Sofa mistress tale

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Sofa mistress taleMistress A story for your pleasureOn arrival the sissy opens the door the mistress is upstairs putting on her sexy dress and panties drinking a G&T. You take me upstairs after a few words and undress me.After my journey I need a shower which you wash me all over paying attention to my cock balls and ass. Finally shaving my balls and ass so they are clean and smooth. You dry my off with a towel except my ass and balls this is done with your tongue . Next you suck me to erection about 7 inches of meat in your mouth. We are now to be prepareed for the mistress. We both take a double dose of Viagra you are in chastity of course so this will really hurt when you get a full erection in your cage even though you are very tiny. As for me you put my cock into amasya escort a penis pump I will be pumped for at leastt 30 minutes while you lick my balls and rim my ass. We both are then called upstairs to our mistress we take her another drink on a tray as we enter the room on our knees heads bowed she stands in high heels long hair and dressed in a figure hugging dress.We are both requested to stand as she inspects us walking round us as we look to the floor. She squeezes your balls tight and puts a lead on to to your chastity cage. Next she makes you remove the pump from my engorged cock 8 inches of thick red meat spring out the foreskin pulled back and the balls blue you suck the pre cum from the head and then present me to the mistress . She grabs my escort amasya balls very tight and places a rubber ring around them swelling them so the viens stand out then she places a ring around the base of my cock the meat hard as nails in her red painted nails fingers. I also have a leash attached to my balls. The mistress sits and commands me to get on all fours and lick her feet with my ass in the air you are to get behind me and grip my balls while licking my ass. After 15 minutes the mistress opens her legs and displays her panties she pulls on my leash which means address my pussy. I smell her sex and nuzzle my nose in between her crack she opens her legs further and orders me to lick the inside of her thighs. She then removes her panties and stuffs amasya escort bayan them in the sissys mouth. I unzip her dress she is naked I take some oil and she lays face down on the bed with a pillow under her belly so her superb ass is raised and legs parted so a glimpse of her sex cann be seen . I massage her all over prising open her bum cheeks andd displaying her ass. I finger her hole as instructeed and lightly play with her pussy. She then turns over and I massaage her huge breasts sucking on her nipples as she grips my balls so tight they turn purple.Enough she commands on your back my cock is now dark red and the viens as thick as a pencil balls purple full and angry. She impales herself on me cock and rides me to orgasm I fill her full of spunk at least 3 weeks worth.I am then told to stand in the corner while the sissy gets to clean up the cream pie. Once cleaned the sissy has to clean my cock balls and ass. We are then both put into chastity and made to serve the mistress naked all weekend. xx

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