The second time with Rick

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The second time with Rick”I wish I could make him jealous, but taking home any guy won’t do it,” I admitted.Rick half smiled and placed his hand on my knee. “I’m sorry you guys broke up,” he looked away in thought. “You know Sophie, I still think you’re really hot.””You do?” I said, trying to flirt.He picked up on it. “I do. And by the sounds of it, you don’t mind.”I blushed like a little girl talking to her crush. “I don’t, and I have to say you’re pretty attractive yourself.”He clenched his jaw as he said, “Shame a sexy little thing like you ain’t getting any.””Yeah, it’s not…,” I trailed off as he leaned in. Our lips touched momentarily before he backed off. “Not very fair,” I finished my sentence.He didn’t say anything while he grabbed my head to kiss me again. My heart started racing in my chest. He yanked me over on top of him; I held myself up as we kissed passionately.His hands glided over my upper back, tongue entered my mouth brushing mine and making me want to do more. His kisses finally slowed and he looked at me. “We shouldn’t be doing this.””Oh, I guess not,” I replied in disappointment.”It’s not like before, you’ve been with my brother for awhile now.””I’m sorry, you just have me so turned on,” I admitted. “I’ll go to bed.”We both stood to leave. “Listen,” Rick said. “I’d fuck you in a heartbeat. But I dunno if it’s right,” he held his neck.I stood there, breathing heavy for a few seconds before throwing myself at him. He caught me like he was expecting it. He started walking with me hanging onto him. He lead us downstairs to their basement to the spare room I was staying in. As soon as the door clicked shut, he pounced.He stripped me of my sweater and jeans, leaving me in a lacy black bra and thong. He undressed himself next, tearing off his collared shit, exposing his firm abdominal muscles. His dress pants fell down and he was left in his grey briefs. I could see that he was already semi-hard, proving his attraction.I stepped back, ogling what I was seeing. canlı bahis siteleri He pushed me up to the wall and kissed me sloppily. His left hand snaked to my butt. I exhaled shakily with satisfaction. He trailed his lips to my chin, then to my chest where he bit me and sucked so hard it left a hickey that lasted a week. He slipped each hand under the band of my thong on either hip. Because of his height, his hard-on tickled my torso. I touched it gently to let him know I wasn’t forgetting about him.He picked me up and walked to the bed, turning the light off on the way. My eyes tried to adjust to the darkness while being laid on my back and straddled by him. He kissed me. He rolled to my left side to use his left hand to slide all over me, teasing me. The tingles he gave me shot through me to my crotch.I undid my bra and took it off, him throwing it on the floor. His mouth was enclosed around my left nipple as he sucked, giving me a second hickey. His left hand cupped my right breast and massaged it.He then made his way down to my pussy. He bit me just above my thong before pulling it down and off and throwing it on the floor too. I was fully exposed to him; shaven and trembling because I was nervous he wouldn’t like how I tasted.He must have though, because he went for it, using his tongue to start at the bottom of my pussy and going up to my clit. I moaned, not meaning to, but the pleasure took over. He licked up and down for awhile, pausing each time over my clit. Sadly he stopped, and came up to my face.Now when I felt his hard-on against my bare tummy, it was unmistakably solid. I grabbed it before tugging down his briefs. He took my position lying down and I knelt over his cock. I slowly put him into my mouth, sucking the head first then the rest of him followed. I took my time but started to go faster the longer I was doing it. About fifteen minutes in, I stopped, and he looked like the disappointed one now.I took my previous place sitting next to him. He risksiz bahis veren siteler caught my eyes and asked, “Do you want to fuck?””Hell yeah I do,” I blurted.”Seriously?””Yeah, you’ve got me so wet and I’ve wanted to for ages so…,” I blushed.”All right,” he said and used his hand to see how wet I was. “Fuck you’re not lying,” he joked.”Sorry,” I murmured, quite embarrassed for how excited I was.”Oh sweetie, don’t be sorry. It makes you so much sexier.”His comment made my pussy throb. He grabbed my throat while flipping me on my knees. He guided his shaft to stroke my lower lips. His nails dragged down my back, leaving long red lines. The teasing had gone too far by now- I was dripping my juices onto the bed.Then he slipped in. My pussy expanded around him. He fucked me slow to start. I could feel him pulse each time I let out a moan.When we switched positions so I was on my back, he used his left hand to hold my throat against the pillow, and right hand to hold my chest down to the mattress. All I could focus on was how quickly the orgasm was coming.Rick knew I was enjoying myself, because he gave the same laugh he did years ago when I started to get close. To shut me up, he kissed me, and let go of my throat to use his hand to work circles around my clit. Moments later I came. My back arched, breathing went rapid, and body shook as the pleasure went to my toes and up to my head. I felt my face getting hot and pussy getting wetter.He took note of this, and again switched positions so that he was lying down. I mounted him, dry humping him a few times before slipping him back in. His head shot back and he moaned as I began to bounce.He was grabbing me everywhere, holding on tight. He gripped my butt to help me gyrate and used his thumb to play with my sensitive clit. I was almost to a second orgasm when he said, “I’m gonna cum soon, and I want to do it on your face.””I guess you can-,” I began.”I’m doing it on your face, slut,” he demanded. casino siteleri He pushed me off and I landed back on my elbows. He knelt over me and pumped himself fast.I spread my legs so he would have more to look at, and as soon as I did he grunted and I felt the first drop of cum hit my tits. The rest went to my chin and some on my cheek, but he avoided the eyes.Once he was done, he looked at me. I could still see a spark of lust in his eyes. He sat down next to me, hair a mess, sweating. He looked at me, and I could faintly make out his expression. Planting a kiss on my lips again, he also handed me a tissue to wipe off.”Thanks,” I said.He touched my pussy again. “Are you satisfied yet, angel?”I squirmed. I was, but I wasn’t. I was craving another orgasm, and he knew.”Yes,” I lied.He shook his head. Sitting up, he reclined on the headboard. He took my hand and made me sit facing away from him between his legs. He restrained my waist with his right arm and used his left to work on my pussy. The resemblance to what he did years ago got me so worked up all over again.He pecked the right side of my neck, laughed, and said, “Remember this?”I didn’t reply because I was too focused on how I was feeling.He didn’t like being ignored, so he bit my neck in place of another kiss and asked more forcefully, “Do you remember this?”The amount of control he had turned me on so much. I felt like his whore.”Yeah,” I spat out between soft moans.”You gonna cum like this again slut?””Fuck… yeah,” I started to buck my hips. His fingers were pounding my pussy and circling my clit intermittently. Soon enough my climax was upon me. I felt it everywhere.I looked over my shoulder at him. He gave me his fingers to suck- the ones that had brought me to orgasm again.”Good girl,” he praised me.I could feel him on my back now, once again hard.”Gonna finish it this time?” he smirked.Without saying a word, I sat on him again, and we started to have sex. He lasted only five minutes before exploding on my tummy.I got off and cleaned up before getting under the covers.Rick went to leave but I grabbed his hand. He looked back. He knew I wanted him to stay.”I don’t usually stay, Soph, but you’re something else,” he smiled and crawled into bed next to me right before we drifted off to sleep.

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