She had 5 harsh years to look forward to.

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She had 5 harsh years to look forward to.Prisoner 381, 5 Years in harsh bondage and being used as a fuck toy, is all she has to look forward to…Erin craned her neck to try and see what was happening in the horrible dusty courtyard outside her little cell window. Her tiny cell, her ghastly home now, was a dark little place which only reinforced the true despicable nature of the nightmare she was living.She could hear female screams and begging in English. The mainly Spanish speaking guards laughing and taunting some new arrival in their thickly accented English. Erin shuddered and tried to relax her trapped arms in the chains behind her back. She knew what that girl was about to go through and felt immensely sorry for her.Erin had been in this, so called prison, for almost 6 weeks now. A stretch of humiliating day upon day horror, that felt like a life time. She just hoped to god she could survive the soul breaking five year sentence she had been given.She dragged her left foot around, hindered by the permanent 10lb cast iron weight locked to it and began to sob again. Leaning against the wall, her sore arms chained painfully up behind her, she closed her eyes as she heard the deep frenzied grunts of the guards outside. The now gagged moans of some poor girl being viciously violated, sounding like they were right under her miniscule window.Erin shuddered and began thinking back to that fateful day, that had cast her into this hell hole. When she had been dragged into the almost empty court room, of the tiny South American country she was back packing through. Her naive thinking being, that she could apologize, and that she would just have to pay a fine.Almost 6 weeks ago…The few grams of weed she had stashed in her backpack, had been of little concern to Erin. That was until a lecherous looking local police officer had stopped her, handcuffed her and then searched her backpack. His frisking of her, as he had her bent over his rusting beat up police car, making her shiver in fear.His searching, fondling and groping of her young curvy, yet fit body, bordering on utter ****. His long fingers probing into places that she had not let many a boy even explore yet. His hard dick, pushing threateningly into the soft skin of her thinly covered hips and ass, as he bent her over the hot sun heated hood of the car and muttered in accented english.“You have nice, nice body. You be fine one to tie up and put in our prison..”Tossed into the back seat of the stifling and smelly police car, she was to be carted immediately off to the local court room. Lying in the back seat confused, anxious and utterly scared, she missed hearing the police officer outside the car radio ahead and state plainly, “We have hot little American slut, with good, good ass, ready to fuck with sir!……Yes senor..I know. ….Si.. no fucking her until we have her trial!”Hauled into the court crying, Erin could only mumble in disbelief that this was happening. Then the judge stepped out from behind his desk, the huge bulge in his crotch, hiding behind his robe, was more than evident. The leering and handsy guards gripped her handcuffed arms tight, her worry and anxiety sky rocketing.Uselessly, she began to beg, to plead her case that this was all a mistake. “I will pay any fine sir. I am sorry, I didn’t mean to break any of your laws. I will pay you Sir.” She had said with urgent apology in her begging high-pitched voice.The judge just stood tall in front of her and then parted his robe. His huge cock, erect and jutting straight out, as he leaned in close and groped her right breast with his large hand. Erin’s eyes flew open in shock and she whimpered, as she tried vainly to back away from the libidinous man.His large fingers firmly pressed into the thin cotton of her snug t-shirt, crushing bolu escort her soft yet perky tit. A small squeak of discomfort escaping her mouth as he increased the pressure of his firm grip.The three guards had a death grip now on her arms and she could not move away. One even had his hand bruisingly gripping her left ass cheek. His fingers clawing through the fabric of her green skin tight leggings and surrounding her bum, so that his index finger began to push in between her cheeks and search out her barely spandex covered back hole.Another began running his hand up and down her firm muscular thighs. His fingers finding the crotch seam of her snug leggings, which he ground into her mound. Erin began to sob and plead for the invasive attention to end. Promising to pay for her perceived error.“Oh you’ll pay all right… pretty one…A fine young foreign cunt like you will pay hard!” the judge growled.Erin started to yell, “Stop can’t do this…I am an American citizen..I have rights.I..UUUGGHHCCK”Her protest cut off with quick brute force, as a large wooden rod was wedged between her lips and teeth. Roughly it was strapped tight around her head by one of the callous guards. She looked on in horror as the judge held up her passport, a grin on his face. He then tossed it to another man standing by the doorway.A towering blonde man, who when he spoke, had a slight German accent. He was eyeing Erin from head to toe and smiling in a way that had her trembling now in outright terror. He looked at the passport and then took out a large silver lighter from his back pocket. He held its flame to the document and then tossed the burning pages into a pail at his feet.Erin screamed into her gag, slobbering from her mouth as she tried to shout and protest what was happening to her. The judge pounded his gavel, “Quiet you disobedient entitled little bitch, or I will let the guards whip the shit out of you before we even get started!”Erin quieted, but her tears were pouring forth. She was trembling in fear and hoping this was all a bad dream. Then the judge spoke, “Erin Parson, you have been charged with defying the law, carrying i*****l d**gs and dressing provocatively in the presence of men. How does your lawyer plead?”Erin shook her head confused at his words, both the insane charges and the fact he was addressing some “lawyer” made her mind swim. Then she heard the huge blond man speak.“She pleads guilty your honor…And she asks for a stern sentence.”Erin scream around the hard and now drool covered wood, forced harshly into her mouth. She gasped and tried to flail her whole body. But the grip of the guards was too strong. Their hands exploring everywhere now as the judge smiled sadistically and pounded his heavy black gavel.“Excellent! Then I sentence you to five years in our ‘especial’ women’s prison. Where you will be chained and kept under lock and key, 24 hours a day. And of course suffer the indignities of being a piece of fine fuckable flesh for our hard worked guards and police force.”He pointed his gavel at a disbelieving Erin. Her head slowly shaking back and forth, even as both her tits were being ripped free of her thin tight t-shirt. The judge then laughed out loud, “Guards..strip the stupid slut bare and then lock her up in chains out back. Time to relieve some of the stress of our hard work day by fucking our newest prisoner till she bleeds!””……Back to the present…..The screams in the courtyard had died out. The sounds of the leather bull whip cracking in the air and then violently ripping across flesh had mercifully stopped. She heard the German accent of that powerful blonde man and then heard the occasional whimper and sob from some poor suffering girl.“What’s wrong cunt, you don’t like my cock in your bloody ass. escort bolu It should easily take it in, after all the guards who just fucked it! How many pushed and ripped into your ass and pussy? Six, eight, ten?…You remember at useless slut?” He shouted.Erin heard him swear again and then grunt and sputter, “Ah.. there we go. Tight but accepting! Oh so sweet and snug.”As she imagined him pushing his huge length in between the girl’s whipped marked buttocks. She heard a sputtering groaning plea and then pitiful pleading sobs of, “Oh god….pleassse no more ..please stop…pleassse someone help me..pleassse..noo more… pleasssse” coming from below her cell window.Erin’s own pulse began to race, remembering her first time humiliatingly tied out spread eagle in the courtyard. Her wrists and ankles roped so tight they chaffed and bled. Her naked body in full view, for hours and hours, for every man who wanted to look, fondle or violate her. And there were many.The indignities the guards and this man had inflicted on her, were still the main theme of her constantly recurring nightmares. She gulped and wished to herself for the poor girl to be quiet, for her own good.But the screams and begging of the girl ramped up now. A constant stream of “No..NO…GOD NOO!” which then became nothing but horrified muffled gagged noises. Erin knew they had plugged her mouth with something in preparation for the girl’s marking.A horrific experience whereby the guards took turns heating a metal rod with a blow torch and then leisurely drawing in the prisoner numbers on the girls most delicate flesh. Erin could almost feel her ass and left tit throbbing again from the excruciatingly painful experience.“Let’s brand both these nice titties. What do you think Sanchez?” Erin heard the big blonde man ask.“And then we do both her inner thighs…and maybe burn away some of this pubic peach fuzz!” he added.There was a round of laughter and Erin wished she had free hands to cover her ears. Even gagged, the girl outside was now screaming at a decibel level that was ear splitting. A faint sizzling noise just barely audible thru Erin’s small cell window. The smell of the young woman’s burnt flesh definitely noticeable.After minutes of this, the sounds outside her window became quiet again. Just faint whimpers and sobs drifted in now. The men were chatting in Spanish and broken English, the German man suddenly boisterous as he greeted someone.“Ah Senor Eduardo, you made it. We just branded the little cunt you sentenced today, and of course we all tried out her ass. What do you think boys…Did she have a nice tight teenage ass?” Erin heard him ask the many guards that must be hanging around. There was a chorus of agreement. Then Erin realized it was the judge who had arrived, and she once again began to tremble in her chains, knowing how sadistic he could be.The judge spoke, “I see her ass has been well used, and pussy too. What do you have stuffed in there anyways? Looks like a botella de cerveza!”A guard laughed and replied, “We tried a wine bottle senor Eduardo…But it no fit!”There was a huge round of laughter from all the men and then the judge said, “Welcome to prison my little American slut, hope you enjoy your next ten years of hard fucking! Now let’s see how my cock fits into both these fucked up holes!”There were more muffled young female screams as Erin listened to the judge grunt and shout in time with his violations of the girl’s sex and ass. It went on for minutes until the gruff man came. The sound of his hand slapping the screaming girl on her shredded bum cheeks, cracking across the courtyard.His voice then echoed loud outside as he ordered the guards, ”Take her hot little body and hang her by her ankles from the tree. Then we try out her mouth later as she bolu escort bayan hangs upside down begging for mercy.”Erin cringed at this sadistic command and was so grateful that it wasn’t her out there being used and punished. Even though she was chained up in near constant discomfort, at least she wasn’t suffering horrendously and being violated to the extreme.A thought that went out of her mind, as the grey steel door to her cell swung open and there stood the large blonde German. A sick smile on his face and his slick filthy cum covered cock, just used in an ass fucking, jutted straight out of his pants.Erin bit back a scream and only whimpered as he entered her cell. Her whimper morphing into a deep terrifying moan of discomfort as he poked a finger through her nipple ring and wrenched her body closer to his.He fingered the key to her locks, hanging there off her nipple ring and smiled. “Guess we should unlock your wrists so you can get down on your knees …. And clean my cock off …. Right prisoner 381?”She could only whimper and nod her head in agreement, knowing too well what these men could do to her. She would gladly suffer the humiliation and disgust of sucking his filthy cock if it meant escaping the fate of the girl outside.So with an awkward lack of grace, as he unlocked her wrists from the wall, Erin fell to her knees. Her mouth opening, and a grimace on her face as his ample cock slid in past her lips. The taste of the other girl’s juices, ass and his cum, filling Erin’s mouth.Erin worked her tongue around his shaft, ignoring the taste, ignoring the pain in her knees from the dirty stone floor and ignoring the pain in her neck, as he gripped her permanently bolted on steel collar. His groans of pleasure as she sucked, licked and slobbered around his stiff thick cock, filling her little cell. One of his hands was now pulling at her hair so hard, she thought he would pull out clumps. But she kept up her sucking. Driving her own mouth along his shaft so deep, his balls were mashing into her chin, her nose crushed into his hairy pubic bone. The head of his cock buried in her throat, as she tried to swallow around him and get him to cum.And it happened, suddenly! She felt the pulses of semen shooting thru his cock on her tongue and then it hit the back of her gagging throat. Even struggling to breath, she fought to keep her mouth on his shaft and please this man. This man who along with the judge and guards, now ruled her sad little trapped life.Swallowing back the last pulses of his cum, she drew her mouth off his still erect cock, slowly with purpose. Making sure to clean it perfectly, so that it glistened only with her saliva. The tip of his cock popped out from between her pursed lips and she glanced up to him in hope of finding him pleased.Erin almost grinned when she saw his satisfied face. His large right hand then swatted her left cheek firmly. The heat in his strike letting her know she had done well.“Good job cunt, you are becoming a model prisoner.” He said. A comment that had Erin sighing with relief inside. Until she heard that deep Spanish growl behind her towering German master.“We’ll see about that Klaus. My cock needs a good cleaning too, as do the other five guards lined up out here.”The judge stepped forward and Klaus moved out of the tiny cell, to the back of the growing line of men. The judge’s massive cock was covered in bloody sticky cum. Even a few small blonde pubic hairs still stuck to his shaft as it bobbed and slapped at Erin’s panicked face. The realization of what was about to go down hitting her with full force.The judge lowered his face to Erin’s and said, “You clean every fuckin piece of shit and cum off each of our dicks, prisoner 381! and then we’ll see if we don’t let you hang for a day or two outside with the new girl! That some motivation cunt?”Never waiting for a verbal answer, he plowed his cock into Erin’s open and screaming mouth. Gripping her hair and slamming her face down onto his shaft over and over and over….

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