The Art of Anal Pt. 04

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The Art of Anal Part 4

I was bored and horny one Saturday in late Spring. Internet porn was uninspiring, and both Mandy and Andrew had other plans. Leah contacted me when she wanted to play, and I was happy for her to use me when she needed some filthy outdoor fun, but I had not heard much from her recently.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to get a text out of the blue from Leah’s friend and part-time lover, Paula. She was the shy one in that duo and got little action from inside and outside of marriage. Her sex life consisted of porn and occasional sessions with Leah. This was a shame I thought because Paula was the better looking of the two and possessed the superior looks and figure.

When Andrew and I met these two, Paula engaged in a series of firsts: having male sex outside of marriage and being DP’d. Leah told me subsequently that Paula was not a fan of anal but found the DP sexually exhilarating and was longing for another. All the parties were keen on that but organising it was not proving easy.

“Hi Jason, it’s Paula. How are you?”

“Not too shabby,” I tapped back, “Yourself?”

“I’m fine thank but bored,” She said, “Wondering what you’re up to?”

“No plans for this evening.”

“Did you want to meet up?”

“How about the Balmoral at EVP at 7?”

“Great, see you then.”

That gave us an hour to get ready. Paula lived in the suburb of Cloverdale not far from the airport and only a short distance from the Balmoral Hotel in East Victoria Park. It was an easier location for her and not too out of the way for me. Generally, it is a good drinking hole, but the food quality can vary depending on the calibre of the chef working at any given time. That was my experience, anyway. What distinguished this pub from others along the strip was the range of real ales and craft beers.

The place was filling up when I arrived, but I secured a table and sat down with a pint. Paula turned up at 7.15 pm in a taxi, recognised me and threaded her way to the table.

“Hi, Paula,” I stood up, embraced her, and we exchanged cheek kisses, “What can I get you?”

When she sat down, Paula examined the drinks menu wedged between the salt and pepper shakers and selected a Sauvignon Blanc from the Margaret River region.


“Why are so bored this evening?” I asked.

“My husband has gone to his mate’s house for his usual Saturday evening catch-up.”

“No girls allowed?”

Paula shook her head.

“When is he due back, midnight again?”

“Around then.”

I remembered from our encounter on the footy oval several weeks earlier that Paula panicked when the witching hour crept upon us as we lay on the cool grass recovering from out sexual exertions. She did not want to arrive home after her husband, who was unaware that Paula snuck out for some X-rated fun. Leah mentioned to me that Paula’s husband was domineering and selfish, but not in any way violent. However, being caught cheating might change all that.

“Besides, I didn’t want to home alone,” She sighed, taking a sip of wine.

“Well, I’m glad you got in touch.”

“Leah said that if you were free, you’d be up for it” Smiled Paula.

“I was in the same boat as you,” I said, “My friends had made plans.”

“No one to hang out with?”

“All doing family things.” I replied.

That was even true of my lovers. Mandy was spending the day in the city with her mother while Andrew was with his brother’s family celebrating his nephew’s birthday.

“Leah’s with her daughter in the city as well getting pedicures and going to the movies later,” Said Paula.

“Spending time with my family is the last thing on my mind,” I observed drily.

“Why is that?”

I outlined my family status and told Paula about my idiot brother who lived north of the river and his myriad of problems that made him a nightmare to manage. Hanging out with him was not an option.

“Well, I’m an only child, and my folks live interstate,” Paula said without any sadness, “So, I see them a couple of times a year.”

“You have kids of your own?” I asked.

“Two boys. Both have flown the roost. You?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

Paula laughed and took another sip. She was an attractive blonde with a slim but busty frame with a lovely peach-like butt. It was apparent that she spent much time at the gym and took pride in her appearance. She looked like someone who had fun and enjoyed a laugh, given the wrinkles around her eyes.

“What’s your husband do for a living?”

“He owns his own smash repair business and my youngest son in apprenticing there.”

“And you?”

“I tend the house,” She said.

“That’s empty,” I observed.

“Yeah, I have too much spare time on my hands and not enough opportunities to get up to mischief.”

“What mischief would you like to get up to?”

“Let’s just say that porn and dildos only go so far,” Paula giggled with a twinkle in her eyes.

“So, the other week, at the oval, must’ve been a change of pace?”

“Yeah,” Said canlı bahis Paula blushing, “Replaying those events have livened up my solo sessions at home.”

“What did you like best?”

“All of it!”

“Anything specific?”

“I enjoyed being sandwiched between you and your man friend,” She said after thinking for a moment.

“His name is Andrew,” I confirmed.

Okay,” Continued Paula, “I preferred that to you two going at it.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised because both women seemed to enjoy Andrew and me fucking in front of them.

“That’s more Leah’s area of interest,” Shrugged Paula, “I prefer male-on-female action.”

“What about you and Leah?”

“That’s unique,” She said, “I don’t find myself attracted to other women.”

“Have you been DP’d before?” I asked.

“No,” Said Paula thinking, “I’ve not experienced anything so visceral and raw like that.”

“What made you want it?”

“I’ve seen it done on the internet and wished it was me.”

“Did your experience live up to the expectation?” I asked.

“What I watched online is tame compared to what I experienced,” Replied Paula becoming more animated now, “Being sandwiched between you guys blew my mind!”

“Has it awakened you to further possibilities?”

“Definitely, yes!” Exclaimed Paula, “Before I was naïve, now I’m excited to experience all that’s out there.”

“It certainly was a unique experience,” I agreed, becoming uncomfortably hard in my jeans.

“When can we do it again?” Asked Paula excitedly before bursting into genuine laughter.

“Believe me; I’m working on it.”

“Don’t take too long,” Said Paula, “I’m squirming here.”

I raised my eyebrows at Paula and drained my glass. I knew that we would end up at my place before too long, but the time was not yet right. Paula handed me some cash, and I purchased another round.

“How did you and Leah come to be, you know, lovers?” I asked when I resumed my seat.

Paula blushed deeply; her chest heaved mightily, she sunk her gaze to her dainty feet and said nothing for a few moments.

“Well,” She began, struggling, “We’ve been friends for ages, but as we ‘matured’, we noticed our husbands being less and less intimate with us.”

“While the two of you craved more and more intimacy?”

“I seem to become hornier with each passing year,” Paula blushed again.

“And Leah?”

“Oh, boy!” She sighed, “That girl’s insatiable. She first started straying not long after her 40th birthday, but I was too hesitant to take that step.”

“When did you?”

“At the oval, with you and Andrew.”


“Yeah,” Paula seemed to surprise herself, “Before that, I lived out fantasies through Leah’s escapades.”

“Or ‘sexcapades’?”

Paula laughed politely at my cheap attempt at humour.

“That’s one way to describe them,” Agreed Paula, “We would go out together, and she would always end up in the back of a car, in a back alley, anywhere really.”

“What happened to you?”

“I was left behind and waited while Leah scratched her itch.”

“Did guys hit on you?”

“All the time, but I was too scared to follow up,” Replied Paula, with a look of retrospective disappointment.

“I think, in the end, Leah took pity on me and every so often when we went for drinks, she took the guys’ numbers for future rendezvous instead of leaving me alone.”

“A tart with a heart?” Paula smiled at another of my lame jokes.

“Then she got into pot,” She continued, “So, after lining up some future fucks, we would find someplace secluded, smoke joints and chat before going home.”

“How did it feel to smoke pot?”

“My husband does it all the time, so I was familiar with the smell of it, and it seemed to relax him after work, but I’d never tried it before Leah offered me a smoke.”

“Did Leah get it off one of her stranger dates?”

“Yeah, she said the sex afterwards was mind blowing.”

“It was certainly pretty good the other week, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah,” Paula agreed, “It made me let go of my inhibitions.”

“How did the pot lead to hooking up with Leah?”

“Well, as with everything concerning Leah, the conversation comes around to sex,” Paula said, “Getting high loosened my tongue.”

“In more ways than one?”

Paula blushed but smiled.

“One day, Leah just started masturbating next to me, then I followed suit, then we watched each other masturbate until one day, Leah started planting kisses on my open thighs and well, that led to our lesbian love.”

“How long for?”

Paula thought about that question before adding that it had been for at least the last five years.

“And you don’t feel guilty about it?”

“I did at first, but then I came to realise that I no longer loved my husband, I was simply fond of him, but I wasn’t game enough to hook up with other guys.”

“Fair enough,” I said, knocking back my ale, “How did you feel after our encounter?”

“Alive!” Gushed Paula, becoming animated again, “Exhilarated and that wasn’t the weed and amyl. Next day bahis siteleri I was still floating on air!”

“Were you sore at all?” I asked before confirming that I was.

“That’s because you and Leah had further fun,” Paula winked at me, “A little soreness with my arse but nothing unpleasant.”

“Leah told me that you weren’t previously keen on butt sex.”

“I didn’t know anal sex was a thing before my high-as-a-kite husband ‘accidentally’ stuck his cock up there without warning!”

“Ah, the ole ‘wrong hole trick’,” I said.

“Hurt like hell!”

“And now?”

“Whatever you guys did, in settling my nerves and preparing me, worked,” Said Paula, her eyes on fire, “It was the most pleasurable experience ever!”

“Leah said she’d had her way with your arsehole after our unexpected encounter.”

“Yeah, I’d been reliving our encounter and began fingering my butt in the shower while using my electric toothbrush to pleasure my clit and I came thumping hard.”


“Leah called up during the week, and I told her not to waste time on my pussy, so she licked my arse, fingered it and finally brought me off using her pocket vibrator.”

“That girl knows how to pleasure the backdoor!”

“Yep, she told me about your ‘sesh’ in that derelict building several days after we had fun there.”

“That was fucking good!” I confirmed before telling her about going to the pub afterwards completely soaked from Leah’s squirt.

Paula laughed heartily but wondered why I had not told Leah.

“I don’t want to initiate a conversation with Leah because I don’t want her to be in a position where her husband might find out,” I said.

Going on to explain, several years earlier, I was actively messaging a married woman only to be rudely shut down because of precisely that risk of discovery.

“Fair enough,” Agreed Paula, “I’ll let her know because she asked me.”

“I’m happy for her to contact me anytime she wants to play,” I said, before taking a chance, “And you.”

Paula’s eyes lit up even brighter, and she studied me intensely.

“How about tonight?”

“Thought you’d never ask,” I replied, “What do you have in mind?”

Paula did not immediately reply.

“I want you to make love to me for the next several hours.”

“Any restrictions?” I asked, obviously referring to anal sex.

“None,” Replied Paula confidently.

“Let’s go!”

We hastily swallowed our drinks and stood by the highway, waiting for a taxi. One came along shortly and whisked us to my house.

“Yeah, Leah said this place was big and manly,” Said Paula gazing at the interior of my home in wonderment, “She wasn’t wrong!”

“I’m so crushed by mortgage payments that I can’t afford to fill this place up with crap,” I replied, referring to the spartan furnishing.

“Good,” Said Paula, joining me in the kitchen, “Looks great just the way it is.”

“I haven’t got any white wine,” I said, looking in the fridge, “I can offer cask wine or beer.”

“Neither,” Breathed Paula pulling me into her, “Take me to bed.”

I wrapped my fingers in hers and led her to my bedroom.

Paula’s breath was shallow, and her pulse accelerated. I imagined the crotch of her panties overflowing in juice.

We fell on the bed together, kissing gently. Given this was Paula’s first one-on-one outside of her marriage, I was determined to make it a sensuous night to remember.

I interspersed kissing with gentle nuzzling of her neck and ear. Paula’s body reacted accordingly.

“Oh, I knew it’d be like this,” She sighed.

We kissed and nuzzled for such a long time that my cock was straining at the bit. I could have wholly dominated Paula and done whatever I wanted but decided to take it slow and easy.

“Let’s get your shirt off,” Moaned Paula, rising to her knees and showing some willingness to take the lead.

I followed suit, and she deftly removed my shirt and then her showing off her magnificent breasts encased in a bra. They were not overly big, but they were perfectly rounded, firm with little or no sag. From our experience in the oval, I knew they were not fake. One hundred per cent natural.

Paula laid back on the bed, and the look in her eyes practically begged me to pay attention to her rack. I was delighted to be given the unspoken permission. After kissing her lips, I nuzzled my way to her perky mounds and drenched them in saliva. Using my tongue and light biting, I pleasured each nipple to Paula’s delight, her body twitching and spasming from the stimulation.

A hand of Paula’s was stroking my hair, but after several minutes of playing with her breasts, I felt a pressure on my head, forcing me down her body. Her pussy must be on fire from this upper body foreplay. I was only happy to oblige.

After removing her skirt, I lingered at her panties and confirmed that they were awash with pussy slime. Removing them, and without her realising, I licked the gusset before tossing them on the floor.

Paula’s legs were spread wide, and in the dim light, I saw that she was shaven. bahis şirketleri Clearly, Paula had made the effort before meeting me, so the decision to engage in sex with me was not spontaneous, nor was it from my lame banter at the pub. She wanted me to have her tonight.

I tickled the skin on both thighs, blew air and planted light kisses all over her skin.

“Don’t tease me,” Paula pleaded.

I ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top of the hood that protects the clit. The effect on Paula was electrifying. Her lady parts were neatly packed, no meaty flaps at all. The heat emanating from her pussy was intense, and the aroma was incredibly musky. I had no doubt that Paula would taste divine.

“Eat me,” She sighed.

As with everything that went before, I took my time and drew out the experience for Paula, whose moans increased in tempo as her body thrashed with more increasing rapidity.

“Oh, god, yes!” She repeated each time I hit a sensitive spot.

Paula’s pussy tasted heavenly, and it was susceptible to the tip of my tongue.

“That’s it, right there,” She cooed when my tongue struck the right tone on her clit.

A heady mixture of pussy juice and salving, mixed and pooled on my bedsheets. I alternated between swirls across Paula’s clit, tickling her pee-hole and licking and sucking on her birthing tunnel, extracting, and drinking down everything she cared to give me.

“Fuck, yes,” Paula panted, “That’s it.”

Increasing the urgency of my action brought Paula to the brink of the evening’s first climax.

“Oh, shit!” She cried, “I’m going to come!”

Paula shrieked and thrashed on the bed as my oral skills tipped her over the edge.

“Oh, fuck!” She repeated.

No squirt but Paula juiced up nicely and she tasted like ambrosia. My cock was rock hard from making love to his fabulous woman.

“Stop. Stop. Stop,” Paula pleaded, now too sensitive for further tonguing.

“Wow!” I said as I rose on my haunches, my face dripping in slime.

“Oh, kiss me!”

I leaned in, my caged cock pressing against Paula’s drenched snatch, and brought my lips to hers. Without hesitation, Paula passionately kissed me.

“Mm, I taste good on your face,” She said.

“You taste amazing!”

And we furiously kissed until Paula had cleaned me up.

With steely confidence, she forced me on my back while Paula removed my shoes and socks, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, undid the zipper, and shuffled my jeans down my legs. Leaning down, she stroked her cheeks across the fabric of my boxer shorts.

Oh, yeah!” She whispered.

With her teeth, Paula bit the top of my boxer shorts and tugged at the fabric. With her dainty fingers, she hooked at the sides and tugged them down. I lifted my bottom and was naked a second later after Paula tossed the last of our clothes on the pile by the bed.

“I want to take all of you in my mouth,” Teased Paula.

My cock was rock hard, the helmet smeared in pre-cum and my balls were tight in anticipation.

I almost lost it as soon as Paula’s mouth engulfed my length. She laughed at my reaction, knowing what she was doing.

“You taste so good!”

For a good five minutes, at least, Paula used her lips, mouth, and tongue to give me the maximum amount of oral pleasure short of me blowing my stack. I consider it rude to climax in someone’s orifice before they gave consent. Besides, while I could have easily let go, I withheld my orgasm until later in the evening.

“I’m so ready to fuck,” Moaned Paula after orally worshipping my cock.

She took hold of the base of my cock, shifted her hips up and sank on me with a sloppy ease.

“Feels so good!” She sighed, cowgirling me.

Paula rode me hard. She understood I loved her breasts and played with them for my viewing pleasure before sticking them in my face.

When I took her in the missionary and doggy positions, Paula pinched the nipples during the former while smashing her clit in the latter. In each case, she muttered obscenities and lechery in equal measure.

It was in the side saddle position where I was able to kiss and lick her ear, that Paula climaxed for the second time. I held our sweaty bodies together, and she shuddered and pulsated from the pleasure of my cock buried deep inside her.

“Oh, shit,” She panted, “Oh, fuck!”

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked when she regained control of her senses.

“I’ve never experienced an orgasm of such strength.”

“Glad you had fun.”

Paula leaned back and kissed me.

“Thank you!”

I eased my cock out of her swampy box, and I spooned her tightly in a loving hug. We laid there, saying nothing but enjoying each other’s company. Despite the lack of action, I retained maximum hardness anticipating Paula’s next move.

“What do you want to do next?” She asked, breaking a comfortable silence.

Being bold, I ran a hand across her thigh, across her bubble butt cheek, reached into the cleft and tapped her brown wrinkle.


“Mm,” She answered approvingly.

During the evening together, I devised a strategy to relax and prepare Paula for anal sex, and now was the time to put it into action.

Step one involved having her lay on her chest and me kissing the back of her neck.

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