The Awakening of Jane Ch. 02

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This is an overdue continuation of “The Introduction” and “The Awakening of Jane”.


Jane sat back that morning after her youngest had left for high school and wondered at her new found sexuality and arousal. Was it just a thirst that could not now be quenched as she had finally learned how to achieve orgasm after 20 years of marriage? Was it the mid forties sexual prowess of women she had read about? Was there some dramatic hormonal change ongoing? Was it a combination of these and other factors? She didn’t have the answer, but had decided to take advantage of this new found sexuality, regardless of the cause.

All Jane knew was that she had found the key not only to orgasmic pleasure, but that she was now capable of powerful lust and shattering relief. This morning she had got into the shower and thanked David for insisting on replacing that hot water tank with a continuous water heating system. She and her teenagers had discovered the endless shower. Now alone, with the conditioner sinking into the roots of her hair, she soaped herself down, inserting a finger to clean her rectum. Then with more soap lathering her Nexus, she slid the male part into her ass and pressed into the corner of the shower, feeling the warm spray of the water on her shoulders and breasts. With the corner walls of the shower holding the Nexus within her bowels, she began to stroke her breast with one hand, playing with her clitoris with the other.

Jane’s mind began to wander. She had taken her friend Cathy’s advice and let her mind go into the forbidden. Her favorite fantasy had lately involved a threesome with her husband and an imaginary female. In her fantasy, she had three inch heels on her feet to give her the extra height necessary so that she could lean against her husband, his back to the wall, his cock imbedded in her ass while he played with her breasts. Below her on her knees, her imaginary woman licked at her pussy.

As she played the fantasy in her mind, the movements of her fingers upon her clitoris became more aggressive. She began to ease away from and back into the corner of the shower, expelling the dildo from her ass as she pulled toward the water, pushing it back into her ass with her movements back to the corner, simulating a gentle fucking of her ass. But today, while she was close, she could not seem to bring herself to orgasm. In an effort to increase her excitement, she went to a new place in her fantasies. Suddenly the woman in her fantasy was her best friend Cathy, whom she imagined cupping David’s balls and vigorously licking Jane’s pussy. Driving herself backwards and impaling the dildo to its full extent in her ass, the pain within her bowel and the erotic taboo fantasy was too much and she heard herself, as much as felt, the orgasm that followed.

Pulling the dildo from her ass, she slid to the floor of the shower, her eyes closed, and let the shower fall gently upon her head and body, rinsing away the conditioner, soap and sweat while she luxuriated in the warm, wet afterglow. Her lunch she had planned with David for later that morning at the Four Seasons would be a treat she would give him that he would not soon forget.

************************************** It was a typical grey, wet west coast day as Jane parked her car in the underground and went up to the lobby of her husband’s building. Lunch had been her idea, and it had been many years since she had ventured güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri downtown to join David for lunch. She had followed over the last week his workload, and knew that he had nothing urgent on the go. She hoped that morning had not seen another crisis land on his desk that would keep his mind pre-occupied, or spoil her plan to play.

When David saw her in the lobby, he again marveled at the transformation that had come upon his wife in the last few months. She greeted him with her winter coat open, revealing a tight cashmere sweater and wool skirt, nylons and high heeled winter leather boots that rose high upon her calf. She brushed his cheek with a kiss, and then moved to whisper in his ear. Instead, he felt her tongue and she reached to take his hand in hers. Turning away, she pulled herself free and lead them down the street to the restaurant.

David had always said that one of the reasons he liked the Four Seasons was the privacy — the food was good and expensive, but the tables were far apart, permitting him to discuss with clients and business colleagues matters of confidence. The hostess greeted David by name, and lead them to a table for two in the corner.

“Can you join me in a glass of wine” she asked. He replied yes, surprising her. He never drank during the day.

“How was your morning David,” she asked. “And how is your afternoon?”

“Easy. As you know, I have been going for so hard since Christmas. Suddenly, I am caught up and able to take a breather. I thought I would spend the afternoon dealing with some “maintenance items” and try to steal away at four o’clock in order that I can get home for dinner with you and our remaining kid”.

“Great,” Jane replied. ” It will be good to have you home for an earlier supper”.

Over lunch, the couple chatted about their family life. How the two oldest twin girls were seeming to manage and cope quite well away from home and in their second year of university. How their youngest son had settled into high school and was beginning to talk about following his sisters to the same university in eighteen months time.

“Just think,” said Jane, “about just how much time that will give us alone. We are still young, in our forties and both of us are fit and healthy. We can have incredible freedom. If we feel like going away for a weekend in San Francisco, Seattle or Whistler, we can do so without worrying about child care. And if I suddenly feel like fucking you, I can do it whenever I want to.”

Jane’s sudden bluntness and sexual openness in the last few months had at first surprised and delighted David. Now he was becoming concerned. “I don’t know how to phrase this Jane. Please do not get me wrong — your new attitude has been incredibly welcome. It has renewed my love and lust for you as nothing else could have. But what has happened that you are suddenly this sexually adventurous, liberal thinking woman? Please level with me?”

Jane looked into the concern in his face and said, “There is nothing for you to fear or be concerned about. A number of months ago, I started sharing with Cathy about how I felt our marriage was in trouble. She and I began to talk about how her marriage seemed so vibrant, and she said the secret was the sex life she and Bobby continued to enjoy. After much talk, she persuaded me that I owed it to both of us to rid myself of all of the self imposed inhibitions güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri upon our love making — to effectively become your “slut”. She even lent me a dildo and gave me some advice on how to work to achieve orgasm.”

David’s face was portraying nothing but openness and a slight smile was upon his lips. Sensing encouragement, Jane continued.

“I began to masturbate using the dildo, imagining us doing incredibly taboo things. I let off all of the leashes of inhibition, and realized what an incredible life we could have if I gave myself completely to you and became your private whore. I know that you have always been incredibly good and generous with me, and I thought, that if I gave myself to you in this way, our life together could only be more rewarding. With that Jane leaned closer, and taking his hand in hers, she looked into David’s eyes and said, “So, is your cock as hard now as my cunt is wet? I think we should ask for the bill.” And with that, Jane leaned back into her chair, sipped from her wine glass, and seductively circled the “O” shape of her lips with her tongue.

“God, I can’t believe this is happening”, said David. “It is like a long lost dream suddenly coming true.”

“There is a dark side however,” Jane said. “I suddenly want to explore the taboo. I suddenly want to do with you things that at first seemed depraved, but the more I think of them, the more “wrong” they seem, the more curious I am to try them”.

David was a little taken aback. “Can you give me an example,” he said cautiously.

Jane had gone too far to hold back now. “You know how much you used to like to fuck my ass before we got married and how disappointed you were when I suddenly said no?” Well I have decided you can have my ass whenever you want on two conditions — you bring me to orgasm first.

“And the second”, said David, his breathing more rapid.

“I get to play with your ass too. I get to stuff my fingers up your ass. I want to strap on a dildo and fuck your ass while we both jerk you off and I cum. Could you handle that, and maybe more?”

David’s breath was becoming more rapid. She could see the combination of stress and lust in his face. As she smiled at him, she formed her lips into an “O” once again and began to circle her lips as if she were playing with his cock. “Yes” was all he said.

“I am so glad. Why don’t we go back to your office for a few minutes, and then I had better be on my way.”

David paid the bill, and hand and hand they returned to his building. “I want to come up for a few minutes,” she said. Before David could protest, she leaned against him and silenced him with a kiss.

They rode the elevator to his floor, and she followed him into his office, offering a quick hello to his secretary and the other staff she had talked to so many times before. She closed the door behind him, and turned the lock. She then took off her coat, draped it over one of the office chairs, and opened her purse on his meeting table. With a smile, she extracted a condom, and a tube of KY jelly.

Jane walked over towards a semi stunned David and began to undo his belt and fly. Taking his hard cock in her hand, she pressed herself into his arms, kissing him passionately. “Shut up, and do what I say”, was all she said.

Releasing herself, Jane slowly sank to her knees and took David’s cock in her mouth. She swirled her güvenilir bahis şirketleri tongue about it, then began to suck on it as if it was a big straw, trying to pull the cum from her husband. David moaned and began to buck his hips, trying to fuck her mouth. But his was not how she wanted him to cum.

Releasing him from her mouth, she reached for the condom, opened it, and rolled it down his shaft. “I want you to be able to clean up easily after I leave”. Jane then rose, and undid the back of her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She was not wearing any panties, and all David could see as she stepped out of her skirt was this beautiful woman in her boots, thigh high nylons and sweater. Kissing her husband again, she whispered “The KY is for my ass. Use lots of lube, and then I want you to fuck my ass and play with my clit”.

David needed no encouragement. Jane turned from him, put her elbows on his desk, and spreading her legs, exposed her rosebud to him. Fumbling with the tube, he squirted a large dollop on his two fingers, and applied then to her rosebud. Entering her ass with his finger, Jane swayed her hips side to side, and back at him, inviting him deeper.

” More lube, and more fingers if you are going to get me ready Darling”. David eagerly complied. The reaching back for his cock, Jane pulled its head to her rosebud and said, “Push”. With that, David sunk his cock into Jane’s ass and both let out a moan of pleasure.

As David grabbed Jane by the hips, he began to slowly fuck her ass. Jane thrust back to meet him, pulling him deeper into her until he could go no further. All the while, Jane was vigorously stroking her clit.

“I am masturbating while you fuck that ass. Don’t you dare pull out until after I have cum”, Jane hissed. To her surprise, David pulled her back as he flopped into his office desk chair, causing her to impale her ass and bowels upon his cock. “Let me help you come, then we’ll take care of me,” he said.

Raising her sweater, David roughly forced his hands beneath the cups of her bra, and began to squeeze and knead her breasts. “Show me how you make yourself cum my cunt. You are my cunt — every part of you — and I am going to keep fucking you in every hole to keep reminding me that you are my total cunt.”

David’s sudden profanity seemed to tip the scales, and Jane began to moan, louder until with a barely stifled scream, her orgasm exploded upon her. Without letter he catch her breath, David rolled them down to the carpet, his cock slipping out of her ass. As she lay spread eagled upon the floor of his office, David directed his cock to her rosebud, and with one push buried it to its hilt. David began to pound Jane’s ass, and in a mixture of pain and pleasure, she arched her buttocks up to meet his thrusts until David came, his strokes until he lay exhausted upon her, his cock still buried in her ass. Turning her head, they gently kissed, until David finally grew soft.

As they stood up, Jane reached into her purse for a zip lock bag, and tissues. She pulled the condom from David and gently wiped his cock. Wiping her tender butt with the remaining tissues, she put them in the bag, zipped it shut, and put it in her purse.

When they had composed themselves, they waited a few more minutes, kissed, and Jane opened the door. As she walked out of the office towards the elevator, she saw David’s long time assistant Angela looking at her, then David, open mouthed. Jane couldn’t resist a quick wink, which seemed to leave Angela in further shock. With a grin on her face, David escorted her to the elevators. Jane kissed her husband and got on the elevator. Before the doors could close, she looked at David again and said, “Explain that one to the staff!”

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