Out of Afrika – Chapter 8

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Out of Afrika – Chapter 8Out of AfrikaA fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B******Chapter 8So many changes had taken place in Hawksville in the two years since Rhino had established their headquarters in the sleepy conservative Southern town. Initially there had been unspoken resentment toward the imaginative company for its brash, go-ahead way of conducting business which ran counter to the traditional careful manner in which things had always been done around these parts. Then there were the other realities, not only was it managed by foreigners it was black-owned and uppity ones at that. Nothing was said or publicly stated but this was almost a step too far for some of the old established families. However, as time passed acceptance of the new realities seeped through the entrenched attitudes of the white half of town and with Hawksville’s ever-increasing use and the expanded presence of Rhino’s flagship product, their mobile phone, harmony and happiness now abounded.One major change had been the swing of direction in religious devotions away from traditional beliefs to a new and exciting form of worship for Rhino had bought to Hawksville their own brand of beliefs from their South African home together with a priest to provide their salvation. Pastor Erasmus was a fourth generation follower of the faith and could trace his lineage to the days when Christian missionaries had come to his country and preached how the white man was the true holder of enlightenment and that the black nations had to bend to their will and follow in their footsteps and image. Often this counseling and evangelizing involved the white messenger emphasizing to the black women in the flock that white seed was good and that true salvation came from being impregnated by the holy staff preferably in the missionary position.Since those days and the throwing off of the yoke of the white colonists beliefs had changed albeit that the major tenant of the purity of seed had been turned around so that it was no longer white sperm that was sought but rather it was black seed that was the object of adoration. It was this conviction that Pastor Erasmus was spreading amongst his flock and he found that with the help of Rhino there were a growing number of willing white acolytes willing to follow the new faith.‘The Pentecostal Church of the Holy Black Staff’ was based in what had previously been a Baptist temple. It was a traditional church with a tall spire set in a pleasant park and since its conversion to the new faith the size of congregations had increased to become a more vibrant and desirable place of worship. The mainly female congregation were in thrall to the charismatic preacher and never tired of hearing the main thrust of his word which was that the Devil’s work was to be found in the loins of the white man and that whenever he reared his evil head in the form of an erection of that pathetic thing between the white man’s legs that it was the incumbent duty of the white angels to grasp and fondle him in some manner until his seed was spilt upon the ground where it could do no harm. Under no circumstances should he be given entry into the blessed sanctuary of the female pussy for that was a special place and the preserve of the righteous and worthy. In contrast, it was God’s ordained command that the Black man was to be the true inheritor of the earth and that it was his seed which was to be welcomed into the womb, so that a pure legacy would proliferate throughout the land. Rhino had installed an integrated communication network throughout the building to help spread the word.Melanie Baker (Chloe’s teacher) was one of Pastor Erasmus’s most devoted disciples and had been a regular attendee since his arrival. She had listened to the wisdom of his teachings and was convinced of the truth of his every word. He had preached that white women were ‘the chosen ones; angels’ and especially venerated within the sanctuary of the Church of the Holy Black Staff and that her duty was to receive his special blessing whenever he should choose to bestow it and to prepare herself for the anointment. She sat in the pew and with the background low humming being emitted from the surround-sound speakers arrayed around the church she gazed adoringly as he once again intoned the litany from the pulpit. He returned her wide-eyed look and was gratified to see that she had her legs spread wide and that she was slowly moving a large black dildo into the folds of her very wet pussy; a dildo shaped and modeled to be a perfect representation of his erect cock. In the adjacent pews other women were similarly occupied touching themselves as they sat, trance-like, hearing the words that clearly made so much sense to them. To the females in the congregation the massive black dildo was regarded as being a holy relic and members of the congregation felt especially blessed whenever preacher Erasmus chose them for a special baptism in the privacy of the vestry after the morning’s service was concluded. This morning it was Melanie’s turn to be the special one and as the hint of the paradise to come began to stir within her she knew that she had prepared herself well for her baptism. Preacher Erasmus looked down upon her approvingly and hidden from her view by the enveloping pulpit and lectern unbuttoned his cassock and took out his stiffening cock and began stroking himself in anticipation of the holy communion that would shortly follow. He liked Melanie for she was indeed the special one for he knew that already his administrations had borne fruit and she was the first of his flock to become pregnant by his blessing.******Ian had for some time accepted that his role and position within the family’s dynamic had changed so that he was no longer the alpha male and leader. Indeed, he was unsure if he ever had been, given Simone had always been the strong willed one and since they first met he had always been at her beck and call. Now, it seemed to him, that Chloe was growing in her mother’s image and he had two females forever telling him what to do and when to do it. Not that he really minded or made any objections for with the marriage boundaries being so clearly defined it suited him very well to know where, when and what was expected of him. This new dynamic also allowed him the freedom to follow his own separate interests once he had satisfied the needs of his ‘mistresses’.It was some months since Simone had made the suggestion that he have all his body hair shaved off. “It really is so unhygienic and it does nothing for your appearance,” she said by way of justifying the suggestion. He suspected the hygiene angle wasn’t the real reason for her observation; more that she thought it would strip away a little more of his manhood and make him seem even more subservient toward her. He wasn’t too far from the truth for the idea had been planted by her phone and was in keeping with the rules as required by Rhino and their grand plan for white males to be made to feel inferior, especially towards the Black male members of the community.He didn’t put up too much resistance to her continued campaign although when one evening when she repeated the demand he finally agreed he would remove it but with the condition that the hair on his head was not part of the deal. For her part she had never thought it had been, but nevertheless graciously agreed that he could keep the thinning mop that covered his pate. He spent the next hour in the bathroom clipping and shaving his chest, legs and groin until he was a shorn as bare as he could manage.Later when they readied themselves for bed he proudly presented himself for her inspection. He stood in front of her and she reached and lifted his limp penis which no longer had a surrounding bush of crinkly pubic hair. He reacted to the warm touch of her hand and immediately began to swell as she transferred her attention to his hanging balls. She carefully moved first one then the other as she reviewed his handiwork. Her hands stroked and smoothed his skin around his stiffening cock making him quite bemused at this close attention for it had been months since she had any intimate physical contact or such intimate interest in him. However his reverie was short-lived when she withdrew her hands, stood up, clearly not impressed with the result, and told him so. “You’ve not made a very good job of it around your backside. There’s hardly any hair gone from between your cheeks, it looks quite disgusting,” she said witheringly. His response was instant. His cock which had been stiffening quite nicely retreated to its normal limp self. He blushed and hung his head and responded with a mumble that it was very difficult to reach behind him but he would try harder the following day. She sniffed her disapproval, “You should ask someone for help then.” He brightened at the suggestion thinking that she was offering but his optimism was dashed when she added, “Why don’t you ask Herb to give you a hand and to insure you maintain yourself I also suggest having him help you with this task at least once a week?”Ian was stunned at the suggestion. ‘Herb; Did she think he was gay or something ..’ but as he drifted off to sleep on the bed back-to-back with that yawning expanse between them he reconsidered. The following morning he gave Herb a call and set in motion what would soon become a welcome weekly event and ritual.Friday night and College Football on TV. Ian finished tidying up the supper dishes and giving the kitchen work surfaces a final wipe around called into the lounge where Simone and their new lodger Oskar were sitting, “OK, I’m off to see Herb. See you later.” There was no response, not that he had expected any, and with that he picked up his car keys and left the house to drive the short distance to visit his new best buddy. Herb opened the front door dressed in a bathrobe which covered his pudgy frame, “Hello Ian, come on in. Janice is just off getting herself ready for a date so we’ll be able to get started shortly,” he said by way of greeting. Ian stepped inside the hallway and gave a wave to Janice, who he noted was dressed in a very short form fitting black dress, which barely covered her ample rear. She was busy fixing her lipstick at the hallway mirror. She turned and nodded in response, giving Ian a forced smile, them she picked up her purse and said, “Have fun boys.” Turning back to ensure she had applied her lipstick correctly she left the house to go and join Simone.Ian followed Herb and they güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri made their way down to the basement and the Den. The rooms downstairs were supposedly Herb’s domain and provided a workshop area, which was not often used; a mini Gym furnished with exercise equipment (items he had never used but Janice did); the Den, a lounge area which had a couch positioned in front of a large wall-mounted Flat screen Smart TV. (The first of a model that Rhino was now producing as part of their entry into the domestic entertainment market) and in one corner of the basement, a bathroom which had a wet room shower for use after exercising. Herb had never had cause to use it for that reason but ever since Ian had begun paying his weekly visits that’s where they were heading.Ian accepted the offer of a beer and drank as he began to undress. He carefully hung his clothes over a handy rack and once he was naked stepped into the shower which was already streaming a warming torrent of water from the ceiling rose. He found a can of gel and squirting a glob on his hand he began to shampoo and spread the foam over his body paying particular attention to his groin and between his legs. He took a razor from the rack and began to sc**** at the stubble of hairs that had grown since his last visit. He held his cock in one hand whilst carefully working around the base before even more carefully scr****g across the wrinkled surface of his testicles. Once satisfied his penis and balls were baby smooth he gave a nod to Herb who slipped off his bathrobe and joined him under the warm cascade. He took the gel from Ian and worked up a foam in his hands. Ian obediently turned his back and slightly bent over to allow Herb to apply it to his butt and smooth the foam between his cheeks. It was debatable who was gaining more pleasure; Ian who could feel Herb’s hands moving up and down as he spread the foam between his legs which was giving him a delicious tingle or Herb who found being given such free license to touch his friend’s intimate parts the most erotic thing he had ever been allowed to do. As he slipped his soapy fingers around Ian’s anus he could see that his buddy’s cock was swelling in response to his touches. He felt pathetically grateful that Janice had unlocked his cage before she left the house for his own stubby little cock was able to swell without any discomfort.Satisfied that he had applied sufficient foam Herb took the razor from Ian and kneeling down he concentrated on the task in hand and searched out and carefully shaved off any offending hairs found between the cheeks and crack or those that Ian had missed from his hanging balls. He was in his element being allowed to touch his friend so intimately and took his time.Herb completed his barbering and Ian righted himself and turned to face him. The water continuing to cascade over them and was now streaming off their straining erections when Ian took the razor and provided the same treatment to Herb who had obediently turned around and similarly bent over to present his butt.Satisfied that they had completed their objective they stepped from the shower and wrapped in towels went through to the Den where Ian sat in anticipation of his next treat of the evening; the TV broadcast from the State Bowl of the Friday Night College Football game. For Ian it wasn’t that he was much of a football fan, no, it was more the presence of the troupes of Cheerleaders that attracted him. For as long as his memory went back it had always been Cheerleaders that captured his imagination and the weekly TV coverage provided the perfect source to feed his erotic fantasies.Herb switched the TV on and selected the Sports Channel. The game hadn’t kicked off but as part of the preamble to the contest the opposing teams had the support of these scantily clad troupes of scantily clad girls cavorting and encouraging the fans with displays of choreographed dances which involved lots of high kicking and jumping in unison, doing somersaults and the splits. Ian was thrilled to see a constant display of white partied crotches; bouncing breasts barely covered by a straining crop-top; rounded bums atop long legs shod with white knee-high boots. These were all elements that constantly filled his wank-fantasies. He sank back into the cushions. His towel slipped open and he settled to enjoy the next couple of hours … as did the duty technician in Rhino’s data centre, who had been alerted to the TV being switched smiled as via the integral camera in the TV he observed naked Herb coming into shot opening a can of beer before sitting down alongside Ian. The game kicked off and the two friends who really didn’t have much interest in football kept half an eye on the plays and the action waiting for the next break or timeouts. When that occurred the cameras usually strayed away from the players to focus instead on the girls who were employing cheerleader talents to exhort the fans to show their support for ‘the team’. Ian couldn’t give a damn about either side but as the scantily clad females twisted and tumbled and flashed their crotches he stroked his stiffening cock imagining all manner of things that he would like to be doing with such nubile company. Herb had even less interest in the TV and was finding his own pleasure in looking at his friend and the freshly shaved erect cock that was so much bigger than his own stubby little tool. He likewise was having his own unspoken fantasies. The game resumed and with the focus back on the field Ian paused and took a swig from his can. His cock began to soften and he became aware that his stomach felt wet. He looked down and saw that a large glob of pre-cum had dribbled from his glans; Herb had also noticed and he reached over and dipping a finger into the pool lightly rubbed the residue over the bulbous end of Ian’s penis. His reaction to this intimacy was to become fully erect once more. He looked at Herb approvingly but he had to make an assumption that Herb was likewise aroused for his cock was so small that it was completely enveloped in his chubby hand. Nevertheless they both enjoyed the moment as did the technician who was checking that the scene was being faithfully recorded.The first quarter came to an end and Ian’s dreams came true when the TV coverage elected to concentrate on the troupes of cheerleaders who took to the field. Off-camera the talking heads began their prattle but Ian heard none of it, his focus was entirely on the parade of nubile bodies who were seemingly teasing him with their display of bouncing titties and white covered cunts. He gently gripped his wet sticky cock and began that light massage he was so expert in applying to himself, not too hard, just enough so that he could feel his fingers spreading the dribbling pre-cum that was once again flowing. His mind was in another place as he convinced himself it was one of those girls with the perfect teeth and big hair that was touching him. His cock became even stiffer the longer his imagination grew but still he restrained himself from gripping himself any harder, rather, he just kept himself on the orgasmic edge.Herb was fascinated at the sight before him; he had no interest in the TV, just the delightful view of Ian’s stiff cock which was so much bigger than his own, a tiny little boy’s cock which, even though it was fully erect, was encompassed in his hand. He looked for a few moments longer and then, observing Ian becoming a little more agitated, he could contain himself no longer, he leaned over and took the beautiful shaft into his mouth to suck and lick at the nectar. Ian made no protest; to him it was just a natural progression to the fantasy that was going through his head. The sensation of Herb’s warm wet sucking mouth was straightaway the feeling that he would be gaining from thrusting his cock into the blonde who was at that moment bending over and touching her toes. Another cheerleader came into view and pushed her ample breasts toward the obliging camera as did the other girls in the troupe one-by-one. The sight of those bouncing globes and cleavage was the trigger. He jerked upward into Herb’s willing mouth and he climaxed and spurted shot after shot of hot spunk which was gratefully received. Had he opened his eyes and looked down he would have seen that Herb’s hand which was spasmodically gripping his hidden little cock had his own cum leaking out from between his fingers. They both sank back into the cushions gasping for breath. Herb wiped his mouth with his towel and gave his friend a shy smile; Ian returned it thinking to himself what a great night these Friday ‘shaving sessions’ had become and here they were, doing it again and the game had only just reached the end of the first quarter. ‘It was going to be a good night.’ The three of them had the same thought, Ian, Herb and the Duty Technician back at Rhino.******Janice parked up on the driveway smiling as she wondered how ‘the boys’ were doing back at her house. She had always been subconsciously troubled, tinged with a little guilt by her denial of giving any sexual affection towards her husband but since the arrival of Rhino and her job it had become increasingly clear that it was the right thing to do. Herb really had been shown to be quite inadequate in almost every way when compared to these altogether much more superior black men and if a particular example of his inadequacies was required then how come they had never had c***dren? She shared that thought with Simone.The girls, like their husbands, looked forward to Friday evenings but for quite different reasons. The men had the excuse of the shaving ritual; the girls a chance to have a cozy chat whilst sharing a bottle of wine. Although they worked together in the same office complex and saw each other daily there were few opportunities in the working day for these best of girlfriends to have a proper girl-to-girl chat and, by golly, did they have lots to gossip about after being in the close proximity of their black masters for another incident-filled week.They both kicked off their shoes and settled at either end of the sofa each with a glass in hand of the Pinot Grigio that Janice had bought over. Simone raised her glass, “Cheers; so what’s new then? You go first.”Janice took a sip and began to relate the events and intrigues that she had been witness to through the week. Some of it Simone already knew but it was always amusing to hear Janice’s take on what güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had been going on and especially those close encounters which she had been personally involved. There always seemed to have been a new cock or two that she had encouraged into her insatiable pussy and to hear her describe the ‘seduction’ and the following coupling had Simone feeling her own vagina becoming wet as she pictured the scene. Simone had plenty of her own events and news to relate and so the evening settled down into a comfortable exchange of girl-talk, mostly of a graphic sexual nature.“Oh, almost forgot,” said Janice. “We got the first batch of the new vibes in today. I picked up a couple.” She rummaged in her cavernous handbag and pulled out a couple of slim pastel coloured boxes. She passed one to Simone who carefully undid the end flap and slid out a realistic looking penis with a nice knob end and a network of veins ridged along its length. She was not surprised to see it was black, for ithat was the signature colour of all of Rhino’s sex toys. Janice undid the other box and they compared the slightly different models making play of slipping and sucking them with their mouths.“That looks nice but it’s not very big, is it?”Janice laughed, “No, it’s not meant to be. It’s a new line of toys aimed at the firm’s, ahem, younger female customers; to introduce them to the delights of sex toys. We think we have identified a niche in the market and if it’s promoted properly I think that Rhino will be doing families a real service. However, before we launch it as a product in the catalogue we need to get some feedback from our target consumers.”They were still fondling and playing with the toys when the sound of the front door was heard. “Hi Mom, I’m home.” It was Chloe back from her session in the school gym practicing dance in preparation for auditioning for the high school cheerleaders.“Hi Honey, I’m in here and Janice is here with me.”Chloe came through into the lounge with her best friend Megan in tow. She came over to the sofa and gave her mother a kiss, “Hey, what do we have here,” she said with a giggle seeing what the pair of them was holding.Simone returned the laugh, “I think you know very well what it is. After all I gave you one very similar to this not so long ago so don’t put on that innocent look with me young lady.” The two young girls looked at each other blushing furiously. “Anyway,” her mother continued, “now you’re here you can make yourself useful.” She held up the vibrator inviting Chloe to take it from her. Chloe wide-eyed held out a trembling hand and took the black toy from her. Janice smiled, suspecting where this conversation was going. She held out the toy she was holding and gestured to Megan who, in a state of bewilderment, wordlessly accepted the gift.“Why don’t you two go up to your bedroom and have some girly fun,” whispered Simone giving a wink. “Here, take the packaging as well. You can tell me later how well they worked.”Chloe and Megan looked at each other not believing what they had just heard but returning their gaze to Simone it was clear this was no joke, they were actually being invited to go and play; something that they often did together but thought that nobody knew about.“Go on; off with you. This is really important; I really need to know what the two of you think.”The two teenagers scuttled away giggling furiously as they bounded up the stairs holding their gifts. “Your mother is crazy,” jested Megan as they made their way towards Chloe’s bedroom.“Yeah, that’s one reason you like coming here,” retorted Chloe knowing that her friend’s own household was quite a different environment with a buttoned-up divorced mother as her only companion. They sat down on her bed and examined the new toys as they undressed. There were no instructions on the boxes but they instinctively knew what to do. Megan pointed out the button that set off the soft vibrations and the pair of them began to do what comes naturally.Simone and Janice both strained an ear to listen to the muted sound of moans and squeals that were drifting down the stairway. They both raised their eyebrows and wine glasses in a mock salute, “That sounds like it’s going well then. Now, where were we?” said Janice with a smile.“You were telling me about Herb’s mother.”“Oh yes, what a bitch.”Simone was aware that there was little love lost between Janice and her mother-in-law. It was only recently that she had heard Janice’s confession that she had only married him for his money or, rather, the prospect of him inheriting the family wealth. Certainly Herb had little else that counted as an attraction. He was overweight, not very bright, charisma was in short supply in his gene pool and, worse of all he was a lousy lover on account of having the smallest cock she had ever seen. Altogether he was not a very attractive package and worse was to come after the marriage when she discovered that sexually he preferred the company of men. Clarissa, his mother, doted on him and would not hear a word said against her dear boy which set her on a collision course with her new daughter-in-law for Janice was not one to hide her feelings or to bite her tongue; she called it as she saw it and her Mother-in-law was unforgiving when the painfully evident truth was pointed out. No, the two women in Herb’s life didn’t like each other very much at all.Janice went on to fill in a bit more detail of Clarissa’s life some of which Simone was aware. She lived up state in a grand house; was the scion of the upper-class set and lived a life of socializing and doing charitable work. Her husband was something in banking or finance and obviously very successful given the lifestyle they led for money was never an issue when it came to supporting their many good works albeit everything they committed themselves to came with the condition that they required to be publically lauded for their generosity. They moved in all the best circles and liked nothing better that to hold court with their clique in the confines of the prestigious Confederacy Country Club that was nestled in the extensive manicured grounds of an estate adjacent to their mansion.No, Janice didn’t have a good word to say about her Mother-in-Law and would like nothing better than to see Clarissa taken down a peg or two and be forced to confront a few realities in a life that existed outside her gilded cage.Simone smiled as the story unfolded and nodded her commiserations at the appropriate moments whilst all the while making sure her friend’s wine glass was filled. She had a germ of an idea forming as Janice spoke and when a break in the saga occurred said, “I’m thinking that Oskar might be able to help out here. He should be here soon. He’ll be most interested to hear what you’ve just told me.” Janice cocked her head but knew better than to ask.Half a bottle of wine later they heard the sound of a car parking outside. Simone went and opened the front door to a surprised Oskar who was just about to press the bell. He stepped into the hallway, put down his bag and gave her a hug and followed up with a passionate kiss. She melted in his arms. She was so pleased to see him for he had been away on business for a few days and she had been denied her daily intimacies which she had come to rely upon.Janice scooted up and made space for him on the couch whilst Simone went and poured him a drink, a soda, for Oskar was strictly teetotal and would never ingest anything which might affect his judgment. She returned to the sofa and sat at the other end so that he was, she thought whimsically, the filling of a sandwich; dark meat between two layers of white. He loosened his tie and in response to their questions began to relate what he had been doing through the week.Rhino Industries was firmly established in Hawksville and the county and it was gauged that the time had come for the expansion plan to be implemented. The plan called for other products to be introduced to the American market so that Rhino’s presence and influence could be spread by means other than just reliance on their communication technologies. Already the entertainment market had been identified as a means to achieve this and as part of a trial Smart TVs and high-end audio equipment had been placed in selected homes to check the viability and effectiveness of the new systems. Simone and Janice knew this for both their homes had been fitted out with some of the prototype models.Oskar and his commercial director had been to the State capital for days of talks with the Governor and his officials with the aim of opening a new production facility in the north where the new TVs and other devices could be assembled. He reported that the talks had gone very well and he was confident that an agreement was close, given any suggestion of bringing employment to the traditionally depressed area would be vote-winner as far as the Governor was concerned. There was also the other factor, Rhino Mobile Phones had been presented to the Governor and some of his top officials as a goodwill gesture. He concluded his ‘report’ by sharing the news that the following week the Governor and his team would be visiting Hawksville to be shown around Rhino’s headquarters and to, hopefully, close the deal. He reminded the girls that they needed to be especially accommodating when hosting such prestigious guests. They both smirked at the implication of what he was suggesting.Neither of them had heard much about the plans for audio and asked where that one was going. He said that the plans were at an embryonic stage and that there were a few ideas swirling around in the boardroom as to how to promote the music reproduction devices. One idea which had merit was for Rhino to sponsor a summer festival where the equipment could be aggressively marketed as being the equipment of choice by the bands of the day. He was very excited at that idea.As he spoke he visibly became more relaxed and Simone took this as a sign that the stresses that he had been wrestling with during the working week only needed a little nudge to disappear altogether and for them all to begin to properly enjoy the weekend. She rested her hand in his lap and was not disappointed to feel his cock react agreeably. Janice leaned over and assisted by undoing his belt so that his stiffening penis had room to comfortably expand.“Hmm, something is getting excited in there,” whispered Simone as she continued to rub the front güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of his trousers. “I wonder what it can be?”He grunted, lifted his hips and the girls pulled and slipped his trousers down to his knees. His cock obligingly popped out and stood up for them both to admire … which they both did by taking a hand and grasping the black shaft. He gave another grunt of approval.There was no order of preference and it was Janice who made the first move. She began to slowly wank the magnificent tool and in response a dribble of pre-cum began to appear from the shiny purple glans. Simone dropped her hand to softly stroke his balls and the sticky juice began to flow faster in response to her touch. Both girls involuntarily licked their lips but it was Simone who leaned over to put out her tongue and lap at the offering.Oskar leaned back and decided that this time he would let the girls do whatever they wanted rather than him dictating the pace. It had been a tough week and he was tired of making decisions. Let them have their head, he thought not realising the innuendo within the remark. Simone obliged by opening her mouth and dipping her head down.The sight of Simone being so occupied was a familiar one to Janice for there had been many times within their offices when taking a coffee break that they had threesomes or more with their black managers. (Sometimes they even found time to drink coffee.) Since day one at Rhino and being given her own mobile phone the sight of these stiff black cocks always triggered an uncontrollable lust in her and she found that once again her panties were soaked. She scrabbled to pull them off and sat back so that she had an uninterrupted view of Simone giving Oskar her latest specialty, a deep-throat blowjob. She dropped her hand to her crotch and in pace with her friend’s bobbing head began to gently finger fuck herself.As ever whenever they were engaged in such fun, time seemed to stand still but, then again, nobody was checking the clock. Simone had gotten into a smooth steady rhythm and Janice matched her stroke for stroke and they were both gratified when they saw the signs that her sucking and licking was reaching its inevitable climax. Oskar gave yet another grunt and his whole body suddenly stiffened when with a final jerk his cock ejaculated a hot stream of spunk into her mouth. Simone gagged as she attempted to swallow the gift but with her mouth full of cock the overflow streamed out to flood over her hand and pool on the heaving stomach of a grateful Oskar. She released her grasp and looked around to find a tissue with which to clean up the mess. In the time it took to locate the box and to pull out a wipe Janice had moved and straddled Oskar whose cock showed no signs of softening following his orgasm. Kneeling astride him she took hold of the cum-covered cock and guided it into her gaping wet pussy. With a groan she pushed down and was instantly filled with his fat ebony shaft.The air was filled with the sounds of wet squishing, moans and whimpers as they both began to meet each other thrust for thrust. “Mmm, that looks nice,” said Simone as she looked on sitting beside them. “You know what would look nicer?” she asked rhetorically not looking for an answer, “that would be a nice fat black cock fucking Clarissa, your Mother-in-Law.”The suggestion caused Janice to stop mid-push and collapse in a fit of giggles much to Oskar’s consternation. “What the hell; what’s this all about?”Janice recovered her poise and still sitting with his cock nicely nestled inside her pussy related a little of what they had been talking about earlier and how Herb’s mother was not the nicest person who deserved to be taken down a peg or two. Being fucked by a black man would be a total humiliation for this ‘Daughter of the Revolution’ and the very idea caused them all to laugh out loud. “Hmm, what a comedown that would be for her,” murmured Janice as she resumed her gyrations, “but never mind that for the moment, just fuck me.” Oskar obliged and soon bought her to the noisy climax she had been expecting.They were all so occupied with their impromptu threesome that nobody had noticed the stealthy appearance of Chloe and Megan coming down the stairs. The teenagers had heard the commotion and being of an inquisitive nature decided to investigate. Anyway, if they were challenged as to why they were there they could truthfully say that it was time for Megan to be going home and how else was she expected to get to the front door.Janice who still hadn’t seen the voyeurs clambered off Oskar’s prone body and both her and Simone got to their knees and assisted each other to wank him to a second orgasm. “God, where does he get it from?” thought Simone as once again she saw a fountain of sperm jet from his cock. It was at that moment that they simultaneously noticed their onlookers staring wide-eyed at their elders.Janice gave a gasp and wasn’t quite sure how to react; not so Simone who said matter-of-factly, “Hi Honey, didn’t mean to disturb you. Is it time for Megan to be going home?”Chloe nodded, unable to speak so shocked by what she had just witnessed. Oskar lifted his head to see for the first time who Simone was speaking to. Straightaway he recognized the situation and reached into his trouser pocket and extracted his phone. He keyed in a number and suddenly the air was filled with that familiar humming sound that they had all heard so often before. Chloe and Megan were instantly transformed from traumatized witnesses to curious onlookers.Megan was the first to move and without taking her eyes of Oskar’s cum-covered glossy black cock (the first she’d ever seen) walked toward the sofa and held out the package containing the dildo. “Thank you for having me,” she said in a slightly robotic voice. “We’ve had a nice time; I’ve washed the thing. It was fun but Mum will be wondering where I’m at so I best be getting home” With that she offered the box.Simone who still had evidence of sperm in her hair shook her head, “No, silly girl, that’s a present for you. Everyone needs a special friend from time-to-time. Enjoy,” she said with a smile. “I’m glad you had a good time up there; we certainly have down here.” Megan mouthed a thank you and reluctantly tearing her gaze from Oskar turned to rejoin Chloe who was waiting to see her to the front door. “Oh, almost forgot to ask … ,” Simone called out. “…. is your mother still looking for a job?” Megan nodded, “I think so.”“Tell her that Rhino will soon be recruiting for customer service agents for their new centre if she interested.”The girls said their goodbyes on the doorstep taking a little more time than just making a farewell. They had their heads together in a conspirital fashion as they shared whispered observations. Chloe confessed that she knew her parents were involved in such ‘weird stuff’; Megan who had no such experiences kept referring to the exciting sight of her first Big Black Cock. “That’s called a ‘BBC’,” said Chloe knowingly. She then took Megan in her arms and gave her a parting kiss that left both of them breathless and wanting.Megan then went off down the path still slightly dazed and called over her shoulder, “I knew your Mom was crazy.” Chloe laughed as she waved and then went back inside. She passed by the lounge to see that the others were now fully clothed and acting as if nothing untoward had happened. “Goodnight Mum,” she said as she quickly walked up the stairs. She couldn’t wait to get back to her bed and to resume her love affair with her new black toy and to re-enact in her mind getting very personal with the stiff veiny cock that she had just seen her mother and Janice playing with.Janice took the lull in activities as a signal to be going home herself and extracted herself from the embrace of Oskar’s arm across her shoulder. “OK, people, I’m off. Best I see what our boys have been up to and make sure they haven’t left me too much of a mess to clear up.” What she was really saying but was left unsaid was, “I’m going home to order Ian to go home and then to get Herb back into his cock cage again before getting him to clean me up.” Some things didn’t need to be articulated.With Janice gone Simone and Oskar resumed their heavy petting to the background sounds of Chloe pleasuring herself drifting down the stairs. Oskar was still in recovery from the two agreeable orgasms that his ladies had given him and was in no hurry to go for a hat trick. As Simone played with his penis which was ineffectively covered by his boxer shorts he asked, “What was you two saying about that lady, the Mother-in-Law. What was that all about?”Simone smiled at the memory of them contriving to get Clarissa serviced by a black cock. She shared their thoughts and filled Oskar in with a little more of the background of Janice’s family relationship and how the Mother-in-Law was a tyrant of the old order and most probably regretted the passing of the Confederacy way of life. Her escape from the realities of today’s society was most probably when she was holding court in the sanctuary of her Country Club where her bigoted views were shared by others in her circle of friends.Oskar returned the smile and said, “Well, here’s the thing. I was taken to that club for lunch with the Governor last week and I was well aware of how my presence was not exactly welcome. No matter, it happens all the time and I’m used to it. What they didn’t realize was that I have already identified such places as targets for conversion and over the past few months they have unwittingly been hiring staff, gardeners, cooks, waiters and such who have been trained by Rhino. I think you will be hearing that their training has started to bear fruit very shortly and the likes of your Clarissa will soon be singing a very different tune.”“You sly dog; how delicious, I knew that it wasn’t only business you had gone for.”“Oh yes, it was business and don’t you forget it. Rhino have great plans and this is just another step,” he said enigmatically.Janice looked at her watch. “Oh, is that time I’m afraid. Ian will be coming back soon; best we get up stairs so that I can show you your room in your new home. “He picked up his bag and followed her up the stairs. They passed by the closed door of Chloe’s bedroom through which they could hear the soft sounds of pleasure as the teenager bought herself to yet another climax with her new friend. Simone smiled and thought, “What a kind mother I must be.”Oskar entered the tastefully decorated bedroom which had a Queen-size bed in its centre. The room was connected to the Master bedroom next door. As he was musing he heard the front door open which announced the return of Ian from his night out and he thought to himself, “Nice room but I don’t think I’ll be staying in this one for too much longer.”******

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