Suprised and Caught

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Suprised and CaughtWell lets just get to it, as a young male growing up in the 70s and 80s with a mother who was very curvy. My mom was in her 50s at the time this happen. She is a true red head and fair skinned. She has some of the biggest tits I had ever seen to include some of the ones I had seen in magazines. Every chance I got I sneak a peek of her in her bra or look down her tops to see her cleavage. I also scope out her rather nicely round butt every time she bend over. So one day I was laying around the house being lazy. Mom came into the living room and asked me to take the trash out. I hopped up and did as I was told. My mom told me she had to do some errands and that she was going to jump in the shower before leaving. I went back to being a lazy loaf on the sofa. I knew mom would come out in a towel and get dressed in her room. So when I heard the water in the shower stop I moved to a view point. She came out of the restroom and was standing in front of her dresser mirror with a towel wrapped around her chest to cover as much or her body as she could. She stood there brushing her curly red hair and with every brush I noticed the side of her towel would swing open revealing the side of her massive tit. I could feel my dick getting hard and then my mom dropper her towel. She was preparing to get dressed and when she bent over I saw her hairy pussy and ass from behind. This made my dick so hard and I noticed I had a little wet spot showing on my pants from my precum. I watched my mom pull up her panties and then watched her stuff her huge boobs into her bra. She was just about dressed so I rushed off to my room. My mom stopped by my door to let me know she was leaving and she be back in about an hour. I told her to be carful and once I heard the front door shut I went to make sure she had left. Sure enough she was gone and now I could stroke off thinking about her. I was headed back to my room and I thought why not go find her panties so I could sniff them and use them to stroke off with. I went into the bathroom and there they laid on the vanity. I grabbed them up and took a good long deep sniff of them. MMMMMMMMM the fragrance was so wonderful and made my already hard dick even harder I think. I was walking back to my room sniffing moms panties while rubbing my dick through my shorts. I made it to my door and headed straight for the bed. I laid on the bed with her panties d****d across my face and my hands wrapped around my hard dick. I was stroking away and thinking of my moms big tits and her hairy pussy. I was in mid stroke when I heard a noise, as I looked up there stood my mom at my door. She had cleared her voice “UHUMMM” “What are you doing young man” she asked. With a look of fear on my face I went to speak but nothing came out just air. My mom stepped into my room about two feet in. She looked right into my eyes I was not sure what was going to happen but she spoke. “What are you doing and why are you doing it” again I tried to speak but nothing again. “Son I know you are a young man who is learning about life, but doing this with your mothers panties laid across your face” “Well it is just wrong darling” My moms voice was not mad sounding nor was it in anyway upsetting sounding, sounded just like a mom who loved and cared about her son. I still had hold of my hard dick and to be honest with you it seemed harder than before. I was not stroking on it but I could feel it throbbing. My mom was just standing there looking at me laying there. I glanced from her face down her body “GET YOUR EYES BACK UP HERE YOUNG MAN” My mom snapped at me. But I had already noticed her nipples where so damn hard they where sticking through not only her blouse but through her damn bra. I am talking they looked to be at least an inch long and as big as round as a nickel. I looked back up at her face after she snapped at me. I notice her expression had changed. She was flushed and I saw her mouth hanging open a little and now her eyes shifted between my eyes and my dick. I was not sure what to do but my dick took charge and I started slowly working it up and down with my hand. I saw my mom slowly lick her lips and then I saw her body almost go limp. “Son please stop you can not be doing this in front of your mother” Again I was about to speak but this time I though don’t say a word just keep stroking it and that is what I did. I continued stroking my hard dick with one hand and then I grabbed my moms panties and pulled them to my nose and took a big whiff. “Son stop that you should not be sniffing my panties” casino şirketleri “Please stop” There was not wind in her words they came out with no true meaning and I continued stroking and sniffing away. I felt my dick swell and knew I was about to cum. I pulled my moms panties down to my dick and wrapped them around my dick putting the crotch of them over the head of my dick. I let out a grunt and moan as I shot my load into her panties. My cum oozed out of the fabric and as I removed the panties thinking I was through cumming I shot a couple of other loads onto my belly. I looked up at my mom and she was watching me intensely with a look of hunger in her eyes. I was still hard and my dick was throbbing. My mom had stepped into my room a little further and I was still holding my dick in my hand and her panties laid to the side of my dick. The cum on my belly was slowly dripping down my side. Mom moved even closer and as she did, she reached out and grabbed her panties. In once smooth move she whipped up the cum on my belly and caught it before it dripped onto my sheets. She then turned and headed to the door as she got to the door she stopped and turned to look at me. But not into my eyes but right at my hard dick and proceeded to walk out. I heard her close the bedroom door to her room and then with in a few minutes I could hear a buzzing noise coming from behind the door. I had heard that sound before and I knew it was her vibrator and not long into her use of it I heard her “OH GOD YES OH DAMN OH GOD DAMN IT OH YES OHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD PLEASE PLEASE BABY” Then it went quiet. I rushed back to my room only to continue stroking my dick. I heard my mom come out her room. I looked to the hallway and there she was in just her bra and wet stained panties still pulled to the side.Mom looked at right at my dick as I was working it up and down. She stepped into my room and headed straight to my bed. I was nervous and scared in a strange way. I was not sure what was about to happen but I was so horny and so turned on I did not care at this point. Mom looking into my eyes said to me “I have seen you stair at my breast and I have felt you staring at my ass when I bend over” “You know that is wrong but I know you are young and hungry for sex, but you know we can’t do that” Saying this as she sat on the bed next to me. I was so close to my moms bra cover tits I was in awe of them. “So would you like to see them close-up” She asked and before I could answer she popped them out. Her nipples where even baggier than I thought earlier at least an inch and half long and damn near as big as round as a quarter. Her breast were covered in freckles and pale white, but lovely looking. She reached up and pulled on her nipples and played with them. I steadily stocking my dick all the time she played. She then put one foot on the bed and the other on my nightstand, giving me a great view of her soaking wet panties and pussy. Her pussy was covered in red auburn hair and allot of it she was very hairy. I could see her wetness dripping off the hair as she slowly started rubbing on her swollen clit. Now her clit was huge looked more like a small dick and she was stroking it as if it was a dick. I then noticed her rhythm of stroking it was the same as my rhythm. I would speed up so would she I slow down she would too. Still tugging on her nipples I heard her moan “MMMMMMMMMMM YES TAHTS IT BABY STROCK YOUR COCK” “OHHHH YES THATS IT BABY I LOVE WATCHING YOU STROK IT BABY” I could not be quiet any longer “OH MOM YOUR BEAUTIFUL AND SO SEXY” “OH MOM PLEASE PLAY WITH YOUR PUSSY FOR ME MOMMY PLAY WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL TITS” “OH I HAVE FANTISIZED ABOUT YOU FOR EVER, THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE” My mom was now on the verge of having an orgasm “OH BABY MOMMY IS GOING TO CUM PLEASE CUM WITH ME BABY” I was close and I wanted to shoot my load and that’s when mom told me what she wanted “OHHHH BABY PLEASE CUM ON MOMMYS TITS PLEASE BABY” I got up and stood on the bed I was about to cum I looked down to see mom pushing her panties over her pussy and almost shoving them into her pussy. “MOM IM CUMMING OH GOD MOMMY IM CUMMING” “CUM ON YOUR MOMMYS TITS BABY YES CUM ON THEM AND ME” I shot a load all over her breast and some on her face and lips. I heard her “IM CUMMING OH YES BABY THATS IT CUM ON MY OH GOD IM BUMMING MY SON” I looked at my mom as she licked her lips taking my cum into her mouth and then I watched her take her fingers and wipe the rest off her face right into her mouth. Then she raised one of her breast that had cum all casino firmalari over it to her mouth. I watched as her tongue licked and scoped the cum from it and then she did the other and what cum she could not get, well that is when she offered her tits to me. With out hesitation I licked and sucked all my cum off her tits and she had to remove me from them or I still be there today sucking and licking on them.We both got cleaned up and dressed and went on with our day as nothing happen. The next morning I heard my mom and dad get7ting it on. I had to stroke off and I did twice, I had never heard them go as long or as wild as they did before. After almost an hour they made their presence known. I noticed mom was in a short gown and I could tell she had nothing on under it. Then my dad was dressed to go work in the yard. He stopped by my room “Boy you going to help me in the yard or help your mom in the house” he asked “I’m not sure dad what do you want me to do” “Help your mom I got the yard” He walked outside. I heard the mower going and about then my mom walked into my room “Your room is a mess and I think we need to get it cleaned up this morning” She walked over to a chair in my room bent over to pick up come cloths and damn her gown raised up showing me her hairy pussy. I went hard instantly. She turned and said “Well you going to lay there or are you going to help me clean up” I was not sure what to do but she helped me make up my mind. She then bent over even further to gather more close up. “DO YOU LIKE THE VIEW” “Yes I do very much so mom” “Can you show me how much you like the view” I puled the covers over and off me with my dick so hard. She turned to look at it “OH MY THAT IS VERY LOVELY AND YOU MUST LIKE THE VIEW” Then I noticed she had something in her hand. It was her panties from yesterday. She tossed them to me and they where still damp from her cum. “SNIFF THEM LIKE YOU DID YESTERDAY WHILE I WATCHED YOU STROKE OFF ON THEM” I did just as she asked and damn the smell was wonderful. She then sat down in the chair with her legs d****d over the arm of them. She slowly stated playing with her pussy and running her fingers in and out of her pussy. I was steadily stroking my dick, then I noticed the mower was not going, I panicked but mom kept going with her playing. “It’s ok your dad has plenty to do outside and to be honest with you I think well I know he does not mind” “See I told him what happen yesterday and this morning was the best sex we had ever had and he told me how turned on he got hearing about our little fun” I was shocked but for what ever reason it turned me on more.Mom then ripped her gown off and tossed it on the floor. “Come here baby please” I got off the bed an walked to her as she pointed to where she wanted me to stand. I stood next to the chair and as I did my dick was right at her mouth level. She turned to face my dick and with a slight lean towards me she took my dick into her mouth and started sucking on it. I thought I was going to cum but she had the ability to control me with her mouth. She kept working on my dick I was going nuts then mom let go of my dick and looked up at me “BABY DO YOU WANT TO CUM FOR MOMMY” “OH GOD YES MOMMY I WANT TO CUM FOR YOU PLEASE MOMMY LET ME CUM FOR YOU” She took my dick back in her mouth and started sucking on it and I was ready “OH MOMMY IM CUMMING OH GOD IM CUMMING MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as I shot my load in her mouth and she allowed some to drip out onto her tits. She let go of my dick and looked at me and said “You want to taste your cum on your mommies boobs again” I wasted no time tasting my cum off her boobs. As soon as I finished cleaning my cum off her boobs I heard mom “OH GOD YES BABY IM CUMMING TOO OG LORD PLEASE OH GOD YES IM CUMMING” She pulled her fingers from her pussy and pushed the cum soaked fingers into my mouth and damn she tasted as good as her panties smelled.She stood up and turned towards the door completely naked stopping at the door turning to look back at me. “If you hear your daddy and me in a few minutes come in and watch if you like” I think my chin dropped to the floor. She walked off and as I turned to go to the bed I noticed my dad was standing at my window looking in. He just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I heard him come into the house and walked down the hallway to their bedroom. I heard the shower running and then my mom comes walking out still naked. With in a few minutes the shower stopped and my dad walked down the hallway and he was naked too. I had never seen my dad naked güvenilir casino and his dick was as big as mine. Then a few minutes went by and they both strolled by my door and into their room. I noticed the door was never closed. In about 5 minutes I heard my dad “SUCK IT BABY SUCK THAT COCK LIKE YOU SUCKED OUR SONS” I could hear mom working her skillful mouth on my dads dick. I was getting turned on and my dick was hard. I walked into the hallway and down to their door. I stood at the door way watching mom suck dads dick. “SUCK THAT COCK BABY DAMN YOUR GOOD BABY” Mom was working her mouth up and down on his dick and then she stopped moving her pussy over dads face and lowering down on him. I could not see dad but I knew his tongue had touched moms clit. Mom broke her bond on dads dick “OH GOD BABY EAT THAT PUSSY BABY EAT IT BABY EAT MY PUSSY” She looked up at me and had this look of passion and pleasure as she lowered her mouth back down on dads dick. I watched them going at it in 69 that seemed like an hour but in reality it was like 5 or 10 minutes. I heard my mom cry out “OH BABY EAT MY PUSSY BABY IM CUMMING I CANT HELP IT BABY EAT IT BABY EAT MY PUSSY BABY” I saw here body shake in convulsion as she cummed. Dad was still laying there with moms hands wrapped arounds dads dick and I watched him start cumming with out mom doing anything. I watched mom lower her head down to clean his dick and her hand up. Licking and sucking his cum all up. Mom and dad sat up in bed and I heard my dad say “Look at our boy all hard and needing relief” “Why don’t you help him out honey like a good mother” I watched mom make her way over to me getting down on her knees and taking my dick into her mouth. “Honey why not bring him onto the bed” Mom guided me to the bed she laid me down and never once lost sight of her goal, that was to suck my dick. Dad moved over to the chair next to the bed and just sat there and watched mom working her mouth on my dick. “HONEY SUCK THAT BOYS COCK LIKE YOU DID MINE” “MAKE HIM BEG YOU BABY” “I WANT TO HEAR OUR SON BEG TO CUM IN HIS MOTHERS MOUTH, NOW SUCK HIS COCK” Mom was working overtime on my dick with dads encouraging words. Then mom stopped releasing her grip she had on me with her mouth. “DAMN BABY HIS COCK TASTE AS GOOD AS YOURS” “BUT BABY I NEED THAT COCK IN MY PUSSY” Then mom with a perfect move straddle my dick and impelled it deep inside her. “OH GOD YES BABY OH MY GOD HIS COCK FEEL SO GOOD INSIDE ME” she screamed as she worked up and down on my dick. Dad encouraged her “FUCK THAT BOY BABY RIDE HIS COCK LIKE THE PRO YOU ARE” “FUCK HIM BABY FUCK HIM GOOD” Mom was bucking like a wild woman and her tits where hanging in my face. I reached up and grabbed hold of them with her nipples so swollen and hard. I grabbed hold of one pinching and twisting it only to hear my mom tell me “HARDER BABY PINCH THAT MOTHER FUCKER HARDER” “GRAB HOLD OF THE OTEHR ONE DO THEM BOTH PINCH THEM OH GOD DAMN” I grabbed the other one pinching and pulling on them both. Mom exploded with an orgasm and I had not yet shot my load. Mom feel off of me and onto the bed breathing heavily. “Oh baby you did not cum yet baby” “It’s ok mom I can stroke it off” “No baby you need to cum in mommy” Mom moved to on the bed and got on all fours looking back at me she said “FUCK YOUR MOMMIES ASS HOLE BABY FUCK MOMMY IN THE ASS PLEASE” I had never thought about doing that but I always loved seeing my moms butt from behind. “Damn baby you never have let me fuck your ass” Dad spoke. “FUCK YOUR MOM’S AS SON” “STUFF YOUR COCK IN MOMMIES ASS PLEASE” I got in behind her and slowly started stuffing my dick in her tight ass hole. It was so tight I did not think I would ever get it in her, but with me pushing forward and her pushing against me it finally popped in. “OHHHHHHHH GOD THAT HURTS BUT FEELS GOOD” Mom screamed out “JUDST HOLD IT THERE BABY LET MOMS ASS ADJUST TO IT PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE” I stayed right there not moving any, then I felt mom start to work her ass back and forth on my dick. I noticed dad had moved in closer to get a better view.”Damn honey you have our son’s cock deep in your ass and it looks good” “MMMMMMMMMM Fuck her ass son FUCK HER ASS GOOD AND HARD” I started fucking her deep and hard so hard I could feel my balls slapping her wet pussy. I would estimate about 3 minutes I was ready to explode “OH MOMMY IM GOING TO CUM MOM IM GOING TO CUM” “OH YES CUM IN YOUR MOMMIES ASS FILL MY ASS FULL OF YOUR HOT CUM PLEASE BABY CUM INSIDE ME” I let go of a huge load deep in her ass and as I did I felt her pulsating ass milking me and then she screamed “OH GOD IM CUMMING TO BABY OH YES OH MY FUCKING GOD” We both collapsed onto the bed my dick falling out with me on the back side of mom on our side, dad crawled up on he bed facing mom and we all feel asleep together.

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