The Dream – Part One

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The Dream – Part OneShe is standing in the room with her back to me. I don’t say anything but she knows I am there; she can sense my presence, feel my eyes wandering over her milky-white skin. All she is wearing is a tiny pair of knickers, not a thong but a traditional g-string, with a black, lacy bra straining to contain her very full yet taught breasts. It is quite warm but still her nipples are erect, aching with anticipation, waiting for the touch of my strong fingers or the teasingly painful biting they might get form my teeth.She hears me approach, soft steps moving me closer towards her till she can feel a slight heat from the close proximity of my body to hers. She starts to turn her head to look towards me till she hears my voice, softly but firmly command her to “Keep still.” My hands gently hold her shoulders and she shudders slightly as they touch her soft, bare skin. They gently stroke down each of her arms before reaching her wrists, then holding them firmly but not tightly I raise her arms over her head.She feels the smooth touch of canlı kaçak bahis silk as her hands are bound together and attached to a device a comfortable height above herr head. “Is that comfortable?” I whisper in her ear.“Mmmmm,” she responds, nodding slightly and leaning her head back against my chest.I run my fingers through her long blonde hair and my head moves down to inhale its sweet scent. I gently hold it away from her neck and she feels my lips brush over the sensitive skin, hot lips caressing it and moving all around it. My tongue flicks against the lobe of her ear and I nibble gently on it.Again she moves her head around towards me but again I whisper “Not yet, angel,” quietly in her ear. I kiss the nape of her neck, inhaling the perfect combination of Chanel combined with her own natural scent. I am intoxicated and nearly fall to my knees as it overcomes me.One hand strokes her cheek and neck while my other arm gently wraps around he, stroking her belly and ribs, working towards her delicious breasts.As I stand close behind her, tipobet güvenilir mi our bodies slightly touching, she can feel the hot hard throb of my groin pushing against her buttocks. My embrace grows more firm as my hand finds a breast and starts to caress it through the lacy material of her bra. My mouth is kissing her neck with slowly increasing passion, nipping the skin between my teeth, covering her with soft love bites along her shoulder, neck and ear. My fingers can feel her stiff nipples through her bra and they, almost desperately, try to pinch and grip them. She feels my hands suddenly move to the clasp and instantly it loosens, allowing two perfect orbs to fall free. Both my hands rush to hold them and I stand behind her gripping and kneading them, squeezing them together, pinching the nipples while whispering “Oh Suzt, oh God, Suzy!” in her ear.She feels a cold steel brush against her skin as I cut through the straps of her bra and allow it to fall to the floor. I discard the knife and suddenly spin her around bets10 to face me. We stand there staring into each others eyes, her bound and topless, breasts heaving up and down as anticipation makes her breathe deeply through her mouth, nipples, large and stiff, pointing accusingly towards me. I look deep into her baby-blue eyes, soaking up the longing we both feel. My own eyes, steely-blue, like chips of ice, holding her gaze.Finally I have to break the tension and I seize her breasts and pull her towards me before kissing her neck, cheeks, eyes and finally allowing our lips to touch. As they brush against each other for the first time we both experience a sharp shock of electricity which only serves to further heighten our passion. My tongue flicks across her lips, teasing them trying to entice them to open slightly but pulling away just they do. I repeat this two or three times, each time pushing my tongue slightly further between her lips but not allowing our tongues to touch for more than an instant. My hands are still holding her breasts, stroking across the soft, smooth flesh, unwilling to stop touching them. Urgent fingers squeeze their sides while probing thumbs rub back and forth across stiff, hard nipples. She is starting to tremble and shudder with anticipation and building arousal…

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