Strangers in the movie theater – written by her

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Strangers in the movie theater – written by her
We enjoy risque encounters with strangers from time to time. There’s just something incredibly naughty about the act that really turns us both on. As much as it is definitely fun having sex with friends or people we’ve had sex with before, there’s an added element to not knowing the person at all. Add to that doing it somewhere public and my heart beats like a jackhammer in anticipation. We hadn’t done anything like this in a while. One evening while we were having sex, my hubby suggested that I may be overdue to meet up with someone new. I agreed.

For those who don’t know anything about me, I’m a mid-40’s redhead (although it’s turning grey in streaks), I consider myself pretty fit at around 130 lbs, I have C-cup breasts which are very sensitive, and I simply love sex.

So hubby and I talked a bit about a scenario to act on and were planning on seducing someone but hadn’t figured out who or how yet. We weren’t planning on anything quite yet so tonight we were simply going to go out for dinner and a movie. I love dressing to feel sexy and taking risks so I went with a tight stretch shirt with no bra with a light jacket over it, a mid-thigh skirt and no panties (something my hubby loves as do I). We had a lovely dinner and I had a few drinks (hubby was the designated driver tonight). After dinner we headed over to the local theater without having a clue about what was playing. When we got there we saw that a movie we thought we’d missed was still playing and it was one we wanted to watch so we got into the lineup to purchase our tickets. The lineup was long as there were a couple of big new releases out that night. My hubby was behind me in the lineup and I overheard a couple of young guys ahead of me chatting about the movie they were going to see, the same one as us. These boys were cute! I’d guess around 20 at the most and fit. They really looked to me as though they were the school jock type. Hubby saw me checking them out and as usual, his horny brain went into overdrive. When we got to the till we purchased our tickets and snacks and then headed toward the theater but hubby pulled me back. “I saw you checking out those boys. I think you should make something happen.”

To be honest, the thought of playing with them had crossed my mind so when my husband suggested it, I was game but there were 2 of them and a public movie theater doesn’t exactly give the best opportunity to play around so I asked him what he was thinking. He suggested that he go ahead into the movie and check out the seating arrangement, then he’d text me and suggest something. I was game for it so he went ahead and I sat in the lobby waiting. It was almost time for the movie to start when I got the text. “It’s dead in here, just them and me. They’re dead center in the place. I’m up in the back left corner. You should sit to the back right of them and then move next to them after the movie starts.” I shut off my phone and headed in.

The previews were still playing but just about to finish and I could easily see the guys sitting there. I walked across the front of the seating and climbed to my seating area. I could see both the boys staring at me as I climbed the stairs and I made a point of looking at them and smiling, then gave them a little waive. My heart was already beating hard. I love the anticipation and uncertainty of trying to do something without any guarantees. The movie finally started. I looked over to hubby who smiled at me and held his drink up as if to say “Cheers”. I was having a hard time taking my eyes off the boys and it seemed that they were both interested in me as they kept looking back at me from time to time. I was getting really turned on at the thought of doing something. I could feel myself getting wet and finally I put my hand down between my legs and started to touch myself. I’d removed my jacket when I sat down and now my skirt was hiked up exposing my pussy. I felt so naughty knowing that I was completely exposed but that no one could actually see what I was doing. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I was now busy rubbing my clit gently, running my fingers up and down my opening and yes, I was very wet now. I kept my eyes locked on the boys, imagining it was one of them touching me. The one closest to me turned back again to look at me, then whispered to his friend, then both turned to stare at me. I guess they figured out what I was doing. We made eye contact and it got me even more excited and nervous. I knew this would be a turning point where either something good or bad would happen.

The boys were whispering back and forth, then the one closest to me got up. Would he walk down the stairs to rat me out? He shuffled through the row until he got to the stairs, then turned towards me and started to climb the stairs. I tugged the front of my skirt down just enough to cover my pussy before he got to me. He leaned in and quietly asked “You mind if I sit with you?” I shook my head to say no and he then awkwardly stepped over me to sit in the seat between me and the wall. “I couldn’t help but notice you were making some interesting noises” he whispered into my ear. I smiled and said that I was sorry. “Don’t be. I was hoping you’d keep doing whatever you were doing” he whispered. So I did exactly that. I pulled the front of my skirt up again and spread my legs and started to rub myself again. I turned to stare at him but his eyes were locked onto what I was doing below. I needed contact so I took his hand in mine and moved it to my pussy. He started to rub me. He definitely lacked experience. He fumbled around a bit, rubbing me, then searched for my opening before pushing a finger into me. I accidentally let a moan escape my lips and realized it after the fact. I looked around quickly to make sure I hadn’t been too loud and discovered that his buddy was now sitting on my other side. I was so busy staring at the first guy that I didn’t even notice the other join us. I discretely took a glance over his shoulder to see my hubby watching intently from afar. He wasn’t going to be able to see much, but he seemed okay with that.

The 2nd boy now put his hand on the inside of my left thigh and started to rub it while his friend kept fingering me. I slid both of my hands to their crotches and started to rub them through their shorts. Both were already hard, and one was definitely bigger than the other. The boy on my right pulled his finger from inside me and quickly undid his shorts, sliding them down under his bum and sat there looking at me, obviously expecting something. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and started to slowly stroke him up and down. His cock was hot in my hand, very hard and had a lot of foreskin which I pulled down. As his cock head was revealed, a huge drop of semen emerged from the tip of his cock. I wanted to pump him so I kept stroking, squeezing hard as my hand came upwards, making more and more cum leak from the tip. While I was doing this the other boy took my hand and pushed it into his shorts. He’d undone them but didn’t pull them down. He had lifted his underwear as he pushed my hand down and now I was grabbing his cock also. His was definitely the larger of the two and was circumcised. I slid my hand down the front of his cock to his balls and gave them a good squeeze, then slid back up and started to pump him also. I now sat back, looking down at one and then the other. I love the feel of cock and having 2 hard young ones in my hands was making me dripping wet. My legs were still spread for the world to see but neither was touching me, they were too busy enjoying what my experienced hands were doing for them. Finally the one on my right leaned over and pleaded breathlessly into my ear “please suck me”. His tone had a definite note of uncertainty due to his age and lack of confidence. I smiled at him, raised the arm rest between us, and shifted myself so that I was on my hip and could bend down to him. I felt my backside being exposed by the other boy who then lifted my leg güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri slightly and soon his fingers were inside me. I darted my tongue across the tip of the first boy’s cock, licking up his precum. He certainly had a great deal of it. It was a little bitter but I didn’t mind. I wrapped my mouth around the end of his cock and started to suck on him. I consider myself pretty good at it, probably because I enjoy pleasuring men. I was having a hard time concentrating because of the other boy fingering me but I kept at it, licking and sucking while I pumped him with my hand. Suddenly and without warning, his cock started to jump and I felt him cumming into my mouth. He didn’t have much so it wasn’t hard for me to keep up and I swallowed his entire load, keeping suction on him until he was completely done and I released him from my mouth. I heard his buddy who was fingering me ask “did you cum?” The reply whispered back was “fuck ya.”

Now the boy to my left removed his fingers and whispered across me to his buddy “trade places with me.” The first boy put his cock away and did his pants up, then got up and shuffled past to the outside of the isle, then the other shuffled over and took his place in the seat to my right. Now he pulled his shorts down to reveal his cock while the first boy acted like a shield to block anyone seeing what we were up to which made me giggle inside knowing it was my hubby watching from afar. This cock was definitely the looker of the two. It was bigger around but about the same length, cut and with a big head. “My turn” he whispered to me, putting one of his hands to the back of my head and pulling me to him. I slid off my seat onto the floor as he pulled me to his waiting cock. I could feel the sticky concrete floor on my knees as I adjusted so that I could get more comfortable. I licked him, then started to suck him as I did the other. I put one of my hands around his shaft and the other between my legs. I rubbed my clit while I sucked him, making it that much more fun for me. This one was also hard as a rock and leaking precum but his was sweet on my tongue and I was enjoying the taste of him. He was almost completely hairless down there also which I like because I love the look of cock and hate it when hairs get stuck in my mouth. He was holding my hair, guiding my head up and down on him. I could hear his breathing getting faster but I didn’t want him to cum yet so I pulled back, letting him fall from my mouth. He was still tugging at my head, trying to get me back sucking him. I reached over on my seat and grabbed my purse, then dug around and pulled out a condom that I keep for just such an occasion. I pulled it from the package, placed it on the tip of his cock and then used my mouth to roll it onto him. It’s never an easy task putting a condom on with one’s mouth, especially if the cock is wide but I did manage to get it most of the way down, then used my hand to finish rolling it down his shaft. I smiled up at him and stood, then turned my back to him and lowered myself. As I got close I reached down and grabbed his cock, rubbed his head against me, then guided it in as I sat down on him. I heard a quiet moan as I got all the way down on him. I leaned back against his chest and he whispered into my ear “Holy fuck you feel good.” I replied by moving up and down on him slowly. With as horny as I was, he felt incredible. He wrapped his hands around me and moved them to my breasts. I absolutely love having my tits played with and he was pushing all the right buttons. He slid his hands up under my shirt but with it being as tight as it was, my shirt rode up with his hands exposing them. Soon he was cupping my tits and pinching my nipples making me insane. His buddy was still watching us and was now stroking himself again with his hands down inside his shorts. I was so close to cumming! I was in complete control and kept moving just right as my climax got closer. Finally I was there! I began to cum. I shook violently on his lap, my pussy clenching güvenilir bahis şirketleri down on him. I nearly passed out right there on his lap. When I could see straight again I turned my head and whispered into his ear “your turn”. He nodded with a smile and started trying to thrust but it was pretty awkward for him in this position. He lifted me off his lap, then slid off his seat onto his knees on the floor. As he did so he pulled me down to him. With his guidance I ended up on my back on the sticky floor with my head below his buddy’s legs. He spread my legs and mounted me. He shoved his cock back into me in one quick thrust, taking the air out of my lungs. He felt fantastic. He fucked me slowly and quietly, staring down at my body as he did. My tits were exposed, my skirt was around my waist, and he was taking it all in. Within a minute or so he started to grunt, then pulled himself out of me. He frantically pulled the condom off and kept pumping his cock with his hand, holding it just above my opening. A second later he shot his cum onto me. It seemed endless as it kept coming out. Some landed on my tummy, some onto my skirt but most seemed to land right around or on my pussy. As he finished I could feel his hot semen running down between my legs. I moved my hand down to my pussy to run my fingers through his cum and it was indeed all over my pussy. I pulled it between my fingers and rubbed it over my clit, then dipped my fingers inside me. I don’t know why I did it but I do sometimes get a bit “cum crazy” when I’m really worked up. It was fabulous.

I looked up to see his friend now leaning forward directly above me. He was exposed again, pumping his cock quickly. He’d become hard again watching his friend fuck me. Rather than getting up I stayed as I was on the floor, looking up at him. I licked my lips at him and pointed to my open mouth. He nodded and shifted forward again, then started to jerk wildly as he shot his second load. The first of it hit the chair in front of him, then some hit my cheek, then I lost track as I closed my eyes (semen burns the eyes boys!). I felt some land in my mouth and more onto my face. When I didn’t feel any more landing on me I opened my eyes and he was indeed done as he was tucking it away. I sat up, my hair sticking to the floor making it a bit painful as some hair pulled. My back stuck, my ass stuck, that floor was gross! I slid into my seat again and noticed the used condom on the floor also. Both boys were now tucked away and smiling at me. The one who’d fucked me leaned in and kissed me on the lips with a quick peck, then whispered “thank you”, then the second boy also whispered “yes, thank you”, to which I giggled. It always makes me laugh when men thank me for pleasuring them.

They now both got up and stepped into the aisle. Rather than returning to their seats they walked down the stairs and left talking excitedly in hushed voices as they left. I looked over to my hubby who was now working his way over to me so I stayed put. My pussy was a wet mess and I was trying to use my hand to wipe the cum from my face. Hubby sat down next to me and asked “well, did you enjoy yourself you hot sweet mess?” I smiled and nodded. I went to kiss him but he stopped me, pulling a napkin from his pocket and then wiped my face, commenting that I had cum in my hair also. He said “I couldn’t see much of what was happening but I figured most of it out. That was fucking hot!” Now he kissed me hard on the mouth. Before I knew it, his hand was on the back of my head pulling my mouth to his cock which he’d already pulled out. He was really worked up so I let him fuck my mouth until he blew into my mouth also and I gulped down his huge load.

We decided that we’d missed too much of the movie to bother staying, besides, what we did see was pretty lame so far. I pulled my shirt back down and lowered my skirt, then pulled on my jacket and we left. As we got outside my hubby pointed out that I had cum on the front of my skirt and we both chuckled. When we got home we made crazy love again and fucked for well over an hour. He made me cum more times than I could count until he finally filled my pussy with his second load of the night. We fell asleep exhausted and happy.

So boys, when you see an older woman looking in your direction, give her some attention, she may be wanting to give you some in return 😉

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