Party turned out good one.

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Party turned out good one.

Am happy to narrate my another story, but first I would like to thank you for the response I have received from you all.

Though some of the replies were realy pleasing and have shared good experience and feeling, some were very very bad.

Well , now the story. I was quite lucky to get a job through a lady of age 42 years, Mrs Mathur, who stays near my house and is

Very good to me. She is too mord: and fashionable even at this age. She works for a private firm and asked me to apply also.

I applied and appeared for interview and got through. The office was too good and people were good enough and professional also.

My job was to maintain the sales records and speak to the customers and update them time to time with informations.

The sales personnels mostly young guys used to interact with me. There were other ladies too working in our office, but these guys

They look out for a chance to talk to me, for abvious reason, because of my looks and my figures.

In this office I very often get touched by men and I never mind that, as I know these men have a habit of doing this. They pretend as

If it was by mistake but, its always purposefully. Mrs Mathur is too close to the Boss as she is the secretary and does not gets time

To speak to me.

There was a sales guy, whose name is Rajeev, he was too handsome and well built and mascular. Very attractive male in the whole

Office. My first look at him made me attracted towards him, but later on I was told that he is fixed up with one of the girl working

With us. My dreams dashed as I was sure that this guys has this pretty young thing and will never flirt with a lady in the same office

Where his would be ____ working. But Rajeev was very gentle and good with me. And would often give nasty smiles at me and I

Too responded with the same. But this is just not enough confirmation for a guy who is madly in love with a girl working with us.

As days after days passed, I was enjoying working in my office, and I missed sweet Rahul as all the day long I am in the office and

Could not get close to him and was sex starved. A day came, when our office staffs were scheduled for a party, a wet dinner that was

In the morning Mrs Mathur told me that the Dinner would be at a nearby plush open air Restaurant and that all of us are supposed to

Attend. I was happy that I can ease and will not have to worry about preparing dinner at my home. But at the same time I was little

Hesitant to attend it, as I am a new enterent and do not know people so well. I worked for the full day and wentBack home. I got a

call from Mrs Mathur asking me If I am not attending. My reluctance made Mrs Mathur to request me and come over and assured

me that I will enjoy this party so well.

I changed my Dress and wore a Churidar Kurta and reached Directly to the restaurant, to my surprise it was totally a wet party

But the variety dishes pleased me. I had seen even some of the ladies staffs were drinking beer, for which canlı bahis I refused.

Just then I was sitting beside Rajeev’s girl, with crossed legs not knowing that I am wearing a white Churidar and the cuts are upto

My hips and the colour of the panty would be very well visible from the white cloth of my churidar, [ I was wearing dark blue panty ]

And suddenly I noticed that Rajeev is looking at that very spot, time and again. Both of us noticed each other and finaly was YES from

Both the sides, myself, very happy that I am watched by Rajeev and for Rajeev, he was happy that I noticed and gave a smile so that

I have no problem even if he is looking at it. I did not hide anything and allowed him to do that.

Rajeev, came to me with a cold drink and offered me in a glass. I said thanks and took the glass from him. I had a sip and felt that it was

Mixed up with some kind of a hard drink. I stopped for a while and though if I keep this glass, his love girl will come to know about

Rajeev’s mischief and I drank slowly, in my life this was the first time I tasted the hard drink.

After some time I got up and had a little food, very little, as I was unable to eat and felt drowsy, I went upto Mrs Mathur and told her

And she said, ok, she will ask someone to drop me. Just then Rajeev who was watching me came to me and offered to leave me home

In his car. I accepted this and slowly walked with Mrs Mathur to the car and Rajeev started the car.

I looked at Rajeev, as I was slightly upset with him and asked him the first question, “ Kyon Kiya aapne aysa “ [ why did you do it ]

He replied that he wanted me to enjoy. As I reached home, I was completely out. Rajeev got out of the car and gave me a hand to get

Up and took me to the door. I gave him the keys and asked him to open it. We went in and he landed me on to the sofa and got a glass

Of water and gave it to me. Meanwhile I was drinking water, he sat down and took off my footwears. As he touched my feet, I got erotic

And caught his hands and asked him not to do it. Rajeev sat at the side of me and said, “ Priya you are realy so lovely “ and I rested my

Head on his shoulder. Rajeev took me in his arms and gently planted a kiss on my forehead. This made me totally out of control and I gave

Him a good lip kiss for which Rajeev responded to me so well and was not ready to leave my lips. I pushed him and said that the door is

Still unlocked.

Rajeev got up and locked the door. I requested him to take me to the wash room, as I wanted to go for a piss since long time. Rajeev

Lifted me and took me to the wash room and I asked him to just stand a the door. I slid my churidar and panty and started pissing sitting

Down and my back towards the door. As I was trying to get up, I found Rajeev at the back of me lifting me up. And he caught me and

Gave a kiss on my neck. At this moment I gave myself to Rajeev and he said that I have a very sexy aas.

Rajeev then took me to the bed room and snatched my churidaar mobilbahis güvenilir mi and panty off my legs and spread my legs and started to lick my pussy

Madly, which was already wet with my cum I was going mad and streached my legs even more wider and my neck stretched up with pleasure

Haaaaaaaa oooohhhhhh I said, do it more. Rajeev started fingering my cunt and this gave me even more pleasure and made me wild hot, as

Already I was sex starved. He then lifted me and took off my kurta within no time and tore apart my laced Bra and started on my Boobs.

This made me wild and caught him madly. Now I wanted to have a good fuck and I could not avoid it anymore. And I said “ Rajeev aaj to yeah

Ho hi jaye “ [ Rajeev let this happen today ] and Rajeev replied to me “ Yes Priya, mujhe bohat din se intezaar tha is cheez ka “ [ priya even I wanted

To have this with you].

Rajeev started kissing me wildly all over my body saying, that he is mad for me and that I have made all office guys mad and a center of attraction

For all. Rajeev once again took his head over my pussy and started licking it madly, as if he has not seen a cunt before or perhaps hungry of my

Pussy. I was becoming more and more erotic and started to toss my hips, my pussy juice was ozeing out and which was entering his mouth and

He was slurping it all the time. He now started entering 3 of his fingers inside my pussy and rotating it, which I was enjoying so much. I caught his

Head and pushed it in my pussy to give me a lick once again. And said come on Rajeev eat it and make me empty, I have been longing to have you.

Hearing this he did more and more.

Rahul got up and took off his shirt as soon as he took of his shirt and started opening his pant, I grabed him to have a look at his treasure and I

Unzipped his pant, he was wearing a white coloured one and had a wet tip over there. I could sence that his dick is ready. I touched it and found

It to be a hard rock. I pulled the elastic and took his underwear down and found a big and thick one sprang in front of me. It was realy hard as a

Rock and was ready to pump in my pussy. It was so attractive that without that without even wasting a second I took it in my mouth and started sucking it

Madly, Rajeev caught my head and was strocking it towards it. After a while we both were full nude and were moving madly on the bed, sucking

Licking and pressing each other madly.

I was a bit scared, as my periods were just a couple of days ahead and though that if it comes early and that at the time of sex, it would spoil the

Scene. Meanwhile Rajeev was pressing and sucking my boobs, I made him to lie down and took his dick between boobs and gave him good strokes

And simultenously licking the head of his dick, which made him erotic and he pushed me down and came on top of me and said, Priya I cant wait now

Let me give you a good fuck. I said yes fuck me my dear its all yours now. And he pushed his thick big mobilbahis giriş dick inside my pussy in one stroke and his dick

Went inside my slippery cunt which was ready and wet and was eager to take this mascular man’s dick in my lucky pussy. A big AAAAhhhhhhh I did

And pushed my head up and streached my neck in pleasure, as I enjoyed Rajeev;s hot throbbing dick. Rajeev, said come on Priya lets love each other

Give me a good one today baby” . I said Rajeev don’t stop and do it with as much as energy you have.

Rajeev lifted my legs and started stroking his cock roughly, I was feeling as if someone is r****g me I caught his hands and asked him to be gentle and

Not to worry as I am ready to give him full night. The strokes inside my pussy was fast and banging me and Rajeev was getting more and more erotic

As he was staring my big bobbling breasts which were shaking due to impact of the fuck. Rajeev was drunk and was not cumming out and was banging

Me with full of his strength and I enjoyed it willingly. After pumping in for about full 30 minutes Rajeev spilled out a good amount of sperms in my pussy

And we caught each other tightly pressing each other towards us. And stayed in the same position for 5 minutes kissing each other gently.

I was not satisfied with this and asked him to give me one more and I was so erotic and exited that I did not even allow Rajeev to go for a wash and

Started sucking his juicy cock, which was mixed with our cum. I sucked his dick and made him to erect once again, this mascular man was so great

That he got his second erection within just a couple of minutes or perhaps he was also exited equally.

This time I did the riding and sitting on Rajeev I took it deep in and started rubbing my aas and moving it so that I get full dept of his precious cock

And wildly started humping on it. Seeing it Rajeev was yelling Ah…..ohhh as he was enjoying looking at my boobs dancing, he asked me to continue

And I did it for about 15 minutes, we both were drunk and were enjoying sex like mad.

I stopped for a while and gave Rajeev lot of kisses. Rajeev asked me if I can be on my knees and give him a dog style and I did. He pushed his dick

And started stroking in full speed as if he is never going to end this. The second time that we were having was taking a long time and he was unable

To ejacuate so he pulled his cock and started to stroke it with his hand so that he finishes fast and join the people partying and do not give them the

Chance of doubt on us. While he was stroking I turned around and was lying and looking towards his attractive body and the kind of masterbation

And then I too started fingering my pussy to enjoy. Rajeev got the indication that he is soon going to come out and he pushed his dick deep in me

And filled his precious juice all in my pussy and I tossed my hips to get all his dick in me.

Rajeev washed himself and dressed up and went off without wasting time. The next day in the morning I got a call from Mrs Mathur…………

“ Hello Priya, good morning, how was last night with Rajeev ? did you enjoy his big throbbing mascular tool ?” I was shocked to hear this

and kept the phone down. Again a call and I had to accept it. But I came to know that this was a planned one.

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