Step Mother – Part 5

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Step Mother – Part 5

Prakash had cut short the story but could not cut his thoughts. The whole incident about first meeting with Maya started come before his mind. He did not want to hide anything from Jaya, but few things are better hidden, he thought. What happened that day was little different from what he told to Jaya.

When Maya and her husband Raju entered, Prakash was shaken from within seeing him. He was a perfect mismatch. Maya at her young age looked like a beautiful young woman, but Raju looked like his legs hanging in grave. Prakash asked him few questions about his job and his family, when they married etc.; he lie everything. Prakash told to Raju that I am caste fellow of both of you and I know all your relatives, so you never speak a lie.

I don’t know your history because I stayed in this city and never been to native or meet relatives. Prakash looked at Maya and eye in eye he told her; Maya you have also given me all wrong information about your husband and everything. I understood everything when you told me your father-in-law’s name and native. You told me that your husband is manager somewhere. I know he is a d**g addict and without business and unemployed. Never try to be smart with me.

His tone was changed he asked as if autocrat, tell me how much you drink and also tell me which d**gs you are addicted to. After a pose Prakash told in low voice that I want to be helpful to you and Maya. I am a rich man and want to use my money for charity for my caste fellow like you. Raju was soon broken mentally and told every truth about his life with Maya.

Raju confessed about his addictions. Other truths were bitter like poison. Raju said that his father was a very rich man. His father was a big trader in shares and commodities. Everybody in his family was uneducated including his father. He got Maya by paying ten lack rupees to her father. Maya’s father was very greedy that is why he agreed to marry his graduate beautiful daughter with illiterate person.

Actually the marriage was held in hurry, because before few days their trading empire made big losses and all their assets were to be liquefied. Before anybody knows they wanted to bring Maya in their home. At the time of marriage ceremony, Maya’s father asked for more money. Raju called his muscle men and threatened Maya’s father. They took him as captive till the marriage ceremony was finished. In few days Raju’s family was on road.

Their financial problems made them to wander from one city to another to hide their face from their creditors. They have hidden big amount from creditors which lasted for some time. His father and mother died after some time, leaving them alone and without much money.

He was drinking a lot since c***d hood, was a d**g addict too. All his addiction made him fail in bedroom. Maya wanted to run out of marriage from the day one but could not do it in beginning due to fear from us. Now since her father also died she has accepted the life as it is. Raju explained everything.

He said, but sir, now we are living in peace, I am slowly leaving all my habits and addictions. I am also working hard and bringing some money. If Maya gets this job all our problems will be solved. Sir I want to go at de-addiction centre, but sir it requires time. If she gets this job I can have that treatment. Prakash knew very well that all these are lies. Prakash now wanted to overpower him mentally.

Prakash told him that I know what all you said about leaving habits and you are staying with peace is wrong. I also know that you are beating Maya merciless. I know you have beaten her today morning. Maya started sobbing in muffled voice. I also know that just now you don’t have money to have lunch or dinner at night.

I also know you don’t have even handful of rice or floor at home. Raju, now take this as a threat or advice from me, from just now onward if you touch Maya or try to harm her in any manner, you will have very bad time ahead. Like your father, as business man we also keep muscle men around us.

If you behave well you can have good time ahead. I can give Maya some job in my office, but you both will have to co-operate with me. You will have to do exactly what I tell you. First of all you will never tell anybody, what you have confessed with me and not tell anybody, what I have told you.

Second and important thing, just now I will take you both out for lunch in good hotel. From there directly I will take you to de-addiction center. After your full treatment I will find a job for you and then you will have happy life with Maya forever.

Raju’s eyes started to glitter. Prakash understood meaning of this glitter and it was confirmed when he started speaking nice things. Prakash knew that this money hungry bug is never going to improve. Maya’s sobbing stopped now and calmed down. Prakash wanted to give Maya a good life, so he thought this to be a good start; he even planned to get divorce for Maya from this junk and then get her married to a good person.

He was thinking, as to how to take Maya home to meet Jaya. This was going to be a tough job, because he knew that once he takes her his home, she will have doubts about relations between him and Jaya. He never wanted to have any break in their relation. He had doubts whether Maya can tolerate it. Anyway, just now is the question as to how he himself should introduce himself to Maya. Let time take its own course, he thought.

Prakash looked at Maya and told her that, I am thinking to give you some other job in office. That will take some time. But just now come with me for lunch. Prakash called all applicants one by one and collected their applications. He told his secretary to take application if someone comes later.

During lunch at a three star restaurant they were just three in a corner with little isolation. Prakash told her that, I will give you job only if Raju gets admitted to de-addiction center after lunch. But sir, what about the charges Maya asked with concern. All the expenses will be borne by me, Prakash assured. Till you get your new job, I will see that you get some amount every month; because I want to send Maya to Professional Training Institute for practical training and experience.

Raju was eating like a hungry dog. Maya was eating slowly and trying to bring style. She was having lots of thoughts in her mind which was visible on her face, and Prakash was well aware of it. The way she used to look at Prakash frequently she was sure having suspicion about motives of Prakash. To assure her, once when Raju was not looking at them, Prakash told Maya not to worry anything; all your dark days are gone.

Prakash was looking at her face to find those c***dhood lines on her face and smile, which was a matter of great pleasure for his c***dhood. Actually in his short stay with her in c***dhood, he was in love with her smile. He thought why only smile, he loved Maya fully. She was again with him, his c***dhood love he clarified to his own soul. Prakash found few original c***dhood lines on her face when her eyes were falling down with shyness.

After lunch they went to a NGO run de-addiction center and admitted Raju. Actually as a hobby while in college Prakash use to work with this NGO for community services. Most of top people knew Prakash very well. They were unaware about his present job etc. He did not clarify that. After consultation with expert doctors they were told that a thorough testing bahis firmaları of his organs like k**ney and others will have to be carried to find out the damage done.

Prakash agreed to it while Maya sitting next to him. Doctors told them to pay necessary fees at the counter. Fees were written on case paper. Prakash pulled the paper in a hurry, but Maya was clever to read it in fraction of seconds. The amount was in few thousands. She did not say a word. Leaving them in room, Prakash went and came back after paying fees.

Maya’s mind now started processing the events shaping in her life. Her first doubt was about motives of Prakash. She thought that this man was not ready to give her a job. After meeting with Raju, he has started helping them in many ways. He is talking of giving me job in some other category and that too not just now. Seems he is interested in me. That is why he has sent my husband in de-addiction center and ready to spend big amount for his treatment. He may be thinking that now I am alone so his road to me is clear.

Maya’s thinking process continued and she analysed what should she be doing. Should I surrender to him? She awakened from deep thoughts when Prakash asked him something. She said yes sir. Prakash found that she was not listening to him. He said I want to visit your home and see how you stay. No never sir, it is very bad place and I don’t want to take you at such dirty place.

Her evil mind thought that she is correct about his intentions. In my house he wanted to come closer to me. She thought, when this man is ready to spend so much of money for her, why not to go closer to him. In fact he may be spending money to come closer. She thought not to do it, because in a way it will be kind of selling her body for money.

Immediately other side of her mind argued that why do it for money, you do it for your needs. You didn’t have sex-life even after these many years of marriage. Do it for your needs, do it for your own sex life, her mind repeatedly told her. Her clever mind analysed and told her that the person is handsome, quite elder too. May be he too is in need of a woman, maybe he is not satisfied at home or something like that.

Her evil mind said, stop thinking about his problems. You satisfy him, he will be satisfying you, and the sides are equal. You are not asking for anything, whatever he does for you let him do. So instead of home take him to hotel. Sir, she wanted to say something but interrupted by Prakash. Prakash said, Maya, see if you are going to be employed in my company you have to stay in good locality.

Company is having few good guest houses; you will have to stay there for some time. I will show you one. Hmm so he wants to take me to company guest house instead of hotel. Let me come out of my shell. I never had such opportunity. Let me enjoy life and let him also fulfill all his wishes. Let me use my charms to maximum and get full return out of it. Sir, if you feel it is OK and if there is no harm, I am ready for whatever you wish Maya said. She said in double meaning.

They reached at a company guest house. The security man gave them keys. Prakash opened the main door, once inside the door was auto locked. Prakash set in drawing room on sofa. Prakash took a magazine and started reading something. Maya came and set next to him on the same sofa. Prakash liked Maya sitting next to him after so many years.

His heart started beating fast due to someone close to his heart sitting next to him. He wanted to embrace and tell her his real identity. He thought that will make her to come and meet Jaya soon. He didn’t want to take risk at this time. He wanted to do it at proper time.

Maya thought out a plan to go for physical intimacy with Prakash and then to lure him further for more benefits. She started crying, first just tears and then started weeping. Prakash looked at her face and said Maya why are you crying. He put his palm on her palm and caressed it, he said don’t cry and tell me. I remembered my father Kantilal. What about that Prakash asked? He loved me so much she replied.

What about your mother she not loved you, Prakash asked. She loved me a lot, but once we had a big fight since then I have not seen her. You left her house and married to this man? No, my first father took me his home. She slowly told her story to win heart of Prakash. As a final stroke she told him, you have done so much for me today that, no one else in my life has done anything as compared to what you did for me.

Sir I am really indebted to you, saying so she came closer and put her head on shoulder of Prakash. Prakash also remembered all his own past and that made him emotionally weak. He let his arm go around her neck and pulled her towards him. Maya put her farther hand around his waist and let his head press partly on his chest and partly on his shoulder.

Prakash brought his hand around her and started caressing her. Prakash said, Maya now I am with you; you have never to worry about anything. All your dark days are gone. Now, onward you have bright future ahead. Hearing this Maya became sensitive in reality and started sobbing. She was for the first time feeling real warmth of a male in her life. Maya forgot her ill motives and found a solace for life in this man.

On the other hand Prakash was feeling like succeeded in bringing out Maya from the deep valley of pain and sorrows; bringing her beloved Maya out from the darkness of poverty. He started caressing her more. His palm started moving at different places while caressing her. His palm moved on her bare waist below blouse. Her skin was soft. The pain and poverty has not affected her skin, Prakash thought.

Prakash found her sobbing more he raised her face and tried to look at her. He wiped her tears and said; Maya I cannot see tears in your eyes. She looked intently in his eyes. She found him saying this from his heart. Maya was moved from inside with his words, she became emotionally weak. She came closer to him with her arms fully around his neck and his waist; she pushed her head more in his chest.

While looking in her eyes Prakash kissed her forehead. Maya closed her eyes out of arousal for being loved by a male so tenderly for the first time in her life. She pressed herself more and tried to go upward on his body to meet her face with his. When her face was face to face with his, she presented her cheek before his lips. Prakash kissed her cheek. Maya’s hormones reacted to his kiss, with stirring in her full body.

Maya responded with tighter embrace with reciprocal kiss on his cheek. Her pressure was too much; this made Prakash fall flat on the sofa. Sofa was too small for two. Prakash petted her back and pushed her while raising himself; when raised he stood up keeping Maya in his embrace. Maya tightening her embrace said; don’t leave me sir. Prakash walked a step; Maya let her body flow with his steps.

Prakash remembered how Maya use to throw herself in his arm when she was a small girl. That time too Prakash has to pull her like this. They reached in bedroom. Maya’s sari was ruffled and palates of sari had come out of her petticoat. She removed her sari fully, but her sari pin had stuck in her blouse. She tried to open the pin but could not. She looked at Prakash; he was looking at his shirt, which was creased due to their embrace. He removed his shirt.

Prakash looked at Maya; she found looking at him as if requesting to help. She had already güvenilir casino opened her blouse hooks to try pull out blouse along with sari pinned in it. She was struggling at her shoulders to remove pin. Pin was stuck in such a way that blouse has to be removed with pin delicately without tearing sari. Prakash helped to remove the blouse; he separated blouse and sari from pin and then taken out. Maya looked at him shying for being just in a bra, came closer, she let her arms come around his waist and let her head rest in his chest. She pulled him towards bed.

Prakash let himself move as she wished. They laid united in bed their heads resting on pillows. Maya did not want to leave him; She embraced him more and pulled him towards her. Maya cuddled in him. Her full body was pressed in him. Her cries were forgotten. Both liked to keep themselves like that for a long time. Both were just caressing each other and trying to feel each other in total. None of them was in hurry for anything else. Both wanted to stay like that till eternity.

Maya was feeling it great. She felt all her pain, problems and sorrows are gone. She was feeling real pleasure of her life. Till now her life was like a hell. Suddenly a thirsty person in the desert got a stream of clean fresh water. She fell asleep for a while. In her dream she sees her drunkard d**g addict husband looking at him angrily. Seeing her in embrace of someone else he became furious. He came upon her with a hunter to beat her like everyday he used to.

In her dream she was panicked and started saying no… no… she was saying it with pain and cries. Prakash looked at her by separating a little. Her eyes were closed and yet she was crying and pleading. Prakash started caressing her face and asked her to cool down. She was still under pressure of sleep and dream. She was speaking something which was not understood. It looked like she was talking to someone who was beating her.

Prakash had hard time bringing her to reality. When she came to reality she looked at Prakash and shouted to save her, save me from him he is beating me… he is beating me. Saying so, she cuddled Prakash tight and hides her face in his neck. Prakash embraced her and asked who was beating you. She said Raju was beating me.

Maya now you are with me and you are fully safe with me. We have left Raju in the centre and he cannot come out without our permission. When you are with me, Raju can never harm you. Maya you forget Raju for ever now. He caressed her face and caressed his head and kissed her face lovingly. He said forget Raju, you are with me forever. Maya was in her full senses when she heard Prakash saying it.

She raised her face a little keeping her tight embrace from everywhere intact. She kissed Prakash on his cheek, kissed his forehead, kissed his chin. She looked again in his eyes and asked, really? Prakash moved his head saying yes. She put her lips on his lips. Raised her face again and looked lovingly at him. Prakash soon responded by kissing her lips.

His kiss was strong, Maya fell flat holding him tight, that made Prakash come little over her. Maya pulled him more. Prakash was now fully over her. Maya’s busts pressed in his chest. His legs over her legs, his torso pressed on hers. Maya caressed his face while looking at his face. She said you are very good man. I like you. He kissed her cheeks and kissed her lips, he raised her head and caressed her face and said, I like you and love you.

Maya held his head between her palms and pulled his head towards her heart as if saying that your place is in my heart. Prakash lowered his head and put it on her busts. He felt it soothing his heart. He loved the feeling. He thought this is the heart his heart echoes. He moved his head and let his face feel her busts. Maya pulled down bra-straps from shoulders and pulled down bra making her busts come fully in touch with his face.

Prakash was busy moving his face over them. Softness of her busts was giving his heart soothing cooling effect. She had perfect, round, beautiful boobs. Mother daughter were having the same pair except Maya’s pair looked younger. Maya’s boobs stronger and fully round as if made of wax. While comparing mother and daughter’s pairs Prakash took them to gather with his palms and kissed them at different places on the pair.

Maya started caressing his hair, her fingers were moving in his hair. Prakash remembered that how the k**-Maya use to ruffle his hair while playing and then Prakash use to lift her and shower kisses on her or put his face on her tummy and use to move face right and left, his nose use to give her giggles. Thinking his past he went lower and put his face on tummy and did the same. She held his face strong and started giggle.

Maya giggled like in her c***d hood. She pushed her head to make him stop doing anything there. Prakash lowered his face. He looked at her petticoat; it was mismatch to her body. Her skin and body was like a rich girl and her petticoat looked like that of a poor woman. He thought he will have to bring her new clothes to suit his own riches and riches of Maya’s beauty. He pulled the string of her petticoat. Maya knew, her panty is not worth shown. She tried to stop him.

Prakash did not stop, Maya played a trick, and she removed her petticoat and panty both to gather by first lowering them and then pushing them down with her legs. Maya has to raise herself a little to do it. She tried to open belt of Prakash, she could not do it properly. Prakash opened the belt, she lowered his pants and knickers both. Prakash helped to remove them fully. Two c***dhood friends were naked in bed.

Prakash knew about their past fully, Maya was still ignorant about anything. Maya was still ignorant about his name. She had not asked even his first name. On his chamber it was written as P. K. Patel. Prakash was fully above Maya, her beautiful loving body pressed under him. Prakash had his breathing faster and heart beat increased. He caressed her face looked in her eyes and asked, Maya are you sure should we be doing this.

Maya looked in his eyes and caressed his face. Why you asking now? I am asking because I feel we are as good as brother sister. Maya caressed his face and said yes, as caste members we are brother and sister. But I like i****t. I will address you as my sweet brother while you make love to me. Really Prakash asked and said, I will address you as sister. I too love to be i****t. Really brother Maya exclaimed?

Yes my sweet sister Maya, I will shower my love over you as if you are my sister. Oh… Sweet brother, I love you. Love you my darling brother. Saying all these she cuddled him tight and started move from below, as if aroused fully. That made, both of them turn around. Maya was now above him and Prakash pressed under her. He loved Maya’s aggression on him. He was very much in dilemma till now and not aroused fully.

Prakash was fully aroused now with his whole body blood rushing to his genital veins making him stronger than ever. Maya thought to have found love of her life. She started kissing every inch of his skin. Her face was in his neck, she kissed his neck, kissed his earlobe, kissed his shoulder. She raised a little and kissed his cheeks one after another.

Prakash played a game. He held her face between his palms and asked, what is your real brother’s name? Do you love him? She said, I don’t have real brother but my step brother’s name is Prakash. He loved me internet casino a lot and I too love him.

You can call me with that name while making love to me. Really brother Maya asked out of joy? Prakash said yes sweet sister Maya. I am your brother Prakash; let us get united forever. Oh, my brother Prakash, I love you so much. You are a gem I love you so much, saying so she again started kissing him.

She kissed his eyes, kissed his forehead, caressed his cheeks, kissed his front neck, she kissed strong shoulders of her brother. She continued saying love you Prakash; some time said just love you darling. She had become aggressive.

She kissed his nipple and took it in her mouth sucked it first and then did bite it. That made him moan with pain and he slapped on her ass playfully. She took another nipple in mouth and sucked it for a while and said, you naughty brother spanking sister’s ass. Saying so again gave a little bite on nipple.

Prakash was caressing his beloved sister everywhere and saying Maya you are very beautiful and you have perfect body. Maya said, brother your love will make your sister more and more beautiful. Darling I will need your love daily. She said while going lower on his belly. She kissed his belly, caressed his belly button and started licking his belly button. She kissed all around on his tummy and lower abdomen. His hard cock caressed her cheek. She liked it.

She held his cock in her palm and started kissing the base on upper side. She lowered her face and started licking his balls. Brother you are very big. You are going to take your sister’s virginity today. I will love that babe, Prakash said, while caressing her hair. He started loosen her hair from the hair clip. All her hair spread over her. Prakash started caressing her shoulder and neck while playing with her hair.

Maya started sucking his cock and licking his cock head very playfully. That was arousing Prakash a lot. Whenever he was aroused too much he use to take her face in his palms and look in her eyes. Maya use to stop for a while and look at him, he use to say, darling your Prakash loves you a lot. Maya with love filled in her eyes use to say, your sweet sister Maya too love you a lot. Maya loves you lot more than you. She assured him.

Prakash pulled her towards him and said, now brother’s turn. They embraced a little turned to gather to bring Maya flat on bed and Prakash over her. So my sweet sister let me shower my pure love over you. He said “Love of Prakash for Maya”; saying that he caressed her face and started kissing her over her face. With another palm he held his steel hard rod and started caressing her slit. Brother mind well, no living thing has entered your sister’s pussy till day. So you have used something else? Yes, but anything not as thick as your tool.

Never worry sister you will love your Prakash more after you enjoy his love making capacity. I know my brother is capable of everything. Saying so she widened her pussy and Prakash pushed in her. His bulbous cock head entered in her. He looked in her eyes and said, sister Maya are you OK? She started caressing his back and while holding his waist, she said yes sweet brother come in more. From his waist She brought her palms in front and started caressing his lower belly and from there went upward and caressed his chest cage. He was well built.

Prakash pulled back and pushed in; that made him go more in her. He caressed her face, she smiled. Prakash pulled out fully and pushed in. Her eyes closed and eye lids pressed more. She pressed both her lips tight to bear the pain. She opened her eyes and looked lovingly at her sweet brother Prakash. She moved little up; Prakash also pulled out and pushed in again. This time it was a hard stroke. He did it for two three more times and he reached fully in his beloved sister Maya.

Maya started caressing his arms and said thank you big brother. I love you. She pulled him towards her. Prakash came closer and put his lips on her lips. They sucked lips of each other enjoying saliva and sweat generated. Maya widen her mouth. Prakash took her upper lips and mouth in his mouth and sucked her. He pushed his tongue in her mouth and tasted inside of her mouth.

Maya pushed herself upward from below. That made Prakash loose contact with her mouth. Prakash pulled out fully and gave four five strong pulls and pushes as if in urgency. Maya never had such experience. She liked it, lot of love juices started flooding her pussy due to excitement she was getting out of it. Prakash started giving small pulls and pushes continuously but softly. That raised excitement of Maya further. Prakash caressed her head and hair.

Prakash continued it for some more time, while praising her beauty and calling her ‘sister’. She used to respond with oh ‘brother’. Prakash started kissing his dear sister’s face. When he finished kissing her face letting lot of saliva fall on her face, he started kissing her nipples, both one after another. This was sending thrills in her spine. She loved it very much. She was responding to her brother with equal enthusiasm. She continued caressing his back; some time caressed his head and played with his hair.

She used to hold his waist with both hands when he started giving her strokes. She loved every stroke. She said, your every stroke make me remember my c***d hood love for Prakash. Prakash said I would love to hear it from you. Oh Prakash that was nice one, Maya said when Prakash gave five six powerful strokes as if trying to ignite passion in her. She was already ignited. Such powerful strokes were making her reach the edge.

Suddenly Prakash started licking one boob from around the areola. Maya never had such pleasure; she started giving small pushes from below. Prakash also started small pushes while licking slopes of her beautiful boobs. Prakash took boob top in his mouth and started sucking it. He also started playing with another boob. While doing that he also started giving continuous strokes some time heavy some time lighter to match her mood.

Maya was losing the track, any time she was going to climax. Prakash started sucking boob warmly, heartily and with somewhat force. He sucked it fully like vacuuming his mouth with her boob as a stopper. Her nipple touched his throat and that made her loose the track. She lost the track and fell from the cloud nine. His darling brother Prakash was there to hold her lovingly. Prakash embraced her tight understanding her urgency. She too held him tight with her legs wound around his legs.

She stiffened and locked Prakash. His cock was rock hard and aimed at the opening of her womb to enjoy spurt after spurt of baby making juices for his beloved sister. Prakash sent his first spurt to her womb. Maya felt the liquid flush the mouth of her uterus. She enjoyed it and more spurts followed after that as if trying to flood it. Prakash was giving kisses at every spurt and she was becoming stiffer and stiffer with each spurt. It was like a multiple orgasm in one orgasm.

Prakash was spent and fell on his sister. Both drifted to small nap of ten minutes. When awake, Prakash raised himself a little and looked at his beloved sister. He caressed Maya’s face and said, darling that was fantastic. Maya smiled caressed his face caressed his chest and said, that was greatest for me. Because your virgin sister enjoying such pleasure for the first time in life. Darling brother I am indebted more with this.

Love story of Maya and Prakash is going to make you happy but you know life can not be that easy for everybody. New turns are shaping in their life. Part six is going to bring you turns in this love story. Be prepared. Do not forget to give your comments

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