The Queen’s Whipping.

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The Queen’s Whipping.The Queen could not believe what she was reading;a letter had arrived from the Abbess of the Abbey of St.Deaglan that was accusing her of cowardice.It had all started a long time ago,when the now Queen was a young Princess.Her father,the King had made sure that a girl of noble birth would be appointed as a ‘Whipping Girl’ this girl would take any beating that the then Princess should have received, “Her Royal skin shall not feel the hand or the lash…the ‘Whipping Girl will be honoured for taking the Princess’ beatings”, the Royal Order read. This ‘Whipping Girl’ grew into a beautiful young woman,just like the Queen and whenever the Queen misbehaved,and there were many times, the Whipping Girl would present herself to the Abbey to receive the Queen’s beating at the hands of the then Abbess.However all this changed when the Abbess died and a new Abbess was appointed,she was outraged that the Queen was not held personally responsible for her wicked ways and that in her stead Lady Justine of Cashel would present herself,disrobe and accept the lash of behalf of the errant Queen.Queen Eleanor now pondered the letter,she feared the lash greatly,but if the Abbess’ words became known among the people then she would indeed be seen as a coward,a spoiled coward ,would have escaped her chastisement again and again.She could not sleep that night.The following morning she sent for her confessor,Abbot Linus,and put her concerns to him.”How dare the Abbess question my courage,how dare she?””My Queen,the Abbess holds a very important position in the land,it is best to appease her…placate her ,send money to the Abbey,make sure the Nun’s there are in want for nothing,you will soon see that this will be forgotten about.Can I also suggest that you send her perhaps some new ‘Whipping Girl’s’,perhaps they will suffice and the Abbess will not bother you again,” the Abbot replied.”Lady Justine has been my whipping girl for for fifteen years now,she has been more than dutiful in her loyalty to me and has taken the lash for the previous Abbess on my behalf.Must I remind the Abbess of the Royal Order that prohibits my body to be touched by hand or lash? How dare she?”My Queen,please do not take this further than it has to go,placate the Abbess,send money and let this matter lie,” the Abbot urged.The Queen thought for a moment,” Send her some money and tell her that I choose to ignore her moment of madness in ordering me to take the lash; now to other business”.While the Queen and her confessor hoped the matter would rest there ,it did not.A few days later another letter arrived from the Abbess detailing the sins that the Queen had confessed to but never received punishment for.The Abbess went on to say that if the Queen did not present herself to the Abbey on the following Monday at 10 am,then the Abbess would post the Queen’s misdeeds throughout the land by the following day. The Queen flew into a rage and threatened to have the Abbess killed.”This would lead to untold trouble,my Queen,” the Abbot counselled,” Please do not go down the road of v******e”.”She expects me to go and see her and take the lash at her hands,does she know I am the Queen.I care not what happens to her,I can do what I like to her,her Nun’s and Abbey,” the Queen screamed.”My Queen,an attack on the Abbey would turn the people against you;may I speak frankly?” the Abbot asked.”You may,speak,speak,what else do I need you for?” the Queen retorted.”The Abbess and her Nun’s have done so much good for the people of the canlı bahis siteleri Kingdom,my Queen,at the moment you are not popular,but if you attacked the Abbey I can only say it would be a terrible outcome for you,please think again.” There was silence before the Abbot continued.”Perhaps it is time for you to go to the Abbey and throw yourself at the mercy of the Abbess,but let it be known publicly that you are not above judgement and discipline when you are wrong”,the Abbot said.Queen Eleanor sat in silence and then said, “Yes,I will go,I will take your counsel Lord Abbot”.Queen Eleanor and the Abbess Hilda,both adversaries,but it was the Queen who paid the price.The following Monday the Queen and her entourage set out for the Abbey which was five miles from the Castle.On the way the Queen sat in her carriage talking with Lady Justine who had served as her whipping girl for fifteen years.”Is it hard,the lash,do the Nun’s strike hard?” Queen Eleanor asked.”My Queen I am sure you can take whatever they give,” Lady Justine answered,thinking of the times when she was spanked and whipped by the old Abbess and other Nun’s at the Abbey.She thought frequently of those days when as a teen she would be sent to the Abbey in the then Princess’ stead to answer for the crimes of another and to take a spanking,always her bare bottom,as she grew into adulthood the spanking was always accompanied by strokes of a cane or a whipping in the private chamber of the Abbess.Lady Justine remembered the pain,the humiliation,she also remembered some of the Nun’s caressing her bare bottom afterwards which was soothing,but which also served as a form of enjoyment for the Nun’s,they very often queued silently and waited for their turn to grope the naked bottom of the Lady Justine.”That is not what I asked,Lady Justine,I asked do the Nun’s strike hard,” the Queen questioned.”I cannot lie,they do my Queen,but I am sure they will see their Queen in front of them and hold back,” Lady Justine said as she felt tears coming to her eyes.The Queen noticed the tears and for the first time became truly embarrassed,she had never spent much time with Lady Justine,she had never spoke to her about the beatings;but now seeing Justine crying she was touched,she decided then that she would tell Abbess that she was read to take what she deserved.The entourage arrived at the Abbey.The cold wind struck the Queen’s face as she stepped from her carriage. A young Nun greeted her and escorted the Queen and Lady Justine to a large cloister.”Please wait here,my Queen,the Abbess will be with you presently”,the young Nun said smilingly and then left the room.The Queen looked around the cloister,”Is there where you were punished?” she asked Lady Justine.”Yes,my Queen,” Justine answered looking around the cloister and remembering, because of the the Queen’s illicit affair with Sir Gregory,taking twenty lashes at the hands of the Abbess and afterwards feeling the Nun’s grope her.The Queen said, “I am sorry,I am truly sorry,Justine,I never gave thought to anything you were going through,I am sorry my father made that royal order and that I never sought to change it.””My Queen,I just hoped I have served you right,I am grateful for all the land and wealth bestowed upon me and my family as a result,” Lady Justine answered.Their conversation ended when the door of the cloister opened and a middle aged ,short,fat Nun entered and walked quickly to a chair at the top of the cloister.Queen Eleanor and Lady Justine looked at the bahis firmaları short,fat Nun.”Is this the Abbess?”,the Queen whispered.”Yes,my Queen,don’t speak to her unless she address you or it will go far worse,” Lady Justine said.The Abbess sat staring at Queen and Lady Justine.”Well,Lady Justine,I see you have come here to show support for your Queen, how very noble”,the Abbess said.”Yes,Abbess,I have always been ready to serve,”Lady Justine said.”Indeed you have;and you my Queen Eleanor,why have you let Justine here suffer on your behalf all these years?” the Abbess words were like an arrow, piercing.”I have no wish to have a personal conflict with you my good Abbess,but I am wracked with guilt for putting Lady Justine in circumstances where she was punished for my misgivings.I stand here before you and beg to receive whatever punishment is due to me and that the punishment is laid on hard.I am no coward as I am sure you know,” the Queen answered ,there was a tone of defiance in her voice.”Oh,yes,I am happy to hear you speak those words Queen Eleanor,I can assure you that you and I will have got to know each other intimately by the time I am finished with you today,” the Abbess said,curtly.”Please Abbess,I am ready and willing to take whatever punishment you will bestow on the Queen,” Lady Justine interjected.”You have taken enough,but I was not addressing you,Lady Justine,so I am sure you know what that means,you will be taken to another room and soundly spanked by speaking when you were not been spoken to,” the Abbess said as she rang a little bell that was on a table next to her.The door opened and an elderly Nun entered,she had a very stern look in her eyes.”Take Lady Justine to your room and teach her to remain silent unless she is spoken to”,the Abbess directed.Lady Justine followed the Nun from the room.The Abbess stared at the Queen for a few moments before ringing her bell again.This time two middle aged Nun’s entered,both with stern looks on the faces and stood behind the Queen.”They will help you to disrobe,Queen Eleanor,” the Abbess said indicating to the two Nun’s.”Do you accept your punishment at my hand?” the Abbess asked.”Yes,Abbess,I do,” the Queen said defiantly.”Then let us begin,” the Abbess said nodding at the two Nun’s who began to undo the Queen’s robes and under garments.As the Queen was being undressed she stared at the Abbess who was sitting on the chair rubbing her hands lightly together;there was a look of satisfaction on the face of the Abbess and the Queen even thought she could make out a smile of the wizened face of her tormentor.When the Queen was naked she stood there feeling the eyes of the Abbess and the other two Nun’s bore into her.She suddenly felt very afraid and exposed,she felt like an ordinary peasant and not like a Queen.”Come,Queen Eleanor,lay over my knee,I have longed to use my hand on you for quite sometime,” the Abbess said.Queen Eleanor walked over to the Abbess who took a deep breath as the Queen positioned herself over her knee.”Finally,I have you where I want you,” the Abbess said gleefully.Queen Eleanor felt the Abbess’ hand touch her bare bottom and then she felt the hand grope her bottom.She felt really afraid now,the Abbess was clearly enjoying what she was doing,this was not longer a matter of the Queen’s cowardice,this was all a ploy to get the Queen ,naked,over her knee.It became clear to the Queen that the Abbess and indeed her confessor the Abbot had a hand in giving her advice that would see her submitting kaçak iddaa before the Abbess;the Queen had no doubt that the Abbot was probably listening behind a door and getting excited .The Abbess brought her hand down hard,the Queen jerked her body and bit her bottom lip;again the Abbess’ hand came down then again and soon there was a rhythm to the spanking.The Queen cried out and eventually begged but her pleas fell on deaf ears,she managed to look up as her torment continued to see the two Nun’s smiling and clearly enjoying the spectacle.”Mercy,please Mercy,” the Queen cried as the spanking began to take affect,she was struggling and trying to get up.Suddenly the two Nun’s had come forward and one hand grabbed her hands and the other had grabbed her ankles,holding her firmly as the Abbess had her left hand wrapped around her waist and was using her right hand to exact the punishment.The spanking continued,the Abbess was clearly using all of her strength and was very much excited by the naked,bare bottom of Queen Eleanor.”This is what you deserve,this is what you sorely deserve,Queen Eleanor,”the Abbess said,her words were barely audible above the sound of her hand striking the naked posterior of the Queen who continued to struggle.The Abbess and her Nun’s were not the only one’s excited by the spanking of Queen Eleanor.As guessed by the Queen her confessor,Abbot LInus was indeed behind the door which led to the altar.He was in the enviable position of being able to hear both the chastisement of his Queen and that of Lady Justine who was receiving her chastisement at the hands of Sr.Thaddeua in an adjoining room. The Abbot felt his penis stiffen as the sounds of the discipline of both the Queen and Lady Justine filled his ears.Thoughts of he being allowed to spank them filled his mind.He raised up his long habit gasped his penis firmly,he began to masturbate and allowed his mind and his body to fill with excitement.He heard both the Queen and Lady Justine cry out as the Nun’s worked on their bottoms.At that moment he would have given anything to be able to spank the Queen and Lady Justine,two women he found himself attracted to for sometime,listening to their confessions always made him sexually excited.He began to pull at his penis as he thought about touching the Queen or Lady Justine. He felt a surge within himself and then the thick ,white liquid gushed forth from his throbbing penis,he almost collapsed to the ground as the excitement took over his body,he shuddered and hoped that his enjoyment was not audible to those in the other rooms,but then he heard that the punishments of the Queen and Lady Justine were still ongoing,this continued to excite.As Abbot Linus continued to pleasure himself the Abbess and Sr.Thaddeau continued to exact their own pleasure while spanking the Queen and Lady Justine. However finally both Nun’s tired and the Queen and Lady Justine were allowed to recover,but only for a short while in Queen Eleanor’s case for the Queen soon found herself tied to a whipping post and feeling the lash of many whips as each Nun was allowed to administer to the Queen two lashes of a whip.This went on for sometime and the Queen collapsed in a bundle on the floor of the cloister once the lashing was over. She found herself coming awake with the Abbot standing over her smiling,he was touching her bottom as she lay on her back and the Abbess was saying, “Now,my Lord Abbot,that is how you justly punish an errant woman.” As the Queen stirred the Abbess said,” Now she is awake,spank her,my Lord Abbot,give her what you wanted to give her for so many years now.” The Abbot raised up his hand and brought it down on Queen Eleanor’s bare bottom again and again,quick ,hard slaps that made the Queen cry out all over again.

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