The Swimming Hole, part 3

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The Swimming Hole, part 3
The strawberry season was winding down but there were still berries to be picked. Robert and Tammy finished up for the day at the usual time and then changed into swim suits and headed for the swimming hole. Jim watched them go and thought he could do with a swim too. He was hot and sticky, and there was no work pressing enough that it needed to be done that day. Just the load of round hay bales needing to be stacked in the hay barn but that could wait, the weather forecast was for sun for the next day. His wife Laurie was in town doing errands and wouldn’t be home until supper time and she’d be bringing Chinese so there was nothing for him to do in the house.

“What the heck” he thought, “I’m going swimming.” And he headed for the house, changed into his swimsuit, threw a towel over his shoulder and walked down the path to the swimming hole. He rounded the last few trees to the grassy area alongside the swimming hole and stopped short, instinctively reacting to what he saw. He ducked behind the trees, averting his eyes from the display in front of him – two people engaged in sexual intercourse. And then to his shock, he realized that the two were his own son and daughter. Remaining concealed in the trees, he saw, only fifteen feet from him, his daughter enthusiastically riding his son cowboy style, thrusting her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy into him round and round while his son, lying on his back with his hands on her breasts thrust up into her. He didn’t know what he should do, so he did nothing and watched as Tammy suddenly stopped thrusting and hunched over, her mouth open and her face contorted in ecstasy, uttered a series of sharp cries, obviously in the throes of orgasm. Though she had stopped her activities, Robert increased his thrusting up into her until he to orgasmed. They remained in that position, panting for a minute or so and then she got off him and laid on her back beside him. He could hear them talking and giggling but couldn’t make out what they were saying. After a while they got up and went into the water.

Jim watched them for ten minutes, naked, swimming and splashing, climbing up on the raft and diving, enjoying the water. Then he turned and walked back to the house. He was stunned. He was also aroused – he had a boner. What should he do about this? Laurie would have to know. How could they put a stop to it? Jim knew that once y**ng people become sexually active, they don’t stop. He changed into his clothes and poured himself a double scotch.

Laurie got home just before six with the Chinese takeout and honked the horn for the k*ds to come home for supper. “I didn’t get all that much done in town” she said, “I have a couple more appointments for tomorrow afternoon with the accountant and the lawyer. Should I bring home pizza for supper?”

“Sounds good” canlı kaçak iddaa said Jim, and he said nothing about what he had seen because he still had no idea what should be done. Robert and Tammy arrived and changed out of their swimsuits and they all sat down and ate their evening meal. Jim was having a hard time. Every time he looked at his daughter he saw her naked. When he looked at her face he saw it contorted by orgasmic pleasure., and his cock stirred in his pants.

Evening came and the k*ds finally went to bed, and Jim was relieved to not have to look at his daughter and be aroused. Jim and Laurie soon went to bed also, and she quickly fell asleep, but Jim tossed and turned for a couple hours. He was conflicted between not knowing what he should do and being well aware of what he wanted to do. Finally he decided what he would do, knowing full well that it was something he shouldn’t do, but he would do it just the same.

The next day when the k*ds work was done they were headed for the house to change and go swimming when Jim called Robert back. “You go ahead Tammy, but I need Robert to do a little job for me first”

“OK” said Tammy, “see you when you get there” (to Robert).

“Robert” said Jim, I want you to take the big tractor and stack those hay bales in the hay barn. The forecast says it might rain tomorrow and they have to be put under cover. The water pump is on the fritz again and I have to get it going. I’ll come back and take over as soon as I get it working.”

Ordinarily Robert enjoyed driving the tractor and using the front end loader, but not now, not when he could be fucking his sister instead. But he had no choice. As soon as his son was busy stacking the bales, Jim ran to the house and changed into his swim trunks, grabbed a towel and hurried to the swimming hole. (There was nothing wrong with the pump.) As he arrived at the clearing, he looked for Tammy, and sure enough she was skinny dipping, her swimsuit lying on the grass. Jim walked into the open and to the water’s edge. Tammy saw him and gasped, submerging herself up to her neck.

“Well, what have we here?” asked Jim.

“I…I was just skinny dipping because nobody else was here.” said Tammy.

“Yes I can see that” said Jim, “and when I came here yesterday you and your brother were just fucking each other’s brains out.”

Tammy had a horrible feeling in her stomach. “You…you saw us…I…we….”

“Yes I saw you, now come on out of the water.”

“C..come out, Dad?”

“Yes. Right here.”

“But Dad….I’m..I…”

“Yes. Come out. Right here. Right now.”

Tammy knew she had no choice. She rose and slowly walked out of the water and stood before her father, one hand in front of her pussy, the other arm covering her boobs. Jim picked up her towel and started drying her, starting with her hair and working down, drying every part of her youwin güvenilir mi body down to her toes. When he dried her arms, they were pulled away from covering her and she knew there was no sense trying to cover up again, so she stood there with her arms at her sides.

Having finished drying her, Jim spread her towel on the grass, and then stood there looking at her body, especially her little boobs and pussy. “How long has this been going on?”

“A..about a week.”

“How many times have you and Robert done it?”

“F..four…four or five.”

“Who’s idea was it?”

“Mostly Leena’s”

“Leena’s! And did Robert have sex with her?”


“Her and you both at the same time?”

“Yeah…no, I was there but he only did it with her then.”

“You were there. So you participated in everything but the fucking?”


“Hot damn!” thought Jim, “My b*y’s first time was a threesome!”

Then he said, “Lie down”

Tammy was surprised. She had thought she was going to be severely punished. She lay down on the towel on her back. Jim lay down beside her on his left side, propped up on his elbow. He reached his other hand out and onto her belly, caressing it, then moving up to her boobs. They were small and firm to the touch, and Jim revelled in the sensation as he moved his hand over them, feeling and gently squeezing them. After a few minutes he leaned forward and placed his lips on her right nipple, caressing it with his lips and tongue, then taking almost the whole breast into his mouth and continuing his ministrations while his hand played with her left breast.

Tammy had never felt such a sensation. Robert had felt her boobs but hadn’t used his mouth on them. It was erotic in the extreme! She felt her pussy lubricating. Jim moved his mouth over to her left breast and continued his attentions there while his hand moved down her torso to her vulva. Tammy reactively parted her legs giving him full access. He massaged the bald pussy lips below her hair and felt the slippery moisture. He pressed his middle finger between her lips and began to masturbate her with experienced skill. Tammy drew up her knees, spreading her legs farther apart and started thrusting up in time with the motions of his hand. He pulled away from her breast and watched her face. Her changing expression, her increasingly heavy breathing and the way she was moving her pussy told him she was very close to orgasm. He stopped and pushed off his trunks, and then got between her legs lowering himself over her in the missionary position. She spread them as wide as she could. He found the entrance to her vagina with the head of his boner and pushed it halfway in, noticing immediately how much tighter it was than what he was used to. She noticed that his cock was considerably thicker than her brother’s and it felt better on the walls of her vagina. perabet Slowly Jim started fucking her, moving in and out, gradually pushing farther and farther in. He was concerned she might not be able to take his full length, and though he knew that a vagina would adapt to the size of the cock that was in it, he also knew that there was a limit to how much it would stretch and accommodate.

Tammy felt him bottoming out against her cervix and he wasn’t all the way in. A couple more pumps and he mashed his pubes against hers, and though he put pressure on her cervix and stretched her vagina, it wasn’t enough to hurt. In fact it felt wonderful being so full, more pleasurable than it had been with her brother. She hooked her feet behind her father’s thighs and wrapped her arms around him, revelling in the sensations. He had brought her to the brink of orgasm with his hand, and now with his marvelous thick seven inches inside her, she didn’t last long.

Jim felt her arms and legs tighten around him and knew she was about to cum. He increased his tempo and then felt her grind her pussy up against him as she shuddered and grunted in her release. As her spasms ended he came deep inside her. He stayed there inside her for a full minute, then moved off her, his flaccid member dragging its tip across her thigh, leaving a trail of wet, and rolled onto his back. Tammy rolled onto her side and snuggled up against him, and he wrapped her in his arms. She felt satiated, protected, contented and loved.

“We’ll have to see about getting you on the pill” said Jim.

“Uhumm” she purred.

“I won’t bother you here at the swimming hole again, you and Robert can do as you please here” he continued.

“Uhmmm, OK” she said, a little disappointed that she wouldn’t get to experience her father’s lovemaking again.

“I imagine when the weather cools down you two aren’t going to want to give up having sex, and you’ll find other places to do it. Just as long as you keep it private”


“But never in your room. Your room is off limits to him. He isn’t allowed in there at any time. I want you to make that perfectly clear to him. You can go to his room, but he can never come to yours. Got that?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Because from time to time, I will be sneaking into your room, and I don’t want to find him in there. Neither do I want him to sneak into your room and find me there. I’m sure you and I will find other places to fuck too, but your room is all for me.

“OK.” she said.

“Now you’d better get into the water and get cleaned up. I’m going to go home and get dressed and then I’m going to take over stacking the hay from Robert, and he’s going to come down here right quick and he’s going to be horny. You need to be ready for him.”

“OK. How do you know he’ll be horny/”

“It’s a guy thing. At that age, all guys are always horny, so get yourself cleaned up.”

“OK” she laughed, and got up and scampered into the water.

Jim got his swim trunks back on and headed for the house. “It’s going to be a good year” he thought, “and I think I’ll have a chat with Leena if she comes back next year.

The end.

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