She wasn’t kidding.. (part 2)

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She wasn’t kidding.. (part 2)
Debbie quickly learned that I was insatiable when it came to sex. She had to pump the breaks on my sexual advances. Debbie was playful in her “time-outs”. Saying she needed a smoke break but even that didn’t stop me from performing oral on her as she sat on our couch with he legs wide open. I kind of liked how nonchalant she looked as I worked my tongue hard into her wet lips. Debbie adored my efforts and even gave me pointers on where I needed to focus my efforts more. She opened her flaps and pointed to her most sensitive areas. I was extremely focused on giving her as much pleasure as possible. Debbie appreciated my efforts and was shocked that I didn’t expect anything in return. I was thrilled just to have sex!

It didn’t take long for other co-workers to take notice of Debbie’s glow at work. She walked a little more bowlegged from being sore from the amount of sex. Debbie made sure to boast at how amazing I was in front of my ex, Tina. She even would kiss me in the back room, if Tina was present. I later discovered that Debbie talked highly of me to some of the other gals at work and how Tina had treated me. A few weeks later, Tina quit because everyone had turned on her.

One night after work, Debbie and I were on the deck. She was smoking as I had my shorts down around my ankles as she gave me a handjob. I enjoyed the outdoor exposure as she yanked hard on my short thick rod. She had my tip between her thumb and first finger and was pulling hard on it. Debbie was standing 90 degrees against me as she held the cigarette in her mouth. She whispered dirty things to stimulate me even more. I let her know that I was close to climax. Debbie’s other hand was caressing my ass. I was fighting the urge to explode as hard as I could. The. Debbie stuck two of her long slender fingers up into my ass. I erupted. My body jerked hard and my first two squirts launched up and outwards over the deck railing. Debbie’s cigarette fell out of her mouth as she gasped at how far my cum shot out of me. She kept her fingers jammed up inside my ass as I lost control of my body a few more times until I was completely emptied. I grunted hard and took a deep breath as she removed her fingers and grip of me. Debbie leaned over and kissed me. She then looked at me, her eyes were sparkling in the moonlight. She then said, “Sweetie, we need to get you a girlfriend.” I was shocked…

I’m sure my expression to hearing those words was easily read by Debbie. I thought we had something good, I never brought up anything remote to considering us as a couple. Just good friends who loved having sex with each other. I pulled up my shorts and we headed inside. Debbie lit another cigarette after washing her hands and I went to the bathroom to clean up. I looked in the mirror at myself. I wasn’t sure what to say to Debbie. As I stood over the sink washing my cock, Debbie came in. She had taken her clothes off and embraced me from behind. The warmth of her naked body made me feel weak, relaxed. She took canlı kaçak bahis one long puff and put her cigarette out in an ashtray on the sink counter. She kissed my neck and I just let her fondle my cock and balls. Man, she made me so hard. She looked up at me in the mirror, a glossy eyed boy stared back at her. Debbie made me turn around. “I want you to be happy….” Debbie said seductively. I was about to say something but she pushed a finger onto my lips. Debbie probably knew I was going to say but honestly, I wasn’t sure what it was. She got on her knees and kissed me just below my bellybutton as she gently rubbed my sack. My cock was erect and it was lightly tapping against her face. Debbie kissed my tip and then opened her mouth while looking up at me. She wrapped her lips around and softly pursed them on my thick log. She only sucked it for a few minutes, before the hard floor was hurting her knees. She stood up and took one of hands with hers. I followed her into the bedroom. She laid me down on the bed. She straddled me as she moved up over me. She reached down and lowered onto me. I reached up and played with her small, palm sized tits. I liked how erect her nips got from pinching them. Debbie moved slowly up and down. She had my full attention. Then she said, “I love having sex with you, you are sweet, amazing, and you are too good to me.” Tears were beginning to streak down her cheeks. I knew better than to interrupt. I touched her face and wiped the tears away. Debbie took a deep breath as she lowered all the way down on me. “I’ve been talking to the other girls at work. They can see that you are in love with me.” Debbie was right, I didn’t have eyes for anyone but her. I never told her or anyone I felt this way but it was clear in my actions. “I love you Sweetie!” Debbie paused her movement and a silence crept over us. She looked at me and I was so confused. I waited for her to say something. “That’s why……” The phone rang…

I knew who it was and I’m sure Debbie knew….it was Tina. She had been calling me for weeks, sometimes she just hang up, other times she’d just say mean things to upset me. I moved my pelvis up, pushing my penis up inside Debbie more. She was distracted in thought more than the phone. I pulled her over and we kissed until the phone stopped ringing. I rolled Debbie over and got on top without my cock falling out. I lifted Debbie’s legs up to either side of me and moved slowly down into her. Debbie resigned from talking and we continued with silent, intense stares until she wore out and the friction of my skin stick resulted in both of us being sore the next morning. We kissed then I spooned her. As I held this amazing older woman in my arms, I told her I loved her and I didn’t expect anything in return. Debbie broke down and pulled me in closer. We lay there quietly until sleep came over both of us. The next day Debbie seemed refreshed.

She got up and showered before I woke up. Debbie got dressed and told me she was going out with bahis siteleri canlı our manager, Melody for a while. I didn’t think much of it and got a bowl of cereal. After eating, I was motivated to clean the house. I had been neglecting my duties. I was vacuuming Debbie’s bedroom and didn’t hear Debbie and Melody come in. Debbie made me jump two feet in the air when she tapped me on the shoulder. I screamed out loud and Debbie burst out laughing. I turned off the vacuum and immediately tried to grab her. Debbie knew what that meant but she fender me off and said we have a guest. I walked out in just a pair of shorts to see my manager Melody.

Now Melody and I were very stubborn individuals who thought “our way was the best way” when it came to doing things at work. We butter heads often but when it came to the busy hours, we were a well oiled machine. We even had a competition on who could clean faster at close. Melody was married, she had one c***d. It wasn’t a secret that she and her husband didn’t get along. Melody was just a couple inches shorter than me, she was a voluptuous woman in her late 20’s. She was curvy in all the right spots and I admit, I had masturbated to visions of her naked on a few occasions…ok more than a few. Melody smiled awkwardly as she asked how I was doing. I responded with an “ok?”

Melody decided not to engage in small talk and asked if I’d be interested in going out with her younger sister, Hannah. Now, I knew Hannah from high school….well, I had seen her at school and never talked to her. Hannah was popular as I recalled and we didn’t really hang out in the same crowds. I do remember how amazing Hannah’s ass looked in those tight fitting jeans. I responded with a superficial answer/question, “I guess?”. Melody’s smile faded and seemed put off by my response. Debbie came to the rescue as Melody’s face was turning red. Debbie joked that she had fucked me all night and I was tired. Melody knew that we had been engaging in a****listic sex for some time. I admit, I liked ticking Melody off. It always made her chest heave with her increased breathing. I locked in on her chest. Melody caught me staring. I got stiff in my shorts. Melody noticed….so did Debbie.

I didn’t hide it. Melody still looked like she was about to tell me to go to hell. Debbie saw what was happening and said something, I didn’t really hear. Debbie went out the door. I actually said to myself, “fuck it!” I pulled down my shorts and exposed myself in front of my manager who was standing in my living room. I moved forward, Melody moved toward me. She moved faster and tackled me to the floor. The wind was knocked out of me. She was pulling her tight t-shirt off her head, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her massive melons burst from under her shirt outward. I reached out for them. Melody smacked my hands away and said not to touch. She had to stand back up to remove her shorts and surprisingly wearing nice lacey panties. “Before we start, you Cannot tell anyone!” Melody screamed canlı bahis out….like she usually did at work. She fell to her knees, grabbed my cock in her one hand. Melody jerked it fiercely. It hurt but I wasn’t going to say anything. She moved up on me. Melody took my cock tip and rubbed it up against her trimmed Bush and then lower. It made a sploosh, wet sound as I passed into her. Melody groaned loudly, she was incredibly tight. I reached to touch her round melons but was denied again. Instead she played with them as she began thrusting up and down on me. Melody was in charge and I was just a tool. I liked it. She was aggressive and dominant. It excited and stimulated me more. Her chest was unbelievable, I couldn’t get over how huge and full her melons were. She had huge round areolas and very tiny pushed in nipples. I wanted to suck on them and pull her nips out. I tried to sit up but no, I could only touch Melody’s thick hips. I held on as she pounded. Her body bounced and ungelated. Melody broke into a feverous sweat. Her light brown hair began raining sweet droplets of perspiration on me. She informed me not to kiss, just let her fuck me. I had never been able to come from a statement like that hard before. I lurched with incredible strength, lifting Melody up in the air. I grunted/groaned loudly as my body shook and shivered expunging all my seeds inside. I collapsed with the extraction complete but Melody had not finished. She began rubbing her clit until she too had climaxed. Her warm wet oozed out all over me. It was crazy messy. She took jerked several times and fast on top of me. I rubbed her thick thighs as she moved. She finished and then slumped over me. I finally got to feel her massive flesh orbs press against my body. I wrapped my arms around her and held Melody. She didn’t mind. Her face laying next to mine, she was panting hard. Her breath was warm and smelled of coffee. We just looked at each other. We were relaxed in a brief moment and then reality crept in. Melody got off me quickly. She grabbed her clothes and walked briskly into the bathroom. I heard the door lock and was disappointed. I admit, I wanted to do more but after being dominated by Melody…I wasn’t sure. Then I saw Debbie in the window, she was giving me two thumbs up and motioned me to go after her. I stood up slowly and looked confused at her. Debbie tried to motion her reassurance that we were still cool. She blew me a kiss and pointed in the direction of our bathroom to go get her. I walked up to the door and knocked. “Don’t come in here!” Melody said in an angry tone. I paused and wondered what to do next. I knocked again, a little lighter. Melody demanded “Go Away!” I got pissed that she talked to me that way in my house after what we had just done. I reached up over the door and grabbed the make shift key to unlock the door. I heard Melody pissing into the toilet. I carefully unlocked the door. I knew she heard the click sound. I burst in, Melody stood up. She looked upset and mildly smirked at my attempt to be bold as she wiped herself. I went to me knees. Melody put on let up on the edge of the tub, she placed one hand on the wall over the toilet. She had headed herself because I was about to unleash my oral assault. Melody welcomed it…..

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