Sophis college shower experience

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Sophis college shower experienceThe following morning me and toni woke up together cuddling, it felt so comfy while it lasted, having him holding me and kissing my cheeks. We got up and dressed. Me still wearing my booty shorts and the cum soaked panties from last night, the older of man seed coming from my ass. We went on for days without saying a word. I didnt mind being his fuck toy for the night but he could at least acknowledge me. I ignored it and went on. Tyler would work most mornings so I didnt see him much unless it was night time. He wouldnt make a move on me even though I knew was curious, he could tbh come into my room and fuck me anytime but he wouldnt make a move. I knew Tyler would shower late at night in the buildings public showers when no one was up so I knew I would catch him there. I wanted his bbc so bad. Its been so long since I had some bbc inside me, i wanted to taste him so bad I couldnt take it anymore. I took a chance one night and went to shower a few minutes before I knew he would be there and waited for his arrival. I was getting undressed when he walked in. My big plump ass, A cup güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri titties, little clitty and smooth skin out in the open for him to see. He stopped and just started at me, looked at me from head to toe. I broke the silence and said “hi Tyler, sorry I didnt know you showered at this time” (obviously acting dumb). he responded “nah, your good Ive just never seen a tgirl naked before, you look good”. I blushed and said “oh um thank you”. I walked away to the showers, noticing him staring at me. The showers were separated into stalls, like a bathroom but with curtains. I went to the far end stall which was the largest, placed my basket on the floor and began scrubbing with my pink loofah. I heard him walk over and began showering in the stall next to me. I didnt know what to do. After a few moments of silence he called over to me “hey sophi can you help me scrub my back”. I was in shock but filled with joy. I responded after a short pause “yea.. ofcourse!”. My little clit leaked from the excitement. I walked over to his stall and saw his wet, muscular and gorgeous naked pinbahis body. He handed me the loofah and I began washing him. As I was scrubbing I glanced over and saw his erect cock, It was now or never. I played dumb said with a cute voice” there all done, can I please help you with this too tyler” with pouty lips I reached over and grabbed his cock and began stroking it softly. He responded “ahh yes baby, please”. My little limp clitty now gushing precum from the excitement. I kneeled down on the hard bathroom floor as he turned around exposing his erect cock in my face. Not big, but definitely black and thick 6in cock. I took his thick cock into my mouth, still going down my throat but no longer gagging. I embraced his cock kissing and licking every inch. The warm water running down my face and body As i ran my lips up and down his shaft. It was amazing to finally have a cock head running in and out of my lips again. The joy of having cock in my mouth filled my body. Tyler moaned as he rested his hand on my head keeping me from removing my mouth from his cock. I ran my hands against his hairy pinbahis giriş legs as he fucked my mouth with his black cock. my mouth filled and got sticky with his load of precum, I pulled off and swallowed. I licked the head of his cock before again taking his cock into mouth. Now using my tounge to massage his head, Tyler’s moans got deeper and louder. I massaged his head with my tongue some more and stroked his cock. I went hard sucking his cock and stroking him, basically begging for his cum. I soon felt him getting close so I let go, and gave his cock soft long deepthroats. sucking on his cock I rubbed my clit with my hand as I felt his cock pulsate and four thick bursts of black seed fill my mouth. By the fourth burst my mouth overfilled and hot man seed ran down the side of my mouth. I pulled his cock and I looked him in the eyes as i swallowed his cum and sounded with my lips “thank you”. I got up and he pulled my in, kissing me while his big hands fondled and squeezed my ass. I wrapped my arms around and we passionately kissed in the shower stall. We finished showering and I changed into my tank top and botty shorts. We walked up to our unit and he kissed me goodnight before walking to his room. I sighed that he didnt spend the night with me before masturbated and anal beading my ass the memory of sucking his cock. I shot my little cummie in my panties and passed out.

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