Teen C/D Confession

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Teen C/D ConfessionIt was nearly ten p.m. as I pulled into an empty parking lot of a tiny park on the edge of town, a place where I usually play out many a cross dressing night out for myself whenever possible, a special night for me to enjoy the freedom of cross dressing out in the open when no one is around.The scenario goes like this, I park my car overnight, grab my small back pack with a few goodies inside and a trench coat for cover just in case my walk is interrupted by passerby’s, an hitchhike the few miles back to my home out in the country where I live.This road less traveled on as only very few live down this specific peaceful country road, a plus for me as my walk home was always enjoyable, as I traveled a bit further out when all is clear I would take off the only thing I was wearing a hoody, sweatpants nothing else underneath and running shoes.I stuff my belongings in my back pack as I proceed to slip into a pair of red stiletto heels with nothing else added to this get up, I would walk on this quiet peaceful road leading out into the country naked otherwise, enjoying the cool night air caressing my body, my lil faggot soldier saluting proudly up into the bright shining stars of a beautiful night.Somewhere half way home I would lay myself down in the middle of the highway and stroke myself into a frenzied orgasm several times before returning home tired and satisfied, thus quenching my perverted lusts for the night.But this canlı bahis night was interrupted by a car approaching very slowly, in a panic I threw on my trench coat and walked on hoping the car would drive on by.As the vehicle approaches it slows down to a stop and an older gentleman who appears to be in his late 40’s rolls down his passenger window and asks if I needed a ride, saying no to an offered ride home in the middle of the night on a deserted road would seem odd so reluctantly I agreed to a lift, as I got into his car I clearly forgot to take off my stiletto heels in my haste to cover up, but he did not seem to notice as he kept up a good conversation on the ride home.In my panic I reassured myself all is well as I have always passed as a female, long as I remember growing up, so it all good. Unless the slight tone in my voice gives me away, we’ll soon find out. ”So what brings you out on this night, were you stranded somewhere?, he asks,””Yeah, something like that I respond.””How far you headed lil lady? he asks.””Few miles down the road, I live out in the country, I responded”.”Well your lucky I came along you seem to have a long walk home.””A situation that don’t bother me any, I roughly responded.”Oh? he says.”With that we drove on in silence for a min.”Nice night for a walk I see then, he says””Yup I respond.””He reaches below for a flask to which he asks, you mind if take a nip?””No, not at all I say.””A bets10 pretty young woman shouldn’t be out on the road this late a night, he says.”As slides his hand on to my knee, ”you think so I responded?””Yes he says,” as he slowly rubs my thigh.”Well a girls gotta do what she’s gotta do to get home, I say.””That’s right he says, there are ways to appreciate a ride home and I’m sure we can figure something out, right? he asks with a smirk on his face.””Why not I say, if you can handle unique surprises, right; I ask?””Absolutely he responds,” as he slides his perverted hands into my trench coat and finds my erect lil faggot soldier.”OH HO, what do we have here!!” he says in surprise.”Your one of them she-boys I here so much about,” he blurts out.”Does that bother you I ask?””Not at all, you really are a lil tranny slut, you aren’t wearing any clothes on underneath there.”He begins to stroke me as we pull over onto a deserted road leading nowhere, I lean my seat back to open my coat up to full view of my naked faggot cross dressing self, he responds by going down on me giving me head, sucking on my lil three inch fag cock, pumping into my lover I pleasure myself thinking this night turned out alright after all.I pull him off me in order to tear his clothes off to get at his cock, I hungered for cock like a whore, with his nice huge cock out I engulfed him as I played with his very large ball sack, bets10 giriş pulling, yanking on his nuts, blowing his mind, pleasuring ourselves freely out in the open, he moaned as I pleasured his manliness, sucking on his shaft like a whore in heat, nursing on his cock head with my tongue lashing away hungrily until I felt the build up of his release on it’s way,I bobbed up and down on my lovers cock as he howled in pleasure and began to spurt load after huge load of gooey cum all over my mouth and face until he was spent.”That was nice I say, but it not over until I can ride that nice big cock.” I hissed in pleasure.We slide into the back seat as I stroke his shaft back to life, only then did I mount him as he slid into me with passion, with my lover balls deep we began rocking the back seat into intense fucking as we cried out in pleasure. He held my ass as he pumped into me slamming me up and down on his cock calling me a whore, a teen she-boy whore, I crossed into the twilight zone of faggot pleasure as I abandoned myself fully to his whim fucking him, pleasuring my slut self in all my glory before losing it an blowing a massive load of cum onto his stomach and chest before I collapsed on him spentWe lay together for some time before we composed ourselves and returned to the road, I sat naked as ever on the ride home, to my surprise we drove past my home a bit before he told me to get out, he kept my pack and coat as he threw me out to walk back the other way naked, laughter rung my ears as he sped away leaving me naked in my heels on the side of he road, with cum oozing out of me I strode home in silent triumph to my night of perverted pleasures.The End.

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