The Chateau

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The ChateauYou are driving around the countryside with me on a Saturday morning. You are dressed appropriately; a simple white blouse with buttons down the front, a white skirt and sneakers. You are wearing no underwear. It is a warm and sunny day. All of a sudden, I pull the car over to the side of the road. “It is time for your third lesson.”, I say. You immediately begin to get wet. “You must be totally obedient today.”, I say, “Are you ready to do that?” “Yes, sir”, you answer. I open the glove compartment and take out handcuffs and a blindfold. Your heart jumps. I attach your hands behind your head to the headrest of your seat. I then attach the blindfold. Suddenly, you can’t see anything. Your other senses seem to heighten and you feel a familiar stirring between your legs. “Spread your knees.”, I say. You follow the instructions. Then your feel my hands slowly, pulling your skirt up to the level of your hips. You feel a slight draft across your shaved pussy. The car starts again and imprisoned like this, you drive for perhaps ten minutes. As soon as the car stops, you feel your hands being released from the head rest. The car door opens and you feel a hand on each arm guiding you up some stairs. You are moved inside a door and then the hands leave your arms. A moment later your hands are attached above your head. Then nothing happens for several minutes. You are very excited with anticipation.After a while, you hear footsteps. Your blindfold is removed and you take a look at your surroundings. You are in a hallway of a large mansion. There are paintings on the walls and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. In front of you is a beautiful woman of about your age. She has short curly blond hair with brown eyes. She is completely naked! As you look down you see she has the familiar leather bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Her pubic hair has been shaved off just like yours. You look at her breasts and see a gold ring going through each large brown nipple. “Your nipples!”, you blurt out. The woman smiles at you and, moving her hands under your blouse, takes one of your breasts in each hand. “It hurt at first”, she says, “but now these rings aksaray escort bayan give me incredible pleasure. Sometimes you can make me come just by playing with them.” She squeezes your nipples at first gently and then harder. You give out a little moan.”You’ll like it when it’s done to you.”, she says. Then she removes your handcuffs and says, “Follow me.” You find it very strange to be fully clothed walking behind this naked woman. She leads you along a large corridor and into a large room. There are three more women equally undressed waiting for you. “Get undressed.” says the nearest one. You fumble with your buttons as you obey the command. When you are completely naked, one of the women leads you to a sunken bathtub. For the next half-hour you are bathed from head to foot. You are embarrassed as they wash your pussy and ass but you follow their instructions. As soon as your bath is complete and you are dry, you are led to a padded massage table. Bracelets are again attached to your wrists, ankles and thighs. You are then attached to the table so that your arms are tight above your head and your legs are held wide apart. One of the girls attaches nipple clips to your nipples and you begin to squirm as you feel them pinch you.Another girl stands between your legs. She looks at you and says, “Your visit here will be a mixture of pleasure and pain.” She then takes a thin leather strap and begins gently slapping the end of it against your pussy. At first the sensation is very pleasant as you feel the strap hit your clitoris. The strokes become steadily stronger and soon your pussy is just gushing its juices at the sensation. You whole body feels warm. The final stroke is a hard one and you yelp. The woman smiles at you and says, “You will be left here for several minutes and I want to leave you something to think about.” She reaches into a nearby jar of ointment and takes a small dab on one finger. Holding your pussy lips apart with one hand, she applies the ointment directly onto the nub of your clitoris. The ointment tickles a bit and you start to involuntarily move your hips around as another dab is applied to your anus. escort aksaray The four women leave. You are still on your back and exposed totally. The tickle at your clitoris and your bottom has now become hot. The ointment that was put there is generating heat. You begin to squirm uncontrollably in your bonds. The heat continues to grow in intensity and between the stimulation of your clitoris, your bottom and the nipple clips still attached to your breasts, you feel turned on as you never have been before. You are moaning continuously and you are dying to free your hands so you can touch yourself. Finally, without anyone touching you, you come. The orgasm continues for what seems forever as you cry out at the sensation. Obviously you were being observed, because as soon as you come, the women return and release you. Your nipple clips are removed and your hands are attached behind your back and you are led, naked, out of the room and down the corridor. The other women are now dressed and this time it is you who is walking in the nude. Two girls open a set of double doors and with one girl holding each arm, you are led into a crowded ballroom of people obviously having a party. You are mortified. You could die from embarrassment. The guests do not seem shocked to see you, instead they seem amuse. The women point to your naked slit and whisper giggled comments to their partners. As you pass through the crowd, some people reach out to fondle a breast or touch your ass or pussy. You are led to the center of the large room. The crowd parts aside and you see a doctor’s examining table there. You now know what will be happening to you. Sure enough, you are placed on the table with your hands fastened to the head of the table and your legs spread wide apart. You feel cool fingers pulling open the lips of your pussy and rubbing your juices into your clit. You feel the cool feeling of Vaseline as a lubricated finger makes its way up into your ass. One woman on either side of you sucks a nipple each. You cannot help the moan that escapes your lips. As your nipples become hard, the women stop and re-attach the nipple clips to them. The finger in aksaray escort your ass is withdrawn and replaced by a small vibrating butt plug. The woman between your legs stops and moves aside. A man takes her place and immediately begins pumping into you. Despite your bonds, your body strains upward as you try for the deepest penetration possible. The man comes, pumping his semen deep into your body. He withdraws and another takes his place. This one is slightly larger than the first and stretches you as he fills you up. The women at your sides begin toying with the nipple clips and all of a sudden you begin coming. The man continues to fuck you as you abandon all your inhibitions. Your body is super-sensitive and your continue your orgasm after the man has withdrawn from you. Finally, it is over. The vibrating dildo is pulled gently from your ass. You are left tied up however and you lay there passively. There is a sheen of sweat across you entire body. The party continues and a few of the guests touch you as they walk by. One couple you notice in particular. She is perhaps 18 or 19 years old. She is wearing a white party dress and her face is the picture of innocence. It is her boyfriend who instructs her to touch your breasts and nipples. You see her tremble as she does so. The boyfriend then tells her to push a finger into your shaven pussy. The girl looks afraid and the boy must tell her again before you feel her finger move tentatively into you. “One day it will be you tied here”, he tells her. “You will have a shaved pussy and everyone will be looking at and touching you and you’ll be helpless to prevent it. Would you like that?” “Yes”, whispers the girl. As you lie there, you find the thought of that strangely exciting. Perhaps you will get the chance to see someone else trained before you one day. Soon the women come to take you back to the room where you undressed. You are cleaned up and gently massaged and your body restored. The women leave you sitting on an ottoman in front of a ceiling to floor mirror. In the mirror, you see the door open behind you and I come in. Standing behind you I reach down and cup your breasts in my hands. You look in the mirror at the two of us and without my asking, open your legs to expose yourself to me. I smile at the sight. You look at yourself in the mirror, and you know you will never be the same.(Note: This story is from the Master Chris files, #3)

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