Super Kush and Sammie

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We’re allowed to do this. Two consenting parties of two adults out of two, it’s perfectly fine that we’re doing this, this is ok. We won’t get caught. We’re just fucking and that’s wonderful. Didn’t even know how bad I wanted to do this.

We have never said a single word to one another. I remember her face in the halls always on different sides of the in school face spectrum, completely zombified and the face I like a lot, after school when she laughs really hard and her dimples show. I like that face the most. When in passing I can see her over exaggerating something or other. Her friends laugh just as hard and walk away when things get racy. I didn’t and still don’t know her name; I know her generic nickname but not her actual on the birth certificate name.

That’s how we wound up making the beast with two backs. A party, lots of illicit drugs and me wondering her name. She’s really funny and knows how to play a room. She had me doubled over and coughing as we shared a blunt in the kitchen. The party was taking a turn for the absolute best, shotguns between horny mouths passed more often than the blunts. I watched her watch them. My eyes a bloodshot red, her deep browns watery and blown wide. I saw her cross her legs and grind her hips in that just slight ‘I am ready to fuck’ way. She turned to me and let me watch as she took the most sensual hit and held it.

Her mouth was nowhere near mine; she focused the hit to blow in my nose. The blunt was between my fingers burning, lower. I watched her straddle a friend and relieve her of a freshly rolled blunt only to take a hit that burned a quarter of the blunt in ashes and embers. Her mouth let out enough smoke to catch a contact on top of a high. That shit was sexy. I took a hit to it; she knew how to play a room. Then güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she was back in the kitchen locking our fingers and taking the blunt still between our fingers and dragging it until the heat was directly over my knuckles.

Her lips a wet bruised pink. I can see her dimple in the left side of her cheek. My mouth is on hers and my hands keeping her there. She tastes just the Super Kush we were smoking, her tongue tastes like smoke. For a second I wonder if she’s ok with me doing this. Then she adds her tongue and sends me through a loop de loop, it’s like a snake, wrapping around my tongue and tasting the Super Kush on me. For a second I wonder if the rumor is true, her being a virgin isn’t likely. That doesn’t matter because I am not.

She’s really good at kissing. I can feel my dick getting hard pressing against her thick thigh. I think ‘fuck it’ and grab her fat pillowy ass and feel her lean into me. Her tits are huge and so is her stomach, like I am squeezing a teddy bear. When she pulls away I follow. Her mouth looks purple, I wouldn’t mind biting them. I was going to then her mouth was on my neck, below my ear saying where we could finish. There was a room she knew for sure wasn’t being occupied, the 10 people we came with where groping on each other, hands and hips gyrating and rubbing. We walk up stairs away from the pile up orgy on the living room floor to a room in the cut of the house. It was cool and dark. The bed was still made; we left the lights off and returned to sucking face.

Tongues violent and pressing, I had more of her spit in my mouth than my own. Her hands were everywhere they were supposed to be, riding low on the waistband of my pants. Bridging the gap between our skin, her thick dimpled hand palming the half hard güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri length she found just on the outside the thin fabric of my boxers.

I wasn’t going to let her have all the fun. My hands found the massive weight of her tits. I tasted her moan more than heard it. She pressed her tits into my hands and stroked harder at my dick, making it stand at full attention.

Then she said the deal breaker sentence for all fucks “Take off your clothes.” I needn’t be told twice, my pants had pooled at my ankles in less time than a second. I was in the process of taking my shirt over my head, when I saw the quick and efficient way she disrobed. Pants off folded halfway over the lone chair in the room shirt folded with the sleeves lined up, her bra was coming off and I wanted to catch the heavy pillows before the bounced to their usual resting place. Then her panties hit the floor with barely a sound.

She was naked and my first thought was she looked like a fertility goddess, all thick meat and rolling curves. My dick lurched at the idea straining for the chance to dive deep to the center of the brown goddess. She helped relieve me of my remaining clothes, boxers and a faded band t-shirt. Her hands are hot and I swear I can feel her heartbeat through them, maybe it’s mine but that doesn’t matter because we’re naked and consenting and there’s no condom.

I want to stop her before this goes too far, my words turn to gibberish as she swallows half my dick and keeps going until my cock hits the velvet heat of her throat. Virgins can’t do that, I know for a fact that she isn’t Mormon. She goes at it like a pro, all spit, tongue and technique. Somehow, some way my balls had drawn up to my body away from the soft hand that had been fondling them güvenilir bahis şirketleri and caused my prick to spasm and expel hot semen into her waiting mouth.

She swallowed and my dick stayed hard. I still couldn’t talk; she didn’t, just held onto my dick stroking it to the point of straining.

She led me to the desk in the far corner of the room, next to the chair where her folded clothes were and for a second I was ok with fucking her pussy raw. Then she threw me for a loop bent over the desk legs spread wide and shoulders to the desk she presented her asshole, her wet, lubed asshole. I grabbed the base of my prick to keep from coming. This, fucking goddess has won an eternal fuck buddy.

I see her asshole twitch and I am at her ass, dick in hand pushing into wet, tight, sucking heat. Oh sweet mother, bottoming out and feeling her clench tighter was damn near too much.

It started slow, my hips meeting the hefty meat of her backside in a languish manner. She rolled her hips toward me meeting me thrust for thrust. She didn’t have to say anything, she used her body. If she wanted it harder, she pushed back harder. If she wanted it faster she would throw her ass back quicker. We didn’t talk just moaned and fucked till we couldn’t stand.

By the time we were finished so was everyone downstairs. There was a call upstairs that let us know it was time to go. I have no idea how many times I came but I for sure don’t know if she came and I still don’t know her name.

She doesn’t look at me when she puts in her clothes, going back to her frumpy original. I swear when she walked out she did so without shame or limp. Me I was a teetering train wreck of post sex and lethargy. I watched her dap 3 other girls who smiled a knowing half smile of ‘we fucked till it hurt, awesome.’

There was no lingering, we were piled into two separate cars, and I didn’t have to tell anyone how it went down because she was on the table of discussion. I only had rave reviews. Then I heard her name and I said it under my breath Sammie tastes better than short stack.

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