The Beginning- Part 13

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The Beginning- Part 13Breeding the milk cow.I guess my Friday where I call the shots got a little too bit crazy for Karen and I. I did go over the top for Friday. Need to tone it down next time. We did nothing but rest all day Saturday.”Honey, am I going to have to compete with you on who gets to suck on a black cock?” Karen asked.Did I just hear a little bit of jealousy in Karen’s voice just now. What? She does not want to share a black dick with me? I was just laughing to myself.No sweetie pie. The only reason Ron’s cock ended up in my mouth was because he stuck it there. Once that happen I figured to suck him a couple more times just for fun. It is really something I don’t plan to do again. If I was to do it again it will be just to get the black dicks hard for you. No more black dick juice is going to shoot off in my mouth. Only in you I told Karen.A smile came back on her face.”I do have to say the idea of you sucking a black cock to get it hard for me does sounds exciting” Karen replied.I almost forgot to tell you Ron said they are going to have a costume halloween party next week. It will be on a Sunday Let’s do it I said. Don’t worry about Friday. We will take a rest. Besides it will give you more time to produce milk for Sunday night. “I like dressing up in a costume. But please I don’t think I can do 9 black men again . Just too much for me to try to satisfy them. Like I said before I only have 3 holes.” Karen said.You just gotta love my wife. First she does not want me to make black cocks explode in my mouth and now she prefers to give personal service to no more than 3 black guys for the night.Hey I understand. Now what are we going as for Halloween? I need a little time to come up with an idea. I told her.Karen told me her plans for next week. She will not see her 3 workout blacks boys Monday . They are all going out with their girlfriends that day.Then she did say she does have a modeling job for Wednesday. The old photographer told her to make sure her breast are nice and full. She will have to meet a new black client and he had a special request for a large breasted white girl. Karen said she has to pick up a cheerleader outfit at a costume store. It is a special request by the client for her to model for him. I ask her if she can set up an ip cam again. She said yes because it is part of her modeling package for her “safety”. In fact it will be set up before she gets there.Karen did get some much needed rest. Each night I would rub her down with body lotion and nipple cream like always I have done in the past. It is such a pleasure for me to make my wife’s breast so soft and suckle for her black lovers. . Her breast were getting full and ready to be sucked on.Wednesday could not come fast enough for me. I was about to get off of work and go home. Bill could see I was counting the minutes. Bill wanted to know what was up. I told him Karen was going to model a cheerleader outfit tonight. “I forgot about the modeling Karen does on the side. Will it be on the Black Dicks in White Chicks cable network ” ? Bill asked laughing.” No seriously can I watch too?” Bill asked again.I told him yes. She will have an ip cam set up in the room. He would be welcome to come over and watch. I told him to be there about 8:15 pm and to bring beer. At least he can bring the beer while watching my wife gets some black cock.I get home. Karen had supper ready. It was a little romantic meal with some soft music and lit candles. Someone was going to get lucky tonight and I don’t think it will be me.It was time for Karen to get ready. She went take a shower. After the shower I got to shave her pussy for her. I wanted to make sure my wife’s pussy will be soft and bare. I gave it a little kiss smelling how fresh it was. She got dress in some jeans with a pull over shirt. She did have on a support bra. No nipples were poking out or cleavage was showing. I was a little disappointed to be sending my wife to a hotel room without some goods being shown. Karen left at 8 pm carrying her bag with the cheer leading outfit. Our son was asleep in his bed. I had my laptop hooked to the big screen tv in the living room. Bill arrived on time bringing the beer. We had it up on the big screen. We could see a handsome black man wearing a suit. Kind of towering black man. The kind that will flatten my white wife when he crawls on top of her. I like it.He was watching a fuck movie on cable. Of course it must have been the Black Dicks in White Chicks network because you guessed it a brother was hammering away on a white chick on the screen. There was a knock on the door.”Who is it ” Asked the black gent”It me Karen” was the reply.The cable was turn off as he opens the door.Karen walked in and shook hands with black clent. You now can get a better idea of how big this black guy was. The kind that Karen loves being smother under as she gets fucked.They introduce each other. His name was Leroy. They did some small talk. Leroy asked about the ip camera that was given to bahis firmaları him by the photographer. Karen explains that it is for safety purposes only. Leroy agreed and it sounded like a good idea. Karen told Leroy if he wants to get out his business suit he can.If he wants he can just relax as if he was at home. She ask him if he has a robe to wear. Leroy said yes and goes retrieve his robe. Leroy was about to go change in the bathroom. Karen stopped him. She tells him she would like to help him change into his robe.” It will help you to relax ” Karen told Leroy.Karen removes his jacket and shirt. Leroy has a muscular body. Karen lightly runs her hands across his chest. Next came off his shoes and socks.”Wow that brother has big feet.” Bill said. Leroy turns around to take his pants off. “You don’t have to turn around. I always try to make my clients feel at home. Besides I am married and it won’t be anything like I never saw before.” Karen giggled.Karen pulls down Leroys pants. Leroy is standing only in his boxer shorts but his black dick is hanging way below it. He hurries up and coils it back in his boxer shorts”Man that nigga got a big dick” Bill said.All you niggas got a big dick. You think my wife wants you for your brains. Besides why is he a brother with big feet but then a nigga with a big dick? I ask Bill.”When a nigga says another nigga has a big dick, that is one big dick. Someone with a dick that big is a nigga no matter what color he is.” Bill saidThen why don’t you call me nigga I asked as I looked at Bill trying to keep myself from laughing.Karen did get a glance of Leroy’s black dick before he corralled it back into his boxer shorts. She does give a small smile back to the camera. She then gets eye level with his shorts to remove them.Out pops Leroys black cock almost hitting her lips.At first I thought she was going to catch it her mouth but I was disappointed.”Oh Mister Leroy I hope I did not make you feel uncomfortable” Karen said as the black cock went from soft to semi hard in front of my wife’s faceMan that nigga sure does have a big dick I said wide eyed.Karen then got behind and put the robe on Leroy.”How about you? You can get a little more comfortable if you want” Leroy told Karen.That is okay. My bra is cutting into me a little but I am used to it.” Karen says.”Why don’t you just take your bra off”? Leroy asked.”Well my husband does not want me to show off my breast in public. ” Karen saysThat it blame the husband I chuckled.”I can take it off when I wear the cheer leading outfit if you don’t mind my breast sagging in your outfit.” Karen said.”Not at all. Not at all” Leroy replied.Karen goes into the bathroom to change into the cheer leading outfit. She comes back out wearing the short skirt and just her bra. The skirt barely covers her beautiful fat ass.”Mr Leroy the snaps on the front of my bra are stuck. Can you unsnap it for me?” Leroy unsnaps the front of my wife’s bra and removes it. Karen’s breast swings free from its bondage. Karen steps closer to Leroy . She cups up her breast offering them to Leroy for his pleasure.Leroy drops his robe sporting a record breaking black cock. It was rock hard jutting out. Karen again gets to eye level but this time takes the black elephant truck into her mouth.”I can stop now and just model the outfit if you want me to” Karen said in between kissing the black cock before her.Leroy did not say a word. He pushes Karen on the floor. Karen hikes up little skirt. She had no panties on. She opens her legs knowing this is what she was sent here to do. Let a black man fuck her with modeling being an excuse.I guess you can say they just skipped the modeling part and went straight to the fucking part.Leroy started to insert his black cock into my wife. Karen moan as Leroy planted his root all the way in. He starts a hard fucking rhythm. His strong arms wrapped around her back pressing her breast against his chest. I could see milk leaking out them being pressed so hard. Karen wraps her legs around Leroy to buck back with each long stroke.They are fucking non stop for about a hour. Karen did cum more than I could ever made her do in a whole night.I could see it looks like Leroy was about to dump his cum in my wife.Karen got vocal knowing Leroy was about to cum. I was pulling myself hard while Bill just smiled drinking a beer.”I can feel your black cock hit my womb. Dump your black baby making cum into my fertile womb ” Karen said as she bucked wildly back.This was the tipping point for Leroy as he grunted and shot off into my wife’s pussy. I pulled a little harder and camed too. Bill opened up another beer.As Leroy was grunting he grabbed one of Karen’s breast to suckle on it. Watching this I now know what our costume for Halloween was going to be. Leroy rolls off of Karen. Karen gets up. She grabs some pom poms and starts to do a cheerleader routine. “Mr Leroy I am here to model your cheerleading outfit. I hope you didn’t mind fucking me before I start. ” Karen perabet said.Karen dances around with the pom poms shaking it in front of her breast. Cum is running down her leg. I wish I was there to lick it off her leg. She then goes up to Leroy who was sitting in a chair buck ass naked. He grew another hard on. Karen throws the pom poms to the side and straddles across Leroys lap. She plants his black dick into her pussy as he rolls one nipple in his hand and sucks on the other. They fuck again for 3 hours with both cumming multiple times. I had never seen a black man cum that many time in my wife before. That says a lot because I did see many black men fuck my wife.I was jacking off again as I watch Leroys big ball sack slam against Karen, I was having visions of his black man’s seed knocking up my wife. I had visions of Karen with a big swollen belly and her breast with lots of stretch marks from growing bigger. I camed again. Bill had another beer.It was time for Karen to leave. Leroy gave her the modeling money. He then was giving her some more money but Karen refused. “You really do like black cock.” Leroy said.Karen got on her knees and started sucking Leroy off. He camed again but this time in her mouth.“I take that as a yes” Leroy said.As Karen was walking to the door he looks at the camera.”Next month I will be back. I want to see you again. You can bring your husband with you only on the condition he has to undress you in front of me and help you climb on top of me. He then can sit on edge of the bed while I try to knock up his wife with a black baby.” Leroy said.Karen said “Yes please try to knock me up with your black seed in front of my husband.”I was jerking off again. Another name to go on the spreadsheet.Bill grabbed the last beer and told me I was going to pull off my dick when I watch Karen getting knocked up.Karen gets home. I tell her to take her clothes off and meet me in the bedroom. I gave her 5 minutes and then I enter the bedroom. Karen is on all fours as Bill is fucking her in the ass. He finishes quick and hopes off. Tells her bye and tells me my wife’s asshole feels good on his black dick. He lets himself out the door. I get behind her too and start to ass fuck her. I tell her after the costume party she is to get off the pill. I want her belly to be swollen with a black baby. I camed.Karen rolls around for me to eat out her raw pussy. She then tells me who she wants to knock her up. I was taken aback by who she said but I was on board with it. I called in sick the next day. Our c***d went to MIL. Karen and I looked at a calendar to plan when we think the effects of the pill is out her system. Then we looked at the calendar to pick out her most fertile 48 hours. Our plan was now set. In a couple of months my wife should start carrying a black baby inside her.Karen did get to rest all day. She started to drink plenty of fluids to build up her milk supply for Sunday. I looked at her and ask if she had plans for her breast and pussy at the Costume party.”What do you think?” she repliedI then told her my costume idea. It came to me as I was watching you being smothered by Leroy. I hope this costume stays on longer than the one Leroy had for you. I said.”Oh yes I think this costume plan will work out for us. ” Karen said.MIL came over Sunday evening to pick up our son. We now was all set to go to the party.We arrived at the party. Things were getting loud. A few white couples mixed in with the mainly black crowd. The white women had on sexy outfits exposing their tits. The white husbands were not in costume. It looked like they all had the same idea. As the white women walked thru the crowd cat calls ringed out. The white couples sitting at a table had at least a couple of black men sitting next to the white women while the husband sat across from them. You can see some legs were opened with a black hand buried between them.They did have some black women dressed up showing off their tits and ass. I was impressed.Now Karen and I were a lot different than the rest of the costume people. Ours was not sexy at all. It looked kind of dorky in a way. I was dressed as a farmer wearing a flannel shirt, blue jeans, work boots and a John Deere baseball cap. Karen had on a white cow outfit you can buy from Walmart. Cute looking with the pink teats, a tail, flappy ears and some small horns on her head. I had a piece of rope attach to her collar around her neck. I walked her thru the crowd. One of the white women said” How cute, a fat cow” in a demeaning voice.I looked at the black guy she was hitting on and walked up to him.No way I was going to let this woman make fun of my wife. The woman had her hand on the black guys shoulder like this is my black dick for the night.Free milk sample from my white cow I asked him. He looked at Karen and laughed. Then he reached down to pinch Karen on her fake teats on her stomach. No you must be a city slicker I told the black guy. If you want milk you have to pinch perabet giriş this nipple. I told him.I reach over to Karen and raised a flap over one of her breast. I then was pinching her nipple to excrete milk out.I then told him it is much better sucking it straight off my white cow. Lets just saw his milk sucking instincts kicked in. Ever one around us was cheering him on. Okay you got to leave some samples for all the other guys. I told him.The black guy said that was the best and craziest idea he saw tonight. I told him if he was lucky tonight he could make my white milk cow moo.Karen and I walked away. The black guy pretty much ignore the white woman hitting on him. He was too busy telling his friends about the white milk cow. Take that bitch I thought to myself.As I was leading my wife we had to stop numerous time so I can expose her breast. Free milk samples straight from the white cow I would say. We had a crowd following us where ever we went. Hell I had a couple of the black women wanted their free sample. I raised the cover over each breast so each of the black women had a breast at the same time.Ever one screamed “Go, Go” watching the 2 black women nurse on Karen’s breast. I let those two suck on them longer than the other black guys before.They had a stage setup about 3 feet off the ground with a mic. If you wanted you can go up on the stage to introduce yourself and play the part of your costume. I lead Karen up the stage by the rope. This is Farmer Cuckie and I brought my white milk cow, Betsy, here so I can have her bred with a black bull. She is a very good milk producer.I pause to raise the cover over her breast as Karen squeezes milk out towards the crowd. Then I say as you can see she comes from good breeding stock. Again I pause this time to raise the flap covering her ass. Karen turns around bending over to give a good view of her ass and pussy.I need a couple of breeding bulls tonight to make my cow pregnant and happy, Are there any black bulls in here I asked.Luck would have it I hear “I am a black bull” from one corner of the bar and then another shout out about being a black bull. Two black guys push their way up onto the stage. They were dressed as black bulls with horns on their heads and had tails. They had large fake dick and balls about dragging to the ground. Karen did not know I prearrange with the owner of the bar to have two black guys dress up like black bulls.They came on the stage with us. Karen was all smiles. She gets between the two black bulls and starts pulling on the fake dicks. She reaches down and acts like she is sucking one fake dick as she jerks the other one. I then can hear the crowd shot out “I am a black Bull”I guess the first thing is you’ll two black bulls got to sample some fresh milk from Betsy. I raised the flap over Karen’s breast and the two black bulls went to town. Karen just lean back and I could see she was getting turn on. The crowd started screaming “Breed the white cow, breed the white cow.”Karen got on all fours. I kept her breast hanging out. I wanted them to be swinging as she got bred. I then lifted the cover over her ass and pussy. This is how I breed my white milk cow on the farm I said to the crowd. I then led one of the black bulls behind my wife and help insert his black cock into her pussy just like a farmer would help a bull do. Karen was getting fucked real hard cowwie style. It look funny her in a white cow costume being fucked by black guy in a black bull costume .Karen started to moo real loud.I looked at the crowd and said that black bull must be hitting the right places. Karen was cumming. Again the crowd went wild. The first black bull tensed up and he led out a moo too. As soon as he was finished and pulled out the second black bull took his place. I went back to my wife head and was rubbing it as she panted heavy. There, there Betsy. I hope the second black bull is not hurting you I said. Karen gave a loud moo and was bucking back against the second black bull that mounted her. Her breast were slapping all over the place. All I could think about was when she really gets black bred.Again the second black bull let out a loud moo and shot his black bull seeds in my wife.Okay folks I guess it is time to take Betsy home. I led Betsy down to the floor. I motion over the 2 black bulls to follow us. I bet next year all you will see is a bunch of black guys dressed as black bulls.Everyone clapped as we left the stage except for the white bitch who made fun of my wife’s costume. As I pass by her I told her “No free milk sample for you.”I got to the car. I told Karen and the black bulls to ride in the back as I did the driving. I did not want bull semen all over my front seat. In the back each bull was sucking on my wife’s breast and fingering her pussy as I drove to a hotel.Once in the hotel the cow and the bulls shed their fur and wasted no time fucking in the bed. This old farmer here took off his boots and all his clothes. I then sat on the edge of the bed jacking off as I watch my white wife getting “bred” by 2 black bulls. I did keep on my John Deere ball cap on the whole 4 hours they fucked.This will be the last cock in my wife’s pussy for at least a month. Then I really get to watch her breed.

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