RED ROSE 1: Randy & Ready? (33 Pix!)

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RED ROSE 1: Randy & Ready? (33 Pix!)RED ROSE RAISES MORE THAN AN EYEBROW AT ME, AS SOON AS WE START TO CHATRed Rose raises my eye-brows, as I discover an almost empty profile: no uploads or favourites.Red Rose raises my hair & gives me goose-flesh – From first contact in our personal messages.Red Rose admits she lacks any erotic experience at all with men, never even got some kisses.Red Rose admits she only longs for love with men, so she does not try to practice with a friend.Red Rose looks forward to become a woman soon, at a sensual sexy sweet proper personality.Red Rose looks forward to learn all about love & sex from him – become a lover, wife & mother.Red Rose has little time & seems to lack a proper set of priorities – So our contact is quite slow.Red Rose has a wet twat, she writes, canlı kaçak bahis from my proposition to write her a series of short stories! ————————————————————————————————————————————-RED ROSE IS IN ALL ASPECTS A COMPLETE CONTRAST WITH PROFESSOR POET-PETERContrast can’t be bigger between us: I am an elder gentleman & hot hippie in old Amsterdam.She is a yummy young vintage virgin of twenty real redhead – at the other side of the country.Contrasting colours of hair: I turn from black to grey over last decennium – And of our life-styles:She lives at home at her conservative parents – I left mine for studies, at the age of only sixteen.Contrast in education – I went to schools a quarter of a tipobet güvenilir mi century, for three academic degrees.She studies to become an education assistant, longs to finish it and find fast any steady job.Contrast in freedom of thought & behaviour – I do as I like and never accept any authority.She does not want to break away from home – Rose fails so far only any erotic experiences!————————————————————————————————————————————-RED ROSE RAISES RIGHT TONE TO POET PROF: SHE ADDRESSES PETE AS ‘DEAR DADDY’Red Rose is busy all days & evenings: school & homework, hobbies, sports – No time for a quickie!Red Rose is still an enigma for Prof. PoPe, who wonders what she’d look bets10 like: pale with freckles?Real redheads look like that, tend to be a bit chubby – With seemingly still some baby-fat left at them.Real redheads come in different sizes and shapes, so searching for someone similar, he finds some:Redheads – from blonde to darker – Gallery #1: Red Rose gets back, after a big break, at her hot Prof. PoPE – She writes to be very busy, no excuse.Red Rose gets back his attention by admitting that “Being busy is no excuse, I know, my Dear Daddy”Red Rose is even unavailable almost all weekend, when she doesn’t write, only accepts fresh friends.Red Rose is only available by her profile – Which has one small set of interesting intimate information!============================================================================All Rights are at Professor Poet-PETER of ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’, 19-03-18We well-come warm words of Private Praise – And, of course, all Your Anonymous ‘THUMBS UP’!

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