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TITTIE BOO!When I was a teenager growing up in Midwest America a good friend had a younger sister aged eight named Janie but in the summer she loved to wear her bathing suit bottoms or shorts only so any time a stranger or someone she Didn,t know so well including me she,d hide her chest behind her arms and peek out to see who,it was and eventually she,d relax but her brothers started teasing her calling her “Tittie Boo” and the name stuck even with her close friends. Eventually Janie began to mature and as a teenager quite a lovely set of breasts grew, but now she wore complete bathing suits and tops and was a lovely vision in her first bikini, but we still teased her calling her by her nick name though she seemed to not let it bother her and seemed to be proud of her womanly chest now. By eighteen I joined the military and left home so didn,t see much of the old town only returning for a few leaves before my late güngören escort parents decided to sell up and move to eastern Washington in 1966. My old friend Curtis Janies older brother joined the Air Force two years after me and was stationed in Minot, North Dakota by 1968 by the time I got stationed at Grand Forks the other side of that state. By then Curtis had had to marry the daughter of family friends he was living in whilst going to college in Aberdeen, South Dakota. He dated the daughter and had her pregnant within a few months. By then we were both three stripe sergeants in much different jobs he in aircraft mechanics and myself Missile security. On one of my three day breaks Indrove over to visit him in the small house they were living with. Matt their two year old boy was a two,year old terror who decided to make breakfast the first morning zi was there and made a complete mess of the kitchen. escort güngören We,d just finished cleaning things up and were sitting on the porch enjoying a cup,of coffee when a recent model Ford Mustang pulled up,and parked next to my car. A most stunning brunette wearing a brief well filled halter top, very short shorts that showed off shapely legs and sandals on tiny feet wearing dark sunglasses got out and approached us. Immediately Curtis jumped up and kissed her “Hi little Janie. How are you?” he greeted her and it hit me that this was “TITTIE Boo” Janie all grown up and had she! She hugged Curtis wife Helen and picked up squealing Matt who obviously enjoyed the attention his Auntie Janie paid him. Over another coffee she told me she,d taken a job at the telephone exchange and within months the supervisor left to get married so,she was promoted and was doing well with that bank. She,d also just been güngören escort bayan dumped by her long term boyfriend so was quite lonely. It was her that as,Ed me to go for a drink so we drove to a nice bar suggested by Curtis. “It,s hard to believe we used to call you Tittie Boo!” I laughed as we chatted quietly. “We called you Little Joe then as well!” she hit back. “You can see there,s not much about me that,s little any more.” “I don,t hide my titties away any more either!”:she laughed in response. “ Yes I can see that and from what I can see which is quite a lot they,re lovely” I complimented. “Thank You kind sir!” she chuckled and raised her glass to me. After a few beers we were feeling mellow like old friends should. “ When I visit Curtis and Helen I stay in a nice little motel as I can,t stand little Matt. Care to join me?” “Thank You, I,d be delighted!” I Didn,t tell her I was engaged to fiancée Sarah at the time who,d become my wife just over a year later. I rang Curtis to tell him I,d be with his sister(I hadn,t told him I was engaged previously as it hadn,t come up in conversation yet. So I was going to actually fuck with TITTIE BOO! TBC

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