Stella Maris SM 9: Cunning Confesion 3

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Stella Maris SM 9: Cunning Confesion 3STELLA MARIS CONTINUES: COMPLETE OPENNESS OVER ORGASMS DURING LOVINGStella Maris tells us after a break all about her hottest perfect positions for an orgasm during loving.Stella Maris tells us her two finest favourites. One works always in our bed in the busy student-flat.Stella Maris has a second sexy position. Lack of space for it, in the bed under the ceiling in his room.Stella Maris has another reason, why she really prefers first one. Which will show a submissive side! ———————————————————————————————————————————-[STELLA MARIS’ SUCCESSFUL SEX SECRET SUMMARY IS … A QUOTE FROM ‘CHINATOWN’!Stella Maris got us all horny and rubbing, while we are looking at her enormously erotic example.Stella Maris got us all at the fast lane to long, loud & lustful orgasms. Squirts. Peter at the table.Stella Maris looks around at us. Face shining with triumph. Full of pride and some sexy sweat.Stella Maris looks at the table, “We had better eat those crackers, before Peter wets them all!”Stella Maris has her audience laugh, eat and drink. As the recipe from Chinatown’s opening.Stella illegal bahis siteleri Maris asks Professor Poet-Peter for the quote from the first scene, while titles still roll.Stella Maris: “How it was, Professor? Jack Nicholson stands there… Faye Dunaway shows up.”Stella Maris: “He asks her, if she knows why the Chinese are so good at making love? – Right?”——————————————————————————————————————————————-STELLA MARIS KNOWS WELL: THE JOKE FROM ‘CHINATOWN’ IS NO JOKE AT ALL! – IT’S TRUE!Prof. Peter: “He looks weird in first shot. Ragged face. Plaster across his nose. Is very nervous!We see, what he can’t: She walks up to him from behind. Looks wow. White sexy summer dress.”We find as Erotica Professor his answers ‘velly funny’, as everyone. But also too true! Love = LOL!”Prof. Peter: “Kiss a lil’, Talk a lil’, Eat a lil’, Drink a lil, Laugh a lil’, Love a lil’, Smoke a lil’, Kiss a lil’, …”We eat all crackers. Marina makes more: Fishy ones. To match the white wine and coming part two.Marina: “Thanks Stella Maris, I now dare to take my turn! Not now. You are such a turn-on to us youwin all!”Prof. Peter: “Stella and Saskia, you had the cheese crackers with my seed. Marina last drops at me?”Marina: “Big banana with whipped cream is my favourite dessert, dear Peter!”. She licks. Three laugh!———————————————————————————————————————————————-STELLA MARIS LOVES PROPER FOREPLAY: FOOD & DRINK, FEW CARESSES AT FULL BELLYStella starts second cunning confession: “I more or less move in at him. He’s hot when he wakes up.He is horny immediately. All men, I learn later. Morning wood. From full bladder & dirty dreams, I guess … I am not yet in the mood. Still half dreamy. Takes time to have hot sex with me. I mean enjoyable for me!You know, Pete’s so sweet! Or perhaps just smart? Finds out the fast way: Get up, make breakfast in bed.I love his smothered eggs over tomatoes and bacon, covered by molten cheese, topped with right herbs.I get it served in bed with a big mug of strong sweetish tea. He climbs in next to me. We eat, drink & chat.Belly full, I recline. He caresses my belly. Turns me on immediately! perabet I turn to my belly, spreading my legs.He comes behind me. His knees push mine wider. I have my hand already at my hairy hill. He fucks me!———————————————————————————————————————————————–STELLA MARIS COMPARES PROS & CONS: TWO FAROURITE FUCKING PERFECT POSITIONSStella Maris looks around. All are back in proper position. Hers: Legs up & wide. One or both hands play.Stella Maris explains some reasons: “You know, his bed is only one meter under the ceiling. Hardly room.In holidays or rare occasions in an other bed, like in my room, I like to be on top. Dictate speed & strength.It also offers me room to play with my pussy. I can not orgasm at all from fucking f.i. in missionary position!He can hold my breasts by both hands. Turn me on by turning my hard nipples a bit. It lacks an essential:He should dominate me! Not the other way around. I love it! He offers me no escape. His weight on me.I now know, my only way out, is to come as he demands! Best at the same time. Feeling of his shots in me!I love the simple after-play of nature itself: We lay, heavily breathing. He still on top. I feel his seed leak out!====================================================================================ALL RIGHTS REMAIN @ Prof. Poet-PETER, ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’, A’dam 16/3/18

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