Their ‘date’

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Their ‘date’It had been a little more than a year since they had last seen each other but a few words was all it had taken for them to re-connect and make plans to meet up again tonight.A ‘date’, a simple word that did nothing to convey the making up for lost time that was planned but they both knew what they wanted, what they both needed without anymore than that, apart from a simple instruction from him setting expectations for the night to come.“I want you dressed in something naughty, and heels”, he loved her in heels, the higher the better.The date was a week away, plenty of time for her to go through her wardrobe and pick out an outfit, something that, if her memory served her right, she was sure he would appreciate.She was there before him, the date set for half 8 that night, she had an hour to wash off her long day at work and get ready for him and by the time he walked through the door she was waiting.As he stepped into the room he stopped, leaning against the doorway, a slow smile forming as he took his time.A simple “Hello” as he settled his body still against the doorframe, his posture relaxed but his eyes giving him away as he took her in, a year since he had seen her like this. She was stood waiting, her posture tight, quietly searching his face for approval watching him study her waiting for whatever was going to come next, her breathing steady, confident that she had followed his instructions to the letter, watching as his gaze travelled across her body, his breathing speeding up and as she looked him over in turn she could see his approval in the form of his hardening cock becoming clear in his trousers.“Is your right nipple still pierced, I can’t see under all that red lace”The first words he said to her from the doorway, his voice husky with desire, but still he didn’t move, making her wait. Holding his eyes and with a smile of her own “Yes! Can’t you see from there?” Knowing that the distance was keeping her hidden from him and falling back into old rhythms of teasing each other, the wait and anticipation a game that they both knew well and were not going to break even after a year of waiting but soon, soon they would break the tension, the question was who would break first.His response was measured as always, a raised eyebrow and a smirk followed by “No I can’t. Maybe you should start to play with that nipple for me, run your fingers over that lace and start to get them hard for me and we’ll see if that helps”. She raised her hands from where they had been at her sides and gently began to caress her nipples, the rough tight lace moving over them, her eyes beginning to close as she started to follow his direction and he watched her tremble slightly as they began to harden and as her focus left him, he moved.Still watching her he strolled over to the couch, sitting down to enjoy the view as her head dropped back slightly, her hands grazing her nipples through the red lace that covered her breasts and wrapped around her neck in a deep halter neck, below her breasts the short dress dropped away in soft folds of satin that were long enough to cover her pussy and the swell of her arse but didn’t hide the tops of the lace fishnet stockings that peaked out from under it, he followed the pattern down her legs admiring the shiny black patent leather ankle boots, the heels high enough that her calves were defined in the stockings, coming to a sharp point that he knew would dig into him and scratch later, she had interpreted his request perfectly and was not going to be taking those heels off all night.As much as he was enjoying watching her she had been too far away for far too long and it was time to remedy that.“Those nipples have not had enough attention for a long while, come here” As he spoke he spread his legs and patted the space in front of him on the sofa, adjusting his hard cock in his trousers as they tightened against his crotch.She opened her eyes and focused on what he was asking, immediately stopping her caresses and moving over to him. She turned her back and lowered herself into the space he had made for her, slowly bending forward as she moved so that the fabric of her dress raised just enough to allow him a glimpse of her soft buttocks, revealing the fact that she was not wearing anything under the dress before she settled into the couch.She took a moment to get into position, the small space requiring her to wriggle into him, enjoying the feel of his hard cock through his trousers, stiff against her back. Her fidgeting rewarded by the soft groan he made as she shifted around against him.He settled her against his chest and reached his arms round her slowly running his fingers along the edge of the lace that was hiding her breasts from him, catching it under his fingers and pulling it around her breasts allowing it push them together and revealing her tight nipples.As he smoothed the fabric into place he whispered into her ear “That’s better, now I can see that nipple ring. Pinch them for me”. Just brushing the soft edges of her breasts with his fingers as he moved his hands down her side and settling them on her thighs. She let her head fall back to one side against him, giving him access to her neck as she raised her hands back to her breasts and followed his instructions. Relaxing against him she gently took both nipples between her fingers and started to tease them for him until he startled her by growling into her ear.”Not like that, it’s been too long since we worked those nipples. Harder, I want to see you pull them”.She shuddered as he gave her what she had been missing for so long and with a quiet “yes” she responded by tightening her fingers and beginning to squeeze and pull in earnest, spikes of pain connected directly to her clitreous making her squirm in her seat. “Harder baby” and his hands moved to her wrists. “ I want to see the flesh of your breasts pulled up, let’s get some tension on them” and he began to lift her wrists, she had to pinch harder to stop her tight little nipples from slipping out of her fingers as he pulled them further and further away from her body, arching her back to try to relieve the pull and receiving a bite on her neck as a reminder that she wasn’t supposed to be making it easier.This was what he wanted, what they both wanted, her pussy responding urgently to the exquisite pain, getting slick as she moaned and started to gyrate her hips trying to create some friction and instead just rubbing her arse against the hard erection behind her as her whole body trembled with the stretch that didnt stop until he pushed her hands back towards her body and released the tension, cupping her breasts in their hands as she slumped against him.“I think you liked that didn’t you” his voice soft against her ear as he gently soothed her aching nipples with his thumbs. “Shall we try that again?” and before she could answer or take a breath he encouraged her thumb and fingers back over her nipples to grasp them again and started to pull. “Hold them hard for me baby, you don’t want to let go” and he was forcing her to stretch them again, her whole body tense as the mixture of pleasure çanakkale escort and pain took her over again, a double point of pain that was sending signals to her pussy and clit all over again until she couldn’t keep quiet and gasped “If you keep doing this I’m going to cum” She knew that was a mistake the moment the words had left her lips, he pulled harder and growled into her ear “No you’re not baby, you are not going to cum for a long time yet and if you do you know that there will be consequences”.The words connected straight to her pussy, she could feel her juices pooling on the fabric of the couch below her. “You’re going to hold them tight until I count down to one and then I’ll let you stop” He began to count from ten, the first few numbers coming at a steady pace, then as he passed five his countdown started to slow, her anticipation growing as she could no longer work out when the end point would be. Not even aware that she had started to make a quiet keening sound as she rolled her nipples slightly in her fingers.Suddenly her eyes flew open and she twisted her body towards him as she heard “Seven!” her brain snapping sharply to attention.“I think I forgot where I was!” she felt him laughing behind her as he restarted the count, enjoying the look on her face, eyebrows raised in indignation and her breathy whispered “bastard!” through a smile and gritted teeth as he carried on as though it was an innocent mistake, there was nothing innocent about anything he did and his demand that she not cum was becoming more and more difficult to comply with as the slow count continued. Eventually he completed the countdown and her relief was clear as he breathed “one” into her ear and she was able to let up the pressure on her nipples, as she let her breasts drop back down she shuddered as she fought for control over her body.As she sat there trying to steady her breathing he nuzzled back into her neck, lifted his wrist and checked the time over her shoulder.”It’s still early, I’m sure that we can keep playing with those nipples until 10 at least and then I may let you cum, it’s only 20 minutes more”She could hear the grin in his words and couldn’t help herself.“I’m sure we could but I know better than to pin my hopes on a ‘might’” and giggled as he lifted her hands back up to her breasts. “Play with them for me. I know they must be tender and aching by now but I want you to feel this for days” and she did, rolling and pinching them for him, all the while twitching and grinding against him while swallowing little gasps and moans while he watched her with his chin on her shoulder, occasionally rewarding her with kisses and bites to her neck, running his tongue around her ear as he changed between whispered words of encouragement with gentle kisses and bites accompanied by growled instructions rubbing his ever harder cock against her wriggling body until he couldn’t stand it any longer.“Flick them for me”Feeling her tense against him as she held her breath before flicking her sharp nails over the hard peaks, jumping as her nail caught the tip of the left one.“and again” this time she hit the right, jumping harder as her nail clicked over the ring piercing it.“Stretch it again” and she lifted the ring embedded in her sensitive nipple and pulled, lifting her breast and stretching the nipple all the way out, as she did he cupped her breast and breathed into her ear “If I wasn’t behind you I’d be licking that right now”Instead he lifted her breast higher and pushed her head forward “I’m sure you can reach it” and with that she stretched until she could, shuddering as her tongue worked around the edges of her puckered stretched nipple, grinding against him as her tongue started to sooth the ache until he released her and she stopped with a moan, easing the stretch in her neck.Her arms dropped back down onto his thighs and he manoeuvred both of them to the side until he could get the access he had missed and began to sooth her sensitive nipples with his mouth.”You must be so tender by now, we’ve been torturing them for such a long time” as he sucked the right one into his mouth, flicking the nipple ring with his tongue, it was tight in her swollen aching nipple and every movement of it made her squirm and twitch in his arms as she nodded yes while trying to pout at just how tender he had made them but she couldn’t keep it up as she responded to his soft wet mouth.He continued to caress it with his fingers as he reached across and started the same treatment on the other one, starting soft but as she relaxed into his gentle treatment of it he soon brought her attention back to him with a firm bite and a sharp “Don’t move those hands any closer to your pussy!” she jumped as she realised that her hands had been running over her thighs getting closer and closer to her aching, wet, needy pussy.He stopped her with firm hands on her wrists and a demanding “My turn now” as he pulled her off his lap, a firm “Kneel” as he indicated the space on the couch he had just vacated and she quickly knelt back on her knees.“Spread your legs” and she did, looking down and blushing as she saw the glistening patch of pussy juices she had left behind on the warm spot she had just moved out of, looking up to meet his eyes and turning an even deeper shade of red as she saw him notice it too and grin with satisfaction and humor at the evidence of just what he had been doing to her. He quickly stripped off his clothes and sat himself in the space that she had just vacated.“I think we’re now even for my ruined boxers!” said with a smile as he settled himself against her, he rested one hand on his thigh, the other reached back to pull her head forward and he turned until she could see his eyes dark with desire.”My turn. Play with me” and then let her go and settled both hands on his thighs. Sat perfectly still, the only movement was the twitching of his hard cock as it stood up in swollen evidence of just how much he was enjoying this, no need for her to tell him not to to touch his cock or cum, his self-control was absolute.She quickly realised that he was not quite as in control as she thought when she d****d her arms around his neck, whispering “when you said ‘play’ is this what you wanted?” while scr****g a nail over one of his nipples, hearing his hiss in response and watching his fingers dig into his thighs.”You know just how much I like that!” he groanedShe responded with a giggled “I do. I also know that you love this” As she breathed the words into his sensitive ear, she nibbled at it gently while flicking both nipples at the same time, feeling his whole body hitch in reaction, a jump that was echoed by his cock.She loved these moments when the power shifted and she went from being soft and compliant to teasing and in control, feeling him holding back and letting her tease him, knowing that he enjoyed the change as much as she did. Reaching for his hand she moved it to his cock “I want to watch you” whispered into his ear as she closed his fingers around his aching hard length.“I want to watch you stroke it” as he complied and started to fist his escort çanakkale swollen cock, she moved her hands back to play gently with his nipples while licking and nipping along his collar bone enjoying the groans that he made as his hand started to move.She’s content to watch him for now, loving the way he allows her to put his control to the test as his cock pulses in his hand, getting ever harder and beginning to weep pre-cum.“Slowly””Even slower”” All the way to the top and back down to the root”” Slowly!”He can hear the smile in her voice as her words are accompanied by a bite to his earlobe to remind him she’s there.She listens to his moans through gritted teeth, his turn to be made to wait this time as he strains to say “I am so going to get you back for this” and she giggles as she feels the tension in his body against her as he tries to maintain control.Watching without touching becomes too much for her though, she likes to be made to wait but doesn’t have his self-control and leans forward to cover his hand with hers.He lets her take control of his movement, her hand inching all the way down his cock and then back up again until he reaches the head and she grips a little harder, stopping his hand as it’s grasped firmly around the top of his cock and she moves her thumb away from his to gently pick up the pre-cum oozing out of the slit of his sensitive swollen head, slowly rubbing it, spreading his pre-cum over the head and then she releases his hand and urges him on.”Keep going” He starts stroking again as he turns to watch her, following her hand as she lifts it to her lips, hearing her soft sigh as she tastes him from her fingers. Sucking her thumb into her warm mouth and cleaning up every last trace of him from her hand and this is where he almost loses it, the sight of her, content, eyes closed sucking on her thumb when all he wants is for those lips to be tight around his cock.“Enough!” her eyes open lazily rewarding him with a cheeky grin as she hears the word growled at her and she giggles as she gets the response she’s been working for, the time spent teasing him giving her the break she needed to bring her body back under her control, he broke first and she knows it.“Bed now!”As he moves off the couch releasing her, she scrambles to obey him, shedding her dress as she moves. “Leave on the stockings and heels. Those heels stay on until I tell you otherwise” She loves the glint that she sees in his eye as he tells her what he wants.“Of course” she replies sweetly as she stretches out on the bed, her body exposed to him with just the stockings being held up by the garter around her waist topped off with her shiny boots that he watches her settle gently in place, aware that she doesn’t want to run the heels through the bedding, the only thing she wants to ruin with those heels is him.As she watches him stalk towards her on the bed she can feel the anticipation as the balance of power shifts again, he’s back in control and ready to make her pay for her earlier naughtiness. He leans over her on the bed and places one finger against her bottom lip, as her lips part for him he drags it over her lip before she can capture it and starts to trail down her body, following the curves and raising goose bumps everywhere he touches. His eyes follow the path he’s tracing and as he reaches her pussy lips she tenses, waiting for him to touch her there. His finger just grazes her lips, a featherlight touch through the soaking wetness that’s spread down her thighs while they’ve been teasing each other. She catches his eye as he removes his finger and watches him suck it into his mouth with a grin before he steps away from the bed and settles into the velvet chair that sits alongside it.She can’t help but smile back, even while whining her frustration at him, they’ve been waiting for a year for this but still they both know that the tease of anticipation, of dragging this out and waiting just that little bit longer when they’re both so turned on, so ready for it to end, keeps pushing them towards the explosion they both know will come when they give in.He doesn’t make her wait much longer.“Touch yourself, stretch open your pussy for me, I want to see how wet you are”She doesn’t need telling twice as her hands are straight there, rubbing through the juices coating everything, fingers slipping over her clit, trying to part her lips but she is so wet that she can’t do it, there is no friction against her skin, not a dry spot that she can get any purchase on.“I want to see that clit being worked between your fingers”She complies easily slipping her fingers either side of it and teasing it as she throbs in time with her strokes, her whole body is on fire, he can hear her panting and gasping, little whimpers as she stokes the fire that has been building all evening.“Two fingers, pushed straight into your pussy, no waiting, do it!”She doesn’t even think, her hand following the instruction before her brain has caught up with it and she freezes as she is suddenly filled.“Harder, all the way in and fuck yourself with them”Her breath leaves her in a loud sigh as she starts to shove her fingers into her warm wet pussy, they slip in almost without effort, filling her in a way that she hasn’t felt in a long time, she can feel the walls of her pussy clutching at them as she starts to fuck herself hard and fast but it’s not what she wants, what she needs right now.“Please, please I need to be fucked, please fuck me, I need your cock”He sits watching her begging, hand firm on his cock, pre-cum now flowing freely down it, lubricating his strokes, he’s aching to be buried inside of her and watching her writhe and plead with him for his cock is more than he can bear.“Stop!” he can barely get the word out not realising just how tense he had become as he held back but she clearly hears himIt takes her a moment but she slows her hand and stills on the bed, her chest heaving and panting, her eyes slowly opening again to look at him and the desperation and desire he sees in them moves him out of the chair and between her legs.Before she can brace herself he lines his cock up and plunges into her, she wraps her legs around him as her back arches off the bed, her heels digging into the back of his thighs as she pulls him into her, head thrown back as he groans feeling his hard cock sliding deep into her warm wet pussy, feeling it clamping down on his cock.He stays there, embedded as deep as he can be inside of her, breathing hard as he fights to maintain control, not ready to give it up yet, he’s still teasing, still waiting, still drawing it out for as long as he can.Then she breaths and moves, encouraging him to fuck her, with her body, her whimpers and moans and her pleas, she needs this and fucks herself on his cock, her hand coming down between them to frig her clit.His words encouraging her to work harder “Cum for me baby””I want you to come so hard for me” and she’s responding.So close, begging him to make her come, her breathing is coming in little pants and gasps as she writhes around below him.He leans over her and takes over her mouth, çanakkale escort bayan kissing her hard, capturing her lips with his and she groans into his mouth, his kiss taking her over the edge as she fights with his tongue, wanting more of it in her mouth, to feel totally filled by him.As she’s taken over by his cock and his tongue her scream is smothered by his mouth and her whole body stops, strained to breaking point and then she crashes through it.Cumming with shudders and tremors wracking her body, he can feel her pussy pulsing around his cock as she tries to milk him dry but still he holds back, pushing hard into her, pushing her through her orgasm, waiting her out and kissing her through it all until she collapses below him.He eases out of her and rolls to the side, his cock still hard, gathering her up in his arms as she trembles against him, breathing hard, still shuddering as her orgasm slowly abates and then she starts giggling as she wraps his arms tighter around him.”I came” she laughs as she tries to speak”I noticed” he replies as he joins her laughter“I didn’t!” and she rolls over to him with an incredulous look in her eyes.“You and your ridiculous self-control” she exclaims with a smile.As her body calms down and she nestles into him she can feel him moving as he continues to gently stroke his cock waiting for the fog to lift from her brain and for her to come back to him.“I want to cum for you” she hears him whispering against her neck through her dishevelled hair, not a command but a request.”And i dont think it will take long after that!””What’s your pleasure?” she asks “it really is time you came too” relaxed and compliant, languid as her body is flooded with post orgasm chemicals in stark contrast to the hard tense body she was nestled against.”More fucking? Sucking? Some other ‘ing’ that my brain cant fathom right now because I’ve been so thoroughly fucked?”“Sucking please” soft, hesitant, almost a question. She is ready to give him what he needs, whatever he wants.”It would be my pleasure, I could do with a mouthful of something warm and wet after all that gasping!” smiling softly as she watches his hand still stroking, keeping himself hard for her.Leaving her position snuggled into his side she pushes him gently to lie on his back, she’s still a little wobbly, not quite in control of her body and so very relaxed, all urgency gone now that she’s been sated.She lies alongside him on the bed, head lifted just enough to prop her chin on his hip, tongue just in reach of his hard weeping cock.She smiles up at him as she pulls it towards her mouth, tongue reaching for it, gently licking the pre-cum from the tip. As she tastes him she’s roused from her stupor, it’s been so long since she tasted him, really tasted him and suddenly she needs him again as much as he needs her, desperate to feel him again, needing to re-connect with him in this way and she can’t get enough of him, long firm licks over the head of his cock trying to clean up every drop of the pre-cum that’s leaking out of him.”Oh god yes!” his moan rewarding her effortsStill she wants more, wrapping her lips around his leaking head she starts to suckle up all of his precum, teasing his slit with her tongue. He’s so turned on that she cant keep up with steady stream oozing out of him as his breathing becomes shallow, almost panting as she works his sensitive head.She lets the head pop out of her mouth, cooling in the air as its released from her warm wet lips and she lifts her head, watching as his cocks jumps in anticipation, she sits up a little more to give her room to move, rests her cheek back down on his hip, pulls his aching hard cock back towards her and flattening her tongue she continues exploring.Running it all the way down the length of his throbbing hot cock, listening to the hisses coming from him as he bucks his hips upwards trying to fuck the air that she has left behind her, long wet licks and gentle nuzzles all the way up and down his cock.A ragged “I’m going to cum soon” panted out between breaths spurs her on.Propping herself up on her elbows she reaches his swollen balls and gently takes them into her mouth one at a time, rolling them on her tongue and placing open mouthed kisses all over them, revelling in the moans he’s making above her as she gently sucks them into her hot wet mouth, feeling their heavy weight, so full after the long wait”So close now” gasped between breaths.She cant let him wait any longer, her exploration over, she just wants to give him what he needs and drive him over the edge.Moving between his legs she kneels up ready to drain and milk him dry, grasping his cock with a firm hand, holding it upright, she takes one last moment, looks him straight in the eye and with a hungry, predatory smile, keeping her eyes locked on his she slowly licks her lips until they are wet and glistening, leans forward and engulfs his cock with her hungry mouth, tight wet lips pushing over his agonisingly sensitive head.He groans as his hips twitch, “keep going baby”, the plea in his voice can’t be ignored and she responds.Her tongue dragging down the hot hard length in her mouth, raising herself all the way back up to the tip and pushing all the way back down again, not stopping as she hears him hiss, starting to suck as she smoothly drops her head further and further down.”I’m going to cum” a strangled sound from him as she keeps going.His cock sliding smoothing in her warm wet mouth, her tongue moving against the underside of his twitching sensitive cock and still she keeps moving, sucking as she holds her breath and pushes herself all the way down the length of his rock hard cock until he is buried in the back of her throat, holding her head still trapping his cock and hanging onto his thighs as he starts to thrust”Oh god!” the only words he can manage as he starts to lose control and she moves again, setting up a punishing rhythm designed to push him over the edge, lifting her mouth from his cock on each up stroke for just long enough to tell him she wants, what he needs.Releasing him “I want you to cum for me”.Swallowing deep again before “I want you to cum in my mouth” on the next up stroke.Her breathing almost as harsh as his is now as she trys to pull enough breath to suck and stroke and tell him what she wants, all without stopping or losing her rhythm.”I want to suck all of that cum you’ve been building up for me out of your hard aching cock!”At last she feels his whole body tense as he pushes hard into her, his hands suddenly fisted in her hair as he holds her down, buried as deep in her mouth as he can, taking what he needs as finally he spills ropes of cum, that he has been holding back for hours, down her throat and she greedily swallows and drinks it down.His hands relax in her hair as his body slumps back down on the bed.”Oh my god, I came! And I sound like I’ve just run a marathon!” panted out around a satisfied laugh.”Your turn for recovery snuggles then” giggling as she finishes swallowing and clearing her bruised throat.Her turn to gather him up as he finds a comfortable spot to lay his head on her soft breast.Comfortable and relaxed with one exception.”Can I take these damn heels off now?” she laughs as he nods and she kicks them off her feet.”Let’s not wait another year before we do that again!” A shared promise as they lay basking in the afterglow of their ‘date’.

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