Sarah the Naughty one

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Sarah the Naughty oneSarah the Naughty oneSo the next time I met Sarah after we had our unplanned first time was at out local shopping center. I just bumped into her and her friend Emma who was a few years younger than her. We chatted small talk for a bit and she introduced me to Emma who said “so you’re Steve” and giggled and blushed. At that moment I knew she’d either told Emma about us having sex or that I have this really wide cock, as that has happened to me on more than one occasions. I asked how they got here as Sarah didn’t drive and Emma was to young to drive and Sarah lives in a village that has a god awful bus service about a 35 minutes drive, Sarah Said “Mum dropped them off but she hadn’t arranged getting home. I asked how long they were staying around for and the both said in almost unison not much longer, I said if I’m still around I’d give them a lift home. Sarah said if she needed a lift she’d text me, with that we said our goodbyes and I left. I got what i needed and headed back to my car and drove home, about 5 minutes or less away. I was home a fair time before a text came through asking for a lift and would I also give Emma a lift home, I said of course I would and we sent a few texts back and forth, nothing rude just normal texts about where to pick them up. My wife asked who were all the texts from as I don’t usually get many and I explained I had seen Sarah up the shopping center and offered her a lift home, I asked if she wanted to come along knowing/hoping that she would decline, which she did. I drove back and met them and Sarah got in the front and Emma in the back. I was strangely nervous, I still don’t know why. As we got out of the city Emma said “so is it true Steve?” I said “depends as many things are true”. She then replied “what Sarah told me” I replied “Again that many things she says are true and if you give me some more information I could answer her question”. she said “about your thing” I said to her “you’re hard work, I have many things like my nose is a thing” I made her say my cock or dick can’t remember which. She said in a slow and deliberate voice ” so is it true that you have a huge cock?” I said “well that is true and why do you know about it?” she replied “well us girls tell each other everything” I said “hope not as if you tell Penny then I’m a dead man” Penny being Sarah’s mum we all giggled a bit at that. I asked “where are we dropping you of then Emma” as I had no idea where she lived or if she was going to Sarah’s house. She said “In the next village” I knew where she meant it was the village after Sarah’s I asked Sarah “do you want dropping off first or after as you come first” she burst out laughing and said ” I sure do with you” I said “hey behave we’re not alone” and Emma replied ” I know everything so don’t worry about me” I had to ask “so what do you know then” she was open and said ” you and Sarah have fucked and you hurt her going in and she came more than with Dylan” which I wasn’t ready for I said “wow you girls do tell each other everything I am going to have to be careful around you two”We arrived at Emma’s village and I asked “Which way are we going” she directed me to her place and we arrived within a minute with it being a village. They said their goodbyes and we drove off, it hadn’t been 30 seconds and Sarah’s phone had gone off and she looked and laughed I said ” go on do tell what she sent” as I knew it would be Emma and it was she sent a text telling Sarah that she wanted proof that I was actually huge. She looked at me and shrugged I said “no way as Emma is a line I didn’t want to cross as she was younger” Sarah çanakkale escort made a valid point “well you were playing with my boobs when I was 1 4″ I said ” there was no way as I’m sure a pic could be matched to my cock” which i think she relayed to Emma. Hey phone went of again and she just held it up for me to read and I said “we’ll be back at yours in a few minutes it can wait to then” it was really silent for the next few minute and we arrived back at Sarah’s and I tried to find somewhere to park which was always a challenge in their village. After we parked, which was out of view from any of the houses she showed me her phone which read “so in person it is then where and when txt me” she asked “what should I reply?” I said “let me think about it, tell her that I’m thinking what to do”. By this time we had arrived at the path to her house and I could see her dads car so we walked in like normal and I said my Hi’s to everyone that was in which excluded Jane as she was out. Sarah received a few more texts and tried getting my attention with her eyes but there was no way I was going to risk anything at this time. I had a coffee and said I was about to go and Sarah suddenly jumped up and said “I think I’ve lost my purse I hope I didn’t leave it at the city center” I knew what was going on and said “Do you think you dropped it in the car ?”. I said my good byes and we left when we were out of sight of the house she showed me the texts from Emma and they were asking to see if I really was a huge boy or were me and Sarah winding her up. I said to Sarah “it’s upto you but there is NO way in hell shes getting a picture” Sarah asked “would you show her if I said it was ok ?” I said “not sure about that as I’m conscious that Emma was younger and touching your boobs was one thing and this was another and we never did anything until you were 19 anyway. How many others have you actually told?” I was getting a bit nervous now and she said ” I PROMISE only Emma” I said “you’d better only told her and we need to be careful” at this point we were at the car and I went to get in ans she said “what about my purse ?” I said “oh you really lost it then? I thought that was a rouse to talk to me” So I waited for her to open the door and look as I got in I could see right down her top and couldn’t resist and put my hand down her top and felt her big hanging boobs, she found her purse and said “whats that about being careful you hypocrite” with a real smirk on her face and lent over rubbed my cock a little and I said “we better stop this right now or we’ll get caught”. we said our good byes and I drove home. I hadn’t even got out of her village when she txt saying I never said when or where Emma could see. I pulled over and replied to her that I never said I would and it’s not smart texting things like that as 1, my wife might see and 2, it leaves a trail just in case. She replied sorry and when would we get to do stuff again, I was guessing I left her horny LOL. I replied soon and I’m about to delete these texts just in case Tina (my wife) see them. Luckily or not maybe, I never heard from her for a while until a few days later when her and Emma turned up at my door. I can tell you I went white as a ghost when my wife opened the door to them, Sarah had this really mischievous smirk on her but it was all OK and we sat in the garden and all had some coffee and squashes. We just chatted about how things were going and Sarah was trying to play footsie with me under the table, I had this thought of oh no what have I started here. I looked at her sneakily and shook my head and she mouthed at escort çanakkale me “we need to talk”. Knowing that she wasn’t going to let it drop I said “how did you girls get here?” and Emma said “my mum dropped us up at the city” which was about a 15 minute walk, I then said “so how you getting home? does your mum know where to pick you up from?” Sarah said “well now there’s a problem as we can’t get a lift until after 6” it was only around 3ish at the time “as my mum and dad are at work and Emma’s mum is at work until 8ish tonight” I said “so it’s Steve the taxi again then?” we chuckle and she said “yes please if that alright with you Tina”. Tina said “thats ok as I’m off to see my mum in a bit anyway” so I knew that it was just me Sarah and Emma again. I asked Tina if she wanted a lift to her mums as its only a few minutes walk and she said “Sure let me get my stuff ready”. We headed out to the car and Tina and I were in the front and the girls were in the back, I dropped Tina off and started to drive off and they both shouted “shotgun” but Sarah was already climbing to the front as I was driving down the road, as i looked to see what the commotion was I see down her top again and said “you have to stop bending over so I can see down your top as I have to touch them when I see them” she chuckled and Emma piped up “so mine are to small for you” I replied “I never really looked” she said “I don’t mind if you do look “. I just continued driving but couldn’t help looking in the mirror to get a look at her size and shape as I really hadn’t payed that much attention before. So as before when we got out of the city traffic I asked “whose house is it his time” Emma said “mine as no ones home until about 8 tonight”. There wasn’t much conversation on the way to Emma’s but they did put some music on. As we arrived at Emma’s they reminded me that no one was home until 8, I asked “so what are you girls doing for food then” and Emma replied “mums bringing dinner home for them” by this time had parked on Emma’s driveway and the girls were asking me in for a drink, there had been no mention of this proof that Emma had needed, I said a drink and thats all, I must of known it wasn’t going to be just a drink but hey I’m only a man. No sooner had we got into the door than Emma said “so are you going to prove it or was you two pranking me” I thought for a bit and said “I wasn’t hard and it would be a quick flash and then will that be it” she assured me it would be and of course by this time I was more than soft, not quite hard but getting there so I flashed it to them. I see Sarahs eyes go all glazed and thought to myself man this girl gets horny easy. as I was thinking that Emma was saying ” hey not fair way to quick” I knew it must of been too quick or she wasn’t looking down as there was no shock or anything from her and I know from past experience that most girls get a bit shocked or flustered when they first see it, hell Sarah gets all blurry eyed every time she see’s it. So I thought ok her goes and by this time after seeing Sarah’s glazed eyes I was hard and it was uncomfy where it was anyway. So i pulled my shorts down and grabbed it and pointed it up so when I pulled my shorts up it would fit in my shorts better and Emmas mouth was open and after a second or so she said “fuck me Sarah you weren’t exaggerating when you said the size of my forearm” I laughed and said “proof enough” Emma said “how does it fit” looking at Sarah, She replied “Fucking hard and painfully” Emma said “thats got to be more than twice the size of Dylans and your hand didn’t fit around it” I said “you seen çanakkale escort bayan dylans?” thinking Sarah had shown her a picture of it, without missing a heart beat Emma said “we share him can we share you” I wasn’t expecting this. I thought them being teenagers that they would get all shy in front of each other and giggle it away. Boy was I wrong Emma then said something weird that caught me off guard “How big are you hands then” and held her hand up for comparison I put my hand up to hers and it was a fair bit bigger and I could feel her shaking ever so slightly and say under her breath “fuck”. She said “I’d love to wank you off as dylan loves that and his is skinny and I can easily fit my hand around his” I was really horny by then and thought why not I’ll cum really quick with two teenage girls playing with me, So I said “OK but you both have to do it” I hadn’t even finished saying that and Emma was sitting on the bottom of the stairs in front of me and pulling my shorts down and I was SOOOOooooo hard that it just bounced out and she touched it and almost instantly licked it and tried to suck it. The mood had really changed as I pulled Sarah close and started kissing her remembering how good a kisser she was. This was absolute heaven Emma wanking and sucking me and Sarah kissing me. Then it happened Sarah put her hand down there too and they both had a hand each on my cock and the head was in Emmas mouth. I only really had one thought at that moment and that was to see Emmas tits, so I lifted her top and bra in one go and she had nice little ones with strangely largish nipples. I would say big A to small B cups but her nipples where about a 4-6 cm across and the shape of a cone. I reached out and felt them and they were so firm and her nipples were really erect and felt like rubber and I’m such a huge boob guy I was ready to Cum. I looked at Sarah and nodded with my eyes wide open, she knew what I meant and whispered “cum in her mouth, shell take all of it” I just shot my load so fast and hard and kept cumming. To her credit Emma stayed there and did indeed swallow it all without a problem, all I could here were her moans and Sarahs lips kissing me. We broke off and Emma said “well that was nice and we have to do this again as its much nicer than with dylan” I pulled up my shorts over my now softening cock looked at Emma still topless and just said “wow those are magnificent” and she giggled a little and I could physically see her nipples soften and get much bigger and light pink. She put her top on and we went into the kitchen as we were still in the hallway. Emma asked “what do you want to drink” I replied “black current if you have it” she made me mt black current and we sat at the counter and drank our drinks. Sarah was unusually quiet all this time, I mean shes a timid girl normally but last time which was the first time we fucked it was like I’d unleashed an a****l and she was so vocal. I asked “whats wrong Sarah?” she said “I didn’t want anybody knowing that me and Emma have done a 3some with Dylan as that was private” I said “I thought what you and me did was private but I guess you girls tell each other everything am I now and honorary one of you girls now as I know your secret” that put her more at ease and we chatted a little more and i said I’d better get back just in case Tina wondered where I was. With that we said out good byes with a little kiss from each of then And I drove home. I still can’t believe that at this late stage in my life I’m this lucky. As Me and Tina don’t have sex that often as she has a bad back and no matter what position we do it in she says she’s uncomfortable with my size and her back. I often thought about bringing up with Tina about me and Sarah (but only me and Sarah not Jane) but still unsure is I should. Well hope these memories are anywhere near as enjoyable for you as they are for me.

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