Sarah had Sex in an ABS

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Sarah had Sex in an ABS
I picked out the sleaziest, run down, store I could find around here. I’ve bought books and toys there before but I had not used the booths. For my first visit to the back rooms; I wore a knee length black dress. With a pair of frilly pink lace panties and a matching bra. If anyone saw them there would be no doubt that they were anything other than girls lingerie. I dress as a girl for sex with guys. When I suck cock I really like to be dressed as a girl.

I love letting my girls panties show whenever I get the chance. I love to wear low rider girls jeans with decoration on the back pockets and high back lacy panties. My shoelaces always seem to come undone and so I have to bend down to-do them back up. Also, whatever I’m looking for in a store always seems to be on the bottom shelf. I never know for sure if someone saw my girls panties but I am sure some people have. I always select my panties to be unmistakably girls.

At the ABS, I started by browsing the books for a while. I wanted to get a feel for the people coming and going from the back. They looked clean and pretty normal. I was so excited just imagining what was about to happen. I had read about it but now I was going to experience it for real. I loved standing there wearing a dress as guys came in. I wondered which ones I would get to suck off. I was determined to taste lots of cum before I came.

Finally, I plucked up courage and bought $10 worth of coupons. I went into the back and found an empty booth towards the far end. I slipped inside but left the door unlocked. My heart was pounding. I love the adrenaline rush I get from anticipating a new sissy experience.

My fingers were trembling as I fed the first coupon into the slot to start the videos. I found a transgender video that I liked, sat down and got comfortable. It was so erotic sitting there watching a crossdresser sucking a guy’s cock knowing that I was about to do exactly the same thing.

There was a hole in the wall on both sides about the size of dinner canlı bahis plates. I sat next to the one on the right. I pulled up my dress and made sure that my pink girls panties were on show to anyone looking through the holes. The light from the TV screen was enough to clearly show what I was wearing. Anyone looking through the other hole could clearly see me sucking a cock while dressed as a sissy girl.

I was sitting there in front of the hole; wearing a dress with my pink sissy girl panties showing. The pink lace was unmistakable against my black dress. I was so excited as I waited, my cock was making a lovely tent in the front of my panties. My heart was pounding from the anticipation of what was about to happen. I was about to suck a guy’s cock without being able to see his face or know his name.

My adrenaline level was so high as I sat there waiting. What would happen? A cock through the hole on my side, a voyeur on the other side or would someone barge in and demand I suck him off. As it was, all three possibilities eventually happened.

My heart was pounding as I waited for a noise next door or a tap on my door. Finally, I heard the next door open and close, his video started and I heard his chair sc**** against the floor. I have come to love these noises knowing what is about to happen. I could see someone looking through the hole at me. I rubbed the front of my panties to show that I was interested. His finger beckoned me forward. Almost prettified, I took out my cock and fed it though the hole.

I was pressed up against the wall waiting for him to touch me. My public hair was pressed against the wooden wall of the booth. I felt fingers around my cock and the feel of his lips as he pushed my cock head into his mouth. He went right down on me. It was wonderful having a complete stranger, I couldn’t even see, sucking on my cock. I did not want to cum just yet and so after a while I gently pulled back and did the finger invite to him.

A lovely cock came through the hole; first I licked the bonus veren siteler helmet and slid my hand around the base. Then I let my lips slide over his head and took it into my mouth. I tickled his balls with a couple of fingers. Slowly, I swallowed his shaft; he did not seem to want to wait very long. I masturbated him with my hand following my lips as they moved up and down his shaft. I felt his cock twitch and then he came. A wonderful load of warm cum filled my mouth. Next, I heard some movements next door and he was gone.

There is nothing like the taste of cum in one’s mouth. It stays there for so long.

Suddenly, my door opened and a guy walked in. He didn’t say a word. He just took out his cock and pointed it at my face. I took his cock-head in my mouth and wrapped my hand around the base.

I started masturbating him while I slid my lips up and down his shaft. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed his cock deep into my mouth. He fucked my mouth and I loved it. I played with his balls with my other hand. I could feel his climax building. I could taste his pre-cum as he pounded into me. When he came, he filled my mouth with another load of wonderful cum. Then he just left. He never said a word, not even a ‘thank you’.

This was perfect; I was desperately horny and erect and sat there waiting for another cock. When someone entered the booth next to me, I immediately did the finger come on. Any more head given to me would have made me cum. However, I was having too much fun to cum just yet, the place was 24 hr. and so I could wait my time. I wanted to suck the cocks of a few more complete strangers before I emptied my cum into someone’s lucky mouth.

A cock popped through my hole, I could see someone was watching through the hole on the other side. I sat sideways as best I could. I wanted to give him a good view of me giving a blow job. I made sure he could see my pink panties while I sucked the cock on my-side. I masturbated him and then sucked him off. deneme bonusu There was more wonderful cum in my mouth. As usual, he quickly left after he came.

The guy on the other side saw everything. He beckoned me over. I stood up and lowered my panties. As I leaned against the wall and my cock went through the hole. I felt him first hold it and then I felt a soft wet mouth around it. He slowly worked my whole length into his mouth. It felt wonderful having his warm lips around me and his tongue running across my shaft. Once again, my public hair was pressed against the wall. I was so horny it didn’t take me long to cum.

I went home with a tummy full of cum and a very happy cock. I had an idea; next time I go there I am going to wear my pink poker dot string bikini bottoms. I can’t wait to stand in front of the glory holes and show then off to the guys. If he wants, he can reach through and pull my strings to make my cock pop out.

Post Script – I did it. Last Sunday I went to the ABS wearing my pink poker dot bikini bottom under my jeans. In my booth I dropped my jeans and gave several guys a good view of what I was wearing. One guy came into my booth. He stroked my butt and cock through my bikini. I asked him if he liked my girls panties. He said, “Yes, I love them.” He was rubbing his cock with one hand and my cock with the other. I had to pull back. I was close to cumming but I wanted to wait a little longer before I came and I wanted a mouth around my cock when I did.

He made me bend over and hold the chair while he spread my butt cheeks. I could feel his finger rubbing my hole. He rubbed some lubricant into it and slid his finger into me. I felt wonderful. I was bent over with my bare butt in the air and his finger sliding to my hole.

Then I felt something else pressing into me, he was pushing his tongue into me. I am very tight, virtually a virgin in the back. I loved it and will try it again. On the way out of the store, I bought a slim pink dildo to practice taking it in the butt.

Past Post Script – I went back again, yesterday, wearing a knee length orange skirt. This time I let him come and cum inside me. I did make sure he wore a condom. I guess I’ve now lost my second virginity. It hurt a little but lots of Vaseline helped a lot.

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