“The Last Hero”

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“The Last Hero””The Last Hero” A short story by Michael Gentile—During the introduction to “Hogan’s Heroes” there is a solemn, military press sequence that contains 6 thrusts before it is broken into a circus atmosphere upon the 7th. It is to those (6) that I dedicate this story.—- “30 seconds. God be with you.”- “Saving Private Ryan”Word had come for most via scuttlebutt, in small whispers, passed American to American, German to German. An ashen-faced Sgt. Washington had entered Colonel Hogan’s afforded quarters and woken him. “Colonel, Colonel, Colonel Hogan, sir!” Hogan woke from sleep & dreams to discover his communications chief stock straight. “Washington, what is it?” Something had happened. “And why are you at attention?””It is over, sir.”Chapter One.”Hogan,,,Colonel Hogan, you will of course accept my quarters as yours henceforth?”Commandant Klink was holding court. “I will have Sergeant Shultz move my belongings to the guest quarters.””Wouldn’t hear of it, sir.” Hogan drew heavy on the cigar that Klink had offered him. “The guest quarters will suit me, sir. With your permission, of course.”The sharp crack of Klink’s jack boots engaging each other resonated. The framed picture of Hitler masquerading the listening device that had enabled the Heroes to direct war efforts for years caught Hogan’s eye. Everything had been cleaned in the minutes after Washington’s report:”It’s been confirmed,. No doubt exists, sir.” Washington once again at attention in the prisoners general quarters.”At ease, Sergeant.” He laid his hand upon him, Washington’s tremors eased. Hogan’s grip tightened.Their eyes met. “What is the code, Sergeant?”Without hesitation: “xxxxxx, sir.””Repeat it, Sergeant: “xxxxxx, sir.””Again.” The same.”Go, now!” Hogan directed bleary eyed Newkirk & LeBeau to “clean” Klink’s office. bodrum escort “I expect you back in 5 minutes. That’s an order.””Yes, sir.” They were back in 5.”Everything?””Yes, sir.”He cited his French brother: “Louie?” The Frenchman’s eyes were glistening with tears, though none had crested & fallen. “I am returning to France, Colonel, qui?””Qui, Louie, we’re all going home. It is time.””Uh, Mr. Hogan, uh, sir?” Sgt. Andrew Carter, demolition man for the group, his comedic moxie rising to the specter of freedom. “Carter?””Should I destroy the tunnel and apply the seal, sir?” They’d made arrangements that enabled the team to destroy all components and seal the HQ structure below in such an event as this.”We’re going to wait. Be ready. What is the code?The Heroes in unison: “xxxxxx.” “Repeat it.”Chapter Two.”Hogan, dahling!”Shultz had retrieved him from the guest quarters where he was coordinating the departure of his men.”Shultz, you are going home, soon?” “I must stay, Colonel Hogan, as his Sergeant I must remain and be cleared by the Geneva Convention team. “I will vouch for you.””Thank you, Colonel Hogan, I was going to ask, but, you have saved me the embarrassment.”Hogan was surprised to find the white Russian, Marya, replete in full length mink coat in Klink’s office. Klink, all smiles, his hands clasped in unabashed joy.”We are victorious, Hogan! I came at once, dahling.”She hurriedly crossed the space between them and fell into Hogan’s embrace.”I will come to you, dahling, tonight, while you sleep, my precious one. You will love Marya at last.” Her whispered hiss precise.She separated from their clasp. “You will take Marya, Hogan, dahling? You will take me with you when you go to the States, to the America, to the Palm Springs, it is always warm there, yes, Klink?” She spoke to Klink, escort bodrum but, her eyes remained locked with Hogan’s.”Oh, of course it is. We must all go there, at once.” Klink unclasped & rubbed his hands together briskly. “Some wine for the victors, yes?” Over Klink’s best the trio toasted victory & peace. “Colonel Hogan has arranged a dinner tonight. He’s requested LeBeau to prepare a most magnificent creation. Is this not true, Colonel Hogan?””Yes, Commandant.””Ah, Hogan, you must drop the signature of Commandant. I am no longer your Commandant. I am your friend. I have always been your friend, your dearest friend, yes?”Hogan lifted his glass in agreement. “To my truest friend.” “And to the black of noir, my dahling Hogan.”Chapter Three.”Losing our chef is the sharpest of my regrets, cockroach.” All smiles Colonel Klink inhaled the aromas that would soon disappear in the winds of peace.”Qui, Commandant.”Klink leaned close to the Frenchman, his whisper freighted in emotion: “Viva my Louie, Viva la France.”The Corporal was aghast at this advance from the man who’d held him from his homeland for so many days turned to years. He did the right thing: snapped to attention and covered his heart with his palm.The dinner was a smash. Just the 3 of them. Corporal LeBeau had gone all out. The Englishman too, on orders from his Colonel: “Newkirk, the best from the cellar.””The very best, Colonel, hey?””Peter, where will you head?”Startled by the unfamiliarity of his Christian name, Corporal Newkirk came around…”My mum, Colonel, she has waited so long. Then to Piccadilly, hey?”Klink at the head of the table. Hogan to his right. The Russian to his left. They spoke about the times, tribulations that had bond them together in the war after the war to end all wars had ended. “Colonel Klink, dahling, bodrum escort bayan what is your plight?””I will surrender upon the arrival of Allied forces whomever they should be. Colonel Hogan has offered to plead on my behalf and I have accepted his most generous offer.”Chapter Four.She was warm. She was exceedingly wet.She was garishly hirsute.”Nyet! Nyet!” Was her Russian protest at Hogan’s incredible tumescence. He’d not had a woman since his Spitfire had been shot down over Germany as he flew for the RAF.”More! More! More!” Was her acquired American plea as he became not only steeled, but, impervious to satisfaction.At exhaustion she slept, her breathing once ragged now even and calm.Just before dawn he slept, visions of “Sergeant Kinchloe” being murdered by SS agents standing before his mind; Colonel Klink, monocle locked watching the slaughter take place and lifting not a finger to stop it.———“My dearest, Robert,I must return to my country. Stalin awaits my presence. Yes, some day I will come and see you there in California and we will talk of what we have done, yes. The victory we have achieved together.You will kiss my Louie for me, yes, Colonel? Yes.Good bye, Colonel.- Marya”He put the letter back in it’s envelope and climbed out of bed.Chapter Five.”Colonel, Hogan,It is past time, my friend. My father awaits me. We will rebuild what has been forsaken and destroyed, shoulder-to-shoulder. I tried, Colonel, I tried so hard to save you all. To save all I could. I could not. A part of me died that day in this office when your Sergeant was murdered in front of our eyes. I will not ask your forgiveness, Colonel. Just your prayers.- ‘Nimrod’”———3 weeks later – Washington, D.C.”General Hogan, if you will follow me, sir.”A couple hallways, a couple turns and they arrived. “Go right in, sir, he’s waiting for you.””Mr. President.” General Hogan came to attention, cocked his arm and held his salute.”Ah, Robert, please forgive me for not rising, it’s this infernal chair. Come, son, come close and tell me everything.”—The End—

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