Hot Tub Surprise

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My wife T and I have some friends that are going through a bit of struggle so to give the wife, Karen, a chance to vent and a shoulder to cry on T decided to invite her over for dinner one evening. T thought that an evening away without having to always be confronted by her husband would give Karen a chance to open up and see things a bit more clearly.

We had a wonderful steak dinner and had opened the third bottle of wine as we cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher when T suggested that we take our next glass of wine out to the hot tub. It was a nice fall evening with a temperature in the 50’s so it was almost a perfect setting to relax in the hot tub and enjoy the cool fall weather.

We usually get into the hot tub nude, but always have a supply of swimsuits around for when the kids and grand kids come around. T found something that fit Karen and we all moved out to the back yard and into the hot tub.

By now we were all joking and laughing about how relaxing this was and as the wine was having an affect on everyone we started to discuss Karen’s husband and their relationship. He was a rather pompous ass that was convinced he knew everything about everything, when in fact he couldn’t see the reality of life in front of him.

Karen made some comment about his self serving ways and when I responded that “he couldn’t find his dick with both hands” we all laughed and then she made the remark that he couldn’t find her pussy either! This quickly got T going as she asked Karen how long it had been since she’d had sex, and finally Karen admitted that it had been many weeks since they’d done anything, but what she missed the most was that it had been years since she’d gotten an orgasm orally her husband.

T quickly offered that I could fix that for her! I was shocked! I’m always trying to get my wife to show off or let other guys fool around with her body, but this was the first time she’d ever suggested that I do something.

Both Karen and I asked if she was sure about this, casino oyna and when T suggested that Karen might like it since I enjoyed giving oral sex so much that it could be a real treat for her. See also said that she didn’t mind at all sharing me, and that she was willing to go first to show Karen how we’ve done it in the past while in the hot tub.

With that T stood up and started to peel off her swim suit and by the time she had taken it off and tossed it aside I’d already taken mine off as well. We both looked over at Karen as she just shrugged her shoulders, said why not, and peeled off her suit as well.

Normally this is where people who write stories tell you how the women had 38DD or 42D size tits…unfortunately that’s not ever close to reality…and all to often the 38DD tits come with a 42 D belly fat as well!

We were all in our mid 50’s and although none of us were overweight none of us still had the body of a 20 year old either. Karen was a bit thinner than T, and was much smaller up top as well. She wasn’t normally the type of woman that I would get excited about, but sitting in the hot tub with 2 naked women makes for an very different atmosphere that normal.

T and I often have had oral sex while using the hot tub, so we’ve got the positions all figured out by now. T had slide out of the water and was sitting on the corner of the surround with her legs spread wide. This is her favorite spot and she called me over and told Karen to just watch.

As soon as my lips and tongue touched T’s pussy I could tell that she was hot and ready to go. I wasn’t sure why she was so turned on, until she told me later that she was hoping she’d be able to get Karen naked so I could have a treat. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes and T quickly squeezed my head with her thighs and held me tight as she enjoyed her orgasm. After another minute or two she let me go and slide down into the water in front of me. We kissed for a couple on minutes and then T turned and told Karen canlı casino to take her place.

Karen slid around us and was soon sitting on the edge of the hot tub. As T moved to the side she told me to enjoy myself and do a good job on her friend. As I turned back towards Karen I was directly facing her pussy. Although this wasn’t something I had set up I still wanted to enjoy the opportunity and at the same time make it memorable for everyone.

I started to slowly lick Karen’s pussy from top to bottom and then back up and down again. I continued this several times before I reached out and took her hands and had her hold her pussy open for me as I tried to reach my tongue as far into her as I could. It was pretty obvious that she wasn’t going to last very long either.

She was starting to rub her pussy against my face as she continued to hold her pussy open for me to lick. I then moved up to her clit put two fingers into her cunt and started to alternate licking her clit as I pumped her pussy with first two fingers, then 3 and finally four. We settled into a nice motion as she rocked back and forth on my fingers and my tongue.

Everything was going great so I took my other hand and pushed my fingers up against her ass hole. I wasn’t sure what Karen would do but as soon as one finger started to slide into her ass she grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her. I managed to get two fingers in her ass, and had four in her pussy, as I kept licking her clit. It didn’t last long as she very quickly grabbed my head and held it still as her pussy and ass started to twitch and spasm.

After a few moments she pushed me away and with a quiet thanks slipped back into the water. T suggested that now it was my turn to get out and sit on the edge of the hot tub. Since I was about ready to explode I didn’t need any more encouragement than that.

I quickly moved up out of the water as T started to suck my cock as she’s done so many times in the past. She was doing her best to prolong my orgasm kaçak casino since she would stop and start and nibble a little instead of just getting to it and sucking me off. I was wondering why she was doing this but when she turned to Karen and asked her to finish me off I realized why she had been delaying my orgasm.

Karen asked T if she was sure, and then asked me if I was ok with it (a dumb question) and after we both said yes T and Karen changed places. T didn’t move too far away as she wanted to have a good view of what was happening. As Karen moved between my legs and grabbed a hold of my cock I knew that I had no hope of lasting a long time.

To my surprise Karen didn’t waste any effort but simply opened her mouth and sucked in my cock. I was surprised that within three or four strokes she had managed to swallow my cock completely! This woman must really have a big mouth or no gag reflex at all as every time she went down on my cock her nose would bury itself into my pubic hair. She was deep throating me more than anyone ever had in the past. I keep thinking was a jerk her husband must be that he’s not taking advantage of his cock sucking wife all the time!

I was determined to make this last as long as possible, but determination and reality don’t always match and too soon I knew that this blow job would end. I grabbed Karen by the head on her way down and held her there as I managed to unload as deeply into her throat as I could. I should add that I didn’t have to do much holding at all as she tried to swallow and much of my cock and cum as she could as the same time.

After I let go of her head she continued to hold her position as I could feel her throat try and swallow my cum and breathe through her nose at the same time. It wasn’t until I started to soften up that she let go and I settled back into the hot tub.

Karen was wiping a bit of cum off her lips as T and I snuggled in the hot water. We all took turns thanking each other for the fun evening, and T reminded us both that this kind of behavior won’t happen again unless she’s around to plan it and participate.

I told her that sounded more like an offer than a threat and she told me to just wait and see what might happen.

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Her Petite Possession Ch. 03

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At breakfast the next morning, Emma watched with growing irritation as Kate and Brad continued to enjoy their bizarre relationship. Kate had at last put down her one inch tall boyfriend, this time inside her bra, which gave Emma a chance to speak.

“Katie, would you like me to look after Brad while you’re at work today?” she whispered.

“Thanks Em that would be great.”

Pinned between Kate’s breasts, Brad had missed this important development and could only look on in horror as Kate gently plucked him out of her bra and into Emma waiting palm. Brad tried to attract Kate’s attention, but Emma’s fist snapped closed around him instantly and seconds later she thrust her closed fist into the depths of her jeans pocket where he was lost from sight.

When Kate left for work, Emma locked the front door behind her and engaged the security chain to make sure she couldn’t return. Emma walked to her bedroom and locked that door too. She slipped out of her jeans and stood in the middle of the room wearing only white t-shirt and white panties, gripping Brad tightly in one beautifully manicured hand.

“You can help me with my artwork little boy,” Emma said as condescendingly as possible.

She picked up an old cushion and a tube of glue and sat down on her bed. With a big smile on her face, she squeezed half of the glue out on to the cushion and placed Brad, face up in the middle. “This glue sets very quickly,” the blonde warned as she pinned the struggling guys down with just two fingers.

Brad struggled, but that only made Emma giggle more. Emma was now kneeling up on the bed and prowling above him like a lioness waiting to devour her prey. She continued to hold him down for another minute by which time it was too late, the chemical reaction had happened and the glue had taken hold.

“Now try and get out of that sticky situation,” she growled for effect before swooping down with her red lips apart. He flinched and she laughed, “I won’t eat you,” she giggled, “if I did, I’d have nothing to sit on.”

Emma placed the cushion on her stool and dropped down on to him so that his legs and body were pinned beneath her, with only his head showing between her open thighs. Brad could see up to her smiling face and full lips that were singing along to the radio. Her smile scared him, but it was better than looking at her white panties that towered like a cliff above him. The thought of being put back inside those terrified him even more.

Emma stood up to reach a paintbrush and when she sat back down, her butt covered him completely. Brad was crushed in an inescapable, dark, scented cell, but Emma didn’t seem to notice and continued to draw, oblivious to the guy crushed beneath her.

She spent the next half an hour drawing and painting, the radio was on, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing in through the open windows. She was humming and singing along to the music and almost dancing as she moved from her desk to the sofa, to her easel and back to her desk, taking her beloved cushion with her wherever she went.

“Time for my fun,” Emma finally announced as she took her cushion over to her bed and lay down in the warm sun that flooded through the windows.

She opened her flexible gymnast’s legs wide and gently worked the cushion and Brad’s body into crotch. Wow, he was just the right size and shape and he moved in just the right way to make her tingle. Her tanned legs snapped together for a moment to allow her to remove her underwear and then Brad was brought back into her damp, shaved pussy. He fitted perfectly between her lips and once in there, Emma could massage herself slowly and sensually from side to side.

“Fuck…fuck…” Emma’s cries were getting louder as she peaked.

Brad could hear her cries and looked forward to some reprieve once the horny blonde was satisfied. But while Emma did stop grinding herself against him, her legs snapped shut and crossed tightly, holding Brad helplessly in place.

Emma wanted to go on, but her body couldn’t take the stimulation that Brad’s provided and so she grudgingly released her grip and slipped her underwear back on. Then, without letting go of Brad for even a second, she placed the cushion back onto her chair and sat on it.

“You know I really wanted you,” Emma confided, looking down at Brad’s tiny head between her towering thighs, “why did you have to choose Kate?” She sighed, “I know you’re going to hate me forever because of this, but I just needed to feel you inside me, one way or the other.”

Emma’s honestly had surprised even her and she coyly closed her legs to stop Brad from watching her. What would he do when he returned to size? He was tall and strong and could do anything to get his revenge, but in Emma’s twisted, aroused mind, with her crotch still tingling, even that thought excited her.


It was almost 1pm when Emma finally slid back to reveal the tiny guy beneath her. “That glue has really set hard on you,” Emma observed as she held a tube of glue dissolver above him, “This is the only way out and there’s not much left.”

Emma casino oyna squeezed the remaining contents out and started to massage it around Brad’s body. The chemical reaction that had trapped him and held him rigid all day was finally reversing and releasing its grip on his body. Finally free of the cushion, Emma washed and dried him and put him down in the middle of her floor.

This was Brad’s chance. He waited until Emma turned her back and then made a run for a gap that he had spotted between the skirting board and the wall. He was fast, but at his size the three meter dash was likely running a marathon. He was almost there when Emma’s foot landed in front of him and he could do nothing but crash into it. Before he could get to his feet, Emma stood on him, her big blue eyes looking down at him as she shook her head.

“Oh dear,” she said gravely as she dropped him helplessly into an almost empty jar of face cream and screwed the lid on tightly, “I need to ‘really’ lock you up.”

Brad sat dejectedly in the bottom of the jar, knowing full well that the blonde bitch wouldn’t give him another chance. He watched as she removed her white silk panties, folded them over on themselves and started to stitch them together around the edge. Once she had almost finished, she picked Brad up and dropped him inside the used silk material and continued to sew him in.

“Sewn up inside my panties,” she breathed as she finished the last few stitches and put the underwear on the floor, “Now that might slow you down just a little,” she smiled as she sat with one leg stretched out either side of his silk cell.

Brad pulled himself to his feet and stood with the partially translucent silk resting on his head. The material was light and he found that he could lift it and move along almost like a hamster in a wheel, but progress was painfully slow and hard. After only two inches, and still between her towering thighs, he collapsed on to hands and knees to catch his breath. Emma was in hysterics.

“That looks like hard work, but that’s your punishment for trying to run away.”

She pulled on a short blue dress and clean underwear and returned to her artwork, with Brad on his knees, looking at her through the white silk. His old self would have thought her very cute, but now he looked at her with fear.

Emma let him struggle forward in her underwear until he had almost reached the wall before picking him up and putting him back in the middle of the room, exactly where he had started. She saw how exhausted and frustrated he was after the pointless effort and giggled.

“Now I hope you’ll be a good boy while I go out.”

Emma pushed him to one side of his silk cell and wrapped the spare material tightly around him. She then picked up her yellow gym shorts, unzipped the small back pocket and stuffed Brad and her silk panties inside. She zipped up the pocket and pushed the zip back on itself to lock it tight.

“Getting harder to move now, isn’t it!”

Emma then rolled up her yellow shorts and in turn stuffed them into the back pocket of her favourite pair of jeans. The jeans pocket also closed with a zip which she used to secure the shorts inside. She then fetched Kate’s metal cash box and squeezed her rolled up jeans inside, having to kneel on the lid to get it to close. She locked the cash box and then placed it inside her safe.

Brad was now inside Emma’s panties, inside her shorts, inside her jeans, locked inside Kate’s cash box and locked inside Emma’s safe. His silk prison was crushing him from all directions and he spent the first few minutes just trying to lift his hand from his side up to his face. He then fought to bend his legs. It was pitch dark and silent and Emma’s scent pervaded everything. Escape was obviously impossible.

What made it even worse was that it would be so easy for Emma to just leave him there forever. The magic woman had said that he didn’t need to eat or drink while shrunk down. Emma could leave the safe locked for a week, for a year, for ten years and there was nothing he could do about it. She was almost thirty now and could easily leave him locked up inside the safe until she was 35 or 40 and he wouldn’t die.

What would that be like? She’d be a beautiful, worldly thirty something. She’d have travelled, played, explored and lived life. He would have spent most of his adult life held prisoner in some woman’s safe.

Outside, Emma sat on top of the safe and looked down at the steel beneath her. She had been getting increasingly aroused as she’d increased his confinement and now with no-one to watch, she finished the job.


By the time Emma returned to the flat, Kate was already home from work and desperate to see her boyfriend.

“I wanted to keep him warm,” Emma explained as she unlocked her safe and unwrapped Brad from the many layers of her clothing.

“But why is he sewed up inside your panties, Em?”

“He tried to run away from me today, I thought that was the kindest way to keep him in one place.”

“What?” Kate scolded as she held up her flatmate’s canlı casino underwear between her fingertips, “You’d better not try anything like that with me!”

Brad couldn’t believe it. He’d tried to escape because Emma was a sadistic bitch with a penchant for crushing him. Now it looked as though he was to blame.

“I told him that running off would be really dangerous,” Emma continued.

“Mmm, I need a way to keep hold of him until midnight…”

“You could do what I almost did today,” Emma smiled sweetly, “glue him to something. I was thinking of my leg,” and with that she pointed to her inner thigh and gave Kate a mischievous smile and wink.

Kate winked back, “Could be sexy… nice and high up and out of sight.”

“I have some glue that should just about hold him in place,” Emma replied.

Kate removed her charcoal suit skirt and sat on the edge of the bed wearing her white work blouse and black underwear. Emma was sitting next to her with a tube of glue in her hand.

“What is that stuff?” Kate asked.

“The labels come off, but it’s just art glue, I think.”

Emma unpicked some of her earlier stitching and poured Brad out through the resulting hole and into Kate’s waiting hand. Kate gripped him harder than usual as Emma smeared glue all over his back and legs.

“Now where to put you,” Kate purred, “Mmm… inner thigh, nice and high up.”

Kate pushed him against her leg so that his head was almost touching her panty line and held him firmly in place while the glue dried. Emma’s sadistic side enjoyed the rush knowing that Kate and Brad were already past the point of no return.

“How long does it take to dry?” Kate asked innocently.

“Maybe five minute,” Emma lied.

Kate waited another minute and then tested the bond between them.

“Wow that seems very solid, I can’t move him at all.”

“How does it feel to have your man permanently between your legs?” Emma asked jealously.

Kate walked around her room with her legs deliberately close together so that her thighs brushed together, catching Brad in between. “Mmm, I like it,” the brunette replied.

Kate showered with Brad still stuck to her thigh and was pleased to see that the water hadn’t dissolve the glue. She dried him carefully and then wrapped the towel around her waist, creating a mini steam room between her legs, as she walked back to her room. She dressed in a flowery pencil skirt and red top and walked to the kitchen to find her flatmate and a waiting bottle of wine.

“Is he still there?” Emma asked.


“Can I see him?”

Kate giggled as she opened her legs as far as the skirt would allow. Even then, Brad was still well hidden and Emma had to kneel on the floor and look up between her friend’s legs.

“He’s a long way inside,” she said, “Can I touch him?”

Emma reached her hand up inside Kate’s skirt, squeezed Brad between her fingers and pulled, but the glue held fast. She smiled to herself. The glue that she’d given Kate was professional superglue and was virtually impossible to remove from skin. If Brad was to return to size while secured with that glue, it would rip all the skin and probably the flesh off his back and therefore the safety mechanism would kick in and again delay his return to size. And Emma knew for a fact that that glue would secure Brad to Kate’s inner thigh for days.

Emma withdrew her hand and Kate crossed her legs.

“Time for sleep,” she giggled.

“You’re cruel,” Emma replied jealously.


It was shortly after midnight when Kate, again wrapped in her white dressing gown, knocked on Emma bedroom door.

“He didn’t return to size, I think it’s because he’s too tightly glued to my leg.”

Emma let out a giggle and then tried to cover it with a cough.

“What was that glue? How do I get it off?”

Emma moved across her double bed and motioned for Kate to join her. Emma pulled the duvet over them both and put her arm around Kate before she spoke.

“I’m really sorry Katie, I gave you superglue by mistake.”

“What! How do I get that off?”

“You can’t, you’ll just have to wait for the skin to peal.”

“How long will that take?”

“A couple of days maybe?”

“Fuck, poor Brad,” Kate cried, “another two days at that size.”

“And another two days in your crotch,” Emma helpfully added.

Kate crossed her legs defensively.

“Look on the bright side, at least you know he’ll be faithful.”

Kate sniffed and managed a half smile as she walked back to her room.


Kate woke the next morning to find that she’d had a wet dream. She still felt sexy and maybe for this reason was strangely excited to find the glue still as hard as ever. She opened her legs and leaned over to talk with Brad, but soon became bored with the one sided conversation.

It was Tuesday morning. “Hell, let’s take the day off and go somewhere,” she announced.

She eased into her sexiest black silk underwear and then perched on the edge of her bed as she carefully pulled up a kaçak casino pair of thin tights. She stood and eased them up all the way until they tightly encircled her slim waist.

“Oh you’re behind bars,” she smiled, seeing how Brad was now enclosed behind the close knit strands of the thin denier material.

The final layer of security comprised Kate’s favourite jeans which she quickly buttoned up around her waist. With everything complete, she sat on her bed, legs apart and stroked him gently through the soft denim.

Kate’s fingers may have been stroking Brad, but the back of her hand was now rubbing against her clit. She was still sitting there, with her legs wide apart when Emma knocked on her door.

“Is he still stuck on you?” Emma asked as she walked in.

Kate smiled and stroked him again.

“Ooh and he’s in your jeans!”

“More than that,” Kate grinned as she pulled down her jeans and lay back on the bed, “trapped inside my tight.”

Emma played with Brad’s body through the sheer pantyhose which kept his tiny naked body frustrating out of reach. Kate giggled, partly from the look of frustration on her friend’s face, but also because her white t-shirt had ridden up and Emma’s hand was tickling her tummy. Although she knew she couldn’t get him, Emma was intrigued and continued to explore how Kate’s tights hugged and gripped her body and even kissed Brad through the material.

“I never thought I’d see you kiss my thigh,” Kate laughed as she bounced to her feet and pulled her jeans back up.

“No, I didn’t!”

“Want to kiss me again?”


Kate spent the morning shopping and then joined the lunchtime crowd in the park. She lay in the sun and enjoyed the feeling of Brad trying to move around against her leg. It was getting hot in the park and even hotter in her jeans, which may have explained why Brad wouldn’t keep still.

The crowd was returning to their desks, but Kate was in no rush to leave. She sat up and pulled her left leg across her body as if doing a yoga stretch. With a sly smile on her wide lips, she tightened the stretch and gently rocked her leg up and down.

Brad’s private cavern inside Kate’s jeans had already starting to warm up when her leg swung over and pushed him against the soft fabric of her panties. He felt himself pushed hard against her and then gently up and down. He closed his eyes and pictured her expression; she always had the same look, almost of surprise, when she was aroused. He could smell her excitement before the silk became damp and tried as best he could do touch her and increase her pleasure.


The glue was still solid on Wednesday when Kate had to go back to work. In a strange way, they were both starting to get use to the new reality, where the inside of Kate’s skirt was Brad’s whole world. When she was standing, he was upright; when she sat down, he was horizontal. When she stood or walked, air circulated inside her skirt. When she sat, she kept her legs together and the temperature increased. When she was busy or stressed she tended to cross her legs and Brad became enclosed in silent darkness.

The scent also changed throughout the day. In the morning he could smell her soap and her perfume. During the day her personal scent increased, particularly when it was hot. When she wore jeans, the smell of denim was strong, one night when she wore leather shorts, the smell was overpowering.

On Wednesday night Kate spent the evening trying again to free him, pulling and picking at the bond, but nothing could separate them. Thursday night was the same until just before midnight when she cried out in delight as Brad finally came free from her thigh.

She washed him thoroughly, placed him on her bed and imagined how the big moment would go. He would return to full size and lie down on top of her and hold her with his strong hands. She was already naked so that wouldn’t slow him down. But midnight came and went and nothing happened.


Early on Thursday morning, Kate ran back to the magic woman anxious to know why Brad hadn’t returned to size. She was so desperate to get an answer, she almost forgot about her tiny boyfriend in the front pocket of jeans who was being thrown around as she ran.

“He didn’t change back at midnight!” Kate cried as she barged her way in.

“That should have happened on Sunday night,” the woman replied calmly.

“It wasn’t safe on Sunday night, or Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday.” Kate decided she wouldn’t explain why.

The woman looked at them gravely. “That’s too long, it will now take me a month to return him to size.”

“He’ll be small for a month?” Kate screamed as she stuffed Brad back in her pocket in an attempt to stop him hearing her words.

“Its worst than that,” the woman continued, “To create enough magic to return him to size, he’ll have to spend that time as a small inanimate object.”

Kate didn’t know what to say or do and had to steady herself as blood pumped to her head. “Like what?”

“Best if it’s something you keep with at all times, to ensure that no harm comes to him. A small purse, maybe, or scarf? Just hold him in one hand and your chosen item in the other. Then kiss him and he will turn into an identical copy of that item… and stay that way for a month.”

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Hot Tub Fun Ch. 03

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I went to my home office and pulled out the tripod and the HD camera. These two sweet girls both have a really naughty streak. Or maybe they get a competitive and want to see how far they can push the other. Whichever it is I am happy I get to play.

Walking back into the living room Autumn had taken Becky’s position on the Ottoman. Setting on her knees she was cleaning Troy’s cock with her mouth and Becky was stroking his balls. She jumped up and came to help me sit up the camera. I also got one of her world famous deep kisses.

“I can’t believe I took both of you when I had the plug in.” She whispered to me. “I was so tight and it felt amazing.”

“It was very sexy baby. I almost came a couple of times.” I told her. “Do you think I will get a chance at your bottom tonight? Or are you done for the evening?”

She smiled that sexy smile and said “Maybe just a little bit more. I want Autumn to clean you up after you cum in my butt.”

“She will want you to do Troy’s the same way.” I reminded Becky. “Do you think you can take me in your ass and Troy in your pussy?”

“I am not sure. The butt plug was not nearly as big as you are.” she gave me that sexy little grin in reply.

I had already came twice tonight. Troy had as well. Autumn and Becky both multiple times but none of us was were ready to stop. Autumn still had the big butt plug in her tight ass and sucking on Troy’s rapidly hardening cock. Becky had went to bathroom. I was sitting up the video camera as my goddess return with a warm wet wash cloth for me and another one for Autumn. She cleaned off my soft cock and down my thighs. She went down one then back up the other one. She then cupped my very depleted ball sack and squeezed them softly. She then went over to the couple on the Ottoman.

She took Troy’s member out of Autumn’s mouth and started washing him off. Autumn walked gingerly over to me and got down on her knees. She took my cock in her mouth in an attempt to revive my member. Troy’s cock was almost back to full strength from Autumn’s mouth and Becky’s warm wash off. Becky looked me in the eye as she lowered her mouth down to his wide head and gave him a long tongue lick from the head down to his base. Her eye contact while giving him head did more to harden my staff than Autumn’s wonderful mouth did.

The camera was up and ready to go. Troy was at full mast but I still was going to need a little time to recover. Oh to be young again. I led Autumn back over to the others. I had her assume the position on her hands and knees that Becky had just occupied. I went back to the camera to make sure she was in frame. Becky led Troy around behind her and into the position. Both of the girls had became very adept at leading us by those male leashes.

Becky slapped Autumn’s butt casino oyna to get her to widen her legs and then ran Troy’s cock up and down her friends well used pussy lips. They were very bright red and swollen as I zoomed in for a close up of the penetration. The base of the butt plug resting against her tight opening. Troy had the head of his wide cock between her lips and was pushing in.

“Wait a second stud.” Becky said. “I want to get her face on film when you ram that into her. Jim get in front and tape it please hon.”

I walked to the other end of the stool making sure to get a wide view of the three of the them. Troy standing behind Autumn’s raised ass. Becky holding the base of his cock in one hand and the other pushing down on the small of Autumn’s back causing her to slump down off her hands down to the cushion. She turned her head toward the camera and gave me a big smile.

“Tell me what is happening sexy?” I asked her from behind the camera.

“I am about to get fucked by a fireplug and then suck on your long cock.” she answered. “And I have a really big dildo stuffed in my asssss ohhhhh!”

That was the point Troy shoved himself into the hot brunette. Her mouth opened wide in the moan and her eyes closed as she got stuffed just like Becky had been earlier in the evening. Not being really long let him get all the way in her on the first stroke. Autumn was not ready for it and her head came forward with the push. My cock was almost back to full staff and it smacked her in face when she fell forward. Autumn shifted her head and opened her red lips for the next intruder for her young body. She took just the head in but was sucking on it so hard trying not to scream.

I was looking at a similar scene for the second time tonight. I was kneeling on my Ottoman with my hard cock getting suck on by a sexy young woman. Her butt was up in the air and Troy was pounding into her from behind. Pulling her hips back after every hard thrust to keep his short cock buried in her very wet pussy. I moved the camera up her back to that sexy ass. In the view finder you could see the base of the butt plug peeking out.

I zoomed out to get the whole scene of what was going on before me. Autumn was on her knees and had moved up on one elbow to get a better angle on sucking my cock. Her back was arched as she took Troy’s pounding. Troy had one hand on her hip and the other pushing down on the small of her back trying to get a better angle for his entry. Becky, still very nude and sexy was using her camera phone to take still pictures of our threesome.

Troy moved his hand on her back down to her ass. I thought he was going to start playing with the plug but instead he gave her a really hard smack on her tanned cheek. First one and then other on the beauties flanks. canlı casino Autumn kept bucking back to him with every swat. She was moving so much my cock dropped out of her mouth and she let out another scream of pleasure .

Her orgasm caused Troy’s. He filled her tight pussy with another load. Autumn fell off Troy’s dick shaking from the orgasm we had just given her. Becky reached down and gave her a kiss on the forehead as she gently removed the dildo that was still in the girl’s ass causing one last heavy sigh. Becky stared deep into my eyes as she sucked on the dildo fresh from Autumn’s stretched ass.

Troy picked up his lover and carried her to the love seat. The switch from hard pounding sex to sweet caring boyfriend happened in a flash. The mild manner young man was back and the rough stud in heat was gone. They entwined themselves together on the loveseat. I looked at Becky and saw her flushed from the scene she had just watched.

The break in the action gave me a chance to switch roles from cameraman back to porn star. I got up and took the camera over to the tripod. I made sure the Ottoman was still in the middle of the shot and then went to my blonde goddess. She gave me one of her perfect kisses and grabbed my staff to claim it as her property.

“Do you still want to push this big thing in my tight little bottom?” She asked knowing my answer.

I grabbed her by that tight ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I returned her kiss and laid her down on her back. We were both way past any more foreplay. I was harder than I had been all night and she was dripping pussy juice down her tight crack. I thought about getting the lube but seeing that wet pussy I went for the natural instead.

Two long deep strokes into her pussy to get myself coated with her sweet nectar. I rubbed the head of my cock all around her dark purple rosebud to get it wet as I could. Becky reached down with both arms to bring her legs back wrapping her elbows behind her knees. Man she is so flexible and sexy.

The head of my hard cock pierced her puckered bottom. It was still very tight but the earlier stretching allowed me to enter her easily. She grimaced as the head slipped past her sphincter and into her rectum. The view of her on her back, knees almost to her head, bare pussy right above my cock entering into her third hole was so erotic. I stopped for a second to enjoy the sight and not wanting to hurt my princess.

She was having none of it “Do not stop. Fuck my little butt. I need it hard.”

Listening to and seeing my angel being so naughty got me moving. I pushed hard into her tight ass. I had never gotten all of my cock in her tight butt and tonight I was going to try. Her ass hole was a the perfect height kaçak casino with me standing above her on the Ottoman. Three or four hard strokes and she had about five inches filling her bowels. The look of pleasure and pain told me I was as deep as I was going to get. I held myself as still as I could and then gave her a slap on her exposed pussy lips.

I started to fuck her ass with as much gusto as I could. This was not going to be about her pleasure but about my release. People joke about fucking like rabbits and moving like a jack hammer but that was the sensation I wanted. I wanted to make my angel into a little slut right now. My dick was on fire from the friction. Becky started screaming dirty words at me as I kept going faster and harder.

“Fuck that tight ass! Does it feel good to fuck my innocent butt hole? You are going to ruin me! You are too big for that small hole.” all mixed in with her cries of pleasure.

I stopped again at the bottom of my in stroke. My balls slapped against her spread cheeks. I pressed my hand against her sex and slip a thumb between her pussy lips. Sliding it between her soft small lips. I rub it in circles around the top of her pussy. Brushing against her clit sticking out from its hood. Just this little touch sends her over the edge.

She drops hold of her legs and wraps them around my waist. Trying to pull me into her as I back out slowly as she cums with my cock in her ass. Her sphincter contracts around my cock milking me. I am having to use all my will power to not cum right then. She digs her heels in to my flanks like a rider on a stallion. The pressure on my ass and her contractions set off my third orgasm of the night. It was not much but it felt like I came and came. My knees got a little weak but with Becky’s legs wrapped around me I barely stayed on my feet. I looked down at my lover and saw the naughty smile on her angelic face again. She was almost finished milking my cock dry and was thinking about what was coming next.

Autumn had slid out of the love seat and was kneeling patiently besides us. Becky unlocked her legs from around my back and pulled away from my cock. My softening cock slide out of her ass trailing my cum from the tip to her now gaping hole. Autumn took the stream cum from Becky’s ass with two fingers and pulled it to her own mouth. She slurped the string in and swallowed all of it she had taken between her lips. The brunette lowered her mouth to my soft member and began to clean me from the tip down to my balls with just her mouth.

She collected all of the naughty goo from my cock in her sexy mouth. Becky was collecting the sperm leaking out her ass into her small hand. Becky then placed her fingers in front of Autumn who eagerly lapped the juices into the mixture already resting in her mouth.

“Show it to them and then swallow all that nasty stuff.” Becky ordered.

Autumn showed first me, then Troy and then looked straight at the camera and swallowed the load she had taken from Becky’s ass.

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Her Bodyguard

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I had been working in the computer shop for several years when Kelsey was hired. She was young, (less than half of my 50 years), but she certainly brought a brightness to our small store. Almost as tall as me, Kelsey was what they call “thick,” or “curvy,” but I thought she looked great. She often described herself as “out of shape,” but her full, young, body had a firmness that said otherwise.

Kelsey’s face always seemed to have an impish grin behind her stylish glasses, hinting at her quick wit and intelligence. I assumed her hair was originally brown, but it was hard to tell. Depending on the day, it might be anything from bright red to platinum blonde, sometimes both at the same time. Her full butt was no secret in the tight jeans she preferred, and though her breasts were not huge, they stood out enough in the snug tank tops she wore that I wasted a lot of time sneaking peeks and imagining how they would fill my mouth.

I had hired Kelsey primarily because she was good at working with smart phones and i-pods, while myself and the two other male employees were more skilled with computer repair. She had come recommended by the local community college. When I had interviewed Kelsey I had not thought about the extra benefit she brought, the spark that a smart, sassy, young woman could bring to our workplace. The other two men working in our shop were happily married, and I had been single for several years since my wife had left me for the bed of her boss (and his beach house). Having a woman in our male-dominated shop helped to put some of our female customers at ease, and Kelsey was self-assured enough to ignore the veiled insults and leers from our ignorant male customers.

The one area where Kelsey seemed to be less confident was in her romantic relationships. She would often come in upset over the latest idiot that she’d broken up with. To me, it was obvious that none of the boys she described could match her intelligence, and I assumed the problem was that she was picking them for their looks and physique, rather than someone that could challenge her on a mental level. Though I keep myself in shape, I knew my looks and age were no match for the boys she chose. It was probably a good thing she wasn’t attracted to me, since not only was I twice her age, but I was her boss as well.

That didn’t stop me from imagining what she would look like naked, and how she would feel in my arms. I daydreamed about stroking and suckling her grapefruit-sized breasts, and spent many a fond hour pondering what her pussy and ass looked like. Since Kelsey was a hip younger woman, I wondered if she might shave down below. The camel-toe in the tight leggings she sometimes wore seemed to hint at it. I imagined what it would be like to bend her over the counter and thrust into her pussy, feeling that amazing ass jiggle in my hands and hearing her moans of pleasure.

Sexy scenarios involving Kelsey became my nightly ritual, and I spent my days at work furtively watching her for a flash of skin or a hint of the flesh underneath her tight clothes, anything to further my fantasies. Sometimes the hardest part of my day was keeping Kelsey from knowing what I was imagining as we worked. At home at night, Kelsey was often featured in the scenarios I created as I stroked my hard cock to eruption, the only way I could get to sleep. I imagined her wrapping her lips around my shaft, or my thrusting into her soaking pussy as I brought her to the brink of ecstasy.

One morning, Kelsey came storming in uncharacteristically late, the scowl on her face mirrored in her appearance. Her hair, which the day before had been stylishly blonde with red highlights, was now jet black, as was her lipstick. She grabbed a cup of coffee from the pot in the break room, and sat down to work, without a hello or any of her usual cheer. She was quiet the rest of the morning.

When I entered the break room for lunch, I almost turned around and left when I saw her sitting at the table with her head in her hands. “Don’t go,” she said softly, though I didn’t know she’d even seen me enter. “I could use somebody to talk to.” She tapped the chair next chair to her. I sat, and was immediately hit with the scent of her perfume. You’re here to be a comfort to her, not feed your masturbatory fantasies, I reminded myself.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me,” she moaned. As far as I was concerned there was nothing “wrong” with Kelsey, but I kept quiet. She stood up. “Do you think I’ve let myself go?” Kelsey was wearing a fitted tight black tee-shirt which accentuated her chest and was so short it displayed several inches of slightly bulging tummy. Instead of her usual jeans, she was wearing pink yoga pants, several sizes too snug. I couldn’t see any pantie-line, but there could have been a thong under there. If so, it was doing nothing to hide the outline of her cleft beneath the skin-tight pants.

I knew better than to answer her question beyond a shake of my head. She held up her hands and did her best twirl. For the first time, I was able to view the body I casino oyna had dreamed about without trying to hide my stare, but now my concern was with keeping the growing bulge in my pants from revealing my thoughts. The bare skin below her shirt made me long to yank her pants down and bury my face in her young pussy, grabbing her huge ass-cheeks to hold onto as I impaled her on my tongue until she was quivering in ecstasy. That would have certainly have been a sight for anyone wandering into the break room!

Still standing directly in front of me, Kelsey related how she had caught Robert, her latest boyfriend, in her bed with a neighborhood girl that she described as “Skinny as a rail and half as smart as one.” Then he had been surprised when she told him she never wanted to see him again. “I know I’m no size six, Paul,” she whined, “but I gave him anything he wanted!”

Kelsey picked up a magazine off the break table and shoved the too-skinny model on the cover in my face. “Is that what guys want?” She ran her arms down her body. “Can you believe he gave up all this?” I tried not to stare at her nipples jutting through the tee-shirt, and my mind was reeling at the “anything he wanted” comment.

All I could answer was the obvious “He’s an idiot,” which I truly believed. She sat down again and buried her head in her hands, I just hoped she wouldn’t start crying.

She took a deep breath and seemed to regain control. “The worst of it is I’m not sure I should go home,” she said with a stronger voice. “He still has a key to my place, and I can’t get a locksmith out until tomorrow. He’s threatened me in the past, so I don’t want to go home alone.”

Obviously this required a gallant response. “Why don’t you crash at my place tonight? I’ve got plenty of room.” At this point I was more worried about Kelsey’s safety than the question of how I would keep my hands off her if she was sleeping in the next room.

Kelsy shook her head. “I couldn’t let you do that, and I really should be at home so he doesn’t get in and vandalize the place.”

“Tell you what then, how about if I stay at your place?” I countered. “You must have a couch I can crash on, and then I can make sure Robert doesn’t cause any problems.”

She paused a minute pondering the offer. The fact that I had been the one to suggest the couch must have convinced her that I had no intentions of taking advantage of her. “Only if you let me buy the pizza and beer,” she finally agreed.


After work I hopped in my car and followed her Honda to the pizza place, the liquor store, and finally her apartment. We pulled up to a small one-bedroom bungalow, painted up like a surfer’s shack. After discussing it we squeezed both our cars into the single driveway, with the thought that if Robert came by he would know she wasn’t alone and might not stop.

We entered the apartment, and I looked around. Every surface was piled high with clean clothes, makeup, or books. Kelsey grabbed a handful of clothes off the couch and headed down the hall with them. “Grab some plates and napkins, and open us a couple of beers,” she called before heading down the hall into what I assumed must be her bedroom. “Go ahead and start. Let me just grab a quick shower, I didn’t have time this morning,” she added. She moved from the bedroom into the small bathroom at the end of the hall and closed the door behind her.

I opened two beers, and against my better judgement I knocked on the bathroom door. She opened it, her curves wrapped in a towel, taking the beer I offered. “Thanks,” she said, offering me the first smile I’d seen from her that day, “Go ahead and eat, I’ll be quick.” She swung the door shut, though not quite latching it.

I sat on the couch, wondering how I was going to make it through this night without getting into trouble. As I heard the shower start, I tried not to think about the temptation of the naked body just behind the door.

Though I wasn’t hungry for food, I grabbed a plate and a slice so I could set them on my lap to help hide my growing cock when she came out. As I sat there enjoying the beer and ignoring the pizza, I unsuccessfully tried to avoid the image in my mind of water cascading down her ripe body, following her curves much like I often dreamed of doing with my hands. I pictured Kelsey soaping her firm breasts, then moving down her full belly to the seam between her legs. I imagined her fingers playing around the soft lips and dipping into her moistness while water flowed down and around her generous ass.

I heard the shower turn off, and I tried to think about anything except the image of her toweling off her bountiful body. Kelsey came out with a towel wrapped around her head, wearing the tight pink yoga pants under an over-sized Chicago Bears’ football jersey that hung to her knees. She moved a stack of folded laundry off the dining room table and told me to pull up a chair.

I tried to maintain the conversation as we sat and ate, but I could tell she wasn’t feeling like her normal bubbly self. As she rose to get canlı casino more beer, I couldn’t help but notice that her shirt was clinging to her damp body, leaving no doubt that she hadn’t bothered to put on a bra. Her nipples shown beneath the cloth like beacons that made it hard to avoid getting caught staring.

“You know you don’t have to stay,” she said as we were finishing up. “I’ll be fine here.”

I could tell that the events of the day were wearing on her. “Kelsey, why don’t you just go to bed?” I offered. “I’ll clean up here and settle in on the couch. Tomorrow you’ll have a whole new outlook on the world.”

We got up and she moved in to hug me. “You’re such a good friend,” she said. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. All I could think about was the feel of her breasts pressed against my chest as we embraced. As we hugged, I knew she must have felt the bulge in my jeans pressing against her, but I guess she pretended she didn’t.

Kelsey coughed lightly and broke our embrace. “Actually the bed does sound good,” she said through a yawn as she headed down the hall. Her shirt had rode up and I watched her ass move, barely restrained by the pink cloth as she walked away. Reaching the bedroom, she swung the door shut but didn’t latch it.


I was awakened several hours later by headlights shining through the front curtains. The loud squeal of brakes was followed by a pounding on the front door. I rose and opened it a crack, using my foot to keep it from going further.

“Where’s Kelsey?” a drunken voice shouted from the darkness.

“She’s asleep,” I answered. I turned on the porch light, revealing a scrawny young man, swaying as he tried to stay standing. Behind him a small pickup was parked half on the sidewalk, lights and engine still on. “Are you Robert?” I asked.

“Damn right I am!” He tried to take a threatening stance, but was obviously so drunk her could barely stay on his feet. “I want to talk to Kelsey, and I need to get my stuff.”

I could sense that Kelsey had woken up and was standing behind me, out of his sight. “She’s asleep,” I lied. “And she doesn’t want to talk to you anyway.” I knew Robert was drunk enough that he wasn’t much of a threat.

“Well I’m going to talk to her,” he responded. “Are you the new boyfriend?” he jeered, “Though you’re old enough to be her father.” I started to close the door. He stumbled forward, sticking a sneaker into the opening.

Kelsey stood to the side in what I assumed was her version of pajamas, looking concerned. Her legs were bare, the large Bear’s jersey was big enough on her that I couldn’t tell if she had underwear on. I tried not to think about that, but instead concentrated on the problem in front of me.

I grabbed Robert’s extended foot and raised it to waist height as he tried to keep his balance on the other foot. Still holding on, I slipped out the door, latching it behind me. I pushed forward, making him hop backwards on his one leg. I continually moved forward holding onto his foot and forcing him back.

“I’m not her boyfriend, just a friend of hers here to make sure you don’t start trouble,” I answered. As he lost his balance I pushed him hard and he fell sprawling on the lawn.

I grabbed Roberts face in my hands. “You’re done here,” I said firmly into his glaring eyes. “Kelsey wants nothing more to do with you!” I pulled him to his feet, trying to make sure he was done. “Over there by the driveway is your bag of stuff,” I gestured. “I suggest you take it now before the trash man does in the morning.”

I started to walk back to the house. As I heard him rushing me from behind I turned and ducked the wild punch he threw. I put my shoulder into his gut and pushed him to the ground hard, tackling him like I had been taught in high school football. As I let go and stood up he crumpled himself into a ball. He turned his head and vomited a little onto the grass.

“You had enough?” I asked him. “Are you going to leave now, or do you want to try again?”

“I’ll go,” came his weak response.

“And you’ll leave Kelsey alone?” I continued. He nodded his head in assent. Again I turned and walked toward the house, listening for another sneak attack that didn’t come.

“Oh, and I suggest you grab your stuff and go now,” I called over my shoulder. “I’m going in to call the police now. You’d better be long gone before they get here, unless you want to be taken in for drunk driving.”

At the door I turned to watch as he grabbed his bag, tossed it in the back of his truck before he got in. He revved the engine loudly, then yelling empty threats out the window, he backed out and sped away down the street.

I heard Kelsey’s door click open and I slid inside. As I shut and locked the door, Kelsey hugged me from behind. “You okay?” she whispered.

“Just fine,” I chuckled.

“I’m so glad you were here,” she squeezed me as she said it. “I don’t know how I would have handled that.”

Kelsey definitely wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt. I could kaçak casino feel her nipples like diamonds pressing into my back as she held me. “Why are they so hard?” I wondered.

She finally let go. “I don’t know about you, but I could use a beer,” she said as she headed into the kitchen. I watched Kelsey’s ass walking away, still trying to figure what underwear, if any, she had on under the Bears’ jersey.

I settled on the couch and put my feet up as Kelsey returned with two bottles. She passed me one, then moved my feet so she could sit cross-legged on the footstool directly in front of me. Now I couldn’t help but see the plain white panties stretched snug across her pussy lips. Between that view and the nipples that were poking through her shirt, I prayed I wouldn’t get caught staring!

Kelsey must have sensed what was on my mind. She slid down to the floor between my legs, placed her hands on my knees, then moved them forward tracing the inseam of my jeans on my inner thighs. “You know,” she said with a wicked grin, “I really should thank you properly for all the help you’ve given me.” Her hands landed on my belt buckle.

“You don’t have to thank me,” I responded. “You just deserve better than that idiot Robert.”

Through my jeans, Kelsey grabbed my growing erection. “And you deserve better than having to deal with this bad boy yourself.” She leaned back. “I don’t think you’ll say no to this,” she said with a smile as she removed her shirt and tossed it away.

If I had any resistance it was gone in the moment that I viewed Kelsey’s amazing body. Though not the largest I’ve seen, the sight of her bare breasts took my breath away! They stood out plump, young and firm, each topped by a puffy brown areola the size of a small pancake and crowned by nipples that looked like chocolate kisses, but at least twice as large. This is what had been poking through her shirt, fueling my fantasies. Below her boobs her tummy bulged, leading down to tight panties that barely covered her young pussy, a glistening damp spot proving that I wasn’t the only excited one.

Kelsey held up her breasts to me like an offering. I reached out with both hands to grab her amazing tits. “You like these?” she asked with a sly smile.

I slid my hands under her ass and pulled her up into my lap, the crotch of her panties fitting nicely over my hard cock underneath my jeans. “I like all of you,” I said, staring into her eyes before I moved in for our first kiss. Her lips were as soft as I’d imagined, and when her tongue emerged to meet mine I thought I might blow my load right then.

“You are spectacular, Kelsey!” I moaned. I leaned down to suck on an irresistible breast. Her puffy nipple filled my mouth, and I bit down lightly. I was rewarded with a lusty groan.

“My first boyfriend called me Nippelz,” Kelsey said with smirk, “I can’t imagine why!” Her eyes rolled back as I went to town on her amazing tits. I started with light kisses on each protruding nipple, then lapped at them like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. For several minutes I slathered both breasts with kisses, licks and little nips, and savored the delight as I felt one of her huge nipples grow even larger in my mouth, it’s hardness poking the back of my throat.

Still holding her hips, I started to feel a subtle shaking. Looking up, I saw Kelsey staring into space. She was panting like a racehorse, and biting her lower lip as a huge shudder moved down her body. I felt a wetness on my crotch and knew she had soaked her panties as she came, and all from a couple minutes of breast play!

The dampness only enhanced my erection. I felt harder than I’d ever been, and was painfully choked by my jeans. My cock felt a pressing need to be freed from its denim restriction. Kelsey seemed dazed as I moved her back to the footstool in front of me. I slid my jeans off, tossing them aside as I heard coins falling out, to be lost in the cushions of the couch.

Kelsey seemed to be recovering. She knelt on the floor in front of me, then fixated on my tented boxer shorts and the hard cock inside them. “Is this all for me?” she asked, running her hands up my thighs and grasping my erection with both hands. She yanked my boxers down to my knees, her eyes bulging as my unrestrained cock jumped to attention like a jack-in-the-box. I may not have porn-star dimensions, but my dick felt larger and stiffer than it ever had, I felt like I could have driven nails with it!

Kelsey gripped my cock with both hands, fascinated with the swollen head and the drops of moisture appearing on it. My dreams came true as she stuck out her tongue and tasted the precum that collected on my tip. I knew this scene would be replayed in my fantasies for a long time to come. She savored the taste, then moved her hands down to caress my engorged balls, while her tongue took long licks from the bottom of my shaft to just below the head. She repeatedly traced up from the base, stopping as her tongue nuzzled the bottom of my crown, avoided the tip where fresh moisture was collecting. On one of the down-strokes she spit into her hand, then used it to coat my nuts. A moist finger traced the path from my balls to my asshole. I lay back, moaning in ecstasy, trying to make the pleasure last as long as possible.

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Away Game for Victoria

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Victoria or “Vikki” as her friends call her, is a happy reformed tomboy who is in her first year of college. She couldn’t wait to get there. It had been where her parents had gone and several other family members as well. She knew the campus by heart as she was practically raised there. She participated in the annual highs and lows of college sports and was a die hard fan. She was ready to take her place in the family school.

Vikki is a dark haired, brown eyed, curvy bodied, melt you with her smile, Latina princess. Her dad wanted a boy so she played a lot of sports growing up and could compete with anyone. She melted his heart with her quick smile, and competitive spirit and it wasn’t long before she was quite proficient at utilizing her charm and she knew it.

Vikki was so excited to attend her first game as a student, which was at a rival school. All her friends were taking the car trip four hours away. She was the responsible one and had a job, so she would need to take the plane back after the game to back for work on Sunday.

Her first game was awesome, all she had expected and more getting to cheer in the visitors section and have her team steal a win. The gang celebrated it was so fun she didn’t want to leave, then it took awhile to find a cab, she was running late. Running through the terminal, made it through security, only to find her plane was delayed, and then cancelled. The airline put her up at a hotel close to the airport. It was ok, but she really wanted to be with her friends.

Resigned to being stuck, she went into the hotel bar to get something to eat. At least there were people around so it helped to occupy her mind. She had woken up a little aroused that morning, and it was building through out the day with the excitement of the game and festivities. That feeling was gone with the whole try to catch a plane thing, but now alone reviewing the day in her mind, it was sneaking back.

Vikki had on her favorite jeans and a little tee shirt. She loved how her jeans hugged her hips and felt really good between her legs. She had had enough with the bar and decided to head to her room. It was a long walk down the hall to get to the elevators. She looked around and noticed she was alone. She found that if she swung her hips just right, her jeans would give the slightest rub in her crotch. She was planning to play before going to sleep, so this was a nice start.

Moving down the hall she wanted to close her eyes and enjoy the sensation. She pushed the button to go up and waited, losing herself in the fantasy she wanted to use in her room. Ding went the bell above the elevator, Vikki didn’t move.

“Miss” “the door is open”

Startled she jumped at the sound of his voice, his beautiful voice. Turning red from getting caught lost in her mind, all she could say is “thanks”. Her mind racing now, how long had he been there, did he see her walking, how far did her hips swing….oh no not that far right.

She stepped into the elevator and selected the button of her floor, moving aside she noticed he didn’t push a button. Still red she couldn’t look at him directly till he said.

“I was on the canceled flight too” “This is not what I had planned for the night.”

Finally looking up she said “no…a….me either”. He was gorgeous, how did she miss him at both the airport and the shuttle to the hotel. He was a black man with broad shoulders, big arms and a beautiful smile. He was sharply dressed and very professional looking, in his late 20s. It was Vikki’s turn to melt.

“I am not even tired yet” he said

“yeah, casino oyna me either” Vikki replied, trying to get herself together.

They both get off the elevator and walk down the hall, he stops at a door and says “good night”.

Vikki turns and hesitates and says “oh good night” she was so glad to get another look at him.

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes he said “Since we are both, not tired, would you like to watch some TV with me?”

Not prepared to be asked that question she just fumbled with her words. “Yeah, ah, I am not tired, ah yeah sure, oh no um, I really should go in, a, yeah that sounds good”

He put the key in the door and held it open for her. He grabbed his suitcase off the bed and said “here, make yourself at home.”

She tried to sit on his bed like this was a natural thing to do, no problem, it’s a couch you can lay down on right. He settled in beside her and began to flip channels. They watched this and that for a little while when he lifted his arm and said “scoot in a little” as his arm went around her. Her arousal from the day had turned from a simmer to instant heat. The moment she looked at him in the elevator she could feel the wetness building between her legs. She was soaked and with his arm around her she was melting fast. She had never felt instant lust before and she was deep into this feeling.

She started to nuzzle in a little as he let his hand slip down upon her breast. Feeling him squeeze she instinctively began to kiss his neck. It had begun, he moved in to kiss her lips. They quickly became entwined, she could feel him growing against her thighs. He was big and getting bigger like nothing she had ever felt before. She reached down and began to caress his thick cock. She began to imagine being taken by it and grabbed it harder. Feeling her hunger he stood her up to take off her clothes. Lifting her arms, her tee-shirt then bra went quickly, he kissed her nipples before turning her around. To remove her favorite jeans, he was going to take them off from behind.

Her nipples were hard and aching as he reached around her, cupping, pulling, then pinching her nipples. Both hands then moved down her torso over her little tummy, to the snap on her jeans. Pulling them open, then sliding the zipper down, he reached inside. Finding her panties, his fingers pushed down farther till he could feel her clitoris. Letting a finger slide down the length he could feel her thoughts, she was silky wet. He pulled his hands out of her pants just long enough to remove his shirt and tie, then his pants. His hands returned to Vikki’s hips as he carefully guided her jeans down, leaving her panties just barely covering her pussy. His cock was pressed against her ass as he continued with his caressing from behind. Vikki could barely breath feeling a his cock rub against her ass. It was a sensation that brought her close to orgasm and she began to moan. He turned her back around and pulled her panties down, she held onto his shoulders as she lifted her feet to remove them.

Standing there naked she began to shake uncontrollably. She was so turned on she couldn’t think of anything but his cock. Her body had taken control of her, she had never done anything as spontaneous as this, she had never even dreamed about being in bed with a man after only 30 minutes of meeting him. She had never wanted a man more than she did at that moment.

Seeing her shake he said “Are you ok baby, you cold?” “Would you like to keep going with me?”

She said “Oh yes…a little…Please don’t stop”

He pulled the sheet from the canlı casino bed and wrapped her up before putting her under the covers. It wasn’t long before she was able to warm up and gain control. The sheet turned out to provide the most erotic caressing she had ever felt. He had run his hands up and down her body from the outside. Feeling her warm he took both hands on her legs and moved the sheet up her thighs. He knew how wet she was and wanted to taste her sweet desire.

Vikki opened her legs and felt his gentle hands massaging all around her pussy. Opening and pulling he spread her without touching her clit. Bending in he held onto her thighs and gave the slightest of flicks across her sweet bud. Vikki jumped and groaned in the lowest of tones. The shot of her lust had rung through her body as hit tongue met with her desire. He let her move up and down a little before taking his next lick. Peeling back her lips his mouth covered her clit and he began to suck her down into his throat. She could feel herself being stretched and for the first few moments couldn’t udder a sound until she exhaled. Her moans came easy as his tongue and teeth were working her wings. He let his tongue penetrate her and collect the honey that had been building all day. His elbows keeping her spread, she came with a shudder, feeling her convulse he sucked harder till she whispered “oooooh fuck”

He smiled to hear those words from a girl with the face of an angel. He wanted to feel her wrapped around him. Kissing her tummy and giving little bites he worked his way up her soft body. Her nipples greeted his mouth as her pussy had with desire and moans.

She could feel his cock inching closer up her thigh. His mouth felt so good on her breasts. She pulled him up to her lips and got a taste of her own honey. Her tongue eagerly explored his mouth, his cock now resting against her pussy caused her hips to grind slowly against it.

Kissing her sweet lips, his hips met her rhythm, grinding down on to her, dividing her pussy with his thick shaft. Mmm was all she could feel….

Reaching down he pulled her thighs up around him letting her hips turn up toward him. With his cock in hand he let his head move up and down the length of her clit.

“Oooooh” Vikki Whimpered

“Ready baby”

“Ah Huh”

Guiding it in she didn’t relax and gripped him tight. Feeling every movement forward her low moans turned to high pitched squeals. She wasn’t sure he would fit, but she didn’t want him to stop.

“Its ok baby” “You’re doing great” “a little more honey” “That’s it”

Vikki finally relaxed as he had pushed all the way and held her tight. With the slightest of thrust he sent her over the edge again, she squeezed hard and said “I’m cumming baby” “Ooooh yes”

She was still pulsating when he began to pick up his thrusting pace. Her cumming had made him so hungry to fill her. She was so tight and his thrusts were met with her slamming her hips against him. He raised up onto his arms so he could get better leverage to throw his hips into her. Vikki held onto his triceps and felt every flex both inside and outside her body. She looked into his face and could see him bearing down, concentrating, his cock out of control, but he in full control of her body. She closed her eyes and submitted to his un-relenting pace.

His cock pushed in fully, he lifts himself to his knees, reaching down with his hands, he grabs Vikki ankles and pulls her wide. Holding her legs spread his hips begin to buck again, he leans his head back and just fucks hard.

Vikki felt so naughty kaçak casino and slutty having her legs stretched and giving up her pussy to a man from an elevator ride. She loved the sensation of being taken without any planning or thought. It was just lust and his cock was consuming her tight little puss. She opened her eyes to watch herself get it, when his grunting became loud. Her eyes grew wide again as she could feel the burst of cum coursing through her body. Clamping down she came to the rhythm of his pulsing cock. “mmm baby girl” was all he could say…

Staying on his knees, they just smiled at each other. He seemed to pulse forever in her, she could feel him shrinking and eventually sliding out of her soaked pussy. She had never been so content, it was awesome having an older guy who took control and wanted to satisfy her.

The smile that had melted her clearly visible as he turned her over. Vikki had a sensitive ass and rolling onto her tummy felt good. He pulled her back onto his thighs, her legs spread around him, her hips off the bed enough to reach around or under. His hands gentle against her skin, he pulls an ankle up and kisses it softly. Using both hands he moves up her calves to the soft spot behind her knees. His thumbs massage the little gap between her knees and hamstrings. Vikki relaxed, is surprised at the sensation that was building moving up her legs, instinctively her hips raise. Moving to the backs of her legs he runs his hands up the length slowly to just below her ass. Each stroke gets closer and Vikki tries to push her pussy to his fingers as they move in.

She is getting so turned on again just getting stroked, she can feel his cum coat her clit and reaches under to rub it around her lips. His hands finally reach her ass and his massage gets a little harder, aching Vikki rubs her puss a little harder as well… “MMM so good babe” was all she could say.

Moving past her ass he worked his way up her back and moved his hips in closer. She could feel his excitement growing as well, She replaced her fingers with the head of his cock as she guided it up and down her rose.

Working her shoulders, his cock was moving up her tummy. She loved the feeling of that thick cock, and started to stroke it against her. He liked what she was doing and reached under her hips and began to lift her ass up toward his chest. Vikki tried to lift up on her hands to push harder against him but found with her head against the pillow his cock stayed in contact with her body. It was awkward but fuck the feeling of a cock sliding up her tummy was driving her wild. He keeps pulling her up, leans back a little, and gets his arms under her thighs. His cock was now resting between Vikkis tits, she holds them together and lets him slide between. Still wet from her pussy, he begins to glide easily as he fucks her tits.

Leaning back, holding her upside down, fucking her tits, his mouth finds her cum filled pussy. His tongue and lips sucks her clean. Vikki feeling his mouth draining her wraps her legs around his head. Scrunched against her pillow she manages to cum hard on is face. With his strong arms holding her tight, he cums with a loud grunt and she feels his warm stream making its way to her neck.

Coming down from cumming they both begin to laugh uncontrollably. He gently lays her down on her back and lays down beside her. “That was awesome” she said “you had me upside down”

“Your are so flexible baby, that was hot.”

They continued with a little small talk, its late and they have an early flight. They both knew this was a one time, one moment meeting. Vikki dresses and makes her way to her room. The feeling between her legs on this walk was something she will not forget soon…if ever

let me know you think about Vikkis adventure,,,thanks Canbe

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Coming to Live

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My wife had been gone six months when my sister Karen called, “What’s going on big brother? Moping?”

She meant it to be funny but it still stung. My wife Lori had walked out one day while I was at work. She left her ring on top of a note that read “I’m leaving. I’ve met someone through my game who gets me.”

Lori had started playing World of Warcraft and that’s when our two year marriage fell apart. She wasn’t working while we tried to start a family but she was quickly doing nothing else either but playing her game. Sadly my sister’s words didn’t sting because they were true but because I felt guilty for not moping. Lori’s leaving was a relief.

“Hey sis, no, I’m done moping. I’ve actually got a date if you must know,” I told her.

“Good for you! I won’t keep you then but I’ve got a huge favor to ask. How would you feel about a roommate? Jen is going to start grad school soon and if she has a Texas address she can get in-state tuition plus I’ll know that she’s safe and looked after. Think about it and you can get back to me,” my sister said.

“I don’t have to think about it. Of course she can move in. It’ll be nice to have another person around. I’ve got to ask though. Is this something she wants or are you forcing this on her?” I asked not wanting Jen to feel she had to move in.

“Actually this was her idea,” my sister replied, “You don’t know how much this means to me. We’ll talk more later. Have fun on your date. Bye.”

My sister is five years younger than me. At 17 she got pregnant and my parents kicked her out of the house. She moved into my apartment with me and for the first eight years of Jen’s life I was basically dad to her. With my support Karen graduated college and got her law degree.

She got a great job out of state and so I’ve not seen either of them as much as I would like. Jen got her mother’s smarts so I didn’t think having a roommate, especially one who would have her nose in her books all the time, would be a problem. It also might be nice to have someone young around the house; well, younger than my 45 years.

Jen moved in at the beginning of August and the mood of the house quickly changed. Where I tended to get home from work and read Jen wanted to see the town. We ended up going out to eat quite often trying new places I’d heard about but not tried. We went to movies and shows, hit some museums, and drove around so she could get acquainted with the town. I suddenly dawned on me that if Jen wasn’t my niece I’d think we were dating as much as we were doing together. The month passed quickly and we found ourselves with only one weekend left until grad school started for Jen.

I came home that Friday night to find dinner on the table and the house cleaner than I’d ever seen it.

“Jen, the place looks amazing! And what’s cooking? It smells so good,” I remarked as the smells of garlic and oregano hit me.

“I had to figure out a way to thank you. You’ve been doing so much for me I wanted to repay casino oyna the favor. I made salad, blackened chicken with pasta, and garlic bread. After dinner we’ll go to that new theater that serves food for a movie and drinks and dessert,” Jen said.

The food tasted as good as it smelled and we enjoyed a leisurely meal talking about everything but school coming up on Monday. Jen had already purchased tickets for the movie so we weren’t concerned that we were running late. Turns out we only missed the previews and so putting our dessert and drink orders in we settled back to enjoy the movie. The movie turned out to be a bit on the scary side and Jen ended up clutching at my arm a few times during the scarier parts even leaving nail marks in my skin during one scene. Once the lights came up we knew that the fun we’d had was about to end as Jen had some readings to do before classes started which would keep her busy most of Saturday and Sunday.

We got home shortly after midnight but, neither of us being tired, we cleaned the kitchen together and put the dishes away before saying goodnight and heading to our rooms. As we said goodnight I would have sworn that Jen tilted her head and leaned in to me a bit. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought she was looking for a kiss.

I laid in bed and read for a bit but was too restless to sleep. My mind filled in the gaps of what might have been if I had kissed Jen. I saw scenes of us in bed together and then, and much more likely, of Jen slapping me and moving out. What the hell was i thinking? Having had enough I got out of bed. Normally a nude sleeper I threw on boxers and a t-shirt before going out into the living room to watch TV. Turning on HBO I caught a movie I’d seen several times and before long I found myself drifting off.

I was startled awake by something cold but in my sleepy state I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Finally focusing I could barely breath when I discovered that the cold I felt was lube being rubbed on my cock by Jen. Before I could protest she climbed onto my lap and lowered herself onto my now hard dick. I knew Jen was beautiful but I had no idea just how sexy she was until this moment. She had a little extra weight that made her hips, belly, and butt nice and full. Her breasts were big, bigger than I’d even realized, and as Jen started to move they swayed and bounced with her. Her long hair swept down her back and I grabbed a handful of it pulling her away from me so I could wrap my lips around her nipples.

Jen rode me slowly grinding herself on my hard cock. This time when she tilted her head and leaned in she covered my lips with hers. I clearly felt Jen tighten up around my cock as she started to orgasm. The pulsing felt amazing and I soon followed with my own orgasm. I held her tight covering her breasts with kisses as I exploded over and over deep inside her. Inside Jen. My niece. Holding my shoulders Jen raised herself off me and turning, she walked back to her room.

I canlı casino woke up Saturday morning to the smell of coffee. Evidently I’d slept on the couch all night. Last night. Oh shit, last night. It all came rushing back at me. The cold feeling that woke me up, Jen straddling me, her leaving. Surely that didn’t…it was a dream…but it was so vivid…

Jen was at the kitchen table, books and papers spread out around her, and a cup of coffee at her elbow.

“Good morning. I made coffee if you want some and it looks like you need it. Rough night?” she asked.

Okay. It was a dream. Good. Right? Good? Yes. I downed the coffee and grabbed a shower before heading out to run some errands. “Need anything Jen?” I asked, “I need to get a few things done around town.”

“Double A batteries for the remote but that’s all for me,” she said, “I got an early start this morning so if you want to do something this evening I should be free.”

The errands took longer than I thought so on the way home I picked up food for us and grabbed a couple of movies. I found Jen where I left her and when I set the food in front of her she wolfed it down.

“Your first meal of the day?” I guessed.

“Mmm-hmm,” she mumbled through her mouthful of food.

When she could talk she said she had finished studying for the night and asked what I’d like to do. Images of Jen riding me flashed through my mind. To hide the fact I was probably blushing I turned my back on Jen and pulled out the movies I’d picked up for us.

Popping in the movie Jen selected we settled down on the couch. I found myself sneaking glances at Jen, flashes of her naked flesh running through my mind in an endless loop.

“Want some popcorn?” I asked in order to distract myself.

“Sure. Why don’t we pause the movie though,” Jen suggested, “I need to get something from my room.”

I left the popcorn in a minute longer than suggested because Jen likes it slightly burned. Grabbing the bowl I headed back to the couch and sat back down when Jen came back into the living room and my mouth dropped open. She had changed clothes and the body stocking she now wore was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. My ex usually wore a long t-shirt to bed which was so not sexy.

Jen sat across from me in the recliner throwing her legs over the arms of the chair. I discovered that the body stocking was crotchless. As I stared, my brain screaming at me to look away, she opened a sack I’d not noticed her bring out with her. From the sack she pulled out a penis-shaped dildo and some lube. Putting some lube in the palm of her hand she slowly rubbed it around the head and shaft of the dildo. I couldn’t help but imagine my dick in her hand from last night and I instantly felt myself growing hard.

She turned a knob at the base of the dildo and a buzzing sound filled the room. Setting the popcorn aside I squirmed a bit as my erection was making things a bit uncomfortable.

“It’s okay if you kaçak casino need to take your dick out,” Jen remarked noticing what was happening with me.

“I can’t. You’re my niece. This is…no…I shouldn’t,” I said but it was a feeble protest which ended when Jen rubbed the buzzing dildo across her nipples. I popped open my button-fly jeans and soon had my hard dick in my hand. Jen gave me a smile as her eyes locked on my cock and she moved the dildo down her stomach and let the buzzing dildo linger on her clit.

Her moans soon filled the room as did mine when, using the fingers of one hand, she spread her pussy open and worked the dildo inside her. I stroked my cock to match the movement of the dildo Jen was using. As she started to increase the speed of the dildo pushing into her I moved my hand faster. I was caught by surprise when Jen suddenly stopped, stood up, turned and knelt in the chair, her ass up in the air.

I knew what she wanted and I wanted to give it to her. But this is your niece I heard in my head and I realized that the thought was actually turning me on. I was up and off the couch, kicking my jeans and boxers off as I cross the room, I grabbed Jen’s hips and plunged my stiff dick into her slick cunt. One swift movement and I was all the way inside her.

“Fuck me. Fuck your niece’s cunt,” she screamed.

I had lost all control and holding Jen’s hips tight I pushed her back as I moved forward slamming into her again and again. Faster and harder. Flesh smacking as our bodies collided.

“Cum in my ass. Please,” Jen begged as she picked up the lube from the end-table next to the chair and handed it to me.

Squirting the lube directly on her hot little pink pucker I rubbed it in even slipping a finger in her ass. Pulling out of her hot cunt was not easy because it felt so good but I wanted to make my niece happy. I rubbed the head of my cock against her ass teasing her and then, putting a hand on each side of her beautifully plump ass I spread her cheeks and pushed the head of my dick inside her.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed and whether from pleasure or pain I had no idea nor did I care any more.

Grabbing a handful of Jen’s long hair I held on tightly as I shoved more and more of my dick in her ass. Though she screamed I also felt her relax and I knew then that the screams were ones of pleasure.I felt a sudden tightness and, glancing down, I saw that Jen had grabbed the dildo and shoved it back in her pussy. She turned it on and held it inside her which brought her over the edge. I fucked her ass faster and harder feeling my own orgasm nearing and then I exploded. My hot jizz shooting deep into my niece’s ass as my own screams joined hers.

Pulling out of Jen’s ass I couldn’t believe what we’d just done. It felt wrong and right but I realized, no matter how wrong, I didn’t care any more. So caught up in my thoughts I didn’t realize Jen was talking to me.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I wondered if we could do this again tomorrow night?” Jen replied.

“Why wait that long?” I responded, “I’ve been wondering what that pussy might taste like,” and, taking her hand, I led her to my bed where I quickly found out.

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Illegal Drilling

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The crime rate was pretty low in our part of Adelaide.

My company’s head office occupied two professionally restored Edwardian brick houses, set back from a busy six lane road and sitting next to each other in an old garden. In spite of our central location the two buildings were an oasis of quiet.

The modern glass extension at the rear of the main building, which housed the administration offices and the boardroom, gave me a spacious office overlooking the back garden. The garden was small but always immaculate, with a perfect half circle of lawn, some climbers over the big corrugated iron storage shed beyond it and a leaning old fig tree hanging over a well-placed wooden bench.

Not bad, I thought, looking up from my computer screen and sighting the bench. Not bad at all.

In business there’s nothing better than an optimistic budget that’s being realized. And the wooden bench situated only yards away from me through the floor to ceiling glass reminded me of Arnold. Working back on long summer evenings had it’s advantages, and Arnold’s willingness to lie back over anything and have his arse mined had always been the principal one. I could even now see him draped over the back of the wooden bench, moaning, as I drilled deep inside his tight access shaft, set between the round hills of his bubble butt. There sure was gold in them thar hills I thought. My white creamy gold. Shame he was out bush exploring for the real thing at the moment I thought. I sighed, and returned to my forecasts.

At the very rear of the block, behind the shed, was a cream gravelled parking area, and I’d vaguely noticed a white van driving in as I’d looked back at my spreadsheets. There was plenty of room in the carpark. I knew that most of the staff had already left for the weekend as the big boss was off at our mine site. So being a summer Friday afternoon it was a race to leave and get to the beach or head off down the coast for the weekend.

I had an empty house to go back to or some really good figures to massage into a glowing report for Monday’s month end meeting. So I was happy to hang about finishing it off and putting in a bit more effort than I would have with Arnold about. By now he’d be waiting to be driven home for his early evening fuck, or be ready to be fucked at the office if we had the place to ourselves. An advantage of us both working for the same small company.

I was briefly distracted by two guys walking past through the garden and turning off to the back door of the other house, which was the main office for the exploration team. Shortly after they reappeared, and came around to the rear entrance of my building. I may not have taken much notice earlier but now I certainly couldn’t help seeing how good they both looked as they entered the sparsely furnished, open plan rear office. Both were wearing white singlets and long dark shorts, the white setting off their deep even golden tans and the well-defined muscles of their shoulders and arms.

One smiled broadly at me, and I realized that I didn’t recognize either of them and it was a bit late for visitors. I got up and went out to meet them wondering vaguely if anyone was still inside the other building.

“Hi,” I said, “Can I help you?”

“Sure hope so,” the taller, more muscular of the two replied, “Have you got a key for the building next door? We came to pick up some tenement maps but there doesn’t seem to be anyone in there.”

I was taken back by the question. The trouble with working in a small mining company is that exploration staff come and go at odd times, and also that being in the admin building and working in the Adelaide office all the time I never even saw half of them. I was annoyed.

“There’s no one there?” I asked.

“No,” the two of them replied in unison.

“Well we’re closed now,” I said, “So you will have to come back Monday. There is usually someone there from seven thirty, or if it’s urgent you can ring Dave Parmenter at home. Have you got his number?” I asked, wondering where I had it written down. I never had any reason to call him.

“It’s kinda urgent,” the taller one replied. “We’re flying up there tomorrow and need those maps.”

It came to me finally that for some reason they didn’t really look like our field staff. For one thing our geologists always wore khaki on the job, the boss was old fashioned and liked it. I had rarely seen anyone come to the exploration office in anything else.

“I’m sorry,” I said, now wary, “I can’t help you. You’ll just have to come back on Monday. I’ll see you out,” I added making a move towards them, and the back door, which I was now kicking myself for not having locked earlier.

The shorter one moved in behind me as I passed him and stood close. “You here alone?” he asked in a quiet voice that instantly made me freeze up.

It wasn’t that he said it threateningly, it was just where he stood and said it, and the situation, that made it frightening.

“No,” I stammered suddenly panicking, “Um, no. Someone is coming back soon.” casino oyna I’d hesitated too long trying to think straight for my excuse to sound true, but carried on helplessly. “That’s what I’m waiting for.”

“Oh, so whose that?” the tall one asked.

My mind was blank as I opened and closed my mouth silently, looking for inspiration. I couldn’t right then think of anyone who might come back. “Tony,” I finally said. “Tony forgot something.”

“I think he’s lying Dene,” the taller one said smiling broadly and showing perfect white teeth.

“Are you lying?” the short one, Dene, who was standing behind me, asked.

I could smell Dene he was so close, and he smelt good, he looked good too – they both did, and I thought ‘hey’ they shouldn’t be doing this to me. Dene looks too nice to be doing this.

“I think you should leave,” I stammered, and made to move to the door with some vague idea of making a run for it.

“No,” I cried in fright as Dene grabbed my elbows from behind and pulled them back, pressing his body against my back and his legs against mine. I was panting, high on an adrenaline rush of fear, ultra aware of him and shocked to feel his drill was rigid and pressing against my butt.

I struggled against the strong fingers biting into my arms as he held them, but I couldn’t help doing it half heartedly, overwhelmed by the coolness of the two of them.

“Sure looks like he’s lying,” said Dene, and I felt his hot breath against my neck as he spoke, his face was so close to me.

The tall nameless man stepped towards me smiling, and I could feel Dene’s hot breath suddenly on the side of my face.

“What do you want?” I asked, in a squeaky frightened voice that sounded nothing like mine.

“Luke just wants the key to next door,” Dene replied calmly, “You tell us where the spare is and we take it and go away and leave you alone. Now if you don’t give us the key. . . .”.

Luke smiled at me and cracked the knuckles of his big hands, working the muscles in his arms at the same time.

“You can’t be serious,” I said shakily.

“The key,” Luke said, stepping closer, suddenly backhanding me across the face so that I was momentarily stunned.

“In the cupboard over there,” I blurted out in a rush, completely overwhelmed by what was going on and feeling utterly helpless.

“Thank you,” Luke said politely, as he went to get it..

I expected Dene to let me go once Luke had the key, but instead he held me just as tight. And as Luke came back I felt Dene stroking his drill up and down between my cheeks and tried to pull away.

“Bring me something to tie him up with,” Dene said holding me firmly, and Luke looked around the office.

“Nothing here,” he said frowning, then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a hank of thick cord, “Now what have I here?” he added, holding it up and smiling.

He joined Dene behind me and they tied my wrists together behind me and my arms together at the elbows, running the cord on around my body holding my arms close in

When they were done Dene said, “Come on, time for some exercise,” pushing me forward and laughing.

I was in a state of confusion, incapable of saying anything as they led me out of the building and towards the corrugated iron storage shed. They opened the side door and the heat inside hit me like a wave, it had been a hot day and the closed shed had soaked up the heat and hung on to it. A film of sweat instantly jumped out on my skin.

“Hot,” Dene muttered behind me.

Inside the shed it was dark, but Luke found the light switch and the flouros flickered into life giving the place a stark brightness. Then Luke moved over to the pyramid shaped steel pipe frame standing off in one corner with a big chain operated pulley mounted at it’s apex. The geologists had used it back in the early days of the company when the exploration team did a lot of their vehicle and equipment maintenance work themselves.

“Well, well, how very convenient,” said Dene, pushing me towards the frame as Luke played with the pulley chains, raising and lowering the big steel hook that was suspended there.

I was guided into the frame and the chain sling hanging from the hook was run around me at my chest and waist and rehooked, holding me tight.

Luke pulled the pulley chains and I was tipped forward and raised up so that I had to stretch to keep my toes on the ground.

I was stuttering, “What are you doing? Let me go. Please,” as Dene reached around and undid my belt, then unzipped me.

As I struggled uselessly and asked repeatedly, “Why are you doing this to me?” Dene pulled my pants down to my ankles, then my briefs, before jerking my shoes off and stripping the clothes from my legs. I tried to kick at him but had no leverage and swung about too much.

He laughed and pushed a big hand between my thighs and gripped my balls from behind. I yelped and stopped kicking as he squeezed them painfully tight.

In front of me Luke was playing with the chains still, canlı casino adjusting the height of my torso as Dene pulled one of my feet out to the side and tied it off to one leg of the frame.

“Just about right,” Luke said, smiling and looking down at me.

I lifted my head back enough to see up into his face, and in his lowered eyes and half smile I saw something I recognized, it was the same look I’d occasionally glimpsed in a mirror when I was stiff and throbbing and ready to pound Arnolds arse hard.

“Yep, looks good from here too,” Dene added, his strong hands spreading my cheeks.

“No,” I gasped, shaking my body against the chains and cords immobilising me.

“Oh yes,” Dene said laughing as his palm hit my butt cheeks.

“Hey, you can’t do this,” I choked out. “No, no you can’t. Let me go, I’ve given you the key, you promised,” I yelled at them, suddenly seeing where all this was headed as Luke dropped his shorts and kicked them off.

He’d had nothing on under them and his big mushroom capped drill was bouncing about in front of my face as he stroked it. Then he griped my hair with one hand and his tool with either and forced the cap to my lips, rubbing it over them, pushing at me. I twisted and grunted refusing to open for him, but behind me Luke reached through again and squeezed my balls hard. I opened my mouth to yelp and Luke was inside it. He laughed as he pushed himself to the back of my throat, choking me.

Behind me Dene had taken hold of my other leg and tied it of to another steel pole leaving me spread wide. I was helpless, my body suspended between the chain sling around my body and my legs, bent and spread and tied to the poles.

“Now, now,” Dene replied huskily, “I bet a nice young guy like you loves to have his arse mined deep by a great big tool like this. Oh yes.”

‘He is a bloody miner’, the thought flashed angrily through my mind. I hated it but I was getting an erection, I wanted to go limp, but my fear had me hard and ready. It’s fear I told myself, nothing else, but a little voice inside me asked if it might also come from being manhandled roughly by two strong good looking men.

Dene applied something cool to my hole and I shuddered, then his fingers rimmed and tested me and I shuddered again, gagging on Luke’s cock as he fucked my face.

“He’s real tight back here Luke,” Dene grunted as I felt a finger entering me. “I reckon he’s the one who likes to do the exploring,” Dene said behind me as his thick finger assessed the tightness of my hole, “Is that right?”

I didn’t answer him, he was right, I was always the fucker, but I didn’t answer him. And I doubt he expected any answer, my mouth was too full of cock for me to say anything. And my own drill was beginning to throb for some attention as Dene added a second finger and probed my anal shaft deeper.

The shed was hotter and stuffier than ever and sweat ran down my body and dripped on the grease stained concrete floor. I was helpless in a nightmare I couldn’t wake myself up from. And I knew there was no one outside, no one who would hear me yelling and come to rescue me.

I swayed on the chain, rocking as Luke pulled my head back and forth, fucking my face. I was choking but short of trying to bite his tool off there wasn’t much I could do, and behind me something even thicker was trying to enter my tunnel. I managed to scream around Luke’s huge equipment as whatever Dene was working into me finally made it through my entrance. He rotated it, sending lumps rotating about the walls of my drive, I shuddered and bucked chocking on Luke’s tool as it muffled my screams.

“I think he likes that wrench handle,” Luke grunted as Dene fucked my arse with whatever he had inside me, and my tunnel quivered as I was swung back and forth from Luke’s cock, which was hitting the back of my throat, and Dene’s toy, going ever deeper. I was bucking like a lunatic and widening my arse as much as possible as the tool inside there started me quivering and cumming in spite of my screams.

They swung me back and forth like a doll for what seemed like for ever and my passage stretched, and soon in spite of the pain I was moaning as I quivered and spasmed.

Luke swung me back and forth, faster, and faster before pushing me off him and coming in my face. He rubbed his cum in as Dene removed whatever he had been fucking me with from my hole. I felt gutted when it was leaving me, and it slurped coming out.

“He’s got a real nice gaping hole now,” Dene chuckled, and I had no doubt I was gaping for him.

He explored my stretched passage with some new piece of arse mining equipment. This one was easier for me to take and he had me moaning as he stroked its bulbous end repeatedly over my prostrate. Luke reached under me and gripped my own swinging tool.

“Oooh, eee, well this is a big piece of drilling equipment you’ve got here, a real big bore drill.” Luke laughed

He barely did anything before I again shot repeated bursts of juice over the floor. I was frightened and humiliated kaçak casino but all my body wanted to do was moan, and buck, and shoot my seed.

Then Luke was behind me and undoing my legs, and for a few moments I thought he might be going to let me go and relaxed, going with the deep fucking Dene was still giving me. But instead of letting me go he pulled that leg to join the other which he released and pulled up and over. My body rotated around Dene’s tool without his fucking rhythm changing, I wriggled and arched at eh feel of that big headed tool roatating inside me then my torso rotated so I was on my back. I could see now that Dene was fucking me with his own tool, or rather I was fucking him as he pulled me back and forth.

Luke stood behind him and his hands wrapped around and played over Dene’s chest and belly as they kissed. I could see Dene’s cock going in and out of me and with the sight of them kissing I was recharging rapidly. Luke noticed.

“I couldn’t hear this guy scream before, make him do it again,” he said to Luke, watching me from where he was cuddled up behind his mate.

I whimpered in fear. There was some whispering and laughing then they broke their embrace.

Dene slipped out of me and I saw his glistening bulbous headed cock for the first time. Each of them took one of my legs walked it forward lifting my hips as they moved to tie me to the other two poles, the ones past my head. I was more uncomfortable, partly doubled over, but Luke played with the chains adjusting the level of my torso and butt.

Dene slipped right back in and Luke went behind him and I screamed and lurched. Luke was working the wrench handle inside me, right under Dene’s cock. Dene yelled almost as loudly as I did as it entered me and I was rocked back and forth, gently at first, then fuaster and faster, my yells and Dene’s mingling until I was flooded. Dene withdrew, and I whimpered with relief, but then a smiling Luke moved in and yelping and grunting fed his huge tool in above the wrench handle still buried inside me. I had stretched under the earlier abuse but this time it was almost unendurable. The fucking was only brief before Luke emptied himself inside me. He stayed buried but the wrench handle was removed leaving me gaping and quivering and exhausted. Dene came up to my head and tilted it back and just slid his stiff tool straight in and down my throat. I gagged just as he pulled back and he fucked my face deep and long as Luke rehardened inside me.

“I think its time I lubricated you again,” Luke said as he began exploring my now well evaluated shaft again.

I grunted unwillingly for him, unable to stop my self. Soon I was again rocking back and forth between the two of them shooting my load yet again, up over my belly and chest. Luke came again and withdrew, and as he did I felt some of the cream they had both left behind dribble out along my crack.

“Ooo eee,” Luke said, “you are open and dripping. A beautiful sight,” he added, rubbing the cream back between my cheeks.

Dene’ buried himself in my throat and jerked a couple of times flooding me with his cum. “Oh, yes.” He moaned.

Then they were gone and the door of the shed closed with an ominous clang.

I hung there aching and sore, sweat running off me and cum dripping out of me.

Then Luke was back “I’ll just leave you with something to keep you ready, ” he said “Now just so your tunnel stays wide open, ready for me to explore it I’m going to leave you with this.” Luke said, sliding a piece of metal pipe inside me. In the position I was in I couldn’t do anything but look at the end of it poking out of my arse and hope it popped out. When he’d gone I tried pushing it out but it just sank in a fraction further stretching me more.

Outside I could hear some activity and eventually there was a loud thump, presumably as something heavy was loaded into their van. My thoughts turned from my own nightmare situation to my employer’s possible losses. There was a lot of valuable equipment in the Exploration office, and I also knew that all of it was well insured. But I realised that there was also a lot of highly sensitive and valuable data kept there that might be worth money to someone if they really knew what they were looking for.

My mind raced around in circles wondering what Dene and Luke might be stealing that was worth the risk they were taking; after all, I could identify both of them.

Well I could if I was still alive I realised, suddenly going cold. Whatever Luke had sunk in my shaft was starting to make my tunnel’s muscles quiver and I was lost between my own drill beginning to harden up again and the potential damage Luke and Dene could do to me. I wriggled and squirmed, suddenly desperate to get away. But I soon had to admit that the way they had tied me up meant I couldn’t do anything.

When they returned Luke removed the section of pipe from my gaping hole and Dene pulled my hips back towards him. They took turns mining my gaping hole and exploring my throat. And I let them do it without saying anything, too afraid of what might happen to me if I annoyed them, and I was soon hard and throbbing too, moaning as loudly as they did and mindlessly pumping my hips in time with their fucking.

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Hot Summer’s Night

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It had been three months since my first marvelous encounter with Jennifer. I figured it was a one time thing. You know, just being in the right place at the right time with the right circumstances. Needless to say, I was plenty happy and surprised when Jennifer and her roomate Sandy showed up on my door step on a hot summer night.

“Hi Mr. Geller. What’s up?” Jennifer asked in her usual bubbly girlish manner.

“Jennifer,” I exclaimed, “How have you been?’

I rose from my porch swing and gave her a gentle hug and a peck on the forehead.

“I’ve been good. Just glad to be taking a break from school. You remember my girlfriend Sandy, huh?”

“Yes, yes, Sandy how are you?” I reached over and shook her hand. “So college is getting to you?”

“Yeah. Nursing school is really tough. I plan to really hang loose during the summer break.”

“So, to what do I owe such a pleasurable visit from my two lovely neighbors?”

“Our air conditioner broke and we were going down to get some ice cream to cool off when I saw you and decided to come and say what’s up.?

“Well, thank you. Would you girls like to come in for some lemonade?”

Jennifer looks at Sandy who gives her a wink and they both smile and follow me into my home.

“You girls can have a seat and I’ll run and get us some lemonade.”

I run back to the kitchen and put some glasses, a pitcher of lemonade, and a bowl full of ice on a tray and head back to the livingroom.

“O.K., help yourself,” I say as I place the tray on the coffee table.

They both smile and grab a glass, fill it with ice and pour themselves some lemonade.

As they sit back and drink their lemonade, I notice that Jennifer’s boobs are still as firm and perky as ever. And she still doesn’t believe in wearing a bra because I can see the bottom of her boos peaking out from beneath her cut off t-shirt as she downs her drink.

“Wow, I guess I was really thirsty,” Jennifer says as she blushes.

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from.

“So, Mr. Geller, Jennifer tells me you wife was a nurse,” Sandy says.

“Yes, she was and I’m sure you gals will make wonderful nuses just like she was.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” Jennifer says in a child like voice. “See Sandy, I told you he was a sweetheart and handsome.”

Now I’m blushing.

“He certainly is,” Sandy agrees. “It’s so hot tonight. I casino oyna just can’t seem to cool down.”

“Here try this,” Jennifer says as she reaches for an ice cube and begins to rub Sandy’s neck with the ice.

“Oh yeah. That’s much better,” Sandy moans as she closes her eyes and rolls her head back to rest on the couch.

Jennifer continues to rub the ice up and down Sandy’s neck, across her forehead and around to her pink lips. When the ice hits her lips she opens them and sucks on the ice and Jennifer’s fingers.

Feeling a little light headed, I take a seat on the love seat in the coner. Jennifer and Sandy both look over at me.

“Oh, don’t mind me girls. Please act like I’m not even here.”

With that said, Jennifer grabs another piece of ice, puts it in her mouth, and crouches down between Sandy’s legs and starts to rub the ice around her flat stomach and slowly inches her way up to Sandy’s breast that are also peeking out beneather her cut off t-shirt. She brings the ice back down then up again execpt this time she continues up to Sandy’s supple, long neck. Jennifer is guiding the ice around Sandy’s neck with here mouth and now she’s sitting on Sandy’s lap and Sandy is gently rubbing Jennifer’s back and firm ass. Jennifer guides the ice to Sandy’s pink lips and Sandy opens wide to receive the ice. Now they are engulfed in a deep, wet kiss. Sandy is grabbing Jennifer’s ass and spreading her firm cheeks through here hot pink shorts. Jennifer has a firm grasp of Sandys red hair and is pulling at it as she crams her tongue down her throat.

Jennifer releases her grasp on Sandy’s hair and slide down between her legs. She lifts Sandy’s tiny t-shirt and removes it and exposes a set of marvelous, creamy white, tear drop tits that couldn’t be more perfect if you paid for them.

Jennifer begins to play with her erect nipples with her tongue. Circling one nipple then moving to the next one. Then sucking softly. Then sucking harder and harder. And the harder she sucked the louder Sandy moaned and whimpered. Jennifer snatches off her own shirt and Sandy grabs her erect nipples and pinces and twists them as Jennifer continued to suck and fondle her breast.

Jennifer slides out of her hot pink shorts and begins to rub her fingers between her wet slit. That did it. That put me over the top. I couldn’t take it anymore. I freed my throbbing dick from my pants and began to stroke it slowly. canlı casino Sandy looked over at me and smiled.

Jennifer slid Sandy out of her denim daisy dukes and spread her legs wide open to show off Sandy’s hairless sopping wet, pink pussy. Jennifer slowly licks Sandy from her asshole to swollen clit.

“Mmmm, tastes like lemonade,” Jennifer said before diving into Sandy’s waiting pussy with her tongue and fingers.

As I watch Sandy pull and lick her own nipples and scream in extasy, my excitement grows and is pushed to the brink. Just when I feel like I can’t take anymore of this visual stimulation, the girls turn their attention to me.

“I think Mr. Geller needs some personal attention Jennifer,” Sandy says as she pushes Jennifer away.

“I think your right.”

Then both girls get on all fours and begin to crawl over to me with a look of hunger and pure lust in their eyes. As they approach my anticipation of the dirty deeds about to take place flow through my mind and my dick aches from the thought of such pleasure.

Now both girls are crouched at my feet. Jennifer reaches for my pants and takes them off as Sandy removes my t-shirt. I reach for Sandy and grab her by the waist. I pull her up and position her on my lap so we’re face to face and her ass is in Jennifer’s face.

I reach my hands under her thighs and caress her ass. Then I lift her up to my face so I can get a better view of that hairless pussy. It’s the most beautiful pussy I’ve seen in a while. I can’t resist it.

I flick out my tongue at her clit brushing it lightly. She shakes and moans. The next time I hold open her pussy to get a better view of her tiny hole and probe my tongue in and out and she moans louder.

I look up at her and say, “Jennifer was right. It does tast like lemonade.” She smiles and pushes my head back to her wet pussy.

I continue to suck and lick her and I feel Jennifer’s tongue working in and out of Sandy’s pussy from behind. I open her legs wider so we both can have better access to Sandy’s tasty pussy.

“Lick my ass,” Sandy moans and Jennifer does with no hesitation.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh.”

As Jennifer continue’s to probe Sandy’s ass with her tongue, I stick my thumb into her pussy and begin to suck and flick her clit feverishly with my tongue. Sandy’s shaking uncontrollably and her moans of extacy turn to screams of pleasure. We both continue to kaçak casino orally fuck Sandy until she cums and collapses on top of me.

As I suck and caress her nipples, I feel my dick being covered in a warm wetness. Jennifer is now servicing me. Sucking, licking, and fondling my dick with such intensity that it was just a matter of time before I released my load all over her pretty face.

Sandy crawls off of me and sits face to face with Jennifer.

“I think we should return Jennifer’s pleasure two fold Mr. Geller.”

“I couldn’t agree more”, I say and get on the floor behind Jennifer.

Sandy grabs Jennifer by the hair and gives her one of the longest deepest kisses I’ve ever seen. Then she lays down on her stomach and exposes Jennifer’s nearly hairless pussy.

She takes a long slow lick of Jennifer’s pussy causing her to arch her back and moan in pleasure. This only encourages Sandy to lick and suck and probe even more. Just when I hear Jennifer about to reach her breaking point, I push her forward on her hands and knees with her ass in the air.

I grab my now engorged dick and shove it into her wet tight pussy. This too causes her to arch her back and moan in pleasure. I slowly pull my dick out and Sandy rolls onto her back and sliding under Jennifer, leaving her pussy in Jennifer’s face and her face in Jennifer’s pussy.

I begin to fuck Jennifer slowly from behind as Sandy continues to suck and lick her clit. I start to fuck her harder and faster. Sandy sucks harder and faster. The harder and faster I fuck, the harder and Sandy sucks. Now Jennifer’s moan of pleasure have turned to screams of pain and unimaginable pleasure. I’m quickly reaching my breaking point. Sandy’s fingering and fondling her own clit as she continues to work on Jennifer’s clit with her tongure. Jennifer begins to shake and jerk involuntarily. We are all just a few more strokes, flicks and sucks away form becoming one big O.

I lick my thumb and insert it into Jennifer’s asshole. The deeper it goes the more she shakes. As I shove my dick into her pussy and my thumb in her ass she broke. She began to shake and moan out in uncontainable pleasure that I let loose into her contracting pussy. As I pulled out I watch as my juices dripped from Jennifer’s pussy into Sandy’s mouth as she too moaned out in uncontainable pleasure as she came on her own fingers.

When the moaning stopped and we all caught our breaths, we just smiled and giggled as I lay sandwiched between my two college nursing student neighbors on the floor of my home.

Who ever thought a broken air conditioner and lemonade would lead to this.

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My First Journey from Home

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I used to be a teacher at a secondary school and, I like to think, a very good one. I am a good communicator and I was able to unlock the students’ imaginations and work ethic through being nice, and kind. Old-fashioned values, but always effective. And it wasn’t an act. I’m interested in people and at my most energised when collaborating. I left teaching five years ago, exhausted by the never-ending targets and exam factory expectations. Now, at 46, I was exploring options career-wise. Which, in short, meant I had too much time on my hands and not much coming in. My ends were being met, as my partner of five years had recently moved in. She’s lovely, supportive, creative and genuine. Our relationship is good, strong, but largely sexless. It’s difficult to define why. It was never prize-winning but sometime in our first year together it just seemed to dry up. Since then I’d been fighting: fighting the demon desire. I’ve never been unfaithful, or hadn’t then, but I was constantly horny. Equally, I knew how much I’d changed for the positive since meeting Sue and I was loathe to abandon something that was so positive. A year ago an innocent friendship, largely online, had taken me to the brink of infidelity when she’d suddenly sent a topless picture through. Tempted doesn’t come close. I was all over the shop – desperate for the release of the obviously promised sex, but determined not to throw away what I had. But it’d planted the seed…

Two weeks ago I went out on a leaving do for one of my former teaching colleagues. He’s a good friend and I was happy to go, even though I knew I’d be faced with some colleagues I wouldn’t remember and many more I’d never met.

The night started slowly but after a couple of beers I began to relax and was enjoying catching up with some old friends. One of them, an art teacher called Sarah, was talking passionately about her faculty and, as she turned to address some of her team, one of them in particular caught my interest. I didn’t hear what her boss was saying but whatever it was, was bringing out a cheeky smile from my new focus. She was introduced to me as Beth and I knew two things immediately: one was that she was gorgeous, and two was that she was far too young for me. 26. Twenty years my junior. Not a problem for the Rod Stewarts of this world, but not a realistic match for someone in a provincial town in the north of England. And anyway, I was attached. An irrelevant thought.

Within minutes, the small group had thinned and I found myself alone with the charming Beth. She had shoulder-length wavy strawberry blonde hair, big, lively eyes and a winning, flirty smile. She also had on a vest top which revealed a cleavage between medium-sized perky breasts that I tried hard not to ogle. The number of times that the flirty smile appeared told me that she was at least not appalled by my age and, since I look younger than my years, I may well have presented as a viable possibility. As the others returned, talk started of a visit to a cheesy 80s bar not far away. I haven’t danced for years and I certainly wouldn’t have intended to rekindle that relationship at a cheese-fest. But it was Beth that was now, suddenly, persuading me. Repeated reaches across the table from her to touch my upper arm did her powers of persuasion no harm at all. At a noisy moment elsewhere she looked at me intently and said, ‘I’ll probably never see you again after tonight and you only live once’. Before I could fully digest the possible meanings of this enticing sentence, she stood, turned her hips towards me and said, ‘plus, I’m wearing leather trousers’. With that, she gave me a winning smile, flicked her hair and made her way to the ladies, leaving me with a sudden and urgent bulge in my trousers. Yep, I was going to the 80s bar.

The next hour or so was uneventful: the walk there provided little in the way of flirting and I found myself at the bar chatting to two other old friends at first. I kept my eye on Beth though. She was already dancing freely with a friend and with an array of horny middle-aged men watching on intently. Dirty bastards…! Eventually I had reached sufficient alcohol levels and headed off to the dancefloor. My feet felt disconnected to the rest of my body and my rhythm was more staccato than andantino. Beth was still in her own little world but would occasionally reward me with eye contact and a knowing smile. Soon, a quieter corner of the dancefloor became clear and, as my confidence and rhythm gradually returned, I was able to dance her over to the quiet-zone. Immediately we got closer and were soon engaged in a playful tango, allowing me my first touch of her petite, lithe body. The firmness of her back muscles told me she was fit and the way her hand just nestled ever so gently into the waistband of my trousers told me that she was, surely, as horny as I was.

But the night never quite panned out as I had hoped. She would dance with me, another but of contact and smiley eyes but then she’d drift away, dance with others. casino oyna Whilst I was desperate for her attention, I was also 46. And in a relationship. The alcohol had fuelled my confidence and arousal but had not completely removed my judgement. As the hour clicked round to 3am I realised a few things: she had started texting someone in the last hour and who else does one text in the early hours but one’s love interest; she had started drinking Coke in the last hour so was clearly trying to sober herself up; I’d had a brilliant night of unexpected flirting with a gorgeous woman 20 years my junior and I was grateful for that. And I could wake up in the morning with no guilt. Perfect.

As the last few songs were played we sat together and chatted properly for the first time. And, surprise surprise, she had a partner of 11 years. Not bad for a 26 year-old. She had taken her heels off and her beautiful feet were exposed as well as her wonderful cleavage as she leant forward. Without thinking and totally honestly, I mustered, ‘You are so cute’. She smiled and carried on talking. As the lights came up, the few members of our wider group gathered and we all stumbled out towards the taxi rank. Through some skilful negotiating, I organised it so that it was just Beth and I left but, since she lived many miles from me, sharing the cab was impractical. Nevertheless I was surprised and disappointed when she climbed into hers without so much as a backward glance, let alone a hug or a cheeky goodnight kiss. And then she was gone. I smiled a wistful smile. The night that had promised so little had suddenly suggested so much but had ultimately left me frustrated. But what a night! And what a boost to my ego. Beth had clearly had no intention of taking anything further but nevertheless had picked me out of a crowd of much younger men to spend her flirtatious night with. End of story.

Or so I thought. The following Tuesday saw me waking with a very bad back, to which I’m one of many millions of victims. I felt old and uninspired at the unstructured day ahead. It was raining hard so I made the decision not to walk the dog straight away and instead jumped into the bath to try to ease my back. Just as the water had stopped running and all was quiet, I heard a ping from my mobile to tell me that some new communication had arrived. I was irritated that I’d not brought my phone into the bathroom – this could have been a job offer and I knew I wouldn’t settle. Bringing the bath to a premature end I saw that it was actually an email from Sarah – I’d given her my card when we talking in the first bar. After some work stuff and some niceties came the sentence that sent my pulse racing,

‘What have you done to my Beth?’

Shit. What had I done? I’d had a lot to drink but I pride myself on treating people gently and with respect. What had I done? And was the shit about to hit the fan. Without pausing for thought I replied immediately,

‘Jesus. I don’t know. What have I done? I don’t remember doing anything untoward. Is she ok?’

And then I waited. And waited. Teachers – completely bound by timetables. It was two and a half hours later that I finally got the reply. Two and a half long hours where I tried to relive every detail of the night out. Had I been grabbing her to dance when I remembered it as a mutual decision? Jesus the time passed slowly. When her reply finally came, it was not what I expected,

‘Is she ok? No, not really. What have you done? Turned her world upside down. Have you done anything untoward? No but I think she wishes you had…’

What?! Am I reading this right? My stomach churned in excitement. Was this heading where I think it was heading? And why was I so completely excited? I was sober now and yet thoughts of my partner just evaporated. I had to know more,

‘What does that mean…?!’

And then another huge wait. An hour passed. An hour of excitement, guilt and impatience. When a text from my partner arrived I nearly jumped out of my skin. Even then thought the guilt didn’t kick in. That’s only now…

Eventually when the email arrived it had a different name at the top of it. Beth. And it was from a personal, not her work, address.


Holy shit!

‘Hello. Sarah says you’re feeling a bit out of sorts…’

‘Ha! That’s one way of putting it. Bastard…’

‘Bastard? What have I done?’

‘Messed with my head…’

‘How? All I did was spend a pleasant evening with a young woman…’

‘And told me I was cute…and danced with me…and bought me drinks…and made me feel…’

‘Made you feel…?’


Jesus. Jumping off the cliff moment. Decision time. The first few messages had been playful banter. This was an acknowledgement of desire and thus to continue would be to either kill it stone dead or to begin a deceit. I started to type

‘Well I certainly did want you but we’d had loads to drink and’

I stopped typing. I’d been here before; just getting canlı casino to the place of maximum excitement and opportunity, only to close it down. I started to think about my deathbed. Would I lying be there and thinking ‘brilliant – I got to sleep with a 26 year-old’ or ‘what a prick – blew the best relationship I ever had for some 26 year-old that meant nothing’?

A new message arrived from Beth,

‘Sorry. Too much info?’

I’d been staring at the wall too long it seems.

‘No! Not at all. It just stopped me in my tracks though. You jumped in the taxi and didn’t look back. I assumed you thought I was a pain in the ass’.

‘Ha! No, not quite! I knew that if I paused I’d have kissed you and I’ve never kissed anyone other than my fella’.

‘I’ve never been unfaithful to my partner either’



Something in me changed after that one word. It was so full of promise, so close. She’d made the first move and, for once in my life, I was going to follow my gut not my head. I wanted her so badly and to hell with the consequences. I’d probably be left by my partner and beaten to a pulp by hers but I didn’t care. This was in the balance and I was going to make it tip my way.

‘Let’s meet’.

Fortune favours the brave. And the direct. A few minutes passed before her reply,




Thursday evening. I’m staying at a hotel for a work event the following day. It’s 30 miles away. Can you get there?’

‘Of course’.

‘Great. I think…!’

‘Wear those leather trousers again…’

‘You liked them?’

‘I liked them’

‘Ok. What else?’

My heart was pounding and my cock was achingly stiff.

‘A vest top like on Saturday. But with no bra underneath’


‘Anything else’

‘Nothing under the leather trousers’


‘And I want to see those cute feet’


And with a hotel address and a time of meeting she was gone.

Tuesday night was agony. I knew what I was doing was wrong and the guilt kicked in as soon as my partner got home from work. I was irritable and made excuses throughout the evening so that I didn’t have to spend time with her. The inevitable row happened before bed and, for the second time that day, I was spontaneous and inventive,

‘Look, I’m sorry, I know I’m being a dick but I’m just not coping well with this lack of work and structure in my days. I feel like I need to get away for a couple of days. On my own. Get a bit of perspective, a bit of a change of scenery’.

And there the lie was woven. For the sake of peace and probably as a break from me she agreed and Thursday and Friday night were mine to do with as I pleased. I limped my way through Wednesday evening without pissing her off too much and then it was Thursday. I spent the morning methodically grooming every inch of me to ensure that my 46 year-old physique was as attractive as it was ever going to be. I spent some of Thursday afternoon wishing my stomach was smaller and my cock was bigger. And then I realised that, whatever it was that attracted Beth to me, it sure as shit wasn’t my self-doubt. I’d been confident on Saturday and I needed to be tonight, despite the nerves.

7.30. Reassuring text sent to my partner and I was sat with a glass of wine at the hotel bar. Shitting myself but more excited that I could ever remember. 5 minutes passed. I tried to sit still, collected but my eyes were flicking in all directions. Where was she? Had I been made a dick ok? Was her boyfriend going to turn up instead of her? A ping on my phone.




Ok. It’s shit or bust. One way or another my life is about to change. I heard the lift arrive at the ground floor and suddenly there she was. Dressed exactly as I remember her. She stepped out of the lift and started walking towards the bar. She walked every slowly possibly to give her enough time to spot me, possibly because she was nervous or possibly to stop the obvious sway to her unfettered breasts. It didn’t work. Her tits moved beneath her low-cut vest top and I was gone.


‘You look. So cute’.

I stood to kiss her on both cheeks – our first intimate contact – and I could feel her shaking. And I suspect she could feel the same from me. The barman paid more attention to me than Beth but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She joined me in a glass of wine and we drank, in silence. I couldn’t think of a single word to say. All I could do was smile at her and try not to stare at her hard nipples under the vest top. She would smile coquettishly and then look around nervously. After 10 long minutes I said the only thing I could think of saying,

‘Shall we?’

A beat. A smile. A nod.

As she stood I got the most amazing view of her breasts and she saw me looking. She deliberately took an age to fully stand, knowing full well the effect it was having. The bulge in my jeans would have been obvious to kaçak casino anyone looking. And it was obvious to Beth who looked, looked some more, looked me in the eye and smiled. She turned back to the lift and I just stared at her leather-clad ass. No sign of any underwear.

For some reason, I was determined not to resort to cliché in the lift and kiss her as soon as the doors closed. Instead I established a level of control by standing at the back of the lift and positioning her directly in front of me. I put my hands on her hips and leant into her, enough so that she’d feel the hardness of my cock, but not enough so I’d be a douchebag grinding my way into her. She pushed back a little and I leant down to kiss her neck, so gently. At the same time I reached up with my right hand and, very deliberately pulled down the right side of her vest, exposing one beautiful breast. She sighed. I nearly came in my pants.

Once inside the door to her room, all cliché-avoiding disappeared and we grabbed each other whilst leaning on the closing door. Our first kiss was breathless and awkward and our hands were all over each other’s backs, under our shirts. I was desperate for her. I’d never been so turned on in my life. But I was determined to do this properly. So I pulled back, steadied her hands and led her over to the bed. I sat on the edge but kept her standing so my face was now at breast-height. She leant down to me and we kissed again but slower this time. She nibbled gently on my lips and I let her do whatever she wanted. Our tongues met but this time gently, almost demurely but the sensations were unreal. I felt like she was kissing my very core. Reluctantly I pulled away. She stood up straight and looked down at me quizzically. With a smile I slowly lifted my hands to her hips and slowly started to pull up her vest top. As the first inch of belly skin was revealed I leant into kiss it ever so gently. It was flat but with just a gently mound leading down to below the trouser line. As I kissed her, she sighed and I took this as a sign to continue. As more and more flesh was revealed I used my hands around her back to stroke her beautiful flesh and my mouth to kiss and gently lick her stomach.

Soon there was nowhere to go but onto the swell of her breasts. I looked up and she was staring at me intently, biting her lip and breathing deeply. She nodded her approval to continue. Slowly, so slowly, I lifted her top to reveal just the underside of her breasts. Their swell took me to a new level of arousal and I could feel that in was leaking pre-cum into my pants. I tried to move as slowly as I had been doing but I was overcome with lust and just had to see them. I moved my hands under the vest and cupped both full breasts in my hands. They felt full and so pert, so, well 26. And the nipples were pushing into my palms. I could resist no longer and stood, pulling the vest over her head. We kissed again, urgently and she started pulling at my belt and pulling my shirt over my head. Within seconds we were topless together and both of our hands were fumbling in the top of each other’s trousers. Beth is six inches shorter than me so she got to my cock long before I was able to reach her pussy but my hand did travel far enough to realise that she was probably clean-shaven. Another layer of arousal. I’d seen many shaved pussies on screens but never in the flesh.

Beth grabbed my cock under my underwear and held it tight between both hands. It was like she just wanted to hold it for a while, treasure it. That was fine with me. But then she slid slowly down to her knees and started to pull down my jeans and underwear. Moment of truth. She was at larger-than-I-wished belly height and was now face-to-face with my smaller-than-I-wished cock. She held it, kissed it gently on the tip, looked up at me lovingly and just said,


I don’t know to this day if she was just saying what I wanted to hear or she meant it. But god was it what I wanted, no, needed, to hear. And, with that, she took my whole length into her mouth. Jesus. I nearly passed out. Here I was, a very sexual but lowly-sexed 46 year-old, gradually drifting into middle-aged stupor, and this 26 year-old petite beauty was topless and sucking my throbbing cock. Within a minute I could feel my cum rising and panic struck. I wanted to make this last, not blow my load before I’d even got her naked. I tried to pull back, despite myself, but she clung on tight. I tried gently lifting her head away but she clung on tight.

‘Beth, please, I’m gonna cum if you don’t…’

She sucked harder and worked her tongue even more feverishly around the swollen end of my dick. I knew now what she was doing and surrendered. The cum rose and exploded into her mouth and my knees buckled. Still she clung on and sucked every last drop from me. It was, without doubt, the most intense sexual experience of my life to that date. I let out enough guttural noises to startle anyone in the next room and cared not one jot. Eventually, finally, Beth released me from her mouth. Expecting a smile, or a swallow or a lip-licking, I was instead surprised to see her eyes closed and a full body shudder from her. Her breasts swayed magnificently.

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Helping My Daughter

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Congressman Chris Jones was your typical politician. He started out as a councilman then mayor and now state congressman and his eyes on U.S. congressman. He was dating a prominent lady because his campaign manager said his single profile wasn’t polling well so he found a mature lady who like power just as much as he did and left her husband to have her share of power. It was a great arrangement. He could still have his wondering eyes and she would be with the most prominent people and not just a wife to a successful dentist who didn’t want more except being a dentist. He was busy in his office working on a conservation bill and his upcoming campaign. When his office phone went off.

Congressman Jones a Sarah Stevens is here to see you for your 2 o’clock meeting. His secretary said.

Oh yes thank you Samantha. Chris said with a smile.

“Congressman Jones.” Sarah said as she closed the door behind her.

“Come on Sarah we’ve known each other too long for that.” Chris said as walked over to hug Sarah.

“What can I do for you?” As help her to a chair.

“Thank you.” Sarah said as she situated her skirt sitting down.

“I need a favor. You’re public girlfriend is trying to screw over her husband and that is hindering my daughter from going to college and being a dentist and I need that to stop.”

“Oh I see.” Chris said with a smirk. How is Brittany doing these days?

“She’s doing good she’s working for Dr. Johnson and getting ready for college.”

“Oh I’m guessing Richard is going to help her with schooling and probably tuition?”


“Well Sarah the only thing that is holding up that divorce is their savings casino oyna account and 401k plan. Every month for over 12 years they would put money into both accounts more his money than her but that’s besides the point and over those 12 years those accounts have accumulated about $700,000. She’s agreed to let him have their $175,000 house that he completely paid for and just about everything else but she wants all of their savings and I don’t blame her.”

“Is it because that money could help with your campaign coming up in a month?” Sarah asked knowing what the answer would be.

“It’s about her not me.” “I’m representing the women of the world who men think they can control.” Chris said in a typical politician stance.

“Look I agree she should get half. But all of it is a little much don’t you agree Chris?”

“It’s not my call it’s Melissa’s.”

“Well if that’s your stance I guess I’ll be on my way.” Sarah said as she started getting up.

“Before you go.” Chris said as he walked behind her locking the door.

“How about a little fun for old times sake?” He asked as he started messaging Sarah’s shoulders.

“Mmmmmmm I would be more than happy to have fun in this office representative Jones. But I need help with my problem first.” Sarah said as she arched her back revealing her cleavage to Chris.

“Well maybe I get her to take 75% instead of all of it?” Chris said as he slid his hands past her shoulders.

“Half representative jones.” Sarah said as she helped him grabbed her left breast.

“We both know she doesn’t even deserve that but it’s fair.”

“Get me half and you can blow your load in my ass in canlı casino this office right now!” Sarah said as she got up and bent over his desk.

“DEAL!” Chris said as he unbuttoned his slacks and pulled down his boxer shorts. “Besides she doesn’t do anal.”

“Oh representative Jones don’t worry. I’ll give it to you when she won’t.” Sarah said as she raised up her skirt showing Chris she had no panties.

Put that cock in my ass congressman!

Chris nudged the head up to her tiny little hole grabbed her hips and shoved it deep inside her ass.

“Mmmmmm that’s right congressman Jones I’m your little whore.” I’ll let you fuck me however you want to fuck.” Sarah said as she grabbed the edge of Chris’s desk.

“That’s right!” “You’re my dirty little whore! Take that cock in your ass!” Chris said as he yanked on Sarah’s hair.

“Mmmmm fuck congressman Jones I want you to cum in that ass.” Give your cum congressman Jones.

“Mmmmmm fuck!”

Chris started cumming in her Sarah’s ass. Sarah could feel his cock pulsing and squirting his hot cum inside her.

“That’s it baby give me that cum.” Sarah said.

After he finished Chris pulled up his pants buttoned them back.

“Wow good as ever Sarah. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Do we still have a deal?” Sarah asked as she freshened up and rearranged her clothes.

“Well we have to see what she wants to do.” Chris said hem hawing around.

“Well if we don’t have a deal Chris. That whole incident was video and sent somewhere where they will take care of it quickly.” Sarah said rather pissed.

“Also the media will know all the other times you fucked kaçak casino me and rape me as a councilman and mayor!”

“You’re bluffing.” Chris said laughing.

Sarah opened up her purse and showed him the video.

“You screwed me over before and I let it go as you know. But I’m not letting this go.” I know other women you screwed over and I’m sure they’ll help me put an end to this!”

“Why are you doing this now?”

“This could help my daughter. And like I said we both know you nor her deserve all of that money. Half is plenty good.” “So do we have a deal?”

“Ok. I’ll get her to accept half, but I want your word this will be dropped and videos will be destroyed now.”

“No I can’t believe you so once I know the deal is made and finalized I will destroy evidence. You have my word and you know I’ve never lied to you before.” Sarah said sticking her hand out.

“Agreed.” Chris said as she shook her hand. “For the record don’t ever call me wanting anything ever again.”

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Sarah said as she walked out the door.

Sarah went home. Later that evening Brittany came home from work.

“Hey sweetheart how was work?” Sarah said as she hugged Brittany.

“It was good. Dr. Johnson let me do an X-ray on a patient and explained the details to me today.” Brittany said with excitement.

“That’s great honey.”

“How was your day mom?”

“I think it was good. Let me know if Dr. Johnson gets his divorce finalized and he keeps half of his savings please?”

“Did you go take care of that?”

“I think I did. Just need to keep me posted please.”

“Thank you mom you’re the best.” Brittany said as she gave her mom a big hug.

“I’m going to go shower and then go over to Dr. Johnson’s house. I want to cook for him.”

“Have fun dear I love you” Sarah said as Brittany went into the bedroom.

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