The Nylon Godess and more

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The Nylon Godess and moreThe continuing nylon fetish adventures of a young boy as he grows into teendom. If you’re not into nylons, this story will likely not interest you. This story also contains some i*****l activities by a fetish driven teen that is purely fictitious and not condoned by the author.Billy had already reached puberty which caused a real shift in his affinity for nylons. Their allure was more intense than ever. Their appeal was beyond their softness and silkiness. It was more than the comfort and security he so yearned for from his mother but received from her nylons. This was pure a****l arousal. It was sexual, primal and it felt naughty and secretive. Although he felt shame, it was not enough to detract his attention from staring down a pretty set of stocking clad female legs.He was becoming a young connoisseur of nylon stockings. His obsession drove him to carefully notice and remember the details of the different brands and styles of nylons he came across. He recognized the brand names, colors and markings on the stocking welts. He tracked their subtle differences in his mind comparing which ones were most appealing and which were his least favorite. He loved that reddish, orange tinge of a shade the young girls in his middle school wore which he learned was called cinnamon. The dark contrast of the welts and reinforcements on the foot drove his wild with desire and curiosity.Billy experienced his first dry orgasm a couple of years earlier. He didn’t really know what it was or why he felt what he did, but he knew he liked it and he wanted to feel that feeling again and again. It made him shudder and tingle all over amplifying the sensation of the soft silkiness of the nylons he masturbated with. He would find every opportunity to lock himself in the bathroom bringing along a pair of his mother’s discarded stockings to reproduce this wonderful new experience.By now, Billy was collecting discarded stockings he found in the wastebasket in his parents’ bathroom. He found a couple of clever hiding places to keep his accumulating stash of luscious stockings which he carefully folded and sorted by color and style. By now, his mother was wearing only RHT nylons as fully fashioned stockings had gone out of favor. Her favorite color seemed to be a kind of smokey gray, lighter than off black although he noticed a few pair in that shade as well. Billy was disappointed that his mother didn’t wear tan hosiery very often which he remembered from his younger days. That was hands down, still his favorite color almost as much as cinnamon.Billy was constantly thinking of new, creative, albeit, sometimes dangerous ways to get his hands on more nylons. He lived in a new suburban tract of family homes and it was the 60s when few, if any residents, thought it necessary to lock their doors or windows. There were a few other moms in the neighborhood who he had seen wearing nylons before so he started thinking about ways he could acquire a pair here and there without being caught. He was particularly attracted to one of his mother’s close friends named Sara who was a stunning blond with a pleasant Tennessee drawl. She often wore nylons that were very similar in appearance to his mother’s – shiny and taut about her legs with subtle wrinkles and creases that formed around her knees and ankles as she moved or crossed her legs. He recently had seen the two of them sitting on a sofa at Sara’s house. His father and Sara’s husband were in the kitchen talking as he noticed both his mother and her sexy friend’s crossed legs gleaming in the light of the room – the darker welts of their stockings were visible to Billy’s lusting eyes which he photographed in his memory.There was another particularly attractive married woman who lived across the street who worked but did not have any c***dren. Billy would occasionally see her leaving her house or coming home after work. She was almost always wearing a dress or skirt and high heel pumps. The tan nylons she would wear were obvious to his now keen eye. He also noticed a lot of the dads in the neighborhood noticing her while making slightly suggestive comments about her polished, attractive, youthful appearance. Even Billy knew a hot looking female when he saw one.He was focused on how he was going to pilfer a pair or two of her worn nylons and he had a plan. Billy was an avid baseball fan and little league pitcher. He enjoyed going across the street to throw a tennis ball against her side backyard wall Occasionally, purely by accident, Billy would hurl a wild pitch high and wide that would end up in this lady’s back yard. He thought little about going around the corner, seeing if anyone was home, and if not, he would open the unlocked gate to retrieve his missing ball.She and her husband kept a nicely manicured backyard which was inviting with its greens and colorful flowers carefully planted here and there. As he passed by the kitchen window, he often noticed that it was unlocked and slightly open to allow fresh air into the unoccupied house. He wondered what it would be like to slip in, find her bedroom dresser, particularly the drawer containing her collection of her delectable nylons. After he found his ball, he returned round the corner to the güvenilir bahis şirketleri wall to continue throwing some more.The following pleasant summer morning, Billy knew that the woman he now referred to in his mind as the nylon goddess and her husband who lived across the street had long since left for work. He went across the street to practice his pitching and fielding like he did just about every other summer day.Billy hurled a series of fastballs at the block wall and adeptly fielded the returning ball while he considered his next move. Should he or shouldn’t he? He knew right from wrong but the hypnotic allure of nylons was beckoning his testosterone driven young body with desire and tempting adventure. The surrounding neighborhood was quiet as the homemakers went about their daily routines and morning chores. Even Billy’s mother was probably busy doing laundry or tidying up the kitchen after breakfast.Billy could no longer resist either his intense curiosity or his infatuation with the nylons of this gorgeous, young woman. After throwing a series of deadly accurate strikes, Billy opted for a less accurate curve ball which he clumsily released high and wide again. He watched it sail over the block wall and into the nylon goddesses backyard. He dropped his mitt near the sidewalk and trotted casually around the corner again to the unlocked gate which he passed through confidently but hesitantly. Just a few steps inside the gate was the slightly ajar kitchen window. Now was his chance. Do or die.He carefully removed the screen, slid the window open where he could see he was directly over the kitchen sink. It was going to take some maneuvering to squeeze through the narrow opening but Billy knew he could do it. He pulled himself up onto the narrow sill which bit into his knees causing some slight discomfort while he gingerly crawled through and into a pristine, clean double sink. He could smell the lingering aroma of bacon hanging in the air as he climbed over the sink to jump onto the kitchen floor.It felt oddly exciting to be in someone’s house without their permission, especially a home occupied by a nylon wearing vixen that Billy secretly wanted to fuck while she laid back, her nylon shod legs pointing up in the air spread and ready for his young penis meat. He quickly looked around to orient himself. He was familiar with this model of home which was different from his but he had been in just about every different model built in this new suburban housing tract.He spotted the doorway to the master bedroom which he hurriedly made his way toward. He was shaking with excitement and fear as he crossed into the sacred marital room of the attractive young couple. The house was neat and it smelled like fresh cut flowers. There were no messes about left behind by c***dren. Everything was in its place.The bedroom smelled of her perfume, sweet, floral and alluring. The queen size bed was perfectly made and the rest of the room was flawlessly decorated with a notable feminine flair which Billy immediately recognized as he moved toward the large, dark wooden dresser with a beveled mirror attached. He suspected this was the treasure chest he was looking for. It had three rows of drawers, three high. If she was anything like his mother, he suspected she kept her hosiery in one of the top drawers for easy, convenient access in the morning while dressing.He pulled open the middle drawer where he came upon neat piles of folded lingerie – garter belts, girdles and assorted panties – sexy and attractive, but not his ultimate quest. He carefully closed the middle drawer and moved to his right pulling it slowly open as if someone in the house might hear him even though he was alone. As soon as the first ray of sunlight hit its contents, Billy knew he had hit pay dirt. There they lay. A holy grail of hosiery in assorted colors and styles but the most prominent and noticeable were shades of tan and beige. A familiar floral scent wafted strongly from the drawer’s contents which made Billy briefly wonder whether she lightly sprayed her hose covered legs with her perfume before she left for the day.He carefully reached into the nylon filled drawer to experience his first touch of stockings that belonged to a woman other than his mother. They were not much different save for the color assortment and their sheer numbers. They had the same wispy, silky softness. He took a stocking into his hand and brought it up to his face drawing in its rich, feminine aroma. It almost seemed alive as he imagined it covering one of her slender, perfectly formed legs and feet.She had more stockings than his mother which surprised him. He quickly concluded that she must really like wearing nylons because of how many she had. When he opened the drawer immediately below the treasure trove, he found boxes and packages of brand new, unopened stockings. This woman had enough nylon stockings to last her a life time.He returned his attention to the top drawer and quickly continued to rummage through its sheer contents. His heart was racing and he was continued shuddering with a mixture of arousal and fear. He became mindful of the amount of time he had been in their house and knew it was longer than what tipobet giriş it would take for him to retrieve his ball and leave. He didn’t want to raise any suspicions of anyone who might have noticed his absence from the side block wall.He had to make a decision. He didn’t come this far and risk this much to leave empty handed so he carefully selected a couple of pairs of dark tan RHT stockings as his cache. He quickly but carefully stuffed them down the front of his pants, closed the drawers and bid farewell to his fantasy fuck’s boudoir making his way back to the open kitchen window. Instead of climbing out, he exited into the garage and out the side door which he carefully remembered to re-lock just like he found it.He moved toward the open window sliding it back to precisely the same opening width as he had found it and then placed the screen back in place. He spotted his tennis ball in front of a tall bush to his right. He retrieved it, headed back out the side gate as nonchalantly as he could as though it had taken him longer than usual to find his missing ball. As he walked around the corner to where he left his baseball glove, he could fell the nylon goddess’s pilfered stockings softly caressing his young growing hard-on. He couldn’t wait to be alone with her nylons.When he returned home, Billy’s mom was fully immersed in her daily household chores. Music was playing on the living room stereo which he hoped would both distract his mother and drown out any sounds he might make in the bathroom while he got acquainted with his newly acquired treasure.He slipped into the hallway bathroom across from his bedroom being careful to lock its door. This was the only place Billy could find a few moments of privacy when anyone else was home. He knew he couldn’t take too long because his mother might be concerned that he was constipated again and would come knocking on the door asking if he was all right.He moved fast, unzipping his denim jeans revealing his tidy whitey underwear which cradled the product of his adventurous endeavor against his hardened cock. He reached into his underwear and removed the silken treasure. He held in his hands four enticing, gorgeously sexy stockings; two different pair-both RHTs, his absolute favorite. They two pair were similar but made by two different manufacturers. One pair was smooth as glass while the other was a little rougher with an obvious mesh appearance to him. He started to notice this type of stocking in his mother’s hosiery drawer appearing with regularity. It wasn’t until years to come that he would learn about the differences between ultimate silkiness of flat knit stockings and their somewhat rougher counterpart, mesh stockings.He carefully examined his catch admiring the details and sheen of each stocking. He sniffed their feminine bouquet sucking in the hypnotic mix of perfume and subtle foot odor. That was all it took before Billy found himself prone on the bathroom floor with the nylon goddess’s worn stockings d****d over his turgid boy penis.He slowly dragged the soft nylons across his cock and balls which tingled in delight. He was lost in lust imagining himself at the nylon feet of the goddess kissing and caressing their soft silken sheerness as she seductively encouraged him. He visualized what her perfectly pedicured toes would look like covered by the darker reinforcement of her stockings. He could see the darker heel surrounding the back of her delicate feet. He was consumed with youthful lust when he heard a proverbial knock on the bathroom door – “Billy, are you alright in there?” his mother uttered. “Yeah. I’m almost done. I’m fine.” he retorted.He hoped she didn’t suspect anything unusual given that his voice was emanating from the floor of the bathroom. He quickly and quietly got up, pulled up his pants and flushed the toilet to provide some authenticity to his bathroom visit. He carefully folded the delicate stockings in pairs and returned them to the front of his pants into his underwear.As he prepared to exit the bathroom, he had to quickly devise a plan on how to discreetly add his newly acquired prize to his collection of stockings he had carefully hidden in his room. As he entered the hallway moving toward his bedroom, his could hear the vacuum cleaner roaring down the hall in his parents’ bedroom. He knew he had the perfect, albeit brief, opportunity to place these prized stockings among his hidden collection.He closed his door and pulled out the book like slip case that contained his stash. He had accumulated so many stockings that he was using a second slip case to cleverly conceal his neatly folded collection of nylon hosiery.Now that the goddess’s stockings were safely hidden away, Billy waiting in excited anticipation of the next time he would be home alone to savor and enjoy their pure sexiness while pleasuring himself with them.Billy continued to find opportunities to acquire the nylons of other girls and women. There was one young girl in his class named Linda who had developed tits well ahead of any of the other girls. She was the focus of suggestive remarks and conversation among the boys because of her sizable breasts. She was every boy’s dream of a young, pubescent transforming tipobet güvenilir mi into a young woman, and she always wore nylons – always – everyday without fail. Billy was keenly aware than she never wore socks with her shoes like some of the other girls who were slower to transition into womanhood.Billy knew where Linda lived – just a couple of blocks away in the same housing tract known as Eastgate. He would often ride his Schwinn Stingray bike by her house as if he was casing it for some future heist. He made note of the times he went by and whether anyone appeared to be home. He was planning his next nylon treasure hunt.When school was in session, he always ogled Linda’s nylon clad legs. She frequently wore that shade of cinnamon stockings which inexplicably drove him crazy with sexual arousal. He would often sit across from her on the bus ride home admiring her nylon clad legs. Even though she was more physically developed than the other girls, she was equally as careless about the way she sat or moved which often caused the dark welts of her stockings to suddenly appear out from underneath her dress or skirt. It also wasn’t unusual to see the white legs of her panty girdle with their familiar garters attached to and stretching the sexy welts of her nylons. She favored wearing long legged girdles instead of a garter belt like many of the other girls in his class. He was familiar with this style of girdle because he had an older cousin who always donned one as well. Billy’s mother always wore an open bottomed girdle so this style added some new intrigue to his stocking watching adventures.When school was out for Christmas vacation, Billy would often ride his bike around the neighborhood to admire the colorful lights and decorations on the houses. One dusky evening, he found himself in front of Linda’s house which was only modestly decorated for the upcoming holiday. He was familiar with its appearance when someone was home and when they were not. There were not lights shining from its interior even though the minimal Christmas lights were on out front. He continued to ride up and down her street appearing as though he was enjoying the neighboring decorations as he carefully watched for any sign of activity at Linda’s house. He stopped in the middle of the street in front of her house pondering his next move. He knew he would have to be quick – get in. Find her nylon drawer. Grab what he wanted and leave.He looked around. The neighboring houses were quiet outside as it was near dinner time. Billy concluded that many families were probably sitting down for supper. There was no traffic on the street nor was anyone outside. The time was right so he made his move toward Linda’s house.He parked his bike along the side of the driveway hidden from street view. He went to the side door of the garage and turned its handle – it was unlocked. He quietly and slowly opened it and saw no cars parked inside. He was pretty confident no one was home as he quickly took the few steps to the entry door. Suddenly everything was moving a light speed. He knew what he was doing was i*****l but at the height of his fetish driven desire, his sense of right and wrong was fully blurred.He turned the entry door knob and it too was unlocked. He quickly entered not knowing exactly which room was Linda’s but he knew he would find it soon enough. As he walked down the hall, the first bedroom on his right was obviously hers because he recognized a girl’s room when he saw one. There was a soft, low night light on her dresser which provided just enough illumination for him to continue his exploration. He immediately went for the top drawer of her dresser pulling it open. Eureka! He found her hosiery drawer on the first try! It was messier than most which was he concluded was not unusual for a young girl It was full of stockings intermixed with each other. Some were in pairs while others were just carelessly intermingled with each other. He was particularly intrigued by some of the unusual colors she had, some of which he had never seen, including a Christmas tree green pair which he remembered seeing her wear the day before at school. There was a plastic bag full of stockings which he decided would be his catch of the day. The bag was sizable and Billy estimated that it must have contained six to ten pair of stockings. It was a large catch that he wasn’t going to let slip by him.He was wearing his bulky winter parka which provided a perfect hiding place for his prize. He grabbed the bag of nylons partially unzipping his parka while stuffing it inside and zipping it up again. The bulkiness of his parka easily concealed his stash.He made his way back to the garage and out the side door to his waiting bicycle. It all happened in an blurry instant before he realized what he had just done. He got on his bike and headed home to meet his new found sexual prize.When he arrived home, supper was just about ready. Billy had told his mother he would be out riding his bike looking at Christmas decorations and his was home on time, as expected. He made his way to his room knowing he only had a couple of minutes to unload his cache and temporary hide until he had enough private time to place it with the rest of his hidden collection. He couldn’t wait to explore this, his biggest nylon heist ever. He knew he had hours and hours of nylon fetish entertainment waiting for him.This concludes this chapter in the nylon adventures of Billy. I will compose more if I receive some encouraging comments. Thanks.

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