The Conglomerate – Chapter 1

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The Conglomerate – Chapter 1Author’s note. This Story is fairly long with over 2 dozen chapters. I have not finished it yet, but please comment and tell me what you think so far on any of the chapters. This story will contain Femdom, Lesbian Sex, BSDM, and BBWs.Prologue: This story takes place in the near future. There has been a strong resurgence of the religious right in much of the South, and they have used their power to crack down on all forms of pornography, sex work, and public female nudity.chapter 1 – arrest and prosecutionAva was in her bedroom working as a camgirl on a popular cam site. She was 19 and very hot at just 5’3 and 116 pounds, with a curvy ass, a small waist, and perky c-cup breasts. Needless to say, she could make good money most nights in her cam room. The problem was she lived in Arkansas, a state that now had fundamentalists in canlı bahis control of the governor’s office and the legislator. When the religious right came back to power one of the first laws, they passed was a law that criminalized all forms of the broadcast, filming, or display of female nudity. They had also started a severe crackdown on any kind of sex work. Topless clubs were shut down across the state. Adult stores were raided and shutdown, and there was a huge crackdown on female escorts. They had even had nude paintings and sculptures of women pulled from museums. Ava knew all this, and she knew the risks of what she was doing, but it was good money and she lived in a state where jobs that paid well were hard to find. Just before she hit her tip goal for the evening, there was a loud knock at the door followed by the sound of her door being perabet forced open. Seconds later her bedroom was full of police, Ava topless on her bed, the entire event being broadcast to all everyone in her cam room. She started to jerk a sheet up over herself, but she was quickly pushed face down and handcuffed. They made her sit there topless on her bed while they searched her home. Ava asked for a shirt, but the officer in the room with her just told her “Sit tight harlot, we are not done here yet.” The police went through all her drawers, cabinets, seat cushions and everything thing else they could tear open only to find a small amount of marijuana behind a coffee can in her pantry. The small bag of marijuana was handed to the officer in the room with her. He showed it to her and said “Public broadcast of female nudity and marijuana possession, perabet giriş that’s a felony in this state you harlot. It’s more than enough to get sinful trash like you off the streets and out of our God-fearing communities.”Ava was advised by her defense attorney to take the plea deal the prosecutor was offering. It was 5 years in the Arkansas Women’s Ouachita Mountain Correctional Facility. Her defense attorney told her “If this goes to trial, they have more than enough evidence to convict you and you could be looking at 20 years or more”.Devastated, she saw no option but to take the plea deal. Just two weeks after her apartment was raided, she was in a prison bus headed to Ouachita Mountain Correctional. As the bus rolled through mountains looked out the window of the bus at the rolling mountains and green forests as far you could see thinking she would not see it again for years. Ava was scared to death of what awaited her. This was hard time. She would be in there with murderers and hardened criminals. She was only 19 years old and this is where her life was going.

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