The Neighbours Birthday party 2

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The Neighbours Birthday party 2
It had been a very long dull week after Mrs Chester birthday party, all I could think about was how amazing it had been, and how great it was to fuck my old English teacher right in front of everyone, and eagerly waited for the next party, Mrs Tulley’s.
Now Mrs Tulley was a petite redheaded Milf around the same age as my mother, but who had two k**s younger than me, but still looked fairly young for her age, and kept her self fit by going running every other day as well, and I really wanted to see what she would do for her birthday treat!
That Saturday soon arrived though, and eagerly I strolled with my mother and father along the road to a couple of doors down, headed through the side entrance of the garden, and walked straight into a classic family birthday bash, and while my parents began saying hello to all the other neighbours and friends, I went a got a drink.
The next few hours there was drinking, dancing to old pop songs and general birthday fun, and every so often I would see Mrs Chester, who smiled and winked at me, Mrs Hooper who did the same, and then Mrs Tulley spotted me, and stepping over to me she asked “Are you enjoying yourself Mark?”
“Yes, thank you” I replied politely
“Good, and will you be staying for my whole birthday bash, or do you have other plans later?” she then asked.
“Yes, i’ll be staying for as long as your birthday party goes on” I replied politely again.
“Good!” she then grinned, before walking away, and leaving me more excited than ever about this party.
As the party went on into the evening, as per usual, younger families started to head off home, younger teenagers disappeared off, including Mrs Tulley’s two younger teens, and then it was almost time for the rest of Mrs Tulley’s birthday party to begin.
I quickly moved to the table my mother was sat at, and she smiled sweetly at me as I sat beside me.
“Sitting with me again?” she asked “I thought you’d want to sit with some of the younger guys over there!” my mother then said gesturing to a table of people closer to my age.
“No, i’m fine here!” I replied casually, to which my mother just chuckled.
Then Mr Tulley, a skinny middle aged man, stood in the middle of the garden with his wife, who was wearing a knee length green flowery summer dress, and loudly he said “Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s Karen’s birthday today, so you know what that means…” and then some dance music began, and Mrs Tulley began dancing around in the middle of the garden, before Mr Tulley stepped up behind her, and began undoing her dress.
I watched eagerly as he pulled open one button after another down the front of her dress, while she continued to jiggle about in his arms, until he reached the last button, popped it open and then whipped the dress off of her.
Everyone instantly cheered as Mrs Tulley’s naked tanned fit body came into view, and that petite short haired red head, then began dancing around completely naked except for her sandals, jiggling her little round B cup boobs at people and then wiggling her little tanned naked arse at others.
I sat watching excitedly as the woman who was old enough to be my mother, but with a fitter tanned body, happily let everyone see her naked body in all it’s glory, until finally she moved back to the centre of the garden where her husband had now stripped off, and had his hard slim cock out ready, and then Mrs Tulley dropped to her knees took hold of her husbands cock and began sucking on it.
“Yeah! suck that cock!” cried somebody, making everyone laugh.
“Make him cum all over your pretty face!” cried someone else.
I eagerly watched as Mrs Tulley sucked away on her husbands cock, happily sucking wildly on the big round cockhead, before then running her wet lips down his shaft a few times, taking his whole length deep down her throat, and as I did I began to rub my growing bulge through my jeans.
“Need a hand?” asked a voice, and looking around I saw Mrs Dixon, a friend of my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mothers sitting beside me.
“Sure!” I replied nervously, and then Mr Dixon, a blonde older mature woman with a tan and few freckles reached over and began undoing my jeans.
Once she had pulled them apart my semi hard cock fell out, and eagerly she wrapped one of her warm hands around my shaft and began jerking my cock.
“Oh yes!” I sighed enjoying the feeling of another mature hand on my cock.
“Wow! Pretty big and hard!” Mrs Dixon grinned at me “Just like your fathers!” she then giggled.
I then glanced around at my mother, who just smiled back at me, before looking back at Mr and Mrs Tulley again, and as I did the same, I saw Mrs Tulley pull Mr Tulley’s big cock from her lips, before she lay back on a rug and opened her tanned slim legs for him.
Mr Tulley then crawled down between his wife’s open legs, and I watched keenly as he placed his hard wet cock at her bald tanned pussy entrance, before he slipped inside of her in one thrust.
Instantly there was more cheering and clapping, before excitedly Mr Tulley began fucking his wife hard and fast, as she lay back and groaned at his every thrust.
“Fuck her hard!” cried somebody “It’s her birthday!” they then added making everyone cheer again.
As I watched Mr Tulley fucking his hot red headed wife hard right in front of us, Mrs Dixon was stroking my hard teen cock firmly, and as I glanced around at her, I saw she had lowered her straps on her dress and her big round tanned saggy boobs had flopped out for me to see, and eagerly she playing with her own breasts while moaning softly.
“Wow! You have great tits! Mrs Dixon!” I said eyeing them up.
“They feel even better!” she replied grabbing hold of one of my hands and placing it on her nearest big tanned boob.
I groaned excitedly just as she did, as I felt those big soft fleshy mounds in my hands, and after giving them a good fondle, I glanced around at my mother to see she was caressing her big boobs through her dress.
Then I heard loud groaning, and looking back around at Mr and Mrs Tulley they were fucking hard and fast on the rug, before Mr Tulley suddenly stopped, whipped his hard wet dick out of his wife’s wet pussy, and began jerking his cock hard as he began firing wad after wad of cum all over his wife’s naked hot trim body.
Instantly everyone cheered again as Mr Tulley unloaded all over his hot wife, then finally he stopped, stood back and looking around said “Right! Who’s next?” and eagerly several naked men with big hard cocks jumped up and marched towards Mrs Tulley.
I watched Mrs Tulley grinning eagerly as they approached her, and then quickly she reached up, took hold of the nearest two eager cocks and began jerking them, while a third man offered his cock to her mouth and greedily she began sucking on it.
Then a fourth man moved to her feet, pulled off her sandals, spat on her bare little tanned feet before wrapping them around his shaft, and began jerking his cock with them.
“Hey, that guy did that at Mrs Chesters part last week!” I said noticing it.
“That’s Barry, he lives with his mother at the end of the road” replied my mother “And he has a foot fetish thing, he loves women’s feet, and to be honest it does feel nice when he does that!”
I then glanced at my mother in disbelief that she somehow knew how it felt, and she just grinned back at me as she continued to fondle her tits through her dress.
Looking back around, Mrs Tulley was now surrounded by big hard eager cocks, and greedily she was trying to suck and jerk as many as she could, before Barry stopped using her feet to jerk his cock, put them down, and quickly crawled between her open bare legs.
Then he clearly placed his hard cock up against her bald wet pussy, and slipped inside of her, I heard a muffled groan from Mrs Tulley as Barry began fucking her hard, and then a groan from Mrs Dixon, and looking around, I saw the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri blonde haired mature woman who was still stroking my hard teen cock, now had wriggled out of her dress completely, and was now sat beside me completely naked fingering her bald pussy lips.
I stared at my mothers friend, eagerly watching her mature fingers rub vigorously at her own smooth pink wet lips, while I was still squeezing her big boobs, and she was still working my hard cock, and then I heard a soft moan from the other side of me, and looking around, my mother now had one of her chubby white legs up over the side of her plastic garden seat, her dress was up at her waist, and she too was eagerly rubbing her trimmed black hair pussy lips as she watched the sex show in front of us.
My cock twitched in Mrs Dixon’s hand as I stared at my own mothers wet pussy just a few feet from me, and I knew if I stayed here any longer I would probably blow my load in Mrs Dixon’s hand while watching my mother fingering herself, so I quickly said to Mrs Dixon I was going to join in.
“Well, if you must!” she replied looking a little disappointed, before she then bent over and clamed her mature lips around my cock and gave it a good hard suck.
I groaned loudly in pleasure, and my mother immediately said with a chuckle “For god sake Sally, don’t make him blow his load before he gets a chance with Karen!”
Mrs Dixon then pulled off her lips from my cock, grinned and winked at me, before I then strolled off towards the birthday gang bang.
As I stepped up to join the others, I could see another man fucking Mrs Tulley hard and fast before then pulled his cock from her wet pussy and began firing his sticky load all over her.
“Yeah! Make it rain!” I heard Mrs Tulley cry excitedly as splattered all over her sticky naked body.
Looking at the rivers of cum running all over her little tanned tits, flat stomach, and inching their way down towards her bald pussy I would say at least four or five guys had now cum all over her, and eagerly another older man slipped between her open legs to have a go.
As I stood watching him pumping away at her wet used pussy, I suddenly felt a hand on my cock and looking around I saw Mrs Tulley had reached over and grabbed it, and with a eager pleased look in her eye, she began jerking me hard as another guy stuffed her mouth with his cock.
I quickly stepped a little closer, so she could jerk me better, and as I stared at her sucking cock, and jerking another, while her fit petite tanned mature body was covered in cum and another guy was fucking her pussy, I thought what a fucking great street I lived in!
After a minute the old guy between her legs began to grunt and then pulling his hard cock from her wet pussy, he began firing his sticky load all over her belly and filling up her little belly button.
Then eagerly the having his cock sucked, pulled it from her lips, and moved to be next between her legs, and happily Mrs Tulley pulled me to her mouth, and wrapping her wet lips around my shaft began keenly sucking on my teen cock.
Then she began to groan as the next man slipped between her legs and into her wet hole, and once again she stuffed from both ends, and still jerking other cocks.
It was then looking up I saw my father standing across from me with a grin on his face, and he then said “Good isn’t she?”
“Yeah!” I replied back happily.
Mrs Tulley was very good, her little head bobbed wildly back and forth on my cock, sucking and drooling all over my teen meat shaft and if it wasn’t for the fact I really wanted to fuck her, I could have cum right then in her mouth, but fortunately for me the next guy didn’t last long, and with a groan he pulled his cock from her pussy and began blowing his load all over her bare tanned slim thighs.
I decided it was my turn now, and a little reluctantly I pulled my cock from Mrs Tulley’s lips, who looked a little disappointed she couldn’t suck güvenilir bahis şirketleri on it any more, but as I moved to step between her legs, her face began to grin excitedly.
I then crawled down between her open legs, and could now see her used wet puffy pussy in all it’s glory, and placing my hard cock up against it, I thrust forward, slipped between her pink wet lips and entered her warm wet hole.
Mrs Tulley groaned happily, and then as I began fucking that hot tanned red headed petite Milf, covered in many men’s hot sticky cum she lifted her slim fit legs up and began groaning louder and more excited.
“Go on son, fuck her hard!” said my father as Mrs Tulley took hold of his hard cock and began jerking it.
“Yeah! Do it Mark, she hasn’t teen cock in years! Show her what she’s missing!” said Mr Tulley stood a few feet away watching excitedly.
So I quickly began thrusting harder and faster, my cock pumping in and out of Mrs Tulley’s wet cunt like a steam piston, and as I did, Mrs Tulley began groaning louder and more excitedly.
“Yeah! Give it her Mark!” cried someone watching “Give it to her hard!”
My cock was soon hammering away at this hot mature mother of two from over the road, while eagerly everyone watched on, and as I pounded that wet bald pussy of hers, her slim tanned legs wrapped around my waist and now I could feel her fucking me back just as hard.
“Yeah! she loves it! I told you she would!” cried her husband excitedly stroking his cock as he watched me fuck his wife hard.
As we eagerly now fucked each other in front of our neighbours and friends, I glanced across at where my mother was, and could see both her and Mrs Dixon were now both rubbing each others pussies eagerly as they watched me fucking Mrs Tulley, and seeing that sight I felt spurred on to finish.
I then looked back at Mrs Tulley, who was now staring right at me, and crying out constantly as we fucked “Yeeeessss! yeeeesss! yyeeeesss!” and she was now so into our fucking, she had stopped sucking cock, and politely everyone just stood there watching us instead.
“I’m Cuuuummiinngg!” Mrs Tulley then cried loudly “Ooohhh Gooooddd! I’mmmm Cuuummmiiinngg!” and eagerly I kept fucking her pussy as she then cried out loudly, clutched at her little boobs, and squeezed her legs tightly around my waist.
I could feel her hot mature pussy convulsing around my hard cock, trying to squeeze the life out of it, until finally she tensed up completely, held me tightly fully a moment, and then finally relaxed again.
“Oh fuck!” she gasped lying back trying to catch her breath, and instantly everyone began clapping and cheering.
“He made her cum!” cried Mr Tulley excitedly “Mark made her cum on her birthday!” and everyone cheered again.
Mrs Tulley then unwrapped her legs, I quickly pulled my cock from her wet hot pussy, and eagerly began jerking it hard, and after several seconds of staring at Mrs Tulley naked, covered in cum, and panting for air after cumming on my cock, I finally felt my balls tighten, and with a loud groan I began spraying my cum all over her like a fountain.
Everyone cheered again as they watch me unload my teen juices all over this hot MIlf, splattering her face, little tanned tits, and slim mature body, until I was completely spent.
As I stared at Mrs Tulley catching my breath, she smiled and winked at me.
Then I got up, and moved out of the way for the next guys go, before strolling back towards my mother and Mrs Dixon, who were both still sat with their legs wide open for me to see their wet naked pussies, as they both appeared to have cum as well.
“That was fucking incredible!” Mrs Dixon said excitedly, as I sat down beside her again “You’re like a little teen stud. you made both me and your mother cum just watching you!” she then said, and as I glanced over at my mother, she blushed and said “What? I like young men too!”
Then Mrs Dixon reached over and grabbed hold of my cock and began massaging it again, before she then leant over and began sucking it again, cleaning off all of Mrs Tulley’s pussy juices and the last dribbles of cum leaking from my tip, and as she did, I glanced over at my mother, and she smiled back at me, before looking back at the sex show that was still going on, and then began rubbing that little pussy of her again.

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