Satisfying Samantha Ch. 04

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I awoke in Sammy’s bed, alone as the dusky room filled with an orange glow, as the sun was begging to set.

Looking around, there was no sign of Samantha and as I wondered where she may have gone, I heard some activity in the hallway.

“Sam?” I called.

“Back in a minute, lover.” I heard her answer.

Wondering what could possibly be going on, I sat up and pulled the sheets off of me and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Standing up, I crept over to the hallway entrance. Peering around the corner, I saw Sam in the reflection of a mirror. It appeared that she was in a bathroom off the hallway.

I hid myself behind the doorway of the bedroom and watched her as she reviewed herself in the mirror. She was wearing an amber-colored silk teddy and from my limited view, she looked beautiful.

“What are you doing?” trying to throw my voice back into the room.

“You’ll see. Be patient.” She answered.

She seductively applied lipstick, stroked through her hair and gave one last look at herself before turning off the light and leaving the bathroom. I felt her presence approach me as I kept myself rigid against the wall, realizing that she still may not know that I was there.

Sam’s figure walked through the threshold and I reached for her.

“Ahhh!” she shrieked.

“Sorry, babe. I couldn’t help but watch,” as I pulled her close to me.

To my surprise, Sammy pulled away and said, “Watching is all I want you to do.”

“Oh, I see,” I grinned.

“Now, get back on the bed and wait for me,” Sammy said, cocking one eye brow and giving a sexy smile.

“What are you up to now?”

“You’ll see.”

I sauntered back to the bed and lied down, propping myself up against the headboard to watch her next move. Sammy disappeared into the closet for a moment and I heard music. Sultry, jazz music filled the room.

“You have a stereo in there?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

There she was, standing before me in her tight-fitting teddy. She looked fresh and warm, the setting sun glowing around her shimmering night dress. Clear high heels completed her entourage, raising her slim figure about 3 or 4 inches.

“Now, you just be quiet and watch, okay?”

Nodding like a school boy, I swallowed and watched her figure soon get in rhythm with the intoxicating music.

Sam held onto the door frame of the closet and pulled close as her leg stretched up and smoothed over the wall. Her teddy clung tightly to her curves as her tanned leg moved up and down slightly across the wood trim. She threw her head back, her long dark hair obeying, flowing gracefully in the wind created by her quick motion. It bounced back and covered a portion of her face as she looked through her hair at me with a sudden rush of erotic lust.

Keeping her leg high in the air, I watched as she seductively hiked up her teddy to reveal the lower portion of her smooth buttock. She looked at me and licked her lips smoothly, her gaze resting heavily on me.

She turned around, placing her ass against the door frame and slid up and down the molding, never taking her piercing gaze off of me. She threw her head back as if being fucked by the wood, her hair spilled everywhere. When she turned back, she watched me as she pulled her sexy hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear. Huffing now, Sammy took her other leg and stretched it high in front of her, forcing her teddy to ride deliciously high up her toned leg and over her inviting ass.

My interest peaked as the boner between my legs quickly returned.


“Shhh,” Sammy reminded me, putting her finger to her lips.

She purposefully walked to the center of the room, her tits bouncing happily with each step. Leaning towards me, bending over at her waist, her outstretch legs kept her planted as she exposed her incredible cleavage. Her hands caressed her slender sides and middle as she moved up and grabbed and pushed her breasts out towards my receiving eyes. Her pouting eyes met mine and she sneered at me, blowing a kiss as my cock rocketed hard against the top sheet draped over me.

Sammy then turned, offering me a substantial view of her long toned legs, spreading them slightly, she turned and looked at me, searching my face for reaction as she delectably bent forward, exposing her tight formed ass underneath its skimpy covering. As her teddy rode up her thigh while she moved forward, she closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

Next, a hand smoothed over her ass, pulling at the short hem of her teddy, pulling it up and over her hind quarters as her brilliant ass globes were exposed. Looking down into her cleft, her privates were covered güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri by a single strand of copper colored material, the color of her thong.

Sammy, still standing, turned to face me and rubbed her hands over her breasts, hissing in building tension as she continued to watch me, her emerald green eyes flashing brilliantly, glowing dimly with increasing passion and interest.

Her hands continued to swell over her voluptuous form, pulling against the tight hugging material of her teddy, exposing more of her dark cleavage, her breasts pushed against the top of her dress. Her wonderful globes arched over the material, begging to be released. Likewise, my cock begged to be released as it continued to swell, growing in stiffness.

Sammy watched as the pole between my legs rose, perking her interest as she continued to move before me, swaying her hips, her shoulders oscillating like buoyant articles on an ocean swell.

She seductively pulled upwards on her teddy. I gasped as the material flowed over her every sumptuous curve, stretching greedily on across her fluxing mound, over her flat stomach, around her sexy hips, over her tight breasts and finally over her head. Sam’s hair spilled back around her as the teddy was immediately balled up and thrown into the corner.

Sammy continued on, stroking over her mostly naked body, her breasts completely exposed before me. She knelt down, kneading her breasts elegantly, pushing them out at me. She grabbed one, pulled it up towards her and seductively licked it with her long swirling tongue. I watched in awe.

Sam’s body squatted to the floor as she worked her figure to the beat of the music, touching herself everywhere in response to the charged atmosphere. Sitting down now, she spread her legs widely, her dark pussy hairs now moist with excitement, shot from behind her thin covering thong. Her slight camel toe mound hugged the fabric as it sensuously covered her labia.

Her hands and fingers followed her legs, stretching from her knees, pulling forward, towards her incredible middle, glossing over her smooth toned legs, inner thighs and resting on her pussy entrance. Next, she splayed her legs further, giving way more to the pulled fabric now riding up into her crotch. She pulled the thong aside and circled over her clit, moaning loudly as she played with her folds.

With one hand, she shoved two fingers easily into her vaginal canal as her other hand swirled around her breast, bringing her nipple into erect life. Breathing harder now, she fingered herself, greedily moving her probing fingers in and out of her stretching hole.

She eagerly watched me watching her as she brought the pace of her masturbation action further in speed. Sammy’s head snapped back as she began to heave and move with her frigging. Her fingers were soon coated in fresh pussy juice as she continued stroking in and out. She paused to suck her fingers every once in a while and then inserted them again, pumping herself to ecstasy with each thrust.

Sammy contorted her face now, sneering at me as her fingers passed in and out of her sopping glory hole. Her breathing was erratic, as her pelvis moved in time with her own stabs of her tight pussy. I heard her juices slurp against her folds and fingers as she worked herself.

Lying on her back now, her legs were stretched and parted high in the air as she worked in and out of her opening now with incredible speed. Her legs quivered and shook as she probed her honey pot. A mini orgasm washed over her as she brought herself off in front of me.

“My turn!” I announced, jumping out of bed, wanting to jump on her.

My cock was rigid as a board again as I stood over her, naked.

Sammy stood up and pushed me back onto the bed.

“I’m not finished,” Sammy growled, “I told you to be patient,” she sneered.

Sammy turned around, her thong rode up tightly, disappearing in between the folds of her tight ass as she bent forward and grabbed her ankles. Her dark openings winked at me from behind the ridiculously thin covering. Her dark wet pussy glistened with its wetness as her sensual liquid dripped down her inner thigh.

“Please, dear God,” I huffed, “I’ve got to have you.”

My cock was throbbing, begging to be planted deep inside Sammy’s tightness again. I lied on the bed and watched as Sammy continued to dance before me. She reached behind her and pulled her ass open, exposing her tight brown backdoor and her sopping we cunt. Next she splayed her lips open, exposing her dark pink wet folds and flexing dark intimate honey hole. Her pussy seemed to breathe on its own as it flexed open and close, visually güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri teasing me with her pelvic muscles.

Turning around, Sammy quietly crawled onto the bed, her firm tits swaying elegantly before me as she pushed her breasts together, forming a tight site of cleavage. She noticed my interest and brought herself to my outstretched cock and immediately pushed her mouth over me, stroking me with her warm tongue. A few pumps with her mouth, moistening my dick, she pulled her head off of me and pulled her legs over my torso. Placing her body against my stomach, I felt her wet box on me and watched as she placed her firm tits over my aching cock. In and out she stroked her breasts over me, my dick enjoying every motion. She continued teasing me with her globes, gliding them easily as my dick popped through the cleft of her chest and pulled back, enveloping them in her tight flesh. She smiled at her effectiveness.

“Had enough?” she smirked.

“No,” I stammered.

“Good. Want more?”

“Uh huh,” I breathed.

Sammy walked over to the sofa on the far side of the room and bent over seductively, exposing her beautiful ass, looking behind me with a pleaded begging look. I needed no other invitation and sprung at her with gumption. I forced up against her and pushed my throbbing member into her back side as I rubbed her breasts from behind. She reached back and began to remove her thong.

I grabbed her hands and stopped her. “Leave it on!” I barked.

“Oh,” she whispered.

“I’m going fuck you like a goddamn porn star.”

“Ooh, that sounds tasty,” Sammy smiled with pleasure.

I pushed Sammy down to the ground and instructed her to lean against the base of the couch. Obediently, Sammy slithered to the floor, arching her back, she placed her pelvis onto the couch. I lifted her ass and pulled her so that her tight crotch was upward, facing me as she watched from below.

Her crotch was fully exposed to me as her legs stretched out, pointing me to her tight center. Her pussy was gleaming with wetness and was obviously primed and ready for intense fucking. She pulled at her thong as it rode back up into her tight folds. She smiled greedily at me, waiting for my next move.

In no time, I had grabbed her thong and had it slung to the side of her tight opening, she instinctively held it aside as I pointed my sprung dick down towards her delicious looking tight opening. Lowering myself down towards her, she gasped with delight as I pushed my pole into her. I looked down to Sammy’s concentrating face, her sexy mouth making pert motions with each push.

“You like that hard cock in you?”

“Yes,” Sammy sighed, her eyes closing.

I watched with joy as my cock plunged into her. I pulled it out and pushed it back in, feeling my stiff rod being engulfed with her velvet encasing lips as if for the first time. With each teasing insertion, I watched as Sammy hungrily accepted my cock with her begging tight entrance. She pulled her lips open and splayed her pussy’s entrance, begging me to get it in deeper.

“That’s it…fuck me.”

“Oh, yeah baby.”

“Fuck that tight pussy!” Sammy howled.

“Oh, fuck!” I replied, pushing my head back into her.

Continuing to fuck Sammy with individual interrupted strokes, I watched with awe as her pussy flexed to accept me, opening against my dick as I slid into her. Her vaginal walls pulled at my length, milking my rod with her fluctuating wall muscles. As I pulled back, her innards grasped at me, encouraging me to stay inside as her lips gripped my recoils. When I exited, her pussy clamped shut and when I placed my mushroom tip back at her slit, she eagerly accepted me as she flexed open with my penetrating probes.

As I continued with this ritual, Sammy looked up at me with regained lust. Her green eyes locked on the action occurring between her long legs, they shined with renewed lust and want.

“Fuck me harder, baby. I want to feel every move.”

I grabbed her ass and pushed her cheeks apart as I pushed into her and held my position, I began stroking into her with greater speed.

“You like my cock rocketing into you?”

“Ooooh, yes!” Sammy responded.

I felt my stiffness pass beyond her swelling clit and Sammy began calling out in pleasure as I picked up the pace. The site of her below me was erotic and incredibly exciting, but I could not seem to gain a good hold of her or of my arching cock to keep the momentum as high as Sammy was seeking.

“Get on all fours!” I commanded, pulling out of her.

Sammy responded and placed her knees against the couch and placed her head into the cushions güvenilir bahis şirketleri of the seat. Her ass pushed out behind her, awaiting my insertion from behind.

“I’m going to fuck you hard from behind your beautiful ass,” I proudly announced. Sammy responded greedily with an anticipatory coo.

Edging up behind her, I held her thong aside and pulled it back across her ass and held it place with my thumb as I pulled her tight globes apart. Locating her tight slit, I eagerly pushed my hard cock back inside her. Sammy accepted my staff quickly and rubbed her clit from the front.

“I can’t wait to feel you pound me,” Sammy sighed, circling her clit.

“Keep rubbing yourself,” I encouraged, “So you can cum with me.”

“Yeah,” Sammy gasped.

My cock slipped into her box with ease and I began to fuck her ferociously, giving no pause. Ramming back into her, her pussy welcomed me as I rocketed in and out of her tightening hole, watching her folds accept me, my dick disappeared completely deep inside her.

“That’s it!” Sammy coached, “Ride me!”

“You’re so wet and tight,” I remarked.

“Send me to the moon, baby!”

I bucked my hips into hers as she slammed herself back at me. Our pelvis energy slapped against one another’s, sending us both into a realm of sexual energy and unsurmounting pleasure. My dick continued to slide unrestrained into her, engulfed in her tight slit, her pussy walls pulsating around its stretching visitor.

“God that feels good,” Sammy cooed.

“Your pussy feels so tight,” I breathed.

“I love being fucked by you like this,” Sammy heaved.

Her dialogue made me fuck her harder with diligence and power. I could feel my balls beginning to quiver as I thundered into her, pulling back slowly, I slammed deep into her time and time again.

Sticking a wet finger up her asshole, I watched in glee as her rectum accepted my probe with greed. I moved my finger in and out of her dirt box, watching her anus accept it and felt it pull onto it with surrounding strength.

“Wow, you are so fucking tight!”

“I know you like it tight,” Sammy sighed.

“Yeah,” I swallowed.

“How’s this?”

With that, Sammy clenched her vaginal walls tightly against my cock. Her flexing muscles pulled at me and held my member like a goddamn fist. Her bared down flux forced me to slow down, but I didn’t mind as her ribbed canal tightened on me, creating a tighter fit than before.

“Un-fucking-real!” I called back, “Goddamn, you are tight!”

Sammy looked back and smiled devilishly as I tried to pick up my pace again. I was so deep inside of her, I felt my head push against her cervix.

“You like that finger in your ass, babe?”

“Uh, huh,” Sammy heaved. I watched with delight as she turned towards to watch me, her eyes closing heavily with my throbbing thrusts and digital probes.

“Keep finger…fucking my ass,” Sammy swallowed, “…while you plow me!”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Fill me up, baby. I love feeling your cock so deep inside,” Sammy squealed.

“I’m going to cum soon!”

“Good, spew it over my ass,” Sammy hissed, “I want to be your dirty girl.”

“With pleasure!” I agreed.

Sammy’s ass pushed back at me as her hand swirled even faster. Her breathing was off the charts as she continued to buck her lovely hips back and me, meeting my intruding quickened thrusts.

“You like fucking me from behind?” Sammy yelped.

“Yeah, fuck yeah!”

“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” Sammy blurted. Her body convulsing as I thundered deep into her. I rammed my cock in and out of her, sending her into oblivion as her body thrashed against me. She reached around and took hold of my side while I hammered away, screaming in passion.

“Oh, take me…fucking…feels so good!” Sammy wailed.

I pressed her cheeks together, giving way to the visual sight of my cock burying itself into her wanting hole. Her hold on me gave me renewed desire to fuck her deeply and tightly. I delighted in feeling her intimate box accept my length as she continued to milk my staff with her tightening grip.

I pulled my aching member out of her and held it up against her ass as it spurted and released a shower of white steamy cum onto her awaiting body below me. I watched as my cock revolted and stream after stream released, showering Sammy’s tight ass.

Sammy sighed and cooed as she continued to shake her supple ass, encouraging me to shoot my load onto her. As my ejaculation subsided, Sammy eagerly turned around and placed me into her mouth, eagerly licking my shaft clean.

As my softening cock popped out of her mouth, I stroked her hair and breathed a long sigh, “You’re going to kill me. I’ve never fucked anyone this much.”

“Good,” Sammy replied in a sultry voice, “if this is what it’ll take, then I’ll go with you as well.” I leaned down and kissed her lovingly on her pouting lips. She smiled with receipt as my lips wrapped around hers.

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