the trip

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the tripWe had looked at this trip for a while not sure if we were ready for a full on swinging holiday but finally you had agreed and the date was close. We had been shopping but what to get it was an upmarket Spanish Villa in Marbella with luxury evenings of food wine and frolics so we had to dress for the occasion. The day had arrived and we were very excited we had made a command decision that no underwear was needed for the trip so both of us were free and easy so to speak, the flight was nice and short and the limousine that picked us up was huge.We met two other couples who shared the trip in with us to the Villa we drank Champagne and chatted the other two had been before and said it was amazing and very friendly the food was stunning and the entertainment was especially good at getting everyone playing together.We were looking forward to it I could tell by the air con and the tales of previous fun that you were very excited as your nipples stuck out through your white top. I was not the only one who noticed and this being a fun holiday all about sharing it didn’t take long for the others in the car to notice and as we all chatted Sarah next to you rested her hand on your leg as she poured drinks. I noticed her leaving it there as she finished and I smiled at you knowing this was the start of a fun few days. I saw her whisper in your ear and then as her hand slid slowly up your skirt her other hand slid in between your blouse buttons and we gaziemir escort all watched as she pinched your nipple you jumped but soon relaxed as her hand found what it was looking for your sweet smooth pussy.She was now nuzzling your neck as her hand slowly unbuttoned your top letting all see your big firm breasts swinging free and your hard nipples standing proud as she flicked them.Her other hand had obviously been busy too as when she withdrew it from under your skirt it was soaking wet the couple opposite smiled at this and watched as Sarah slid it in to her husband’s mouth who sucked it clean quickly. My cock was rock hard at this and as I looked across from me I saw that Mary had her legs open and like you had no panties on and her husband helpfully lifted her hem up so I could see her sweet pussy as he began to stroke it slowly parting the lips so we could see how wet she was already.Mary had her hand on her hubbies cock by now inside his trousers and was stroking away in kind as he fingered her wet pussy. This was all fantastic and I like you didn’t know where to look first Sarah now had your top off your shoulders and as she fingered your now soaking pussy asked her hubby to come and suck on your sexy nipples, you lay back against the seat and your hand was in my shorts stroking my cock as he knelt in front of you and took one of your hard nipples in his mouth your other hand was doing to Sarah what she was doing to you and escort gaziemir by the sound of it she was as wet as you were. Steve Sarah’s hubby had a hand on his cock stroking as he sucked on your nipples and Sarah obviously had plans for him to fuck you as she grabbed his cock free from his trousers and guided it to the entrance of your soaking wet pussy.It was pressing against your puffed up lips as Sarah parted them with her fingers and slid it in to you as your hips slid forward to meet it what a sexy sight-seeing her feed him in to your hungry pussy as your hips moved to the motion Sarah smiled at me as she carried on playing with your clit as her hubby pumped in to you.Mark Mary’s Hubby pulled her over his lap and span her around so her ass was facing me he lifted up her skirt and with his hands spread her sexy tanned ass wide so I could see her hot wet pussy and the juice flowing from it from where his fingers had been. What a very nice offer I thought as I slid off the seat and slid my cock in to her hot pussy he smiled as I started to pump in to her saying she liked it hard so don’t be shy, I promised I would not be and smiled back as I thrust in to her hard and fast.Mark had her head in his lap now so she could suck him as I pounded her wet pussy and Steve was driving in to you as Sarah continued to suck on your nipples with your hand buried deep in her pussy what a great car trip. I felt your hand on my bum stroking me feeling gaziemir escort bayan me pump in to Mary and your hand reached down to cradle my balls as they slapped against her pussy this made me harder and hornier as you could feel all the juice squirting from her pussy as she came for me.Steve all of a sudden stooped and I knew he had just shot his hot cum deep in your wet pussy which sent me over the edge as I shot mine in to Mary, You were not far behind Steve as Sarah fingered your clit making you cum hard all over her hand and his cock which in turn made Sarah cum on your hand as you pumped hard in to her.I lay back breathing hard as you slowly bent over and sucked my cock clean of cum and juice which was amazing and as you did this Sarah was between your thighs like a shot drinking Steve’s cum from out of your well fucked pussy sending shivers down your body from your still tender clit.Mary who had a nice mouth full of cum from Marks cock now cleaned Steve’s cock as it was hanging close to her mouth such a generous lady and Mark to my amazement was hungrily eating his used wife’s pussy of all the cum and juice that was leaking from it after being so well used.Sarah kissed you deeply after she had finished cleaning you and your tongues probed and tasted each other, then Mary not wanting to be left out joined in to as us guys all smiled at each other and got dressed again.You girls finished and put your stuff back on just in time as we started to slow down as we approached the Villa. Sarah whispered to you that she was sure the glass was seeing through and the driver must enjoy a great show every trip. We were here and it looked stunning and all of us were looking forward to the next few days.

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