Pool Goddess

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“Bonnie, that damned filter strainer thing is stopped up again and the pool jets and the hot tub jets are weak at best. I have a Nude Day pool party starting in half an hour, can you come check on it?”

That was the message Bonnie had received as she checked her phone messages. Bill, who had left the message and Gale his wife were two of her first and most valued customers for her pool service.

She had tried in the past to get Bill to let her change the strainer filter out and move it to a better location. Maybe now he’d listen instead of staring at her tits. She grinned at that, her tits were only half as big as Gale’s at best and hers were covered most of the time, where Gale was always naked.

Something could be said for gilding the lily as it were. Bonnie’s first year in business had been rough. The competition for pool care was fierce and ruthless for the most part. The big companies would underbid her and make up the loss somewhere else. She couldn’t compete.

Then she had an idea. If she couldn’t compete on a financial level then she would make a show out of it that the clients couldn’t resist. That’s when the Pool Goddess was born. At five nine and one hundred and fifty pounds, Bonnie was impressive to say the least.

Years of Martial Arts training and aerobics had her body in excellent shape. Her breasts might be small but her ass was to die for. Wide shoulders and wide hips gave her a look of power. Add to that a swivel hipped walk and long shapely legs and you had the Goddess of Pool services.

The Wicked Weasel mini bikini’s that she wore to clean and maintain the pools didn’t hurt one bit either. The top was two three inch by two inch triangles held together by thin strings. The bottom was a three-inch by five-inch triangle that was held on by three strings.

Dressed in the bikini and an oversized man’s Levi shirt, that was never buttoned, Bonnie was awesomely beautiful, sexy, and sensuous. And old beat up straw cowboy hat, sunglasses and bare feet made up the rest of her costume. Men drooled and women sighed. Bonnie smiled and raked in the cash from her thriving business.


Bonnie drove her jeep down the driveway at Bill and Gale’s place and parked by the side gate. The driveway was full with all sorts of expensive cars and SUV’s. As usual the rich drew the rich. Bonnie wasn’t sure what Nude Day was all about but a party was a party.

Getting out of the Jeep she slipped off her running shorts and tee shirt. She made some adjustments to the new micro bikini and grabbed her big shirt. The new bikini was in a bright orange and black tiger print. It was eye grabbing.

She pulled a toolbox and a pipe snake out of the back of the jeep and headed for the gate to the backyard. She knew her way around; she was here once a week cleaning and maintaining the pool. The pool equipment was in a small enclosure out behind the pool house.

As she cleared the back of the house and started around the end of the deck around the pool, her steps faltered. There were twenty-five to thirty naked people scattered around the pool. Most were relaxing and chatting but a few were engaged in various sex acts. Bonnie felt herself blush as she hurried on across the lawn.

Don’t get the wrong idea, Bonnie loved sex and anytime and anyplace was her motto, but in large groups it was something new to her. She was glad for her sunglasses as her eyes kept sweeping the naked crowd and especially the ones engaged in sex.

One chunky little blonde in particular caught her eye and made her whimper in envy. The blonde was bouncing up and down on one dick and sucking another. Two men at once was Bonnie’s most prized fantasy. She even had the two men picked out. The only thing stopping her was her husband.

Yes, Bonnie was married and happily so, for the most part. And yes she did fool around some but she had never fucked anyone but her husband. Well, with her pussy anyway. She loved oral sex, both giving and receiving and anal sex drove her up a wall to explosive orgasms.

It is sad to say that her husband was very unimaginative in the sex department and very inattentive to say the least. Twice a month was at best his best and then it was a quick fuck and thank you very much. Oral from him was like twice a year and anal was never. Bonnie got frustrated a lot.

Watching the blonde more than where she was going, Bonnie ran head on into a very naked Bill. The large hard dick standing up against his lower belly is what made it very naked. He grabbed her around the waist to keep her from falling.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.” He said and then laughed. His hard hot dick was pressed up against the thin cloth covering her sex.

Bonnie shivered as she thought about that hunk of meat sliding slowly into her tight wet pussy. It would fill her so full. It was twice as big as her husbands. She shivered and took a step back.

“That’s some bumper you’ve got there.” Bonnie replied, looking down at his dick and canlı bahis licking her lips. It would sure be a mouthful; she thought and then grinned.

“This old thing.” Bill said, swiveling his hips so his manhood swayed back and forth. “All it does is get me in deep trouble.”

“I can see that.” Bonnie whispered, more to herself than anything. This was the first time she had seen Bill naked.

Bill chuckled and said, “I tried to unstop the trap, but I can’t get it open. Several of the women have complained that the jets aren’t strong enough to do them right.”

“Uh huh.” Bonnie said. Visions of Bill using that big dick to unstop her own trap floated behind her eyes. She had to shake her head to clear it. “I brought my own snake with me.” She muttered and then giggled at her own pun.

To clear her mind she said, “I told you we should have moved and rebuilt that trap. Where it is now, under all that other equipment and behind the main lines, makes it hard to get to and hard to clean right.”

“Yeah, I know, I should have listened to you. Maybe next week if you have the time, you can do it.”

“I’ll check my schedule when I get back to office and see when I can get to it.” Bonnie told him.

“There’s no hurry except for today. These are some of our craziest friends and also some of our best clients.”

Bonnie grinned. Even the big and the rich had to satisfy their customers and clients. “I understand believe me.” She said. “I’ll get right to work on it.”

Bill looked her up and down. “Today is National Nude Day but I think that little suit is close enough. I know your other ones keep my dick hard when you clean the pool. The Miss’s and I try to be home when you’re here just to watch you.”

“Why didn’t you come out and say hello?” Bonnie asked naively.

Bill laughed. “We were, shall we say, busy.”

Then the light came on and Bonnie blushed. “Oh, Ok.”

She quickly stepped around Bill and hurried on around to the back of the pool house, a hot flush still on her breasts, neck, and cheeks. The thought of them both watching her as they fucked made her antsy and wetter than she had been from watching the blonde and seeing Bill’s dick. She wondered if Gale ate pussy.

That’s when she realized who the short chunky blonde was with the two dicks in her. It was none other than Gale. Bonnie shivered as she opened the gate to the pool equipment and went inside the small enclosure, leaving the gate open.

She checked several gauges and then leaned over the maze of pipes and valves to get to the filter trap that was way in the back and under everything. What a mess, she thought as she wiggled farther over the pipes to reach the filter basket. It was empty.

She wiggled back to her feet and got the pipe snake. Laying back across the pipes she started to run the snake down the line looking for a blockage. Her toes were barely touching the ground and she had to rock back and forth to get enough leverage to get the snake down the line.

“My oh my!” She heard Bill say from behind her. “Your ass is marvelous to say the least. I could kiss and lick it for hours on end.”

Before Bonnie could reply there were a set of hands on her hips and a very hot wet tongue traced a line up between her ass cheeks. She tried to wiggle back but that just made the tongue lick her harder and faster. She gasped as the lingual digit moved the thin string and zeroed in on her asshole.

Bonnie moaned as the hot tongue slipped into her ass and then started to tongue fuck her. She flexed her hips up and down, trying to get even more tongue up her ass. It had been several months since anyone had even touched her back there, much less fucked her.

Letting go of the pipe snake, Bonnie put her hands on the ground for support. Bill’s strong hot tongue was playing hell with her sense of balance among other things. A ball of energy was growing in her lower belly and shooting out sparks to her pussy.

Her hips jerked as the sparks grew stronger and hotter, an orgasm starting to grow and rise. Gale’s voice from somewhere behind her caused Bonnie to jump. “Dear, quite molesting the help, she has work to do.”

Bill’s tongue disappeared from Bonnie’s ass and he replied, “But dear you know how much I love her sexy ass.”

“Yes I know dear, but let her fix the jets first. Anyway, those pipes and things can’t be all that comfortable.”

Bonnie wanted to tell her they were fine, especially with Bill’s tongue up her ass but she thought better of it.

“Well, ok, I guess the guests do come first.” Bill sighed.

“They had better come first and it’s my job to see that they do.” Gale replied and then giggled. “God, I love my work.”

Bill kissed Bonnie on each ass cheek and said, “Yes dear I know you do. Maybe Bonnie here will join us after she’s through fixing the jets. We can take up where we left off.”

“I think she might like that.” Gale said. “That teeny little bottom of her suit looks wet enough to wring out. I might bahis siteleri even give you a hand in rewarding her for helping us out of this mess.”

Bill’s hands left her hips and Bonnie could hear them walking away. She wiggled back and looked around to see them going around the end of the pool house. She blew out a loud long breath and shivered as she thought of Bill’s big dick in her ass and Gale’s tongue in her pussy.

She would still send them a bill, she thought with a big grin as she went back to work on the plugged trap. The sex would be her tip.


Bonnie finally found and removed the obstruction in the line. It was a white bikini bottom with a large red heart on the front and red lips prints all over the ass. Bonnie shook her head and wondered how they got past the trap basket.

With the bikini bottoms in hand, she went looking for Gale and or Bill. She found Gale first and she was rather busy. She was on her knees in a lounge chair, her ass sticking up, and her face buried between the thighs of a petite little redhead. A rather large black man had his dick stuffed in her pussy.

Bonnie paused and looked around for Bill. Most of the people at the party were now engaged in sex of one form or another, in couples and groups. She didn’t see Bill and turned to leave.

“Where did you find those?” She heard Gale ask with a groaning laugh as the black man rammed his big dick home in her stretched pussy. His hips slapped her ass cheeks sharply and Gale groaned loudly as she ground her sex back against him.

A moment later, Gale looked over her shoulder at the man behind her. “Damn Tommy, what did you do, save that load up for a week or two. It feels like I’m going to be dripping for hours, there so much of it.”

The big black man chuckled with a deep rumble and replied, “I’ve been saving it just for you and this hot tight little pussy of yours. I wouldn’t want you to get all dried out and hurt yourself trying to fuck ever dick here.”

“That woman never dries out Tommy. I’ve been married to her for nearly twenty years and her panties, if she ever wears any, are always wet. There’s usually juices running down her inner thighs.” Bill said from the door of the pool house.

“I can surely believe that.” Tommy said as he eased his hips back, pulling his dick out of Gale.

Gale sighed and laid her head down on the thigh of the woman under her. Bonnie could see the come oozing out of her pussy to run down her slit and drip off her clit. Bonnie felt herself licking her lips. She had never been down on a woman but that looked so damned hot.

“Come on dear, It’s time to clean you all up for the next round.” Bill said with a big grin. “Anyway, we need to take care of Bonnie here. I see she found the Bikini bottoms you lost.”

Bill helped Gale to her feet and Bonnie followed them into the pool house. Three couples were in the hot tub in the back corner. “How’s the pressure on the jets now? Bill asked in that direction.

With a moaning sigh, one woman replied, “It’s just perfect. It has my little clit tingling.”

The woman bounced up and down in the water and the man whose lap she was on asked, “I guess my dick up your tight little ass has nothing to do with it.” The woman gave out with a loud yell as he continued to bounce her.

“Speaking of ass’s,” Bill, said to Bonnie with a big grin.

“Put me in the shower and then you can play dear.” Gale said with a smile. “I’ll hurry and join you.”

“Uh….” Bonnie said and then shivered. She was horny as hell and she was being offered the best of both worlds as she saw it. “Ok.” She whispered as she followed Bill and Gale to the bathroom.

Gale got in the shower and pulled Bill in with her. She turned and held her hand out to Bonnie. “Three is a little crowded but a fine way to get acquainted.” She said with a big smile.

Bonnie stripped off her shirt and dropped her old cowboy hat on top of it. She kept the suit, what there was of it on as she entered the shower. Bill had the water adjusted to a warm setting and moved back so he ended up between the two and against the wall.

“I love those little suits you wear.” Gale said as she used a finger to trace around one of the top triangles. “It doesn’t cover more than the essentials and teases the eye.”

Bill ran his hand over Bonnie’s bare ass as he said, “It sure leaves my favorite part exposed to the hand and the eye.”

His hand dipped down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the suit. Bonnie reached back and held it away for a moment. “Uh, I need to explain one thing before we go any farther. I’m married and only my husband has use of my pussy for fucking. Fingers, toys, and tongues are alright but that’s all.”

Bill moved his hand to her ass and caressed a finger up and down the cleft before it paused at her anus. “How about back here?” He asked hopefully.

Bonnie grinned and pushed her ass back against his finger. “That’s fair game for anything and everything.” She bahis şirketleri whispered and then moaned as his finger entered her hot tight asshole.

“See we’re getting to know each other better already.” Gale said as her hands massaged and caressed Bonnie’s small cone shaped breasts.

Bonnie raised her hands and caressed the full round globes of Gale’s breasts. They were firm but with that fluffy spongy feeling only breasts can have. Bill’s finger was working slowly in and out of her ass. She moaned and leaned forward to suck on the hard puckered nipple in front of her.

Gale sighed and pressed her breast tighter to Bonnie’s mouth. “Your mouth and tongue feel wonderful. Have you been with a woman before?”

“Only on the receiving end.” Bonnie whispered as she lifted her head and swapped nipples.

“Oh, then you’ve had a woman’s tongue in your pussy before.”

“Only a couple of times.” Bonnie replied.

Gale put a hand on each of Bonnie’s cheeks and guided her face so that she could kiss her. Bonnie kissed her back and then moaned deeply as Bill added a second finger to her ass. The ball of energy was back in the pit of her stomach and shooting off sparks again.

The woman continued to kiss as Gale reached back to untie the two sets of strings holding Bonnie’s top on. The small pieces of cloth were lost on the floor as Gale rubbed her large breasts on Bonnie’s smaller ones.

Somewhere along the line, Bill had untied the strings holding the bottoms on and they disappeared. Bonnie’s first clue was Bill rubbing his dick up and down in the crack of her ass. They now had her sandwiched between them, a warm soft woman in front, and a hard hot dick behind.

Bonnie was in heaven or close to it as Gale’s small hand rubbed and explored her pussy. She had a light knowing touch and soon had Bonnie rocking back and forth between the hot dick and the probing fingers.

A few minutes later Bill whispered, “I think we need a place that’s more comfortable.”

Gale nodded and broke the kiss. Bonnie whimpered softly and then whispered, “Please.”

Gale and Bill maneuvered Bonnie out of the shower and didn’t even pause to dry off. The next thing Bonnie knew she was all on a couch in the main room of the pool house. She was sitting astraddle of Bill’s legs and Gale was kneeling between her spread thighs.

Bill’s hot dick was pressed against the base of her spine and Gale’s nibble tongue was working magic over, around, and in Bonnie’s pussy. Bonnie leaned back and relaxed as much as Bill’s hands on her breasts and Gale’s tongue would let her. It wasn’t long before her whimpers were full blown moans.

When Bonnie’s hips started to flex and jerk, Bill lifted her up until she was squatting on his thighs. Gale sucked on his dick for a moment and then got up to run in the bathroom. She returned a few seconds later with a bottle of lube.

“This is just the thing.” She said as she lubed up Bill’s dick and then she fingered Bonnie’s ass.

Bonnie moaned loudly as Gale leaned over to flick the tip of her tongue against Bonnie’s protruding clit. Gale’s fingers came out of her ass and then she felt the head of Bill’s dick rubbing up and down the cleft of her ass. Her body trembled as it centered up on her asshole.

Bill lowered her down and the head snapped through the ring of muscles at the entrance. The head and several inches of his shaft entered Bonnie. She gasped loudly and used her legs to stop her downward movement as the energy ball expanded. The sexual jolts of pleasure where coursing around her system and pooling in her sex and ass.

She gave out with a loud moan as her legs shook and more of his dick slid into her ass. She had never had anyone as big as he was before and never with a tongue dancing in and around her pussy. Her orgasm was a screaming train and she was tied to the tracks.

By the time Bonnie settled onto Bill’s lap, her moan was a high-pitched wail and her whole body was shaking. The fact that Gale was leaving her clit alone was the one thing saving Bonnie from exploding into a million pieces. Wave after wave of small orgasms racked her from head to toe.

Bonnie quieted and her body was down to trembles and shivers. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Bonnie wondered what it was going to be like when the train got there. She didn’t have long to wonder as Bill lifted her, turned, and placed her on her knees on the couch.

His hands found her hips and he took a long slow stroke out and then back in. Bonnie took a sharp breath in as he pulled out and then she couldn’t breathe as he pushed his dick back in. Her head was reeling from the sensations coming from deep in her ass.

A fluttery tongue on her outer lips made Bonnie look down between her legs. Gale was on her back against the couch, her mouth hovering above Bonnie’s clit. Bonnie knew she was going to suck on it but couldn’t tell her not too. If she did Bonnie would explode.

Bill made a stroke in her ass and Bonnie caught her breath. Gale latching onto her clit made her scream as her orgasm broke over her. She was caught between a big dick sliding in and out of her tight ass and a soft fluttering tongue on her blood-swollen clit.

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