Slutty wife and humiliated husband

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Slutty wife and humiliated husbandA request was made for me to write a story for starfly. So here goes.John and gill had been married for a long time. They were happily married once. A normal loving couple, lived together, ate together, loved each other. All that changed the day gill came home from and discovered john dressed in her sexiest black lace underwear. He was stood looking at himself in the mirror, stroking his lace covered body and didnt see her until she screamed at him. They argued, but john had to back down as his argument was void as his tiny dick was still hard in the lace panties, so he just hung his head and took the screaming and shouting. He started to remove the lace but was stopped by gill. She told him if he likes it so much he can stay in it, not just tonight but until she forgives him and tells him he can remove it all. Hearing gill boss him around just made him hornier and so he was happy to obey.This was the start of their new relationship. That night john was sleeping in the spare room. Gill didnt give him a blanket she just emptied her underwear drawer on him and told him thats the closest she will ever get to getting into her panties ever again. John spent the night exactly as he was left, didnt move a single pair of panties or bra, not even the ones on his head. The next day gill didnt wake john for work, instead she took his wallet and went underwear shopping. She didnt want to ever touch any of her old stuff again, knowing that johns propably worn it. As she was shopping she decided to get sexier underwear, push up bras, gstrings and thongs, sexy colours like deep purple, red and of course black. She thought she would tease her cross dressing looser of a husband and show him whos supposed to wear the ingerie. Meanwhile john was at home waking up choking because as he was snoring he inhaled and almost swallowed a pair of panties. Keeping on the black lace he wondered the house looking for gill, when he couldnt find her he went back to the spare room, called work and lied about being sick and then sat in amongst the underwear where he had been left waiting for gill. He didnt know why but he felt lkke he couldnt do anything without her say so. When she eventually came home she went up to what was their bedroom, looking into the spare room first and throwing johns empty wallet at him, she then proceeded to try on all of her new underwear. With each new set she would walk out onto the landing to make sure she was visible to john, turn and twist as if checking herself out in the mirror on the wall then vanish into the bedroom again to try on some more. Each time john saw her his little pecker strained at the front of the lace panties he was still wearing and canlı bahis that he had now created a wet spot in the front of from all his precum.Gill left her final new set of underwear on and got dressed for work. She worked in a local shop, just like a supermarket only smaller. The shop was in a rough area which most people avoided if they could, but gill had worked there for years and although she had seen the area get worse she liked her job. Her black trousers hid the red lace gstring she was wearing but her top couldnt hide all of the lace and her enhanced clevage from the new push up bra she was wearing. She went about her work of stacking shelves and serving customers like normal, but it wasnt until a group of teenagers came in than she realised her new underwear had been noticed. She heard the group mumbling about “milfs” and “great tits”. She didnt think they could be talking about her until they got to her ounter and they were all blatently staring at her tits. Gill new that lads like boobs but this was silly, they werent just staring they were ogling and discussing them between each other as she served them. When gill asked if that was everything 1 of the lads said yeah unless your going to show us your tits. Gill laughed it off and said goodbye. Once they left she had to go to the toilet because she was so turned on from being the centre of the groups attention her gstring was soaking. She calmed down and continued working. The rest of the shift she got looks and glances from every male customer which just made her feel good. She wished she had replaced her underwear years ago.When she got home she found john sfill on the floor still surrounded by all her old underwear. She told him he had better get off his fat lazy arse and start doing things around the house. She was going for a bath and he had better start cleaning, all whilst weraing the lace. When she got out of the bath she found john cleaning the kitchen and she decided to have some fun teasing him. She made him bend over and find a pair of rubber gloves from the cupboard under the sink. Gill placed them on her hands and then moved towards john. She ran her rubber fingers over his lace covered body, pinching skin and pulling hair all over his body. She looked down at his tented lace panties and she laughed. She told him how she had never noticed how small he was before. She reached out a gloved hand to the front of his panties and grabbed his little dick hard. She had his entire shaft and balls in 1 rubber hand. She twisted, pulled and pushed until she recognised the signs of him about to cum. She then quickly yanked down hard pulling him to the floor by his dick and balls. The look on his face priceless as it bahis siteleri was clear he was about to cum and now in so much pain. Gill told him to carry on cleaning and she walked away. That night gill heard john wanking as she was getting ready for bed, she shouted to him that he better not be touching his pecker with his bare hand, only lace touches that little thing. So as instructed john removed his hand from his dick and started stroking it through the lace.The next day john was woken for work and told to put his suit on over the top of his black lace. With how hard he was as his trousers were pulled up gill suspected hed wanted to do this for a long long time. Gill headed to work again dressed in new sexy underwear. Again she got plenty of attention. This time when the group of teens wzlked in she was on her knees cleaning the bottom shelves. The group didnt hide that they were surrounding her so as to look down her top. Again gills heart was racing and when they asked to see more she looked around and seeinb they were hidden she undid a button on her top to flash more clevage and lace bra. This got a good reaction from the lads, but they quickly said they wanted more. They told gill that her flashing her clevage has got them horny for more. Gill knes she had 2 choices, say no and risk upsetting this gang who could end up causing damage or hurting people, or go with what they want and what her aching pussy wants. Thats how gills first time chezting happened. With 5 local lads round the back of the shop. She agreed to meet them amongst the bins, rubbish and stock cages. Once they arrived they quickly pulled down her trousers to reveal her soaked thong and plunged a cock deep into her pussy, deeper than john ever could go. The others were busy mauling her tits and feeding her a cock in her mouth. This was different from the times her and john had had sex. With john there was kissing, touching, caressing and faking orgasms. With these lads it was raw, hard fucking, groping and mauling her body, cocks entering her throat and making her choke. She fucking loved it all. She never wanted it to end. As each of them came in her mouth or pussy her heart sank knowing it was closer to being over. Eventually they had all cum and after a few slaps of hsr ass they were gone. Gill stood and pulled up her thong trapping the cum inside her, sorted her clothes and went back to work. She was still remembering every moment 3 hours later when a rough looking man approached her till and asked if she was the slut who fucked her son and his mates earlier. Gill was suprised by his bluntness and was expecting to be shouted at by a parent looking out for his son. Instead once she said it was her bahis şirketleri the man demanded that he get to have a go. So again gill was outside taking a strangers cock inside her pussy. This man was rougher with her, slapping her ass, pulling her hair and reaching around to pinch her tits. But no matter what he did to her gill loved it. They came together and gills legs were still trembling as the stranger pulled out of her pussy, wiped hic cock on her ass and left.The rest of her shift she was left alone, apart from a few stares, and she soon went home. When she arrived she found the house spotless and john on his knees in the spare room still wearing the same black lace. Seeing her husband in such a pathetic submissive state angered her and she decided to punish him. She made him crawl to the garden where she turned the hose on him telling him how much he stunk. He was still wearing the lace as he thrashed around trying to escape the ice cold water. Once she was satisfied gill pulled up a garden chair, removed her trousers and commanded john to crawl to her pussy. She made him keep exactly 1 inch from his nose to her pussy as she tolx him about the 6 cocks to fuck her that day. She elaborated every detail, she wasnt quiet either, she kept talking even when it was obvious their neighbours were out in their gardens. Once her story was over gill told john to stay on all fours next to the chair until the sunset, then he could crawl inside. The next day was the same for john, dressed in his suit with still damp lace on underneath. For gill her days got more and more peverse.Word had gotten around that the milf in the shop likes being fucked by anyone and everyone. So everyone wznted to fuck her. Didnt matter if she was serving behind the till, cleaning or stacking shelves or even on a break, guys would come in, find her and fuck her. Gill was slammed into shelves and fucked so hard products fell off. She was bent over the counter and fucked by 1 man whilst his friend was being sold his items, then the men swapped. Gill had the gang of lads come back again and again and always with more added to their group. 1 time they tied her to a stock cage and wheeled her arounx the estate naked and dripping cum, offering her out to anyone else. Different customers to the shop would push different objects from around the shop up gills pussy and ass. Bannans, cucumbers, chocolate bars and lollipops were favourites. Ice lollies gill didnt like as they hurt so much, but they did give her ideas for johns abuse. Everyone was fucking gill. Even homeless guys who would normally be banned from the shop were strolling in and dropping their trousers for gill to service them. She was loving the attention, loving the cocks, loving the slut she had become. And to think it all started with her loving husband wearing her best black lace underwear.Starffly, i hope you enjoyed this. Let me know either way. The same to everyone else, i like feedback.

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