Sister Smokes (chp 2)

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Sister Smokes (chp 2)
After that day with my sister and Lisa, the rest of the week was quiet in comparison.

Ash and I didn’t spend much time together. She was out with her friends and I was out with mine. The last couple of days there weren’t any opportune times to talk about what happened. But in time we’d have to discuss it.

Friday evening, the night before our parents were coming home, I came back with some pizza for Ashley and me. She was walking around the house in a baby t, no bra and very short A&F white shorts with her pink thong sticking out of the back. Damn she looked good!

As I walked in the kitchen she just lit up a cigarette. I stopped and visions of that day went in my head. My cock instantly was hard. She turned around and there I was with a pizza box and a hard on protruding through my shorts.

“Calm down little brother” she said as she exhaled towards the ceiling.

She was planning on having her on again off again boyfriend over later, so I was eating and leaving for the night.

As we ate I brought up what happened with Lisa. “I have to tell you, that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done in my life” I blurted.

“Yea, that was pretty wild. I was so drunk that day. I still can’t believe it happened,” she said.

She took a nice drag, held it for a second and slowly exhaled it toward me. “We have to keep that very, very quiet. I talked to Lisa and she agrees. So, whatever you do, don’t tell any of your friends what happened. Ok”?

“Of course” I said. “There’s no way I’d say anything.”

After eating a slice and half of pizza, Ash grabbed another Marlboro Light, lit it, stood up and walked to her room. She playfully shook her ass as she walked down the hallway. When she got to her bedroom doorway, she turned to me and posed like a model. She put her hand on the doorframe, stuck out her ass and took a long seductive drag.

“Nice show Ashley, nice show,” I said with a laugh, giving her a little ovation.

I went to my room, got dressed. Walking to the kitchen I grabbed two beers and plopped in front of the TV. I had about a ½ hour till I was meeting some friends.

Ash came walking in looking hot. She had on 2-inch high sandal shoes, low rise Capri pants, with a nice looking shirt that showed her tanned, toned belly.

She bent over to get her beer. “No thong on tonight sis?”

“Nope. Going commando” she said with a laugh.

“Well, Dan is in for a surprise I see” I said.

Around 8:30pm the doorbell rang. Since I was on my way out I answered it. Dan walked in and shook my hand hello. He’s a good-looking guy, about 6’0″ 190 lbs. Dan and my sister dated a little when they were in high school. They don’t see each other often, so they’re more like good friends than boyfriend/girlfriend.

“See you later Ash. Bye Dan. Have fun” I said as I closed the front door.

My friends dropped my off at home around 1:30am. Having way too many beers, I stumbled up the driveway to the front door. Dan’s car was still in the driveway so I assumed he was staying over for the night.

I had to walk past Ashley’s room to get to the bathroom and was surprised to see the door half open and the lights still on as I stumbled down the hallway. It was quiet so I assumed they were sleeping. I looked in to turn the light switch off and was taken back when I saw her head going up and down Dan’s cock.

Ash was on her hands and knees. Her ass being so tight, her pussy was in clear view. Dan was lying on his back with his hand on the top of her head. With a perfect rhythm going Ashley was taking in as much as Dan’s cock as she could.

His cock was huge. Had to be about 9″ and thick enough that Ashley’s hand couldn’t wrap around the whole thing. It was an amazing site and with me being so drunk I just dropped my pants and started to jerk off right in the hallway.

Ash took his cock out of her mouth, walked over to her night table and pulled out some baby oil. Dan continued to stroke his massive member as she squirted the baby oil on his hard cock. She then oiled up her ass.

Ashley straddled Dan with her back to him. She slid is slippery cock into her tight oiled up ass. He pumped her nice and slow. As she leaned back a little more her ass swallowed up all 9″ of his cock. She squealed in delight.

As sweat poured off her body, her skin glistened from the light in the room.

“I’m going to cum Ashley! Dan yelled

She quickly got off his cock and began to suck him off. Taking in as much cum in her mouth as she could.

“Cum Dan! Cum! Ashley screeched.

She stroked him faster while sucking on his the head of his cock to swallowing everything he had to offer. She collapsed on top of him.

I hurried to my room and finished what I started.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen to kartal escort see Ashley looking fresh and happy. She was wearing high brief panties and white tight tee shirt. Prancing around the kitchen, shaking her little ass to the music off the radio. She had a lit cigarette in the ashtray, which she would take to her mouth every couple of dance steps. I stood in the doorway and just watched her act silly.

“Good night sis”? I said in a playful tone.

“Yea, very good night,” she sang.

She took her last drag of her cigarette, French inhaled it and said in a extremely sexy tone “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Um..what? What are you talking about?”

“I heard you come in last night. You were so drunk you were walking into the walls down the hallway. You made so much noise coming him I think our neighbors woke up” She laughed.

“Damn! I thought I was being sneaky” I said.

Now the cat was out of the bag I stated “Dan was freaking huge!”

“Thought you didn’t look at other guys cocks Steve you little sneak”

“Well, how can I miss it Ash. How did you take it all in your ass?” I asked.

“Lots of practice with Lisa and some toys” she said. “Come with me, since we’ve become so close this past week, I’ll show you something I thought I’d never show”

She led me to her bedroom. Her room was decorated like typical 20-year-old girl. A few posters of guys, left over trophies from her high school achievements and pictures of her friends on poster boards. The air still had an aroma of sex and baby oil.

Ashley pulled out a box hidden deep in her closet. “I’m opening an intimate part of my life to you. You better appreciate it and I expect you to share something with me for this” she said.

She opened the box and inside was an array of sex toys. There was a realistic looking dildo that was about 8, large and small vibrators, some oils, and some sort of thing you wear with a little plug on the front.

I pulled that one out and asked, “What’s this? Never saw anything like it”

“This is called a strap-on. You take the dildo, which has a little hole in the bottom and attach it to the plug on the harness. Lisa and I love this. She has one at home as well.”

She took the dildo and attached it to the harness. It looked like a real cock. She took off her shorts, stepped into the harness and pulled it up to her waist to give me the full effect. She danced around with it. Her “cock” was flapping around as she bounced to the music from the kitchen. I felt my cock start to spring up through my shorts. She noticed.

“Am I turning you on Steve? Have you ever touched another guys dick before, besides your own?” she said was she stepped closer to me. Her “cock” about 6 inches from my face. “Go ahead give it a feel”

I grabbed it with my right hand and stroked it. It felt pretty damn real, though it was little rubbery. I looked up at Ashley. She smiled. I continued to rub the 8″ fake cock as Ashley moved her hips in and out with my stroking rhythm. It looked like she was really getting into it because she inched ever so closer to my face. Surprising, I was getting excited as well.

“Oh shit! She yelled out.

I jumped back, “What’s the matter?”

“I totally forgot what time Mom and Dad will be home. They’ll be home in like fifteen minutes. We have to make sure everything is straightened up!”

She pulled off the harness, popped off the dildo and put all her toys back in the box. She took the box and put it under her bed. We both walked in and out of each room. Making sure all the beds were made and there’s been no evidence of friends in any of the rooms. Outside we straightened up all the pool furniture, cleaned out all the ashtrays and made sure there were no beer cans lying about the place.

Around 12:30 our parents came home. I didn’t want the week to end, especially since Ashley and I was really getting into our taboo relationship. I wasn’t sure if it was going to continue, and if so, how would we get away with it.

My mom came through the front door, looking tan and refreshed. She’s an attractive woman. Some of my friends have called her “hot” and “milf.” It was a little bothersome, but after a while I didn’t mind. She’s about 5’6,” 110, brown hair with blonde highlights. Like my sister, she’s in excellent shape. She goes to the gym 4 times a week and works real hard when she’s there. My dad bought her breast augmentation about two years ago for her 45th birthday, which changed her whole personality completely. Confidence just oozes out of her and it shows in the way she dresses and acts. She buys the same type of clothes my sister would buy. In fact she’ll dress more like a college girl than a woman in her mid forties.

“House looks good. Any problems this week Ash? Did Steve behave or did pendik escort bayan he give you a hard time, she asked.

“No problems at all. He was very good,” she said with a sly smile.

“Don’t make any plans tonight k**s, we’re going out to dinner”

Throughout the afternoon, I continued to think about what Ashley and I was doing in her bedroom that morning. Why did it turn me on when she put her strap-on on? How far would we have gone if we had more time?

We went to a great Italian restaurant in the village on the north shore. Ashley and my mom dressed to impress. Ash wore white low-rise hip huggers with a nice shirt that just exposed her belly. Her thong wasn’t sticking out, though I’m not sure she was even wearing one. My mom wore a short sundress, which showed off her “enhanced” upper body.

As we walked in every waiter and busboy turned to look at these two beauties. My dad was oblivious to the stares my mom and Ashley were getting but I noticed right away. It was actually something I just picked up on for some reason.

In between courses, my mom wanted to step outside for a cigarette. She couldn’t go to the bar because there’s no smoking in restaurants on Long Island anymore. I was shocked when Ashley decided to get up and said, “I’ll join you.”

As Ashley walked by the table she gave me a look like “I told ya so.” Mom handed her a Marlboro Light and they both strutted out the door.

My dad was busy on the cell phone with work related stuff so I excused myself. Instead of going to the bathroom I stepped outside. My mom and sister were talking and smoking like they were best friends. Looking at them both, they can pass for sisters easily. They had similar smoking habits as well. They both held the cigarette in their right hand. As they inhaled they’d french inhale some of the time. Ash would exhale up in the air while my mom would exhale straight ahead. They both looked extremely hot.

“Hey, guys, dinner is coming soon. You coming in”? I interrupted.

Ashley looked at me. She knew why I was outside. I told her about my little fetish at the pool earlier in the week. She put her cigarette to her mouth, gave one last sexual looking inhale and exhaled it slowly. All the while her eyes fixed on mine. My mom took her last drag and exhaled up in the air while she walked by me. Ashley smiled as she walked by and gave me a little wink.

As the summer wore on things between Ashley and me calmed down a little. She was hanging out with her friends a lot, which was understandable because they all go to different colleges. Every now and then though we’d tease each other, whether giving quick flashes of skin by the pool or leaving the bathroom after a shower. But nothing like what happened a few weeks back.

One night in the middle of August my dad was away on business and my mom went out to dinner with one of her friends. Ashley decided to stay home for a night, as did I. I was pretty anxious and excited to see what would happen between us since we were home together for the first time since our parents went on vacation.

Ashley went out to get some beer for us. It’s nice to have a sister with good fake ID. Knowing I had some time before she got back I went to my room and grabbed one of my favorite X-rated DVD’s. I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be but I was willing to take a chance.

I went to my room, changed into a pair of shorts and tank top, came back into the living room and pressed play on the DVD player. About 10 minutes into the movie, I pulled down my shorts to my ankles and began to rub my flaccid cock to get it going. I wasn’t sure what was taking Ashley so long but for a moment I didn’t care. After a few minutes I was completely hard. I was feeling ambitious so I got up off the couch with temptations to go to her secret box but I then heard a car pull up.

At this point I took off my shorts and sat back down on the couch. I was nervous. I thought about putting my shorts back on and turning off the DVD but with the front door opening she would have to see me as is.

“Hey Steve, I got us a twelve pack and..whoa! What have you been doing since I’ve been gone?” she said with a glowing smile on her face.

“Uhh, I got a little frisky and was hoping you felt the same way” I responded.

“Are you k**ding? She exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting till we had a night to ourselves. It’s been so hard since they’ve been home from vacation. By the way, I like your taste in videos. Let me get these beers in the fridge and I’ll join you.”

I exhaled a big sigh of relief. I sat up on the couch and began to stroke my cock to get it going. Reaching over to the lamp, I dimmed it down to get the lighting in the room to a more moderate level. My mom has way to many overhead escort pendik lights in the TV room for sure. I sat for a bit, watching the movie and stroking my cock to keep it in a half erect status, wondering what was taking her so long.

My thoughts were answered when she came into the room. She had on a pair of pink, mini boyshort style panties around her waist, no top on, which fully showed her tanned firm tits. A cigarette in one hand and her strap-on dildo set in the other.

She took a nice deep inhale of her Marlboro light, exhaling the smoke high in the air with a little coming out of her nose. I looked her up and down, what a body I thought.

As she walked over to me my heart was racing fast and furious. She didn’t say a word as she put her strap-on harness down on the couch next to me. She then took another drag. Opening her mouth to let a little smoke out, Ashley engulfed my cock into her warm, smoky mouth. She took in about 6″ of my hard member and as her head came up on the shaft she exhaled the rest of the smoke.

“Oh my god Ash. You don’t know how hot that looks” I told her as my eyes closed in ecstasy.

“I know how much me smoking turns you on, I thought you’d like that ” she responded.

She continued sucking on my cock. Sometimes taking it deep into her throat, other times licking the whole shaft from the head to my balls. All the while she would periodically take drags from her cigarette. After she paused to take a drag, I stood up. She looked a little confused but she stood up as well.

“What’s the matter Steve?” she asked

“I think it’s your turn to lie down on the couch,” I told her.

With that she took my position on the couch. I was extremely nervous about my next move for we’ve never gotten to this point. She laid on the couch, her head on a pillow, her one arm hanging off the edge of the couch, the other leaning on the back pillow, with the cigarette in hand. She looked into my eyes as she slowly spread her legs apart exposing her pussy.

She had the cleanest, prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. Her lips were slightly swollen with a slight glisten or wetness coming from her clit area. She took her right hand slid it down from her tits, down her navel, and stopped at her beautiful cunt. She used her pointer and middle fingers to spread her lips wide, exposing her slit.

She took her last drag of her cigarette, exhaled and asked me “Steve, can you please eat me till I cum?”

Without answering her, I positioned myself on the couch so my faced was buried between her legs. My hard cock was embedded in the couch as I laid on my belly slowing lick her clit like it was the first one I’ve ever licked. She tasted so sweet. I took my time, making sure my tongue gave her lips equal lick time. I alternated between her right lip and left lip, every now and then flicking her clit area with the tip of my tongue. I couldn’t believe I was eating out my sister on the couch. The same couch we watched cartoons on only 10 years back.

She squirmed as I stuck two fingers in her soaking pussy, never letting my tongue off her clit area.

“Oh my god, Steve. Damn your good!” she yelled out.

Her legs started to close against my head, as I knew this was a point she was about to cum. I wanted to savior this moment as long as possible so I stopped licking for a second.

“Steve, what the fuck do you think you’re doing? Fucking lick my pussy now! I’m so close to cumming!” She yelled.

I laughed, knowing that would get her crazy. Plunging my head back between her legs a licking and figner fucked her as fast and as hard I could. She screamed “Holy fuck, oh my god!!

She came like no other girl I’ve ever been with. Her juices flowed like cum coming out of guys cocks. It didn’t squirt out but it flowed, and flowed a lot. I swallowed as much as I could but I couldn’t take it all in.

When she finished squirming, she through her arms over her head to say, “I’m done” Sweat glisten off her stomach and tits. She had the most incredible orgasm I have ever witnessed.

My cock was so swollen I almost put a hole in the couch cushion. I managed to get my body up and I sat there with a big smile on my face. Ashley immediately began to jerk me off. With my cock in her hand she took a mouthful of salvia and spit it on the head. Ash stroked it nice and slow, making sure the saliva worked it’s way on my whole cock.

Within a few minutes I was ready to explode. She stroked my cock faster and faster. “Holy shit! I’m going to cum Ash!” I yelled out.

She rubbed my dick as cum spurted all over my chest and stomach. My lower body was covered in wet, white hot cum. I began to rub it in my skin as Ashley licked the remnants off her fingers and hand.

“My god that was awesome Steve” she said in between heavy breaths.

“Unbelievable Ash. I can’t believe your going back to school next week,” I said.

“Yea” she responded. “But, you’ll have to come me visit this semester. I’m packing my secret box,” she said with a wink.

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