Sexual Tension And Relief In The Office

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Sexual Tension And Relief In The Office i fucked here for 50k so interested men contact hereComing to her,26 yrs old, hiding her real name for obvious reasons, Reeti, damn! I had never thought I would ever get to have that kinda ass! Super round, she had pretty luscious love handles visible over shirts. Her ass made a huge curve, curly hairs, round medium boobs. She was a big time slut but in a very subtle way.So this was my first day in the new office. Having this physique, I dress perfectly in formals flaunting my structure. I always had in my mind to fuck in the office, as I was a virgin and had read a lot of office sex stories. And of course, things worked for me.She was on a different team. We didn’t see each other for a long time. I remember the first time I noticed her was when she was wearing a black pant. I got mad and hard seeing her jiggling ass while she walked. I started noticing her since then.One day I remember she was wearing a beige two-piece, skin tight. She was running around bare feet during the break, her legs and ass made me hard like anything. As she passed by me I just wanted to grab her and eat her ass all out. While running I could see her white waist, her belly fat was tempting as fuck while the top got a bit up while she ran.I tried knowing about her indirectly from mutual friends. I got to know she’s a big-time horny but has a boyfriend since long. I left it there. Some weeks later a mutual friend indicated that Reeti finds me quite smart and hot. I thought he’s joking and didn’t take it seriously.People around me started teasing her and me with each other. Soon we became an acquaintance and we took all the teasing not so seriously. We stayed far but the traveling route was the same. And I knew what time she used to leave.Purposely I left at the same time so that we meet while logging out in office and from there we can go ahead together. As soon as she took her bag, I too left behind her. She was logging out. She’s smaller to me in height around 5.6 she raised her hand to log out.Just behind her, I could see dark pink bra straps on her hot back, a small glimpse of her love handles just above her pants. I felt like putting my hands in her shirt from the back, biting her love handles and belly and tearing her ass out. She saw me and we left together.We talked so much for the first time, and finally, we exchanged the numbers. As soon as we got home we started kaçak iddaa chatting normally. Then she told me that she says she has a boyfriend to avoid people to approach her, but she wanted me to know this.A few days went by. We used to complement each other, exchange smiles. One fine day she called me, “What’s happening, why do smile looking at me so much?”Me- “Because you do it too.”“I know what it is, see I am very older to you, we should not go this way.”Me-“So you don’t want me to look at you?”She-“How old are you?”Me-“21.”She-“Fuck, just 21? How come you’re so hot? You make me mad.”I was happy but also surprised to hear this.Me- “Strange! You find me hot, still, you want me to stop looking at you, fine let’s cut it out here then.”She -“I don’t want to spoil my name in office.”Me- “Whos gonna publish it to them? I don’t care about them, I care about what we can have.”She-“Your voice is making me mad Pratik, just keep saying anything, don’t stop.”Me- “See you in the office tomorrow, bye.”From the next day, it was a whole new game. I remember the early morning we saw each other. We were in the same lift and the lift was too crowded. We were the first to enter so were at the back. Accidentally my hand was pressed by her ass, we smiled at each other, and I understood the thing overall.It was an offseason so we texted throughout the time in office, but none in office was aware of the heat. She initiated the sexting now making it difficult for me to stay on the seat. I used to masturbate in the washroom there.It was raining one day. As usual, we were sexting and all. I said let’s just book a cab for us to get home today. She said cool. She acted like its just a normal thing, deep down she knew it. She left first then texted me from downstairs to come.We met and unfortunately due to peak timing cab wasn’t available. So we took an auto rick. It was a long distance and so enough time. We initially sat close. She was showing me some things on her new cell phone. I slowly proceeded my hands at her shoulder, could touch her bra strap easily and sit like a normal couple.I am already turned on remembering that. She wore the same stretchable pants and a short shirt. I could feel her side thighs rubbing against mine. I then put my hands on the back side of her neck and started rubbing and caressing there, which is my strong move.She moved back and said, ” Pratik you’re not getting anything”Me – ” Of course we didn’t come together kaçak bahis to just talk.”She – “So you came just for all that?”Me – “Yea, stop the auto if you don’t want to, I am sorry. I will leave my way, no issues”She -“That’s bad, don’t get down now, see I don’t want people to know about us, so I can’t be with an office’s guy.”Me- “No one is here, just me and you. I don’t give a fuck about anyone, no one will know it, I anyways don’t speak to a lot of people there”She – “Pakka?”Me- “Dusri baar nahi bolunga.”As soon as I said that she looked at me and I started rubbing the back side of the neck again. In no time we just pulled each others’ face and started smooching and madly eating each other’s mouth, biting lips, exchanging tongues. She moaned.By then I moved my hands on her love handles pressing them, put my hands in her shirt pressing her lower belly and touching her navel. She was eating my neck like anything with all the kissing sounds.She pushed me back and said, “I can’t go further in a rickshaw, stop it now”Me – “You’ll regret this, don’t stop just make me mad now.”She -“Not here please understand, it’s just so cheap”Me – “Fine.”Within seconds she got a call from home. As she got busy talking, I just grabbed her neck and started biting her bra strap with my teeth. She trembled a bit and moved ahead while still on call. I got my chance and lifted her shirt and filled my mouth with her love handles.I inserted my hands inside her pants reaching her ass as much as it could go as she was sitting of course. Her love handle was full of my saliva and I was still biting it. She ended the call and stopped me again, “Kya ho raha hai ye? Mana kiya na abhi.”I didn’t say anything, but she was horny because she didn’t remove my hand from near her ass. I pressed continuously, moved towards her boobs and kept pressing them, throughout the journey. We got down. We hugged each other and left for home.She was a senior so had to work sometimes on Sunday too. She had a key of the office and so we decided to have fun in office whole day. Though we had cameras all around there were a few meeting rooms without cameras. We both went to the office.A few other people were there, so we decided that I will leave. Once everyone leaves she will call me so that we can start. Soon she called me and this time I took condoms with me. All the lights were off, evening around 5, so still, it visible but pleasantly no lights disturbing.And güvenilir bahis all cool due to AC. We went into the room. She wore a dark lipstick, and the same two-piece, the beige one. She was sitting on the glass table and I sat on a chair. We were talking and we shared a smoke. I passed the cigarette to her.She was so close to me but was sitting above my level so her belly and boobs faced me. Fuck I am so hard writing this. She was smoking and I grabbed her by the waist and started eating her belly and navel. She just put out the cigarette quickly.She took the support of her hands and moaned, “Uhmmmm, keep moving baby, I want all of you today.” I rolled my tongue in her navel, licked and bit her belly below the navel. I moved her around and pushed her dress below to get her ass but it was so fucking tight.“Mhhhhh wait I will get it down later, come up first,” I went up and we smooched for few minutes passionately. She removed her top quickly. She wore the same color bra which I don’t know what type of it was. She helped me get it out.I filled my mouth with her boobs, licked her nipples continuously. She got so mad, she was moaning. I ate both, went down and again bit her belly this time. She got her skirt out, O. M. G, that ass I can never forget, removed her black panty and pushed my face in her ass she moaned.I turned her around and kissed her inner thighs. She said, “Go in baby, let me flow on your face today, just go in now.” With all those licking sounds I directly entered my tongue in her pussy and could feel something inside. I heard that loud moan.She had locked me between her legs and pushed my mouth towards her pussy. I bit her clitoris and inserting full of my tongue into her. She shook a bit, juices out, I licked them. Not wanting to waste my juices I just got my dick out, wore the condom.She held my dick kissed the tip, sucked it for a few minutes. For the first time, I moaned because she was too hard and fast. Soon I was totally hard, entered her pussy and tried reaching till the end. She screamed go deep and come to me. I went over her.While fucking we just put each others’ mouth inside each others’ and tasting the saliva. But couldn’t control so we started biting and scratching each other in pleasure. We both flowed out and laid beside each other for sometimes, kissing each other and holding each other.It was too late in the office now and we left. We both were hungry. So we ate a bit and left. So this was my first fuck, and since then I am having a good time fucking around.Girls or women can reach me for sexts and further. I love sexting btw. You have my ID up there. Also please share your feedback. Would love it. Thanks, bye.

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