Shasta and Erin lesbian video shoot

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Shasta and Erin lesbian video shootErin sat on her sofa with her best friend Shasta and as usual the subject turned to their husbands.“My husband has always had this fantasy about watching me have sex with another woman” said Erin“I know what you mean” replied Shasta. Mine has said the same thing about me”Both women laughed, this topic of conversation had come up many times before. “I have an idea” said Erin “lets make a video of us in our underwear….a few sexy poses should put a stop to their going on all the time to see us together”“Good idea, nothing pornographic, just a couple of naughty poses to get them going” said ShastaErin went into a cupboard and pulled out a small digital camcorder. It had been a Christmas gift from her husband and now it might kaçak bahis actually see some use. Shasta followed Erin up to the bedroom and began undressing as Erin set up the camera on the tripod. Shasta left on her hold up white stockings with matching lacy bra and thong. As soon as Erin finished with the camera, she too stripped down to her black stockings and garter belt, panties and bra. “How about if we made out? Would you be ok with that?” Asked Erin”Sure, I’m ok with that” replied ShastaBoth women sat on the bed facing each other and leaned in to kiss. As the kiss deepened, Erin felt Shasta put her arms around her waist. Erin responded and put her arms on Shasta’s shoulders. Both women used their tongues to explore each others mouths. After about bets10 giriş thirty seconds they broke the kiss.”Wow!” Said Shasta. “I know” said ErinBoth women had been turned on by their first lesbian kiss, they felt a desire and longing that they had never felt before. Shasta gently caressed her friends body, Cupping the big 38DD breasts. Shasta pulled down Erin’s bra cups and sucked the already swollen nipples. Erin moaned in pleasure as Shasta’s fingers found their way into her panties. Shasta licked and sucked on Erin’s tits at the same time fingering Erin’s soaking wet pussy.”Oh god….Shasta….I’m cumming!!!” Screamed ErinErin’s whole body spasmed as her orgasm hit. Her cunt juices squirting out over Shasta’s hand and soaking bets10 güvenilir mi into the sheets. Shasta lay back and pulled her thong to one side.”Lick me Erin! Lick my wet pussy!””Oh yes Shasta….give me your cunt you fucking horny bitch!”Erin tongue fucked Shasta’s moist gash. Shasta moaned and screamed out as Erin lapped up her creamy cunt slime. “Make me cum Erin….make me cum you dirty slut” begged ShastaErin pushed her whole hand into her lovers snatch at the same time flicking Shasta’s clit with her tongue. Shasta went into convulsions when she reached her orgasm, lifting her hips completely of the bed so Erin’s hand sink into her cunt up to the wrist.Erin reversed her poistion and got into a 69 with her new lesbian fuck slut. Both women licked and sucked each other’s pussies. Moaning with new found lust they both. Orgasmed at the same time, squirting their lesbian love cream all over each other’s faces. Both women knew this was just the start of many more lesbian fuck fests to come.

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