water flow to show the pipe was totally fixed, no screwups or any tricks.“Dave… this is fantastic… you did it!”“And, as you can see, I didn’t turn the kitchen into a warzone, Casey”“Actually, the problem was a minor thing”, Jeff explained. “It was just a ill-connected pipe which could lead to a major leak”“I am totally amazed, honey. I doubted of you and now I feel bad for doing it”, the redhead amasya escort pointed“You should not darling, you were right. We had to prove our trade and, as we can see, we did it”“The good thing is that our sink will finally work”Casey tested by herself and her kitchen sink was functioning as new, showing her husband and teammate’s work was with flying colors. Sometimes the doubt can be the biggest fuel anyone can have in order to do something.“Looks like everything is perfect. But to me is still too odd… I don’t know why”“We did what you saw we did, Casey. Please, don’t even begin!”“I won’t, darling. Just feel something odd is about to happen”“What? What is it? Please, Casey”“I don’t know… I just feel it, but I don’t know”“Let’s not think about it now, it’s time to celebrate… well, one thing. What I do with this bucket?”, said Jeff, pointing to a bucket full of water nearby.“Dave, what is this bucket doing here?”“Water which leaked while we fixed the sink. Jeff, you can throw it somewhere safe, please”Almost if like a ‘tragedy’ was about to happen, it did. When the guest was about to throw it at the window or even at the sink, there was a small patch of water unclean even after mopping the place. By something most unexpected than anything near that in this world, Jeff slipped with it and…“MY GOD, NO!”You can guess where the water hit. Casey soon was totally drenched with the water. But that wasn’t actually the worst. The worst was that she sported a white shirt and guess anyone knows how water and white shirts are not the best of friends.“What the fuck!! … Aghhhhhhhhhhh!”“I am sorry Casey, I am so sorry, I didn’t knew, it wasn’t my intention, I slipped in something and…”, Jeff was totally shocked and appalled.“Jeff, wasn’t your fault!”“But look what happened! I threw water on your wife!”“Damn… there is no problem, Jeff. It’s not your fault, but watch out for slippery surfaces, fellow”“I know, but…”“You don’t need to feel sorry. It happens. Fuck, it is one of my best shirts… and I wanted to wash my hair tonight. Crap”Totally wet at her top, Casey’s boobs could be seen through the outfit and of course the two men quickly noticed that, to the redhead’s chagrin.“What happened? Why all these smiles? Isn’t anything of funny being drenched by water like that, boys…”It took a while for her to notice the target of the grins, when she noticed her husband and his buddy could see the large bosom of her. Of course the damp fabric allowed her nipples to get sensitive and appear to the world.“Oh… I know what is going on here, you rascals!”“What? Casey, we didn’t do it on purpose”, Dave tried to explain.
“It doesn’t matter if it or wasn’t” the big-breasted wife said before her wet shirt was off and all the glory of the tits was there in the nature state. “All that matters is that you two deserve punishment for what you did to me and my favorite shirt.“What are you going to do? And why you took off the shirt, darling”, her husband asked.“Isn’t obvious? You two, here. Now!”Dave and Jeff thought Casey wasn’t serious but a next demand made them see she was deeply into what she wanted to do with them. When they approached her, she pulled both gentlemen’s heads to her breasts, rubbing it against them, totally confused yet curious with it“You two rascals are paying attention to my boobs? Are you?”“Casey… err…”“Okay, I know the answer. But better than seeing it is giving them the proper care, boys…”Both Jeff and Dave were beginning to get pretty much aroused with such scene. And as Mrs. Mancini told them, the two began to kiss and lick her nipples, fulfilling her demand.“Good boys…”The redhead woman whispered a bit with her husband and friend, now getting to understand the idea, were doing. If that situation led to that, why not cash with it by a nice threesome.“Casey, your boobs are delicious. Dave is a lucky dude!”“You will be as lucky as him today, Jeffy”As the two men sucked on her, the woman managed to touch their dicks and, with expertise, free them from their pants. Soon, she began to touch and stroke them to make them hard enough for her.“The boys want to play? So I am going to play too, darlings”Next, the redhead knelt and began to suck both Dave and Jeff. The men had roughly the same size of dick and were used to such stuff. And Casey was a woman who never shied to have another person with her during her sexual moments.“Ohhhh…. Casey!”“Ahhh… suck it, Casey! Please!”The woman sucked for a while, as she wanted to make the men ready. Then she suggested they could take their ‘punishment’ somewhere else more prone to host a threesome.“I don’t think the kitchen floor is the best place for us to have fun, boys. We need to take it to the bedroom, right Davie?”“As your wish, sweetheart!”“Well, I don’t fuck a married girl at her marital bed since long, but I can’t refuse the invitation”“I knew it. And besides that, it will be a prize for you two fixing my sink, Life isn’t only suffering…”, the redhead said naughtly grinning.***And Casey’s ‘punishment’ was already underway inside her bedroom. She was there between her husband and their friend. But with both naked and the redhead sucking Dave’s cock while having her pussy filled by Jeff.“Didn’t wonder that escort amasya your wife needed some ‘fixing’ too, Dave”“I always need to be fixed by men’s ‘power tools’, Jeff”, the wife said.The housewife was in all fours, with her husband filling her mouth with his cock, as he fucked her while she took a turn on pushing her throat to fill it with his dick. At her back, Jeff held grip of her thighs and buttock as he gently slid his cock inside his friend’s wife cunt,“Isn’t this better than fixing sinks in the kitchen, boys?”Slowly, Jeff began to up the tempo of his plowing, firmly holding the redhead while the pace of the fucking rose. Soon, Casey’s moans began to get loud for real.“Ahhhh! Uhhh! Jeff! Ahhhhhhhhh!”“Come on, Jeff! Show how you can fuck my wife good!”“Uhhhh! Davie, dude… your wife is a bombshell!”“This is why I married her, Jeff”The longhaired redhead was loud at her delight screams while the ‘lover’ pounded with unparallel vigor, but the moaning was partly ’silenced’ by her husband’s dick, which she, with much will, loved to have.“Hmmmm.. uhhh… ahhh…. Yeah!”“Gosh… Fuck yeah! Your broad has a hot pussy! Ahhh! So good to fuck!”“So better keep fucking her, Jeff. I love when my friends come to enjoy my wife’s delights”“Yeahhh… fuck me, Jeff! Screw me good, you fucker! Fix me!”Not like anything was to be fixed, but while Jeff pounded with speed and deepness, the redhead fell in love with his skills, as better as Dave’s. The Mancini’s friend now had his grip at her shoulders, gently imposing his sexual prowess to her immense approval.“Ahhh! Jeff! Dear God! Oh Yess! Ohh Yesss! More!”But Dave’s dick couldn’t be dangling at her front without being treated in the good way. As any wife who has the hots for her husband would do, she kept giving head to him, seeing the pleasure of that threesome at his eyes.“Honey, keep giving me that good BJ you know you do…”“Ya-ham, dear”And there was their after-fixing day, a woman hungry for cock with a man hungry for pussy. And another man who was also hungry for his wife’s slit and was about soon to have his turn to bang the redhead.“Jeff, mind if Dave can fuck me now?”“The wife asks, the friend obeys. It’s the hubby’s turn then!”Casey laid herself with her back on the bed and straddled legs. Dave came between her and began to fuck his wife, going at an ‘intermediate’ rate of speed, if we can put it out like that. Nothing better to a wife to feel her husband horny and ready to give her pleasure.“Yes! Davie, come on! Fuck! That’s it! It’s so good!”While Dave gave her the gratification needed, Jeff Valony slowly jacked off while seeing the happy couple resume with the sex fun. But he wouldn’t be the odd man out of the game for long, as the redhead housewife had other plans for the ‘fix-it guy’.“You tool needs some work, Jeff. Comere and let me help you”And then now it was the good friend to have his cock sucked. Actually, now totally sucked as the most what she could do with her boobs bouncing and the orange-haired man doing her was to lick the tip of his hardon and Jeff slowly ‘smack’ her mouth with the ‘meat’.“Keep hitting that dick, Jeff!”“That’s what I’m doin’”For the busty redhead wife, pleasure was at double by the two men who were, minutes later, fixing her kitchen’s sink. Dave thoroughly banged his woman showing all the reasons (or one of) she married him, that dick going further and deep inside her craving snatch. And the ‘extra’ was another guy, as horny as them, to get oral treatment from her.“Uhhhh! Casey… you are awesome!”“Yeahhhhhhhh! Yes! Yes, Davie! Yes!”“Ohhh… suck my cock, suck it good, Casey…”The liberal winds Steelport had weren’t easy to avoid, if you are someone who has sex as a part of your own being. In a city where the sexuality of each man and woman wasn’t to be defined (at many cases) inside ‘one single box’ either the marital vows, everybody enjoyed the best with their own weapons. We could say the same about these three.There was more for Dave to enjoy his wife, as she made him sit down on bed before she sit on him. As you can imagine, she began to ride her husband and boobs bouncing good. It was a nice avenue to Mr. Valony try now another sexual trick, now at her titties.“Can I suck Casey’s boobs, Dave?”“You should have done it minutes before”With such succinct push, the family’s pal didn’t waste any time and his tongue and mouth began to work at her juicy breasts and nipples. Then Casey began to moan real loud, as now she had to ways to feel delighted, by her bosom and through a dick inside her cunt. Never a threesome could let one of its participants be ‘away from service’ for so long while the other two had all the fun.“Shit, this day is amazing! And all because of a fucking broken sink!”There wouldn’t be a way to answer if a question about a threeway like that would happen without the broken sink of the water bucket soaking Casey. But they didn’t want a answer for that. It was happening there wasn’t much to say other to praise each other’s abilities on bed.“You two are so fucking good… ahhh… uhhh… Fuck yeah!”That Casey knew to do and graduated with flying colors. Besides Dave, she never complained about the quality of whoever she had sexual intercourse with, regardless amasya escort bayan of gender. That was another thing Steelport could be p
roud of: to be a city where sexual happiness was found nearly at every household and experience by nearly everyone of adult age, being single, attached to a relationship or a ‘free spirit’.And those two were about to experience more and more. After tasting the bosomed woman’s breasts, Jeff again had Casey to blowjob him. The redhead found herself again ‘between two worlds’, the world of her husband and the one of someone else that wasn’t Dave. Mrs. Mancini was a woman who was totally happy with her sexual life with her husband, but the addition of a third element was always welcome.“Ahhhh! Ride it, Casey… UHHHHHHHHH… Ahhhhhhhh!”“This is a woman who knows how to do it all. Too bad there aren’t many currently at the world”“That’s why we are blessed to be at Steelport. Every woman it’s like that!”Casey only had eyes to suck and fuck the two guys and get pleased by them. She loved to ride Dave because it was one of his favorite positions and knew Jeff was a sucker for her since long. Why she or they would complain about it?“Uhhhhh!”“Ahh Yes!”“Ohhh! Fuck!”The two men decided to suck the redhead’s tits before fucking them again, now in another configuration, where Jeff was fucking Casey sideways and the orange haired husband savoured another round of oral sex. They were getting around that place where anything could make them cum. But they didn’t want to end such soon, so every second they had to enjoy, they did.“Uhhhh… Ahhh! I like that all Dave’s friends know how to fuck good!”“We are more pleased that Dave has a wife like you, Casey”“And I am pleased that I can share with guys like you, Jeff”The darkhaired man felt emboldened by such compliments and the obvious result was that he began to fuck with even wild and deep pace than where he fucked at the first time. And the redhead woman went to squeal loud of delight while Mr. Valony made his worth pay dividends.“Ahhhhhhhhh! Jefffffffffffffffff!”Dave was amazed with it. Not that he couldn’t do it to Casey, otherwise they wouldn’t be together for so long. But some people do it in different manners and Jeff was one of them. A single man like had to make sure every time he was the stallion he made sure women saw him. His ‘tool’ had to work at its peak any time he put it to a ‘job’. So far, no woman (or even man, even if it wasn’t the case that afternoon) left unsatisfied. And it wouldn’t be that Saturday at the Mancinis.The housewife got her pussy filled and sucked cock the way only her knew. As the same liberal winds Steelport gushed allowed for a more loose meaning of ‘sexuality’, the same loose meaning could be found at marriages when speaking on ‘who you should be having sex with’. Wives and husbands are free to do whomever they wished, if they wanted so. This was the case with the couple we are witnessing right now.“Uhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”And with all that cock to do and her boobs also doing their job to increase the heat, was impossible for them not to cum. But the guys’ was an orgasm without sperm, it was that one where you feel the ultimate pleasure but the body doesn’t answer with ejaculation but real pleasure. Guess that Casey was the one, as usual with women, to experience the biggest delight of them all…“Ahhhhhhhhh! I AM CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Dear Lord! It’s so… hmmmm.. fucking good!”“Ahhhhhhhhh! Me too!”“Yeahhhhhhhhhh! It’s delightful, guys! So good!”Casey got a wet shirt and her body soaked with water, but the ‘punishment’ to the ‘culprits’ of her ‘ordeal’ was to please her. And they did without any chance of her being upset about it. The cocks continued to give her that delight until she decided it was enough.“You were swell, guys… but now, it’s time for you to show me the same love”The ‘love’ came when she began to rub her breasts against the tip of Dave and Jeff’s dicks. Not one minute of that was enough for them to hold their own ejaculations. Her breasts were totally covered by the two men’s jizz, where the two mean moaned with happiness as they could finally give the redhead the proper ‘thank you’ for an afternoon of fun and games of sexual kind.“I want you see your tools cumming in my titties, cover them with your cum, boys”“At your service, ma’am”And it was what they did. After following her demand, Casey kissed both men with much ‘romance’ on her lips. A way to demonstrate the work of both men at kitchen and at bed was the best she could expect.“I have to apologize with you, guys, about the kitchen thing. I quite underestimate you and…”“Casey, darling… please, don’t even say such thing. You don’t need to apologize; you were right in your concern. I would do the same if I was you”, Dave said.“At least the kitchen sink is fixed and we’ve got a nice payment, right Dave?”, pointed Jeff, with something kinky in is mind.“Jeff!”“Let him, Dave. He is right. You did the service right and I could give the only payment I need to afford”, said the redhead with a giggle.“Well, at least you won’t worry with it right now, honey”“Glad I won’t”, Casey said before she left the bed. “But I don’t mind if you come to the bathroom and see the shower”“The shower? The shower isn’t broke, Casey”“I know. But I guess we can see if there is something else to fix there, boys”, Casey winked to them showing her true needs.“Your wife is a goddess, Dave!”“Indeed”THE END (of this chapter)

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