Sylvia Needs to Move But Where?

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Sylvia Needs to Move But Where?Introduction: Sylvia has been staying in the lavish 75th-floor penthouse of her older friend Gerald since her friend, pimp and lover Al Lombardi was murderedGerald protected me and nurtured me through my time of confusion and grief. I had everything I needed at his place, but I couldn’t leave. Gerald said mob guys were still trying to find me, and the 450,000 thousand dollars Al left for me. I loved Gerald. I loved his place and his two concert Steinways, but I knew that I couldn’t stay with him forever. After two months, we began talking about where I was going to go next. “If you stay here, and try to perform and sing in clubs under your name, these guys who are trying to collect will find you in a week. I want you to change your name and get out of town.”Okay…” I said, waiting for the next thing to drop.”Bellingham, Washington, Washington State…I could set you up there..”To me, that sounded as plausible as Kazhakstan.To a sex, music, and self-obsessed Los Angeles teen like me, Washington State might as well have been the Yukon.I was kind of nasty on my best day, kıbrıs escort and I hadn’t left Gerald’s place for six weeks, hadn’t had any sex ( well, not much), I had a ton of money and couldn’t spend it.”Bellingham, Washington? Where the fuck is that, Gerald?””It’s almost on the Canadian line. There’s a friend of mine who teaches at the college there. Here’s what I’m thinking. Sylvia, but we should probably talk to your mother. You move there, change your name, use some of this money to rent a place for a year or so, establish your Washington residency, enroll at the county junior college.”Fuck no, Gerald, please. I’ve got two words for you about going to the ass end of the world: Fuck No, I could go to Paris”.”There is another option that we could think about, Sylvia. Because of my gold mining connections, I know a great place near Red Lake, Ontario…there’s a gold mining operation there.I took a puff on my unfiltered Camel.”Where is that, Gerald? Is it near Detroit or Toronto?””No, baby, it’s sixty-five miles from Hudson Bay, and it’s…””NO!”I was getting pissed. I went to my room and escort kıbrıs slammed the door.”Rachel is in New York, already making records, fucking all these famous jazz players, men, and women, and he wants to send me to…where was it….someplace in Washington State?”I cried and felt sorry for myself and was a massive pain in the ass to him and anybody else I met for a week.All Gerald had done for me was to save my life, Alicia’s life, too, be my complete friend and ally, and do his best to help me get a new one. I was such a little cunt. I knew it, I couldn’t do anything about it, and that made me feel even worse. I stumbled around his place all day, hardly spoke to him, watched TV, and played with myself.I knew that Mrs. Harada and my mother were occasional lovers. One day, about three months later, I woke up from a nap and headed for the kitchen for some coffee. They were on the sofa by the big window. They both had their clothes off. There was so much sun coming through that window, and my eyes were still kind of squinty and sleepy. It looked, though I didn’t look too hard like they kıbrıs escort bayan might be having some sex, in the mood I was in, I just glanced and kept on heading for the coffee. By the time I was nearly eighteen, I had seen and done so much sex that it didn’t always pull my attention.i was in a crappy mood, as usual.I filled my mug, got my cigarette, walked back into the living room.I remembered from before that Mrs. Harada ( I had a tough time using er first name) knew a lot about breasts should be loved and kissed. Most women don’t get kissed there nearly enough,me included. Except for a very few men and boys, guys aren’t too sharp about loving breasts, even though, for me, at least, and most of the women I have ever known, it is one key to having a powerful erotic experience. Often, I want the man to keep going with my boobs, and he wants to get his face or something else between my legs. In all the porn I’ve ever seen, except some stuff made just for women, people start fucking about five minutes after lovemaking starts. I can do that, I’ve had sex like that a lot, sometimes it’s okay. Judy and Rosalie would stay with my boobs till I was goin’ nuts, and that was better. Guys make a big fuss about breasts, but at the crucial moments, they go someplace else. I don’t know why more men don’t get shot and their throats cut for that.

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