Our second holiday in Croatia

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Our second holiday in Croatia
For our holiday this year we decided to return to Croatia and landed at Split airport in rain and after a 90 minute coach transfer we arrived in Makarska where it was sunny. The mountains behind the town looked stunning. After unpacking we had lunch in the hotel and walked the short distance to the harbour where I took some pictures of the boats and the mountains with my new camera. Earlier in the year I had bought a Fuji Film FinePix XP130 to take snorkelling and although it is last years model it has everything I want, wireless transfer of pictures and wireless control using the FujiFilm camera control app. When I got the camera I loaded the app onto both my Kindle and iPhone and found the Kindle version was a lot easier to use.

On returning to the hotel we sat outside having a glass of wine when we were joined by Stuart and Caroline who we met on the plane and talked to during the coach transfer from the airport. Stu, as he liked to be called, had retired as a manager from the Fire Service earlier in the year and Caroline had been a school classroom assistant made redundant at Easter as part of the many cuts in UK schools. We reckoned they were both in their early 50s and at least fifteen years younger than us.

Stu was interested in the camera and as our wives talked I showed him how to connect the camera to his iPhone and we then moved a couple of tables away leaving the camera behind. From his iPhone Stu was able to upload my pictures of the harbour and mountains to his phone, take a picture of Caroline, take a video of Caroline and then upload the picture and video of his wife to his phone. I explained that both camera and phone had be turned on and synched together and it was not possible to turn the camera on from the phone. As were sitting separate from our wives our conversation got personal and I told Stu that I was not able to get an erection, a condition I had lived with for a very long time and that I had very little feeling in my cock. Also I mentioned that pornography in general didn’t interest me but voyeurism videos I found interesting, he replied that they also liked voyeurism videos.
Later in the evening after dinner Stu asked if it would be possible to borrow the camera to try at some time over the week as he had been thinking of buying a new camera. I replied that it would not be a problem as I had also brought a digital SLR..

The next day Jean and I walked into Makarska and walked the old town using a map we picked up from the tourist office. On the map were a couple of FKK areas marked not far from the harbour and we went to take a look. We found that they were small spaces next to the sea but overlooked by a public footpath. We returned to the hotel which was north of the main town and on a walkway which had hotels on one side and small restaurants on the other. A tourist train ran along the walkway and plenty of warning was given of its approach by a lot güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of bell ringing. After lunch we went to investigate how far the train went and found that the terminus was close to a couple of other areas marked FKK on the map.

As we walked the path we saw several couples laying on the beach getting an all over tan, (for beach read hard stones not soft sand). Where the train terminated was a sign indicating that it was not a naturist beach, (FKK with a line through it), but you only had to walk a few metres to where you could strip everything off. We had brought towels with us and we sat on the beach for a short while. Jean removed her blouse and bra and lay on the beach reading. Looking around there were several other women sunbathing topless, fairly common on beaches in Croatia. When Jean sat up I took a couple of pictures of her on the Fuji camera to add to my collection of holiday snaps.

That evening Stu asked if they could borrow the camera the next day when we were going on a coach trip. I handed over the camera without thinking and it wasn’t until we were on the coach that I remembered that I had left the pictures of Jean topless on the camera. If Jean knew what I had done she would be angry, her greatest fear was that she would meet somebody she knew while she was sunbathing topless or worse, with nothing on.

When we returned from the trip Stu and Caroline were sitting outside the hotel having a beer. They asked us about our day and told us that they had a found a beach several kilometres south of Makarska called Nugal beach. Stu returned the camera and that evening I transferred the pictures to the Kindle. Evidently Stu and Caroline had been on a naturist beach as there were several pictures and videos of Caroline and other people, all nude on a beach. Doing a quick internet search I found that Nugal beach is clothing optional and they must have been sunbathing on the naturist part.

I didn’t mention the pictures to Jean and the next morning seeing Stu on his own at breakfast I thought I had better raise the subject and said to him that he had accidently left pictures on the camera. He replied that he had left them there for me for my personal use and asked that I do not post them on the internet to which I agreed. He then asked if we all could go to the beach together and knowing what Jean would say to this idea I had to refuse.

I told Stu we had plans to go walking that day which we did. We walked north away from the tourist train terminus passing several couples laying below the cliff path getting an all over tan. In a couple of places FKK had been marked on the rock and we looked to find the paths down so that on the next day we could arrive early and find a spot for us next to the sea to do some nude sunbathing.

The following day Stu and Caroline had booked a boat trip and we set off immediately after breakfast to find our sun spot. Not güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri having spent much time in the sun before the holiday we knew we could end up with sun burn if not careful. We found a vacant location and slapped on the factor 30. As we lay there toasting both sides we realised that the footpath above us was popular and that many people passed and saw two pasty old age pensioners. While we there I took several pictures of Jean in different positions. At noon when it had got hot we dressed and returned to the hotel not wishing to get sun burn. From past experience I know the rays bounce of the sea and it is easy to burn.

We met up with Stu and Caroline in the evening and they asked if they could borrow the camera again the next day. I left the pictures of Jean on the camera and hoped that it would be returned with something interesting on. The next morning we went back to the spot we had used previously for nude sunbathing and our friends went for their day out. We were sitting outside the hotel late afternoon having a drink when Stu and Caroline returned. They joined us for a couple of beers and returned the camera.

A bit later on we went to our room to shower before evening dinner. While Jean was in the shower I found two videos on the camera and immediately uploaded them to the Kindle. The first video was of Caroline laying on the beach with nothing on and a towel across her hips. Her hand was under the towel and she was masturbating. The video changed between her hand movement and face several times and it just focused on her face when she had an orgasm. The second video was of Stu with a towel across his hips and Caroline’s hand was under the towel giving him a wank. She then bent down to suck his cock and after a short while returned to wanking and it wasn’t long before a jet of sperm shot out straight onto the camera lens.

It was a few minutes after I had watched the videos that Jean came out of the shower and I told her that Stu and Caroline had had a very nice day and I had the videos to prove it. I played the video of Caroline first and I could see that Jean was interested as her face started to colour up. I then played the video of Stu and she really had a hot flush. At that point she asked me to lick her cunt immediately and she lay on the bed with her hips on the edge and feet on the floor. I knelt between her legs and started to lick her cunt, sliding a finger a little way in between her lips I could feel that she was getting wet. Pulling her lips as far apart as possible with my thumbs I licked around the inside of her cunt which she likes and it was only a few minutes later that she had a violent orgasm. Jean has always resisted watching pornography but these two videos really got her excited.

We didn’t see Stu or Caroline at dinner that evening or at breakfast and it was sometime mid morning when Jean was sitting on the beach in front of güvenilir bahis şirketleri the hotel reading when Caroline sat down next to her and started chatting. Jean told me that initially she felt very embarrassed having seen the videos when Caroline very bluntly asked Jean if she had watched them, if she liked them and were they a turn on. Jean said yes to all three questions and Caroline replied she was glad that Jean liked them. Caroline then confessed that they like to be watched having sex and for them it spiced up their sex life. She told Jean that earlier in the holiday I had confessed to Stu my liking for voyeurism and they thought that they would make a couple of videos for me. Jean said she had to admit that they were a real turn on for her and had me lick her to an orgasm. Caroline was pleased with what Jean said and told her to keep the videos to watch again at some future date. The pair then made plans for all of us to go into town later on for a meal and people watch down at the harbour.

On the day before we were due to go home I thought I had better take the camera into the water for some snorkelling. I jumped in over by the old lighthouse and went along the rocks and found a variety of small fish and tried taking some video of them. When I got opposite the FKK location we had checked out previously I could see several couples were sunbathing and I turned around to return to where I had started. After getting out of the sea I checked the camera and found that none of the video I had taken of fish was worth keeping. On returning to the hotel I met Caroline who asked if she could borrow the camera for a while. I gave it to her after removing the wet floaty strap which stops the camera sinking if I let go of it when snorkelling.

Jean and I didn’t see Caroline and Stu again until late that evening when they returned the camera. I packed it away in the suitcase without checking it as we had a 7am pickup. The following morning we sat together on the coach going to the airport and discussed what a great holiday we all had. Stu and Caroline like us hadn’t paid the extra to have specific seats on our flights and we found that they had been allocated row 2 and we were towards the back of the plane in row 31. On arriving at Stanstead Airport we were more or less last off the plane and when we got to baggage reclaim there was no sign of Caroline and Stuart and they evidently had got out the airport ahead of us.

On returning home we unpacked and put the dirty clothes in the washing machine. It was on the following day that I checked the camera to find a large video file on it. I copied the file onto the Kindle and Jean sat next to me so that we could watch it together. The video was of Stu and Caroline on their hotel bed and making love. There were two main parts in the video, one was Caroline with her back to the camera riding Stu’s cock until she came followed by her kneeling on the bed with Stu fucking her from behind until he had an orgasm. At the end they sat on the bed together facing the camera and sent us a message saying that they hoped we liked their videos, that it had been a turn on for both of them making the videos and told us to watch them again from time to time to remind us of our holiday in Makarksa.

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